"Listening In" is the fourth episode of the first season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


Frustrated by the Family’s surprise attacks, we set out to steal a radio from one of their outposts.


After driving the Family back, the Anderson Camp survivors figure that it's only the first of many surprise attacks to come. Heather comes up with an plan to steal the Family's radios to cover their movements, so they'll know when their coming next time. Despite knowing where the radios are at, there many gates, spotlights, and guards, as well as finding a way to the roof, but the survivors see it as worth it.

The survivors make their way to the Family's outpost, while killing walkers along the way. To get to the outpost, they have to find fuel for a forklift to open a gate leading to the outpost. Once the forklift is turned on, the gate opens leading to the outpost. The survivors have infiltrate the outer perimeter, but to do that they need to break into an apartment that is behind an electric fence that they have to turn on using jumper cables. Once in, the survivors infiltrate the inner perimeter, while killing multiple members of the Family. After they get into the outpost, the survivors fight their way inside a building that radio is on the roof of. While making their way to the elevator, it short circuits, causing the survivors to find to fix the generator and afterwards, flip the elevator circuit breaker. After all that is done, the survivors get in the elevator and fight their way to the radio room, however, the room has a security system that the survivors have to solve sequences in order to deactivate. After getting the radio parts, the survivors signal a flare and take the elevator to the bottom floor where they escape with the radio parts in Caleb's truck.



  • Saul (Confirmed Fate)
  • Several unnamed members of the Family


  • First (and last) appearance of Saul. (Corpse)
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