The following is a list of character deaths in The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning.



Dead Reckoning

Cause of Death Responsible Party

DeterminantMrs. Heller

Shane saw Mrs. Heller's blood

Devoured Walkers
Zombified - Paul

DR Paul death 2

Shot in the head Gary Taylor
Robb Spanner

Robb Spanner Dead Reckoning 2

Bitten Walkers

Don death
DR Don Corpse
Leon dead reckoning 3

Bitten in the neck Robb Spanner (Alive)
Determinant - Gary Taylor

Gary Death
Gary bitten by her daughter
DR Don Bites Gary

Bitten in the neck or accidentally shot in the chest or bitten Robb Spanner or Patricia Taylor
Don (Alive)
Shane Walsh (Accidental)
Zombified - Robb Spanner

Robb Death

Shot in the head Shane Walsh
Patricia Taylor (Alive)

Patty showing Wound

Bitten Paul
Zombified - Patricia Taylor

DR patty's death
DR Patty Dead

Shot in the head Shane Walsh
Leon Basset

DR Leon Zombie
Leon dead reckoning 3

Bitten Patricia Taylor or Don (Alive)

Kill Count

(Characters with Determinant kills are in bold)

  • Shane Walsh - 3
  • Walkers - 3 (1 Assumed)
  • Robb - 2 (Infected)
  • Don - 2 (Infected)
  • Patricia - 2 (Infected)
  • Gary - 1
  • Paul - 1
    • (Please note that a character gets a "kill" for killing a named person. It is possible for a character to get 2 kill points on the death of one person this is possible by one, killing the person when they were living and two, killing the person while infected. A kill point is added by a character doing any of the following; killing the living, killing a named walker, killing a character before reanimation or causing a death.)
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