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Lincoln Financial Field is a location that appears in AMC's The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.


Prior to the outbreak, this was a football stadium located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


During Operation Cobalt, the stadium was used as a staging ground for 4,000 U.S. Marines who were to be sent in to "liquidate" anyone who survived the bombing. However, Marine Estelle Okafor and her husband, Air Force pilot Donald, were unwilling to let it happen. Donald bombed the stadium, killing all of Marines inside and giving the Pennsylvania National Guard the chance to save the city.

Many, if not all, of the Marines reanimated and wandered the ruins. Over the following years, Donald would return and put down a number of the Marines and collect their dog tags.

Season 1[]


Lincoln Financial Field will appear in this episode.


Thorne takes Rick and Michonne to Okafor's secret meeting spot in the ruins of Lincoln Financial Field, explaining to Michonne that it's what the city would've become if it wasn't for the actions of one man who bombed the stadium instead. Thorne tells Michonne that she doesn't know much about her, but Michonne emerged from the woods and saved the life of someone very important, someone who had saved Thorne's life once. Thorne would call Rick her friend, but friendship doesn't seem like something that exists out here as it's too light and soft. Rick is Thorne's family now, her only family, so Thorne's question is who Michonne is. Michonne claims to be just Dana and just a survivor, but Thorne knows that she's lying as a survivor wouldn't have run out of the woods to save a man who was about to have his throat cut. Michonne states that she did, and she survived, and Michonne did it because she was looking for people since it's safer with people. It didn't feel right to leave Rick to die while he was lying on the ground helpless, but Thorne is amused by this as she can't imagine Rick ever being helpless. Michonne continues to insist that she doesn't know Rick and he would've died if Michonne hadn't been there to help him. Michonne doesn't want to see anyone get killed, especially anyone who seems helpless.

"I'm letting you in on a secret. You are here because of me. People like you, they're not let in. You're a leader, what we call an "A". If you are allowed to live in the city, you won't work, farm, shop, read. No. You'll look for answers. You'll ask what happened here and why and to whom, and you'll seek justice based on a feeling in your gut, a feeling you can't name," says Thorne, drawing a knife behind her back. Seeing this, Rick draws his gun, but Thorne tells Michonne that there is only one way to get those answers, those secrets and to understand the whole picture, asking if she would take that chance. Thorne confirms that Michonne could get the answers that very few get in the entirety of the entire force and in the entirety of the world. Michonne confirms that her answer would be yes, and Thorne puts her knife away. Thorne tells Rick that Michonne will be joining them for clearing operations at Cascadia Base, ordering him to ensure that Michonne is properly equipped with a provisional BDU, but she will only be allowed to use a kill stick as her weapon.

Thorne sends Michonne away, and Rick compliments her work on recruiting Michonne to their cause. However, Thorne is conflicted, telling Rick that Michonne is strong and Thorne's not Okafor. They don't mess with security and for all Thorne knows, Michonne could be sprinting towards the river. Thorne points out that Rick drew his sidearm, but Rick just claims that it was to back her up after Rick saw Thorne draw her knife and he's sure that Michonne isn't trying to escape. Thorne won't be responsible for a vulnerability, Thorne knows it all now, she sees why they're out here doing this and she's not Okafor.



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