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Lincoln, Nebraska is a city and location in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It was also indirectly mentioned by Dave in TV Series.


Nothing is known about Lincoln prior to the outbreak began, except that it was a city in Nebraska.


World Beyond

Like many cities across the United States of America, Lincoln became overrun with the dead within the first few days of the global outbreak. The military managed to establish a safe-zone at the Nebraska State University and advised all citizens to evacuate to the campus. During this situation, a passenger plane full of the undead became overrun and crashed into the streets of Lincoln. Thousands of citizens in Lincoln managed to evacuate to Nebraska State University, as the military fenced the area and supplied it with food, water, and weapons.

However, in accordance with Operation Cobalt, the mission to clear the surrounding areas of the safe-zones across the country were deemed a failure. All military personnel were ordered to abandon the safe-zones, including the Campus Safe-Zone. The following night, the military began to bomb every major city in the country, including Lincoln, Nebraska. Lincoln suffered even more damage following the plane crash in the city from the napalm bombings. Regardless of the undead overrunning the planet and the military gone and bombed every major city - both the Campus Safe-Zone and the safe-zone in Omaha survived and continue to rescue survivors from outside. At some point, the Campus Colony and Omaha Safe-Zone formed an alliance of protection and trade - with the Campus Colony acting as a satellite community of Omaha's.

Shortly after the global outbreak, another community came into contact with Omaha and the Campus Colony, the Civic Republic. Located somewhere in the west, the Civic Republic had already been in contact with another safe-zone community in Portland, Oregon. Omaha and the Campus Colony then agreed to be in alliance with the Civic Republic and Portland Safe-Zone, forming the Alliance of the Three - a network of like-minded communities. The Civil Republic, however, was extremely set in rebuilding the world in their image. Secrecy is the utmost virtue in their community and no one outside the Civic Republic knows where they are. The Civil Republic also created the Civic Republic Military to enforce their rule.

By 2020, 9,671 survivors were living in the Campus Colony in Lincoln. The Civic Republic then called upon one of their scientists, Dr. Leopold Bennett to relocate to a classified research center to spread his knowledge in the hope to find a cure. The Civic Republic refused to acknowledge where Dr. Bennett was or his status. In the fall of 2020, the Civic Republic Military arrived to the Campus Colony to help commemorate Monument Day, the 10th anniversary of the end of the world. However, the key speaker, Iris Bennett, Dr. Bennett's daughter, openly spoke to the entire community that she did not trust the Civic Republic because they had her father under secrecy. The following day, the Civic Republic Military destroyed the Campus Colony and nearly all inhabitants, as Iris Bennett, her sister, Hope, and their friends Felix Carlucci, Huck, Elton Ortiz, and Silas Plaskett escaped to find Dr. Bennett in New York.





  • The map in "The Blaze of Gory" and dialogue in "The Tyger and the Lamb" confirm that the Nebraska State University campus, home of the future Campus Colony settlement, is located in Lincoln, Nebraska and outside of Omaha, which is a survivor city located 100 miles away in the pre-apocalyptic metropolitan area of Omaha.
    • Furthermore, Felix mentions in "The Blaze of Gory" that the Endlings headed east to the Blaze of Gory, and Elton's map reveals that the Blaze of Gory is east of Lincoln, whereas it is located south of Omaha. In "The Tyger and the Lamb", after the group gets out of the Blaze of Gory, Felix says that they should head north to Omaha and catch a shuttle back to Campus Colony, which is located about 100 miles away, which is approximately how far Lincoln, Nebraska is.