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Locations are places in all of The Walking Dead series that combine to make up the settings in which the survivors of the apocalypse traverse through in those series.


Comic Series

Location's Image Location's Name Information
Cynthiana colored.png Cynthiana, Kentucky Cynthiana is the hometown of Rick Grimes. After waking up in the hospital he's going to his house where he meets fellow survivors, Morgan Jones and Duane Jones. He returns in Volume 10 to find Morgan.
HMH colored.png Harrison Memorial Hospital The Harrison Memorial Hospital is a hospital in Cynthiana where Rick woke up in Issue 1 after a coma caused by a gunshot wound.
Grimes House colored.png Grimes Family Home The Grimes Family Home was the home where the Grimes family lived before the outbreak took place.
Issue 1 Deluxe - Police station.jpg Cynthiana Police Station A police station in Cynthiana where Rick once used to work. After the outbreak he and Morgan raid there for weapons.
Atlanta colored.jpg Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta was the capital of Georgia and had a population of 5.5 million. The City got overrun after the Outbreak started. Rick went there to find his wife and his son but stumbled across Glenn.
Issue 3 Deluxe - Atlanta Survivor Campa at night.jpg Atlanta Survivor Camp The camp is first seen in Issue 2 and is used as a safe haven for the survivors for about three months with Shane in charge until Rick arrives there. The group leaves in the RV in Issue 7 after burying Shane. The camp is briefly revisited in Issue 15 when Rick digs up and puts down a reanimated Shane.
Issue 8 Deluxe - Wiltshire Estates.jpg Wiltshire Estates After leaving the camp, the group comes across a community of houses not far from Atlanta. Its first appearance is in Issue 8. Once they secure one of the houses, they spend the night there. The next day, while scouting and securing another house, they discover that the place has many more zombies than they thought. Suddenly, a huge group of walkers overrun them, taking the life of Donna and forcing the group to leave in Issue 9. The estates are briefly seen again in Issue 15 when Rick passes them on the way to the Atlanta camp.
Greene farm deluxe.png Greene Family Farm Otis takes Rick and an injured Carl to the farm. The rest of the group eventually arrives and Hershel Greene, the farmer who resides on the property, invites them to stay while Carl heals from his wound. Glenn meets Maggie, Hershel's daughter, and they begin their relationship. Rick discovers that Hershel has locked his undead family and friends in the barn because Hershel believes they can be cured. After the fall of the prison the survivors return to Hershel's Farm. The leave then again when they meet Abraham, Eugene and Rosita on their way to Washington D.C.
Issue 12 Deluxe - Meriwether County Correctional Facility.jpg Meriwether County Correctional Facility After leaving the Greene farm, Rick and the group run low on food. Dale and Andrea go out in search of sustenance and find this prison over a cliff. The prison is the home for the group of survivors for 6 volumes.
Issue 29 Deluxe - Woodbury.png Woodbury, Georgia Woodbury, Georgia, is a town 52 miles away from Atlanta, Georgia, first introduced in Issue 27 The pre-plague population of 1,102. In the novel The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor, it is mentioned that there are "about sixty" members of the town. After the outbreak The Governor and his men took over Woodbury under his lead.
Woodbury Arena (Deluxe).png Woodbury Arena An arena in Woodbury used for Entertainment for the inhabitants. In this arena fights take place.
Issue 29 Deluxe - Victims.png The Governor's Apartment The Governor's apartment is located in the town of Woodbury, Georgia. It is the Governor's main residency and serves as the storage location for his victims' heads.
National guard station.PNG National Guard Station The National Guard station is a fortified Military post that Rick's group visits to gain more weapons in preparation for the upcoming battle against Woodbury. It was blown up to prevent The Governor from taking any supplies from there.
Wal-Mart Deluxe.jpg Wal-Mart Wal-Mart is a store located in Woodbury, Georgia. It is used frequently by the survivors of Woodbury as a place to gather supplies. It is also the location where the Governor found his fish tanks. Member of Rick's group stumble upon Woodbury soldiers there before they massacred them.
Issue 49 House.png Unnamed Neighborhood A neighborhood in Georgia not far away from the prison. Rick and Carl take shelter in some of these houses after the prison destruction.
Issue 57 Gas.png Unnamed Gas Station A gas station Rick and his group came across on their way to Washington D.C.. The group takes shelter there for a few days after Rick, Abraham and Carl went to Cynthiana to find Morgan.
Issue 59 Interstate.png Interstate 75 Rick, Carl and Abraham take the Interstate 75 on their way to find Morgan. On their way they stumble upon the Marauders, who got killed by Rick. On their way back they stumble upon a large herd on the road.
Issue 60 Farm.png Unnamed Farm A farm the rest of the survivors take shelter in waiting for Rick, Carl and Abraham to return.
Church062.jpg Fr. Gabriel's Church Father Gabriel's Church is a remote church pastured by Fr. Gabriel Stokes. It is the location where most of the Hunters story arc takes place, on the survivors' way to Washington, D.C.
Issue 63 Base.png The Hunters' Base The Hunters' Base is a location in an unnamed estate, which included many large homes. Their base is not explored, as the only part of the base seen was the garden of a home. It serves as the temporary shelter for the Hunters. Dale was taken there to be consumed by them. After they returned him to the church, Rick and some people of his group went to the base and killed everyone of the Hunters there.
Issue 69 DC.png Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C., is a city outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone that is used for supply runs, conducted by Heath and Scott, as well as Glenn and others. It is said by Dr. Eugene Porter to be a refugee camp, but it was overrun, similarly to Atlanta.
Survivors entering safe zone for first time.PNGFirst appearance.

Alexandria.png Current appearance.

Alexandria Safe-Zone A walled-of community that first appears in Issue 69. The Alexandria Safe-Zone is a few blocks of cleared streets in Alexandria, Virginia, about six miles from Washington, D.C.. Alexandria was led by Douglas Monroe, but Rick assumes control of the community after Douglas commited suicide. During the War with Negan Alexandria got almost completely destroyed. After the end of the war the survivors rebuild the community, making it thrive since. When Rick's group arrives, Douglas states that the community has existed for less than a year. The Alexandria Safe-Zone has been the home for the group of survivors for at least 15 volumes.
Issue 72 Houses.png The Survivors' Houses Three buildings in Alexandria commited to Rick's people when they first arrived.
Issue 72 House Monroe.png The Monroe's House The house of Douglas Monroe and his family. He threw a welcome party for Rick and his group in Issue 72 after their arrival.
Issue 73 Armory.png Alexandria's Armory The Armory in Alexandria used to storage weapons and food. It is the home of Olivia.
Issue 73 Construction.png Construction Site A construction site where the construction crew of Alexandria take the panels required to build Alexandria's wall.
Issue 146 Church.png Alexandria's Church A church in Alexandria. It is along with other houses part of the expansion. Gabriel is responsible for the church and it is often used by Rick for meetings with the Alexandrians.
HILLTOP COLONY.jpgFirst appearance

Issue 182 Hilltop.png Current appearance

Hilltop Colony Hilltop Colony, Virginia, is a town for which Paul Monroe acts as an ambassador. The town is first mentioned in Issue 92 and first appears in Issue 94. Paul claims that it is a farming community of 200 residents, led by a man named Gregory. The town is 20 miles from the Alexandria Safe-Zone. The Hilltop is trading with other communities like Alexandria. During the war with Negan Maggie took over the Hilltop, since then thriving under her lead. During the war with the Whisperers the Hilltop got burned down almost completely.
Issue 109 Earl.png Hilltop Blacksmith's Shop A blacksmith's shop at the Hilltop owned by Earl Sutton. Carl becomes an apprentice there.
Saviors' base.jpg The Sanctuary The Sanctuary is a location first seen in Issue 104. It is the home of the Saviors, a former antagonistic group originally led by Negan. The location is a large factory, surrounded by a chain-link fence, with a wall of walkers and stone barricades. Following the fall of Negan at the hands of Rick and his people, Dwight, a former follower of Negan, took up leadership over a much gentler regime. After he left to Alexandria, leadership was passed to Sherry, Dwight's Ex-wife, making the Saviors become antagonists again.
Issue 115 Bullets.png Eugene's Bulletfactory A former office converted by Eugene to a bulletfactory. He and his team provide the communities with bullets from here.
BanKingdom.png The Kingdom The Kingdom is a community of survivors led by Ezekiel found in Washington, D.C., who are based at a high-school, with a wall of buses and sheets of metal. The safe-zone is first encountered in Issue 108. The Kingdom may be based on Eastern High School in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Following the death of Ezekiel at the hands of Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers, William becomes the de-facto leader of the Kingdom.
Issue 113 Tower.png Alexandria's Watchtower A clock tower of a cathedral not far away from Alexandria. It was a lookout-post for Andrea.
Issue 113 Outpost.png
Issue 158 Tower.png
Water Tower Outpost One of a few outposts of the Saviors. It is assumed the Saviors inside got killed during All Out War. The water tower was later used by Gabriel as a lookout post during the war with the Whisperers. However, he fell from the ladder and was killed by Beta who gutted him.
Issue 118 Outpost.png Train Depot Outpost One of a few outposts of the Saviors. It was once a factory. Every member of the outpost was killed during the events of Issue 118.
Slade County Retirement Home This retirement home is found by Magna and other survivors just after the outbreak. It is located between Richmond, Virginia, and Washington D.C.. The place had a fence, a garden, and a greenhouse. Eventually it got crowded and things started going bad, so the group left for D.C..
Issue 127 Hall.png Alexandria's Dining Hall A new build hall in Alexandria used for Dining. It is used by Rick for meetings with Alexandrians, speeches and to greet newcomers. In Issue 148 a huge brawl takes place inside the hall.
Issue 128 Cell.png Negan's Prison Cell A new build prison cell in Alexandria in a former basement. Negan was imprisoned there for over 2 years after the end of the war until he was broken out of it by Brandon Rose.
Issue 131 Barn.png Unnamed Barn A barn Marco took an injured Ken before going to get help at the Hilltop. Eventually the Whisperers found Ken and took him and Dante, who came in search for him, captive by Alpha.
Issue 133 Bridge.png Unnamed Bridge A bridge where Jesus stumbled across a few Whisperers under it. He killed every one of them, except Lydia, who he took to the Hilltop as a captive.
Oceanside.png Oceanside A Camp the survivors came across after the war with the Saviors. It is the home of Pete and was first discovered by Siddiq and later by Michonne who informed Rick about their existence. They are now providing the communities with fish. It is fully seen in Issue 181 for the first time.
The Whisperers Camp.png The Whisperers' Camp The Whisperers' camp is located near the Hilltop. It is first seen in Issue 140 when Carl joins Lydia, Alpha's daughter, to the camp alongside other Whisperers. According to Alpha, her group has no camp and does not take camp, for "the trees are the Whisperers' shelter." They huddle together for warmth. They survive as they were "meant" to.
Voleme 24 Fair.png Alexandria's Fair A Fair for all communities in Alexandria, with Living rooms, stands and other buildings build extra for the fair. It got dissambled after Rick shut down the fair due to Alpha murdering 12 members of the communities.
Herd143.png Whisperers Zombie Roundup A block of buildings used by the Whisperers to round up thousands of zombies. The huge herd that was once in was released during the Whisperer War towards Alexandria and the Hilltop.
Issue 153 - Negan & Brandon (3).png Whisperers' Border The Border between the Whisperers and Rick's people Alpha marked in Issue 144 using 12 decapitated heads on spikes, including those of Ezekiel and Rosita. Brandon was later killed by Negan here in Issue 153.
Issue 158 Herd.png Whisperer War Battlefield A field in the woods being the main Location of the first battle of the Whisperer War.
Issue 165 Coast.png The Atlantic Coast The coast of the Atlantic ocean on the north American continent. Its coves are used by the survivors especially for fishing. In Issue 165 Andrea and other companions lead an enormous heard of undeads towards the ocean, to fall off in hundreds of the cliffs.
Issue 170 Pitts2.png Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pittsburgh is a large city located in Pennsylvania, not far away from Ohio. Like most cities it is assumed Pittsburgh got overrun at the beginning of the outbreak. Eugene and his companions enter the city to rest on a rooftop on the way before running into Juanita Sanchez the next day in the outskirts of the city.
Issue 171 Crib.png Juanita's House Two blocks in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania serving as the shelter of Juanita. It is unknown if she lived there since or before the outbreak and if she's the only living survivor in the building.
Issue 173 Train.png Abandoned Train Yard An abandoned train yard located in Ohio. It serves as a meeting point for Eugene's Group and Stephanie's people. After Eugene arrived they were found by the Commonwealth and met by Lance Hornsby.
Issue 175 Arena.png Event Arena A Stadium in Ohio used by the Commonwealth for concerts and sport events like football and baseball.
Issue 175 Wall.png Wall of the Lost A board with photos outside of the Commonwealth. It is used by it's residents to hang out pictures of their missed and lost ones, hoping to find them again. Of these pictures belongs to Elodie, Michonnes daughter, searching for her mother.
Issue 176 Street.jpg The Commonwealth The Commonwealth is a large community located in Ohio. It is led by a woman named Pamela Milton and counts over 50,000 residents.
The Whitmore (Issue 179).png The Whitmore An aprtment complex within the Commonwealth/
Greenville Location.png Greenville Greenville is a community of survivors near a body of water. It is part of the Commonwealth and led by a woman named Cloris.
Issue 193 Grimes House.png Grimes Family Farm A Farm House within the 'Safe Zone'. It is the Home for Carl, his wife Sophia and his daughter decades after the "Trials".
Issue 193 Sutton House.png The Sutton Farm House A Farm House next to the Grimes House. It is the home for Earl Sutton after the "Trials".
Issue 193 Negan House.png Negan's House A house in a town called "Springhaven" where Negan moved in years after his banishment.
Issue 193 Train Track.png Train Tracks The Train Tracks are a project directed by Eugene to connect all the communities within the Commonwealth aswell as the communities from the "Western Alliance".
Issue 193 High Court.png The High Court The High Court is the highest juristical facility of the Commonwealth with Michonne having the position of the Judge.
Issue 193 Rick Statue.png Rick Grimes' Statue The Rick Grimes Staue is located outside the building of the High Court within the Commonwealth. It was erected by their residents to honor Rick Grimes, who sacrificed himself in order to establish peace between the communities.

Here's Negan

Location's Image Location's Name Information
HN 1 Garage.png Negan's Garage A garage in Negan's House used by him to teach children to play table tennis. It has a table and a couch inside of it.
HN 2 Hospital.png Unnamed


A hospital somewhere in Virginia, where Negan's wife Lucille gets taken after her being diagnosed with cancer. She eventually dies there.
HN 7 Parking.png Hospital Parking Lot A parking lot near the hospital where Negan and Jeremy search for Negan's car.
HN 8 Street.png Unnamed Street A street Negan is walking along alone. He later meets Paul and his men on this road while taking their gas.
HN 8 Negancamp.png Campground A camp where Negan, Paul and other survivors found shelter. It got overrun very early, resulting in Paul and the other's death and Negan taking a baseball bat.
HN 9 Walmart.png Wal-Mart A Wal-Mart near Washington D.C., where Negan lets an unnamed woman left to die after him finding out she was bitten.
HN 11 Hotel.png Unnamed Building A building near Washington D.C., assumably a hotel, where Negan, Dwight and his group fight a herd of walkers.

Morgan Special

Location's Image Location's Name Information
Morgan Special House.png Morgan's House A house in Cynthiana, GA. It is the shelter of Morgan and his son Duane. Its windows got barricaded.

The Walking Dead: The Alien

Location's Image Location's Name Information
The-walking-dead-the-alien-barcelone.jpg Barcelona, Spain Barcelona is the second most populated city of Spain, with a population of 1.6 million within city limits. It is the main location of the events within The Walking Dead: The Alien.
Alien Boat.png Unnamed Boat A boat found on the coast of Barcelona.

Tyreese Special

Location's Image Location's Name Information
TS Block.png Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta is the city Tyreese is now living in. He, his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris are seen escaping a herd in these streets.
TS House.png Tyreese' House The home of Tyreese and Julie.

The Governor Special

Location's Image Location's Name Information
Gov Wal Mart.png Wal-Mart A Wal-Mart near Atlanta, where the Governor and Scott find shelter before finding Woodbury.


Location's Image Location's Name Information
Ericson's Comic.jpg Ericson's Boarding School A boarding school for troubles teens that became a home and place of shelter for Clementine, A.J. and their friends.
FishingCabinClementine.PNG Fishing Cabin A source of food for the survivors at Ericson's Boarding School.
Amish Community.jpg Amish Community A community in Pennsylvania that is home to a group of Amish survivors.
Ski Resort CB1.jpg Ski Resort A ski resort in Vermont that is home to a group of teenage survivors who were looking to build a walker-free settlement.

TV Series

Location's Image Location's Name Information
Highway 85.jpg Interstate 85 The highway was the primary route used by Rick to reach the city of Atlanta in Georgia in the pilot episode, "Days Gone Bye".
S1GasStation.PNG Unnamed Gas Station A Gas Station where Rick Grimes went to find gas and killed Summer in the pilot episode, "Days Gone Bye".
Kings County, Georgia.jpg King County, Georgia King County is the hometown of Rick Grimes and his family. While on patrol days before the apocalypse, Rick is injured in the line of duty after being shot at while pursuing criminals.
ShootoutField.PNG Route 18 It is the place where Rick Grimes got shot and went into a coma during the shootout against a group of bank robbers.
Hospital.png Harrison Memorial Hospital Harrison Memorial Hospital is located in King County, Georgia. It is the town's local hospital and it is where Rick is brought after he is shot. Some time after the outbreak started the military began evacuating and executing patients and hospital staff alike. About 59 days after the start of the global outbreak, Rick wakes up and finds the hospital in a run down state, with no signs of any survivors.
Park1.PNG King County Park A Park where Rick sees and kills an undead Hannah.
RicksHouse.PNG Grimes Family Home A House where Rick, Lori and Carl lived before the apocalypse.
Vlcsnap-2013-09-16-21h25m14s99.png Drake Family Home The Drake Family Home is where the Grimes Family's neighbors, the Drake Family, which consisted of Fred Drake and Cindy Drake lived.
Kings County Sheriff Building.jpg King County Sheriff's Department King County Sheriff's Department is where deputy officers Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh work along with other deputy officers such as Lambert Kendal and Leon Basset. After the apocalypse, Rick and Morgan Jones, along with his son, Duane, stop by the police station for weapons, supplies, and a refreshing hot shower.
Siggard's house.png Siggard Family Farm This is a farm that Rick encounters on his journey to Atlanta. Rick looks through the farm house window to see a family who committed suicide. This is where Rick finds his horse and sets out to Atlanta.
Shane, Carl, DAle and other survivors at camp.jpg Atlanta Survivor Camp The Atlanta Survivor Camp is located a few miles out of the city of Atlanta near a quarry. It is used as the survivors main base after the apocalypse started since the city was lost and overrun.
The Walking Dead Atlanta Scene.jpg Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta is the capital city of the state of Georgia, and was inhabited by half a million people before the outbreak. As the undead rose, the government and army advised people to seek the larger cities for protection, yet were unable to handle the dire situation. The army failed to hold the infected back, resulting in the majority of its populants to become undead. Soon after the outbreak, as a final, desperate attempt to contain the outbreak, napalm bombs were dropped on the city, though with minimal effects.
TheLab2.PNG The Lab An office building where Rick, Glenn, Daryl and T-Dog plan how to get the bag of guns. Later, they discuss if they should give the guns to Guillermo or not.
Atlanta Departmen Store.jpg Bradbury's This department store is a small shop that is located in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Rick is brought here by Glenn Rhee after escaping the tank and running away from a large group of walkers.
ConstructionSite.PNG Atlanta Construction Site Prior to the Apocalypse, the construction site was used for an unknown purpose, presumably building something, a few blocks from the Bradbury's.
AtlantaSewers.PNG Atlanta Sewers A sewer system which is used by Glenn and Morales in an attempt to escape Bradbury's.
Atlanta Nursing Home.jpg Atlanta Nursing Home The Atlanta Nursing Home was a senior complex in Atlanta where Guillermo and Felipe work to take care of its residents such as Mr. Gilbert and Felipe's grandmother, "Abuela".
CDC outside.jpg Center for Disease Control The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (or CDC) is a location visited by the survivors at the end of season 1. It is located inside Druid Hills, Georgia, a community within Atlanta.
The Highway 2.jpg Vehicle Jammed Highway The Vehicle Jammed Highway was a highway cluttered in vehicles through which a herd passes and that forces Rick and his group to hide under the cars.
Unnamed chruch.png Southern Baptist Church of Holy Light The Southern Baptist Church was a church that Rick and his group investigate in their search for a lost Sophia Peletier, who was lost after being chased off the Vehicle Jammed Highway by walkers.
Hershel's Farm TV.jpg Greene Family Farm After Carl Grimes is accidentally shot by Otis, the group meets Hershel Greene and his family and continue to stay on his land while looking for Sophia.
High School.jpg Cranwall High School Cranwall High School was like any other secondary high school institution where teenage students would attend in the rural area to learn. The school is fairly large due to the location of being in a rural area. The school's team is the Cougars.
Carl's school.jpg King County Elementary School King County Elementary is the school Carl used to attend before the outbreak started.
CRo TWD Images 084.jpeg Unnamed House A house where Daryl searches for Sophia.
Patton's Bar.jpg The Carriage Bar The bar seems to feature an old western saloon type theme as seen from both the inside and outside of the bar and is located near Hershel's farm. It is the location of a shootout between Rick, his group and the group known as "the Living".
Steve's Pharmacy 7.jpg Steve's Pharmacy Located in a small suburban town near Hershel's farm, this is the only known pharmacy in the area. The store has several drugs and medicines that the public might need which are located behind the counter. After the outbreak, the owner, presumably Steve, left a sign in the window offering up his goods for free for the good of survivors.
Wiltshire Estates TV.jpg Wiltshire Estates Shane asks Andrea to help him follow up on a lead to Sophia's whereabouts and the two drive up to the suburban community. Though no walkers appear at first and the area seems to be completely abandoned, the residence is soon revealed to have been hit by the epidemic dead as Shane and Andrea get chased out.
MertCounty.PNG Mert County, Georgia Similar to King County, Georgia, Mert is also located in a rural area of Georgia. Few residential houses can be seen as well as several large farmlands.
Mert County 2.jpg Mert County Department of Public Works Rick and Shane plan on releasing Randall here. Is is located about 18 miles from the Green family farm.
Rural Zone.jpg Elders Mill Road The waterfall and campsite is an area that Rick's group uses as a temporary base after Hershel's farm is destroyed by a walker herd.
House.PNG Unnamed House A House where the group searches for supplies.
AMC 408 Pris.png West Georgia Correctional Facility This prison is first seen in the season 2 finale episode "Beside the Dying Fire", indicating that the survivors having abandoning Hershel's farm will make their way to this location next. The survivors make it their home in season 3. They live there for about 7 months before a brutal and destructive attack by the Governor forces them to flee.
GeneralStore.PNG General Store A store where Michonne searches for supplies, namely anything that can help with Andrea's illness.
Deer Cooler.jpg Sportman's Deer Cooler This deer cooler is a meat and butcher shop where Andrea and Michonne take shelter and rest for a small period of time in the season 3 pilot episode "Seed".
Vlcsnap-2012-10-29-09h16m37s30.png Woodbury, Georgia Woodbury is a small community located 52 miles southwest of Atlanta. Andrea and Michonne live here as the war began. It is also home to the Woodbury soldiers and is led by a man known as the Governor.
Walking dead governor.jpg The Governor's Apartment (TV Series) The Governor's apartment is located in the town of Woodbury, Georgia. It is the Governor's main residency and serves as the storage location for his victims' heads.
Woodbury Clinic 2.PNG Woodbury Community Clinic The Woodbury Community Clinic is a clinic that is also used as the town hall of Woodbury. The facility is under the care of Dr. Stevens.
Woodbury Research Facility.jpg Woodbury Research Facility The Woodbury Research Facility is part of the town's residential area and is also the place where Milton Mamet conducted his research on the walkers.
Military camp 3.jpg National Guard Camp The National Guard camp is a temporary place of the troops of Lieutenant Welles and Corporal Brady.
WWP.PNG Woodbury Walker Pits The zombie capture area, also known as the "pits", is a location used by Woodbury. It is based just outside of Woodbury. Its main purpose is to capture walkers for the Governor to use against Rick's group at the prison.
S03E05 arena002.jpg Woodbury Arena The Woodbury arena is a location near or in Woodbury used by the people as an entertainment area by having various fights between the citizens of Woodbury.
CabañaHermit.jpg Hermit's Shack This shack is buried in a region of woodland area, Georgia. It is 3 miles from Woodbury and over 5 miles from the West Georgia Correctional Facility.
Daycare Center.jpg Unnamed Daycare Center Maggie and Daryl Dixon scavenge for bottles and formula for a newborn Judith.
Roadside Store.jpg Roadside Stores Glenn and Maggie find this location when they are looking for supplies for Judith.
Yellow Jacket Creek.jpg Yellow Jacket Creek Yellow Jacket Creek is a body of water in Georgia.
Twd312-001858.jpg Morgan's Hideout An apartment claimed by Morgan. It is heavily armored and secured with spikes and several traps. It has writings on the walls, like a map of the city or other notes. It got burnt down after Morgan accidently spilled his oil lamp.
BabyStore.PNG King County Baby Store A store where Carl and Michonne get a crib for Judith.
TWD GP 312 0917 0032.jpg King County Café Carl and Michonne fight the undead walkers inside in order to get some mementos for Judith.
Verlin's Feed & Seed Co. 2.jpg Verlin's Feed & Seed Co. Verlin's Feed & Seed Co. is a farming business in rural Georgia, located near Woodbury, Georgia, and the West Georgia Correctional Facility. This location is the meeting spot for the Governor and Rick to negotiate for peace, and later to hand over Michonne as a part of the peace deal.
S03E14 mill001.jpg Grantville Mill Andrea hides out in Grantville Mill on her journey to the prison, when trying to hide from the Governor.
Hotel (This Sorrowful Life).jpg Motel This unnamed motel is a location that Merle Dixon and Michonne stumble across on their way to Verlin's Feed & Seed Co.
BigJakesBarAndGrill.PNG Big Jake's Bar and Grill At a parking lot of the Bar Merle drinks a bottle of whiskey in his car, while being surrounded by walkers.
JGinG001.jpg Big Spot The Big Spot, stylized as Big Sp!t, was a supermarket. When the apocalypse began, a military outpost was set up at the entrance of the store but was later abandoned. A group involving Daryl, Michonne, Sasha, Tyreese, Glenn, and a few others find the store and use it to scavenge supplies.
Rick-clara-TWD-S4E1.jpg Clara's Camp Clara's camp is a small location located near the prison. It is the home of Clara and her walker husband, Eddie.
BT2.PNG Big Tony's Express Mart A gas station owned by "Big" Tony where he and his three co-workers made a suicide pact. After some time a group consisting of Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and Bob arrived there to find supplies for the prison.
Twd-s04e04-4.jpg Fort Valley State University Fort Valley State University is located about 50 miles from the prison. It stores a host of advanced medical supplies that the prison group seeks out to cure a flu outbreak at the prison.
Walking-dead-carol-banished.png Unnamed Neighborhood Located 8 miles south of the prison, this neighborhood is a group of about 10 or so large detached residential properties where Carol Peletier and Rick run into Sam and hunt for medical supplies and food.
Chambler's House.png Unnamed Apartment Building The apartment where David, Lilly, Tara, and Meghan Chambler lived.
N1.PNG Retirement Home A place where the Governor went in order to obtain oxygen tanks for David Chambler.
Macamp.jpg Martinez's Camp A camp put together by Martinez and Mitch and Pete Dolgen, it is located close to the prison. It holds over thirty survivors.
Cabin.PNG Unnamed Cabin A Cabin where The Governor, Mitch, Pete and Martinez spend the night in.
Forest Camp.PNG Forest Camp A group of about 9 people formed a group and decided to set up a small camp in the middle of the forest near Martinez's Camp.
River Camp.jpg River Camp After the majority of Martinez's camp leaves to attack the prison, Lilly, Meghan, and some children and elderly relocate to an area near a fast flowing river.
BBQshack.PNG Joe & Joe Jr.'s BBQ Shack A BBQ restaurant where Rick and Carl put down Joe Sr. at Joe Jr.'s request and to where Michonne tracks them to in episode "After".
Pudding Lane.jpg Unnamed Estate Rural housing estate located half a day's walk from the prison. During their stay here, Rick recovers from the prison destruction; Carl hunts supplies, loses a shoe, and gorges on pudding; and Michonne is reunited with them.
Tyreesetracks.PNG Tracks Many of the prison survivors cross this point after their escape from the prison.
Pine Vista.JPG Pine Vista Country Club Daryl and Beth Greene hide from walkers and hunt supplies in this clubhouse.[1]
Daryl and Beth after fighting hug.JPG Moonshine Shack A shack discovered by Michonne and Daryl when they were at the prison that Daryl and Beth stop at, drink moonshine, and then burn down.
Beth being carried by Daryl piggybackride.JPG Funeral Home A funeral home in a cemetery where Daryl and Beth share a meal and Beth is kidnapped.
AMC 412 Grove.png The Grove A small house and pecan nut grove surrounded by barbed wire fences; site where Lizzie kills her sister and is put down by Carol.
Terminus.png Terminus A community of survivors turned cannibals. The founder of the community used the train stop for shelter. Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, Bob Stookey, Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, Eugene Porter, and Tara meet Mary here.

Later on Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Carl meet Gareth and his brother Alex is killed accidentally. Carol brings down fences which causes most of the residents deaths and the group to be able to escape.

Tunnel.PNG Train Tunnel A Tunnel That Tara and Glenn go through.
Garage 1.PNG Unnamed Garage A Garage where The Claimers and Daryl sleep in.
Stsarah.jpg St. Sarah's Church A small church that was run by Father Gabriel before the outbreak. It serves as a base for Rick and his group for two nights after their escape from Terminus before it is overrun by walkers. Weeks later, Morgan comes across this church and discovers a map to D.C. with Rick's name on it.
S5E8 Morgan 2.jpg Hunter's School An elementary school a 10-minute walk south of St. Sarah's Church where 6 Terminus hunters cook and consume Bob's leg. Father Gabriel unintentionally releases walkers trapped inside while investigating the Hunters' possessions. Morgan stumbles across the school while following the Hunters' tree markings from near Terminus.
LawFirm.png Whalen Law Firm LLP A law firm where Carol takes refuge following her banishment from her group by Rick.
AMC 505 Abraham Anxious.png Unnamed Grocery Strore A grocery store Abraham, his wife Ellen, his son and his daughter found shelter soon after the outbreak. After Abraham brutally murdered a couple of survivors that was trying to harm his family they left, dying during the escape. At the parking lot of the story Abraham first met Eugene just before he tried to kill himself.
AMC 505 fire.png Unnamed Fire Department A former fire department in a small town near Atlanta. After the outbreak it is assumed survivors found shelter in there, but after a lot of them got infected the remainig survivors blocked the doors and left a firetruck while fighting more undeads. That firetruck was later taken by Abraham and his group while going to D.C..
AMC 506 Bridge.png Unnamed Bridge A bridge in the outskirts of Atlanta. Daryl and Carol found an abondend car on the edge while searching for hints where Beth was taken. Apparently the bridge got swarmed, forcing them to push the car off the bridge.
Grady Hospital.jpg Grady Memorial Hospital Hospital in Atlanta taking in surviours and forcing them to work run by the remnants of the Atlanta Police headed by Dawn Lerner. Following Dawn's death, it seems that Shepherd takes up charge.
FEMA.png Atlanta FEMA Site FEMA site in Atlanta survivors were encouraged or taken by Atlanta Police to be "evacuated" only to be napalmed.
5x09 Shirewilt Estate Summer Place.png Shirewilt Estates A community in Richmond, Virginia, that was destroyed by the Wolves then overrun by the walkers. Rick's group briefly stops here in hopes of finding a functional community, per Noah's request, but, after finding out that it is lost, they scavenge and gather supplies and journey further into areas closer to Washington, D.C..
Aaron interigation.png Unnamed Barn Rick and his group take shelter in this barn while a storm occurs. It is later abandoned after the group alongside Aaron heads to the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
Washington, D.C.JPG Washington, D.C. The former capital of the United States. Rick and his group drive past the city as they are heading to the Alexandria Safe-Zone.
AMC 712 Alexandria.png

Appearance before the war. Alexandria S9.png Appearance after the war.

Alexandria Safe-Zone A pre-planned community in Alexandria, Virginia, that was led by Deanna Monroe. After the place was overrun by a large herd, with Deanna dying during the attack, the survivors took it back and leadership was passed to Rick.
AMC 512 ASZ Accommodation.png Rick's House One of originally 2 houses assigned to Rick and his group after their arrival. It is currently the home for Rick, Carl, Judith and Michonne. Sometimes Olivia is there to keep watch of Judith.
AMC 605 Aftermath of Attack.png Alexandria's Watchtower A watchtower beside the walls of Alexandria. It served as a lookout post for Sasha and Spencer. After the bottom got destroyed by a Del Arno-truck during an attack of the Wolves the tower fell down, taking down a part of the wall with it, allowing hundreds of zombies get inside the community. After the attack was over, what was left of the tower was taken away and the wall got rebuild.
Spend promo image 6.jpg Vega Zeta Solar Distribution Group This warehouse had multiple types of hardware and parts. Aiden, Nicholas, Tara, Glenn, Eugene, and Noah arrive here to find parts for the solar panels. While there, Aiden and Noah are killed by walkers and Tara is knocked unconscious after Aiden accidentally shoots a grenade on an armored walker, which causes the warehouse to be overrun with more walkers.
ACS.PNG Woodlands Mall Construction Site The residents of the Alexandria Safe-Zone found this location and used the supplies that were left there in order to build the walls in order to protect their community from the dead and attackers.
Alexandria Tour Infirmary.png Alexandria's Infirmary The Infirmary of Alexandria used by Pete and after his death by Denise. It is used for medical purposes like storaging medicine or operations.
Delarnofoods 5x16.jpg Del Arno Foods Former food distribution depot of Del Arno Foods used by the Wolves as a trap. It is located around 50 miles away from the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Daryl and Aaron are trapped by walkers for a time and are rescued by Morgan.
Quarry.PNG Quint Materials Company Road Base Quarry A quarry with exits blocked by Trucks. It is full of zombies, with the huge noise they're making attracting even more of them inside. It was emptied when one of the truck fell from the cliff and Rick and his crew led them away.
TractorStore.PNG Rendon Equipment Sales Glenn, Heath and Nicholas devises a plan to kill the walkers inside so their noise won't draw the oncoming herd off-course.
AMC 604 Eastman Cabin Full.png Eastman's Cabin A cabin in the woods being the home of Eastman and his goat Tabitha. It has a self-made prisoncell inside of it, where Morgan was a prisoner for a couple of months. After Eastmans death the cabin got abandoned.
AMC 606 Woods.png Burnt Out Forest A Forest that was ignited by Dwight and Sherry in hopes of killing every walker in the vicinity.
Pattrick.PNG A.A. Pattrick Fuel Co. Depot Daryl runs into Dwight and Sherry in a burnt forest near A.A. Pattrick Fuel Co.depot. Daryl, Abraham and Sasha capture a fuel truck known as Patty and return to Alexandria.
SRAI.PNG Sunrise Auto Insurance A place where Abraham and Sasha wait for Daryl.
AMC 606 Abraham Bridge.png Unnamed Bridge A Bridge where Abraham finds an RPG.
Sorghum.PNG Sorghum Barn A Barn where Rick and Daryl find a truck full of supplies.
Gas Station.PNG Unnamed Gas Station A Gas Station where Rick and Daryl meet Paul Rovia.
Barn3.PNG Unnamed Barn A Barn where Rick, Daryl and Jesus struggle for the supplies.
OfficeInside.PNG Office Building An Office Building where the group searches for Jesus' friends.
AMC 612 Church.jpg Alexandria's Church A church in Alexandria. It is along with other houses part of the expansion after the herd attack. Gabriel is responsible for the church and it is often used by Rick for meetings with the Alexandrians.

First appearance. AMC 907 Hilltop.png Current appearance.

Hilltop Colony The Hilltop Colony is a farming community located in Virginia, led by a man named Gregory and is located twenty miles from Alexandria. It Consists of the Barrington House, a barn, a blacksmith's shop and trailers brought in by the FEMA.
AMC 612 Saviors' Compound.png Communication Relay Saviors Outpost A former satellite communication facility used by the Saviors as an outpost. The facility is raided by the group at night, killing every savior once living inside. It was later retaken under the control of Regina before they surrendered to the Militia during the war.
AMC 613 Gagged and Bound.png Slaughterhouse Saviors Outpost Used by the Saviors as a supply depot and safe house. It is used by Paula to hold Maggie and Carol hostage.
AMC 614 Bulletfactory.png Bullet Factory Outpost A factory and an Outpost of the Saviors Eugene uses to produce bullets.
Edison.PNG Edison Apothecary and Boutique Daryl, Rosita and Denise search this place for medical supplies.
AMC 614 Savior Standoff.png Railroad tracks A part of the tracks the survivors came across often. Denise got killed by accident by Dwight and Daryl left his bike here.
Library.PNG Viskocil Public Library Library a few hours drive from Alexandria used by a small group of survivors. The saviors were extorting the group and the survivors fought back. The saviors killed the group hanging one of them from a bridge with a chain. Carol and Morgan take refuge in the library for a short time.
AMC 616 Block.png Saviors' Roadblock A part of road under a bridge being blocked off by the Saviors using wood. They burned it and hung a man from the bridge. Negan later returns with Rick to this roadblock where he forces him to got his axe.
NeganFieldS9.jpg Field In The Woods A field in a wood somewhere between Alexandria and the Hilltop. The group got surrounded by a group of Saviors, forcing them on their knees. Negan first appears and kills Abraham with his baseball bat Lucille, as a punishment for Rick killing a bunch of Saviors. After Daryl punched Negan in the face, Negan then kills Glenn as well.
AMC 702 Carol House.png Lonely House A house in the woods. Carol takes shelter in this house after leaving the Kingdom.
The Kingdom (TV Series).png The Kingdom A former school near Washington D.C., led by "King" Ezekiel and discovered by Morgan and Carol.
AMC 702 Theatre.png Schools Theatre A theatre at the Kingdom. Ezekiel's throne is placed on the stage.
AMC 713 Park.png Kingdom - Saviors Drop-Off Point A parking lot frequently used by the Kingdom for their supply-delivery to the Saviors. Richard was strangled there by Morgen after finding out he failed at a set-up that caused Benjamins death.
Cy44zWrUAAErkJv.jpg large.jpg The Sanctuary A factory ruled by Negan. It is the home of the Saviors. Daryl was a prisoner inside the Sanctuary before escaping. It has a fence with chained zombies around it to keep it secure.
AMC 706 Bridge.png Unnamed Bridge A bridge Tara and Heath came across. They eventually got separated there. Tara later returned with the help of Cyndie after escaping Oceanside.
AMC 715 Coast.png The Atlantic Coast The coast of the Atlantic Ocean on the North-American continent. Tara was washed up and found unconcious by Cyndie and Rachel after falling off a bridge.
Oceanside entrance.jpg Oceanside Cabin Motor Court A former campground located near the bay in Virginia. It was encountered by Tara. The group living there is led by Natania and consists of woman and children hiding from the Saviors after a failed attempt to fight them back.
AMC 708 Houseboat.png Leslie's Houseboat A houseboat in a lake a few miles away from Alexandria once owned by Leslie William Stanton. Aaron and Rick scavenge this boat in search for supplies for the Saviors.
AMC 709 Highway.png Unnamed Highway A highway located in the surroundings of the Sanctuary. It is blocked with vehicles and has a TNT-trap placed by Fat Joey. On their way from the Kingdom, Rick and his group unblock the road and steal the TNT while escaping a huge herd.
AMC 710 junk.pngAMC 710 junkfull.png The Heaps The Heaps is a junkyard near Alexandria being the shelter of the Scavengers led by Jadis. Rick and his companions encountered it while searching for Gabriel. It has containers as living rooms inside of it and an arena to fight zombies with spikes, as well as solar panels and a helipad. After the massacre of the Scavengers, Jadis kidnaps Negan as revenge. Eventually she lets him go. After the war, Morgan moves to the Heaps and convinces Jadis, who now goes by her real name Anne, to move to Alexandria. Morgan eventually leaves the Heaps, as well as Virginia, to get away from people and find himself.
AMC 711 House.png Dwight's Former House A house in the suburbs or in the woods being the home of Dwight and his ex-wife Sherry before the outbreak. They both return later, Sherry to flee the Sanctuary due to her letting Daryl escape his cell and Dwight in search for her. She left him a note and their wedding rings and Dwight her snacks and beer.
AMC 712 Golf.png Saviors' Golf Course A field in the woods being used by the Saviors as a golf course.
AMC 712 Carnival.png Chilton High School A former school somewhere in Virginia holding a carnival by the time of the outbreak. After the outbreak the school was used by the U.S. Military as a compound, but it eventually got overrun by the undead. At some point Rick and Michonne found the school during a scavenging run and took all the soldier's weapons along with all the supplies stored in the cafeteria.
Car Lot.PNG Car Lot Rosita and Sasha find this place and hatch a plan to get one of the cars. Rosita lights a car on fire to distract walkers. She and Sasha climb the fence into the lot, and Rosita hotwires a car. They drive off to the Sanctuary.
AMC 714 House.png Unnamed Factory A former factory very close to the Sanctuary. Rosita and Sasha use this building to try an assassination on Negan, which later fails.
Gas Station-0.PNG Unnamed Gas Station Carl searches a gas station for fuel and comes across a nervous stranger who asks for help.
PIR.PNG Paze Industrial Research At some point, The Saviors decided to make this location an outpost.
AMC 803 Post2.png Shephard Office Plaza An outpost of the saviors led by Simon. The outpost was wiped out by a Militia-Group led by Rick and other Alexandrians. During the fight he stumbles across Morales, now a Savior, who was absent since the group left in Atlanta.
AMC 803 Post.png Chemical Plant Outpost A former building used as an outpost by the saviors led by Gavin. During the war all the heavy guns were taken to this outpost, which was later used against the forces of the Kingdom.
AMC 811 Station.png Abandoned Radio Station A former Radio Station used by Gabriel and Dr. Carson to find shelter and medicine whilst escaping from The Saviors.
811 Alexandrians in the woods.jpg The Swamp The Survivors from Alexandria make their way through this swamp in order to avoid the Saviors and get to Hilltop.
LMS.PNG Lewis Medical Supplies Rick ambushes and later attempts to kill Negan in this building.
AMC 814 Bar.png Mama's Country Show Club A former Bar used by Jared and other saviors to hold Morgan and Rick captive.
RossFarm.PNG Ross's Farm This farm was owned by Ross. It's also known that the Grimes Family would often visit the farm and walk around it.
AMC 816 Field.png Field A huge field with a tree in the middle serving as the location of the final battle between Rick and Negan resulting in the end of the war.
Atlanta-Capitol-Rotunda.jpg Smithsonian Museum A former Museum/Gallery in Washington D.C. featuring exhibits on everything from natural history to the fine arts.
9x04 Daryl sitting at the camp.jpg Bridge Camp A large campground inbetween all of the communities.
AMC 905 Bridge.png The Bridge A destroyed bridge connecting the communities. It got repaired by the survivors, but got later blown up by Rick to elimate a herd walking toward the communities, leading to his disapperance.
AMC 905 Cell.png Negan's Prison Cell A prison cell in a basement in one of Alexandria's Buildings. Originally build by Morgan it serves a a prison cell for Negan after the war with the saviors.
AMC 903 Final Warning.png Hallowbrant Outreach Recovery The former settlement of the Oceanside-survivors and location of Simon's massacre of all their male members. After the massacre the building got abandoned due to the group fleeing.
AMC 904 Sinkhole.png Sink Hole A sink hole in the woods. Daryl and Rick got trapped in it after a fight with each other.
AMC 906 Water.png Water Tower A water tower near Alexandria used by Eugene to place an amplifier on top of it to boost the signal of Gabriels radio.
AMC 907 Daryl Camp.png Daryl's Camp A camp close to a river near the Hilltop. It serves as the home of Daryl and his dog during most of the time during the time jump.
TWD 906 GP 0629 0599 RT.jpg Jed's Camp It is the home and base of operations of the The Savior Marauders after the destruction of The Sanctuary.
AMC 907 Magna Camp.png Magna's Camp A camp in a field close to the Hilltop being the shelter for Magna and her group. However it got overrun, resulting in one of their members, Bernie dying.
AMC 907 Factory.png Unnamed Factory A former factory close to Magna's camp serving as a shelter for the night before continuing the journey to take Magna's group to the Hilltop.
ECabin2.PNG Hilltop Cabin This Cabin is a hang out spot for Rhodney, Adeline, Gage and Henry.
Daryl Aaron Michonne.jpg Cemetery A cemetery close to Alexandria. During an attempt to rescue an injured Eugene, the group flees to thie cemetery from a herd of walkers. During their fight against the herd, the group got attacked by the Whisperers, with Jesus being their only casualty.
AMC 909 Menswear.png Express Yourself Menswear A former clothing store specialized on menswear close to Alexandria. After escaping from his prison cell, Negan is searching through this store for supplies and a new leather jacket.
FrankAlphaTalking.jpg Warehouse Shelter A former Warehouse presumably close to or within Baltimore, Maryland serving as a shelter Dee, Lydia, Dee's former husband and Lydias father Frank and the rest of their group. After being suffocated to death by Dee, Matias reanimates and attacks the group. Dee uses the confusion during the fight to kill Frank, who disagreed with her on wether to leave or stay in the warehouse. After killing Frank Dee takes Lydia and leave the shelter and the other survivors.
Placeholder location.png Coalport Coalport is a city close to the ocean, serving as a former shelter for Magna and her group before they left due to the city being either attacked or overrun.
Placeholder location.png Jones Springs Jones Springs is a community serving as a former shelter for Magna and her group before they left due to the city being either attacked or overrun.
AMC 913 Royal.png Royal Cinema A former cinema close to the Kingdom. It was raided by the Kingdommers in search for a projector bulb.
AMC 913 WhisCamp.png Whisperers' Camp A camp close to the Hilltop serving as the main camp for the Whisperers.
OfficeBuilding.PNG Abandoned Apartment Building A former apartment building close to the Whisperers' Camp was formally used by Magna's Group to hide their supplies. After fleeing from the Whisperers' Camp Daryl, his dog, Connie, Henry and Lydia fight off Whisperers that were sent to take back Lydia, Beta being one of them.
AMC 913 Highwaycamp.png Purification Plant A former purification plant used as the main base for a group called the Highwaymen who are led by Ozzy.
Verlassene Schule Staffel 9.png Milton Charles School for the Gifted A former school serving as the main shelter for Jocelyn and her group.

A few months after Rick's disappearance, Judith and several other kids from Alexandria got kidnapped and taken here. After being marked with an "X", Michonne was forced to kill Jocelyn and most of the children belonging to her cult in order to save Alexandria and their own children.

AMC 915 Horde.png Whisperer Zombie Roundup A cliff where the Whisperers round up a massive Herd used to threaten other communities.
AMC 915 Field.jpg Whisperers' Border A huge field close to the Whisperers' camp being marked as the border between the Whisperers and the communities with 10 decapitated heads on pikes, including Enid, Tara and Henry as victims.
AMC 915 Barn.jpg Unnamed Barn A barn close to the Kingdom where Alpha and other Whisperers hold Siddiq and the pike victims captured before getting decapitated.
10x1 satelitte.jpg Satellite Crash Site A patch of wood near Oceanside that has recently been burnt down as a result of a Soviet satellite crashing from orbit.
10x02 Alpha and Lydia versus Beta.png Second Lives A psychiatric hospital where Beta was hiding out before Alpha and Lydia came across him.
Parking Lot Beta 1002.jpg Parking Lot Beta leads a group of Whisperers to this location in search of more walkers to add to their herd. He finds a number of them trapped behind a gate at the parking lot. After getting their attention, he raises the gate and leads the walkers outside.
The Deeper Place.PNG The Deeper Place A Cave where Frances is sent to talk to Alpha.
Twd barnett.PNG Barnett Academy A school that Daryl, Carol, Michonne, Laura, and 3 unnamed Alexandria Guards sleep at after having met with the Whisperers.
NACabin.PNG Unnamed Cabin Aaron stumbles into a cabin where he is attacked by walkers and saved by Negan.
Terminal 3.PNG Bus Terminal A Bus Terminal where Negan saves Milo and Amelia. Brandon later kills them and is killed by Negan.
Alpha's cave.png Alpha's Cave A large cave where Alpha and the Whisperers stored their horde.
10x10 alpha gas station.jpg Unnamed Gas Station Α gas station where both wounded Alpha and Daryl Dixon spent one day after they had a brutal fight with each other.
Negan Cabin.PNG Negan's Decoy Shed It is an abandoned shed where Negan pretended to imprison Lydia as a way to lure and kill Alpha.
Placeholder location.png Charleston, West Virginia The location where "Stephanie" claimed her group was located.
Outside.PNGInside.PNG Grand Hotel Α hotel that Beta has a history with.
TowerOverhead.PNG The Tower Αn abandoned hospital near the Alexandria Safe-Zone that serves as a rendezvous and temporary camp for the Coalition following the various attacks on their settlements.
Placeholder location.png Rendezvous Point B It's a rendezvous point in the woods utilized by The Coalition in case of an evacuation of The Tower.
Trainyard2.PNG Southern Train Yard It is a train yard in Charleston, West Virginia, located south of the Kanawa River that has been occupied by the Commonwealth.
LeahsCabin.PNG Leah's Cabin It is a cabin that used to belong to Leah Shaw and where Daryl and later Negan resided for a time.
Warehouse.PNG Unnamed Warehouse A Werehouse where Aaron and Gabriel go to find supplies, but they are captured by Mays and forced to play russian roulette.
Viper Bar.PNG Scorpion's Tail Restaurant & Beer It is the base of operations of Valak's Vipers.
NeganHouse.PNG Smith Family Home It was a house where Negan and Lucille lived.
Wall of the Lost (TV Series).png Wall of the Lost A notice board in the Commonwealth used by it's residents to post photos of their missing loved ones, whom they hope to be reunited with.
11x01 The Coalition.jpg Subway Tunnel A tunnel where the Coalition stay during a storm.

Fear the Walking Dead

LA1.png Los Angeles, California City on the West Coast with population of close to 4 million at the time of the outbreak.
Abandoned Church.png Abandoned Church Old abandoned church in los Angeles, where Nick took drugs with his junkie friends, his girlfriend Gloria included. There he also witnessed her reanimation.
Clark home.jpg Clark Family Home It is a house owned by the Clark family.
ElSerenoFTWD.jpg El Sereno Also known as "Safe Zone India", home of the Clark's, Tran's, Cruz's, Dawson's, and Thompson's.
Paul R. Williams High School (Main Entrance).jpg Paul R. Williams High School A secondary school in El Sereno. Its extracurricular activities include sports such as soccer, and its team name appears to be the "Broncos". Travis and Madison work there as teachers.
Temple Hospital.jpg Temple Community Hospital Hospital where Nick is treated after being hit by a car.
LA River.jpg L.A. River The river where Nick runs over Calvin, his pot dealer, many times.
Salazar's cuts 2.jpg Salazar's Cuts A barbershop in central LA, owned by Daniel Salazar. Travis, Liza Ortiz, and their son Chris take refuge from the riot there. It got destroyed during Operation Cobalt.
Sisters of Mercy Hospital.jpg Sisters of Mercy Hospital A hospital where the Manawa Family was going to take Griselda to get some treatment for her injury until they saw the state that it was in.
Screen-Shot-2015-07-10-at-4.51.21-PM.png West View Library An overrun library in L.A.
Fear-the-walking-dead-arena.jpg Los Angeles Arena One of the biggest indoor stadiums in LA. At least two thousand civilians were herded there by the military, but they later became infected, so the stadium got locked. It was later opened by Daniel.
Compound.png Raynard Community College A compound owned by the military. The compound is based at a local community college in Los Angeles and serves as a field hospital, a refugee camp for quarantined citizens, and the command post for the California National Guard in Safe Zone India. Griselda, Nick and Liza where taken there under different circumstances and Nick meets Victor Strand in one of the cells. The compound got overrun by the zombies Daniel released from the stadium.
Strand's Mansion2.jpg Strand's House A mansion by the beach owned by Strand. It got destroyed during Operation Cobalt.
Brand-new-fear-the-walking-dead-flight-462-web-series-to-begin-next-week-a-plane-was-636002.jpg TruWest Airlines Flight 462 An Airbus A320. The main location of Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462. It was supposed to fly from LA to Phoenix. Flight 462 eventually broke apart over the coast of California, with much of the wreckage landing in the Pacific Ocean. Of the 148 souls on board, at least six are known to have survived the initial crash, amongst them Alex and Jake.
Abigail Full 201.png The Abigail A yacht owned by Thomas Abigail, later taken by Strand. It is used to take Victor and the survivors over the pacific ocean to Mexico. After the fall of Baja, the yacht is missing.
Main-qimg-de9dd80003c837bec896de24e5a27ec0.png Catrina Island, California Catrina Island is an island near the coast of California. It was home to several beaches, a fun fair which served the tourist population and a ranger station. It also serves as the home of George Geary and his family.
Fear-the-walking-dead-episode-204-nick-dillane-2-935-420x260.jpg Abigail Home Experience A neighborhood located in a Southern California town, along the coast. Nick went looking after Luis there.
Fear 205 Boat.png Connor's ship A dry dock Connor and his crew use as a base. Travis once was a prisoner there.
8 SC Body pile.jpg Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California A city within Baja California.
AV.PNG Abigail Vineyard Home of Victor Strand and Thomas Abigail. A village led by Celia. It got burnt down by Daniel.
Mexico city.PNG Tijuana, Baja California A global City in Mexico with about 1.3 millions of residents living at the beginning of the outbreak.
La Colonia.png La Colonia A safe-zone on a hill on the outskirts of Tijuana, Baja California. It was led by Alejandro Nuñez. It got abondoned and overrun, when Marco Rodriguez and his men came to take it over.
AMC 209 Nick & Luciana.png El Pelícano A supermarket led by Marco Rodriquez. It was the temporary home of the Los Hermanos Gang. It got abandoned after they went taking over La Colonia.
Rosarito, Baja California.png Rosarito Beach Hotel A hotel in Baja California, led by Elena Reyes before Madison, Strand, Ofelia and Alicia came across. Together, they cleared the whole Hotel from the undead. After Madison turned on the lights on the roof the hotel took several refugees, including Travis, Derek and Brandon. After Travis has beaten up Derek and Brandon to death and accidentaly killed Oscar they left the Hotel, letting Strand be the only one of their group left there.
AMC 213 Travis, Chris & Derek.png A Barn A barn in Baja California once owned by Elías Suarez. Travis, Chris, Derek, Brandon and James found refuge there. After James being shot in the leg the group is in discussion about killing him out of mercy. Brandon at the end shot him and Travis left the group and his son Chris.
Fear 215 Border.png Mexican-American Border crossing A bordercrossing, Nick and Luciana came across taking the La Colonia people to the refugee camp Nick saw before. They got stopped by men from the Army, shooting Luciana in the shoulder and taking her and Nick captive.
Fear AMC 301 Mili.png Military Fuel Depot A former base near the mexican-american border used by the U.S. military as a fuel depot. It was expanded during the beginning of the Outbreak, after being used as a Safe-Zone led by Troy Otto.It was later abandonded after a a huge herd broke in through the canalization.
Broke Jaw Ranch (3).png Broke Jaw Ranch A former Ranch presumably in California led by the Otto Family Survivalist Organization, thus being prepared to the fall of democracy long before the outbreak. After the Outbreak it was turned to survivalist community with the help of the military.
Gonzales Dam Overview.png Gonzalez Dam A dam near the mexican-american border led by Dante Esquivel, a former friend of Victor. It serves as a water depot after the outbreak.
Fear 308 Mot.png Black Hat Vacancy Motel A former hotel near the Broke Jaw Ranch being a shelter of members of the Black Hat Reservation, led by Qaletaqa Walker.
Normal FTWD 310 RF 0503 2328-RT.jpg El Bazar El Bazar is a large, complex trading post set in an abandoned bullfighting stadium in Mexicali, Baja California. It is secured by heavily armed guards in order to prevent survivor to simply enter and leave the stadium.
Trailerparktwo.jpg Trailer Park At some point after the apocalypse, Althea found this location and came to use it as a base of operations. It is also the location where she took Morgan and John after she rescued them from Leland's Group.
Baseballstadiumone.jpg Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium A former baseball stadium turned settlement which became home to Madison Clark and her family, along with other survivors they've met in the area.
Waterparkfear.jpg Whirlin' Wavez A former water park turned outpost which was found overrun by Alicia and June.
John Dories Cabin.jpg John Dorie's Cabin A cabin where John Dorie resided.
Screenshot-2018-5-21 Just in Case.png Cottonwood Inn An in that serves as temporary shelter for Madison, Strand, and June.
FTWD 4x06 Ashburn Race Track.jpg Ashburn Race Track The race track is chosen as a meeting place for the groups of Vultures scavenging the local area for supplies.
Morgan TC 6.jpg The Flip-Flop Truck Stop A truck stop in Mississippi that serves as a shelter for Sarah, Wendell, and Jim.
Ftwd-austin4-1134218.jpeg Austin, Texas The capital of Texas.
9836987.JPG Brackenridge Hospital It is the hospital where Morgan Jones and his group were trapped by walkers before eventually finding a way out.
Wittingtons Denim Company.jpeg Wittington's Denim Company A factory that served as a base of operations for Clayton's Group. Later, it is taken over by Morgan's Group before being abandoned.
FTWD S5E1 Plane Crash Site.PNG Plane Crash Site The site where Morgan's group crashed their plane.
Truck Stop.png Big Barn Truck Stop A truck stop where Logan lures Morgan's group.
Danielswarehousetwo.jpg Daniel's Warehouse A warehouse where Daniel moves to after the Gonzalez Dam explosion
Tamplin.PNG Tamplin's Grocery Daniel and Charlie went to this store in order to get supplies. The place was infested with walkers until the window broke. Daniel and Charlie abandoned the place when they realized that they would be surrounded by the undead.
Twd rodeo.png First Humbug's Gulch

5x16 town 3.jpg Second Humbug's Gulch

Humbug's Gulch A franchise of Western-style theme parks. John and June run across Dwight in one of these parks. At a different park, Morgan's group finds temporary refuge, but are forced to abandon it and seek Virginia's help.
Camp Cackleberry.jpg Camp Cackleberry A children camp that is the former home of Annie, Max, and Dylan.
Texaspowerplanttwo.jpg Lonestar Power & Light A nuclear power plant where Grace worked that has since suffered a nuclear meltdown.
FTWD 505 RG 0207 0808 RT-730x487.jpg CRM Fuel Drop A location that serves as a fuel drop for the Civic Republic Military.
5x07 Alicia Annie final showdown.jpg Treehouse A treehouse that served as shelter for Annie's Group after their parents died.
I001303953.jpg Candy's Car Lot The Candy's Car Lot is a car dealership.
5x12 Camp.jpg The Caravan A mobile camp that serves as a base for Morgan's Group.
5x10 Karen investigating.jpg Bridgeview Mall A shopping mall where Charles took shelter in.
Letham.PNG Latham Police Department A police station where an unnamed man lived before being attacked by Wes.
Temple.PNG Temple B'nai Israel The Temple was lead by Jacob before the apocalypse as synagogue for people of the Jewish faith.
Tank Town.jpg Tank Town An makeshift oil refinery operated by Morgan's group, later taken over by The Pioneers.
2589631.PNG Cleon's Feedbag A department store where Janis was trapped.
GKzO8W6.jpg Paradise Ridge An apartment complex that is home to a community Tom used to be in charge of.
Placeholder location.png Super Lanes It is an established community part of Virginia's network.
Bingo Store.jpg Bingo A superstore where Morgan and Althea run across Tom.
FTWD S5E14 Bern's Vinyl.PNG Bern's Vinyl A record store where Grace and Daniel scavenge for supplies.
Karaoke Bar.jpg Karaoke Bar A karaoke bar where Grace and Daniel take shelter in.
Placeholder location.png Country Club It is an established community part of Virginia's network.
Placeholder location.png Logging Camp It is an established community part of Virginia's network.
Placeholder location.png Recreation Center It is an established community part of Virginia's network.
WatertowerFear.PNG Morgan's Hideout Sometime after his encounter with Virginia, an unknown survivor found Morgan and hid him here.
FTWD 6x09 Morgan's Group Reunited.jpg Valley Town Sometime in the apocalypse, something caused the dam to be completely drained. because of this, on maps it would show a lake here instead of an empty valley. Isaac and Rachel realized this after having left the Pioneers and decided to hide from them here.
Lawton.png Lawton, Oklahoma It is an established community part of Virginia's network, and serves as the capital settlement and base of operations of the The Pioneers.
Tumbleweed.PNG Tumbleweed Sugar Producing Factory At some point, Virginia's pioneers occupied this factory and assisted into converting it into a settlement where prisoners would be sent to. It is an established prison part of Virginia's network.
Funera lHome.png Funeral Home Althea and Dwight break into a funeral home and clear out the walkers, all while filming.
FTWD 6x03 Outside the tall building of the CVA.jpg Creative Visionaries Agency It is an office building located in a city in Texas that is used as a shelter by a couple dozen survivors. It is also referred to as "Drop Site Baker" by the Civic Republic Military and the rooftop serves as a resupplying outpost.
Pool2.PNG Mavis David Swimming Pool It is the home and base of operations of the Outcasts.
BucksLanding.PNG Buck's Landing It is a home of Ed and his family.
Placeholder location.png June's Hospital It is the hosptial that is currently being built by June Dorie as a reward for amputating Virgina's arm, so she could survive the bite of an undead.

World Beyond

Location's Image Location's Name Information
Monument Day 1 (Brave).png Campus Colony A University that the group resides in. Is part of Alliance of the Three.
CCGraveyard.PNG Campus Colony Cemetery A cemetary where Hope comes to visit her mother's grave.
Placeholder location.png Omaha A safe zone where Silas and his parents lived in. Is part of Alliance of the Three.
CRM Meetup Point.PNG CRM Meet-Up Spot A spot where Elizabeth Kublek and a couple CRM soldiers met with the peolpe of Campus Colony.
BennettHome.PNG Bennett Family Home A house where Hope and Iris lived in.
Placeholder location.png Portland, Oregon A city that is part of Alliance of the Three.
TreehouseWorldBeyond.PNG Unnamed Treehouse A treehouse where our group sleep over a night.
CarlucciFamilyHouse.PNG Carlucci Family Home A house where Felix and his parents lived in.
BlazeOfGoryYard.PNG The Blaze of Gory A former Bus Depot, Tire Junkyard, and Airfield where our group tries to get through.
Placeholder location.png Civic Republic is a mysterious, advanced authoritarian society/organization of survivors that is a part of the Alliance of the Three, along with the city of Portland, the city of Omaha, and its former satellite, the Campus Colony. They also have their own highly-advanced military.
Elizabeths Apt.PNG Elizabeth's Apartment A house where Elizabeth lives in.
HVass1.PNG Hvass High School A School where The Endlings spend the night in.
CRMResearch1.PNG Civic Republic Research Facility At some point the Civic Republic thought that this place would be suitable for them to establish a Research Facility in Ithaca, New York. Lyla Belshaw, Leopold Bennett, Samuel Abbott, and a fourth unknown man were transferred here to do research.
Mississippi River.PNG Mississippi River A River that the Endlings want to cross.
Museum2.PNG Nebraska Natural History Museum Elton stayed hidden in a box for some time before coming out. When he left his fathers office space, he saw the aftermath of what had happened which was that the military had killed a bunch of walkers, one of which turned out to be his father.
CRMOffice.PNG CRM Meet-Up Spot A spot where Elizabeth Kublek and CRM soldiers meet up with Jennifer Malick.
Jennifer kills her entire squad.png Military Safe-Zone This military safe-zone was established during the onset of the apocalypse to help out survivors fleeing the city through the service tunnels. However due to the Sunset Protocols, the military was ordered to kill everyone regardless if they were infected or not. Jennifer Mallick however killed her entire squad in order to let these people live.
FuelDepot.PNG CRM Fuel Depot It is situated in an abandoned sports stadium in the state of Illinois.
Wb 1x07 Elton, Huck and Tony.png Unnamed Warehouse A Werehouse where the group stays at for some time.
Wb 1x07 The Endlings (4).pngWb 1x08 endlings.jpg Recreation Center A Recreation Center where the group stays at for some time.
Plaskett Home1.PNG Plaskett Family Home A house where Silas and his family lived in.
Wb 1x09 hope and iris.jpg Red Maple it is a retirement home where Hope, Iris, Jennifer and Felix stay at.
Factory.PNG Factory A Factory where Silas stays at before Elton and Percy find him.

Video Game

Location's Image Location's Name Information
AND Atlanta Skyline.png Atlanta, Georgia After being convicted of murdering his wife's lover, Lee Everett is sentenced in Atlanta to a lifetime sentence at the prison in Georgia for murder. He is handcuffed and placed inside the back of a police cruiser by an unnamed police officer who drives out of the city and heads towards the prison.
AND Interstate 85.png Interstate 85 During the prison transport, Lee sits in the backseat of the police car while the officer begins to discuss his career and the criminals he has met and transported before. While he is being driven on the highway, Lee notices several emergency and police vehicles speeding onward towards Atlanta.
AND Clementine's Neighborhood 1.png Clementine's Neighborhood Very little is seen and known about Clementine's neighborhood except that it is next to the interstate and just outside the city of Atlanta. When the apocalypse started, everyone in her neighborhood panicked and tried to leave the area.
WDG Greene Farm.png Greene Family Farm Once Lee and Clementine meet Shawn Greene, he takes them back to his father's farm where they get treated and spend the night there to rest with another family who found sanctuary at the farm. The next day, Lee tries to help out around the farm when they are suddenly attacked by walkers.
LRA Macon From Truck.png Macon, Georgia After getting kicked off Hershel's farm, Kenny brings Lee along to the town of Macon. Macon is Lee's hometown where his parents and brother owned and operated a drug store. The town is overrun with walkers and at the last second.
AND Drugstore Herd.png Everett Pharmacy Drugstore Lee's parents and brother owned and operated the town's drugstore until the apocalypse started. It now serves as a temporary base and resting point for the survivors as they try to figure out what was going on in the world around them.
Motel Before Darkness.png Travelier Motel Before the apocalypse, this motel was located just on the outskirts of Macon, Georgia, and provided tourists and travelers a place to rest and spend the night. Now, while on a supply run, Glenn comes across this motel looking for gas. Before he leaves, he hears a girl crying in room 9.
WDG SJD 2.png St. John's Dairy Farm Similar to Hershel's farm, the dairy farm is owned and operated by the St. John Family. The farm was once the pride of Macon, Georgia, where they made butter and milk and won several awards and achievements with their cows. The farm is the main location for Lee and the survivors in Episode 2.
SFH Search the Camp.png Jolene's Camp A small campsite found by Lee Everett and Danny St. John that they originally believe to belong to the Save-Lots Bandits. It is revealed to belong to Jolene, a former member, when she finds them searching it. She nearly tells Lee about the St. Johns' cannibalistic nature before she is shot by Danny.
Russell Lonely Road.png Georgia Roadway This unnamed road is a roadway in rural Georgia that appears in "Long Road Ahead" and "Russell's Story" in the "400 Days" DLC.
LRA The Train 1.png The Train After escaping the motel in the RV, the group travels down the highway until they are blocked by a large train, that appears to have been lived in. The survivors, blocked by the train, begin to make it ready to move, in the hopes of using the locomotive to make it to Savannah and the coast.
LRA More Roadblocks.png Highway Overpass The highway serves as one of the main roads into the city of Savannah and overpasses the route 27 railroad tracks which is mainly used by train companies to get to and from the city. When the train stops, everyone exits the train and are then greeted by new survivors, Omid and Christa.
LRA Train Station.png Train Station The train station is located on the Route 27 train line between Macon and Savannah. It was used as a refuge by several FRS workers after their checkpoint was overrun, and is later searched by Lee and Clementine for something to cut the broken trailer down with.
VGSavannah 7.png Savannah, Georgia One of the State of Georgia's busy cities, Savannah serves as a major seaport as well as a central transportation hub and industrial city other than Atlanta. This is the city where Clementine's parents, Ed and Diana, went on vacation before the apocalypse.
VGSavannah Mansion 1.png Fivel's Mansion Both in Episode 4 and 5, the mansion is used as a command post by Lee and the group of survivors. After being attacked on the streets, Lee's group take refuge at the mansion.
AEC River Street.png River Street A roadway running along the Savannah riverfront. Kenny and Lee search for a boat here.
Crawford.png Crawford Crawford is a district within the city of Savannah where other survivors take extreme measures to protect themselves from the walkers. They are led by Crawford Obserson, who enforces strict rules and policies.
AEC St. Felicity's 1.png St. Felicity's Catholic Elementary School St. Felicity's Catholic Elementary School was a primary school within the community of Crawford in the city of Savannah. Crawford Oberson used the school as a command center keeping supplies locked up at the school, a medical facility was set up in the nurse's station.
AEC Herman's 8.png Herman's Auto Garage Herman's Auto Garage or auto shop is a vehicle maintenance and repair shop located in the Crawford district. Lee and Molly are in charge of finding a battery that they need for the escape boat. Once inside, Molly stands guard near the garage door ensuring no walkers get in while Lee looks around for the battery.
NTL No Help.png Savannah Hospital The Savannah Hospital was one of many hospitals located in the city of Savannah, Georgia. Vernon and his cancer support group took shelter there where they meet Lee and assist in raiding Crawford for supplies.
NTL Warehouse 1.png Savannah Warehouse The Savannah Warehouse was a large building located in the city of Savannah, Georgia. The warehouse was possibly used as an evacuation point in the early days of the outbreak, due to a massive amount of walkers found inside.
TMH 1.png The Marsh House The Marsh House is a hotel in the city of Savannah where Ed and Diana were staying just before the outbreak. When Lee discovers Clementine is missing, he is contacted by the Stranger who took her and wanted to meet Lee at the hotel.
Eose Interior.png Eosé Jewelry Store The jewelry store is the final location in Episode 5 where Clementine takes Lee in order to protect themselves from the walkers. Realizing that Lee cannot make it any longer, he tells Clementine what to do to escape and how to go on in the world of undead walkers.
400D Traffic Jam.png Prison Bus This prison bus is where Vince's Story takes place in "400 Days". It is situated on a highway jammed when the apocalypse began.
Yewberry Road Turn.png Yewberry Road Yewberry Road is the location where Wyatt's Story takes place in "400 Days". Yewberry Road was a back lane in rural Georgia that was located in a dense forest next to the main highway.
BS Cornfield 4.png Cornfield The Cornfield is a field of corn stalks located next to the highway near Gil's Pitstop and is the main location for Bonnie's Story.
Gil's Pitstop Tavia Car.png Gil's Pitstop Gil's Pitstop is a gas station and rest stop that appears in the DLC, "400 Days", as a central location where multiple survivors meet.
400D Camp Aerial.png Survivor Camp A campsite off the main highway near Gil's Pitstop where all five of the survivors meet and come together and decide what path to take and where they will go.
ATR Campsite.png Christa's Camp A small camp where Christa and Clementine reside after the sixteen month time skip early on in "All That Remains".
WhereSamDies.png Abandoned Campsite A campsite found by Clementine, formerly used by Sam's owners.
ATR Cabin 3.png Cabin A cabin placed seemingly in the middle of the woods. It provides refuge to Carlos, Sarah, Pete Randall, Luke, Nick, Rebecca, and Alvin.
ATR Fish Traps 3.png Fish Traps A shallow riverbed used by the cabin survivors to catch fish. Clementine, Pete, and Nick find several bodies here that they assume were killed by William Carver.
AHD R&G Truck.png Red & Gold Truck A truck that appears if Clementine saves Pete. They use it as a temporary shelter from attacking walkers.
AHD Nick Start.png Forest Shed A small shed that appears if Clementine saves Nick. They both then use the shed as shelter from attacking walkers.
AHD Bridge 1.png Station House Bridge The bridge crossing towards the Station House and Moonstar Lodge, on which Clementine and Luke meet Matthew. Nick shoots Matthew on this bridge.
AHD Station House.png Station House A small lodge that resides next to a bridge which Matthew inhabited when he scouted for his group.
AHD Moonstar Exterior.png Moonstar Lodge A ski lodge that was once part of a ski resort in the mountains. It provides refuge to Kenny, Sarita, Walter, and Matthew.
IHW Howe's At Night.png Howe's Hardware A former hardware store that is now used as base of operations for Carver and his followers.
AmTR Trailer Parker's Run.png Parker's Run A former Civil War site set a meeting point by the survivors after their escape from Howe's Hardware. It holds a memorial statue, a museum, and an observation deck with a gift shop.
AmTR Trailer Park.png Sunshine Village Mobile Home Park A trailer park Clementine and Jane stumble across. Sarah shelters here after Carlos' death.
NGB Power Station 1.png Power Station A small power station where the group rests after the shootout.
NGB Unfinished House 1.png Unfinished House An unfinished house Arvo leads the group to. It contains a fireplace, some supplies, and a working truck.
NGB Rest Stop 1.png Woodchuck Rest Area A rest area Clementine, Jane, and Kenny make their way to after the truck crashes.
NGB Wellington Arrival.png Wellington, Ohio A large community protected by walls of shipping crates.
García home.png García Family Home A two-story modernized house owned by the García family.
Placeholder location.png County General Hospital County General Hospital is a location mentioned in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.
C and C Stop.png C&C Auto Stop A former Auto part and convenience store scavenged by Javier.
PrescottGate.png Prescott A former airfield turned large community, lead by Tripp.
TTW Richmond Skyline.png Richmond, Virginia Capitol of Virginia taken over by a group known as "The New Frontier", renamed "New Richmond".
Diner Self Service.jpeg Diner and Self Service Station A self service station residing just outside Richmond.
Tstation.png Train Station A train station that used to be inhabited by a survivor couple that have since committed suicide.
DaHbLqbWsAAFHJE.jpg Ericson’s Boarding School A former boarding school for troubled youths turned community by the children still residing there.
TUB Fishing Cabin.png Fishing Cabin A cabin used to store fishing equipment by Ericson's Boarding School survivors.
Hunting Area DR.PNG Hunting Area A patch of wood used by Ericson's Boarding School survivors to hunt wild animals and also protect themselves from attacks via the traps they've built.
BT James' Camp 1.png James Camp A campsite built by James.
Greenhouse1.jpg Ericson's Greenhouse The greenhouse of Ericson's Boarding School.
BT Delta Ship 1.png S.S. Stewarts Fitzgerald A ship used by the Delta to transport captured children back to their community.
BT James' Barn 3.png James Barn A barn used by James to store walkers.
TUB CAVE INSIDE.PNG Cave A cave where Clementine and her group flee after the destruction of the Delta's ship.
Covered Bridge.PNG Covered Bridge A bridge that Clementine and her group are forced to cross when they are attacked by Minerva.
TUB McCaroll Ranch HD.png McCarroll Ranch A fortified community that Clementine rescues A.J. from.

Michonne Mini-Series

Location's Image Location's Name Information
ITD Atlanta Apartment.png Michonne's Husband's Apartment Apartment in Atlanta that Michonne frequently hallucinates.
ITD Leaving The Companion.png The Companion Sailing ship crewed by Pete, Michonne, Oak, Berto, and Siddiq.
ITD Mobjack Wreck.png The Mobjack Wrecked ferry that was inhabited by a group of survivors who were later massacred by Randall.
ITD Monroe Colony.png Monroe Floating colony of survivors led by Norma and Randall.
GNS John's House.png Fairbanks Family Home House owned by the Fairbanks Family, fortified with traps. Burned by Monroe survivors.

Survival Instinct

Location's Image Location's Name Information
Jess Collins.JPG Cabot Ridge Cabot Ridge is hillside that was featured in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. It was a popular hunting location for many hunters, including the Dixon family.
Walking-Dead-FPS-01.jpg Sedalia Sedalia is a small town just outside Cabot Ridge in the state of Georgia. It is the first location visited by Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.
Warreningame.png Lucky Les' Lucky Les' is a gas station owned by Warren Bedford's uncle, Lester, in the Survival Instinct game.
Walkingdeadsurvivalinstinct3.jpg Garwater Garwater was a campground in Georgia that was used to evacuate survivors from large towns such as [[Pemberton, Georgia Pemberton]]. However, the camp was overrun and the evacuation failed.
Pemberton Sherrif.jpg Pemberton Pemberton is a large town located in the state of Georgia. It contains a large police station that helped run evacuation procedures when the outbreak started.
Large (1).jpg Fontana Fontana is a town in Georgia located near the town of Pemberton and the Garwater campgrounds. Merle Dixon was arrested for drug dealing and placed in the local police station, where he is later found by Daryl.
Dont Open.png Cleburne Cleburne is a town featured in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. The town houses a large hospital that is in the process of researching a cure for the outbreak.
Oakview.jpg Oakview Oakview is a town in the state of Georgia. It is home to the Cherokee Hills Lumber Mill, which was used as a safe-zone for the people of Oakview when the apocalypse started.
TWD-SI Taggart.jpg Taggart Taggart is a small town located in Georgia. It contains an outdoors cinema and was quickly abandoned at the start of the apocalypse.
SI Schoolbus.png Lemon Hill Lemon Hill is a town located in Georgia. It contains a second Lucky Les' gas station and is home to the local summer festival celebration.
SI Merle Jumping.png Jake's Jake's is a location in the Survival Instinct game and Merle's gang's hideout.
Archercreek.png Archer Creek Archer Creek is a hydroelectric dam facility in Georgia. In The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, it is a settlement to a large group of survivors such as Chris Brian and Sheila Schneider.
Twdsi2.png Sherwood Sherwood is a town in Georgia. The town contains a neighborhood called Palmetto Estates, where a military evacuation was taking place.
SI Daryl and Merle 2.png Firesign Stadium Firesign Stadium is an evacuation point and refugee center in the Survival Instinct game. When encountered, the stadium is over-run and nearly everyone is dead.

Dead Reckoning

Location's Image Location's Name Information
Taylor Residence.jpg King County, Georgia Shane Walsh is first seen patrolling the streets by himself since Rick Grimes was injured and recovering at the hospital. He responds to a domestic disturbance call at the Taylor residence when he meets Mrs. Heller, who appeared injured at the time.
Taylor Residence 2.jpg Taylor Family Home After tending to her, Shane responds to a domestic disturbance call at the home where he finds Gary Taylor shot his daughter's boyfriend, Paul, in what Gary claimed to be self-defense. After chasing Gary around the house, Shane arrests him and takes him to the police station.
Kings County Sheriff Building VG.jpg King County Sheriff's Department The Sheriff's Department is seen in Chapter 3 of the game and is the setting for the remainder of the game. It is where Robb Spanner and Gary Taylor are brought to jail and put in a cell where they are watched by Deputy Don. Patty Taylor, Shane's ex-girlfriend, will also come by the station looking for her father.

Social Game

Location's Image Location's Name Information
Social game.jpg Highway Camp The first chapter of the Social Game takes place at a jammed highway leading to Atlanta. The survivors try to remove the blockade so that they can get to Atlanta. The camp gets overrun with walkers when the player is leaving.
Twd-social-game-train-560.jpg Military Camp The second chapter of the Social Game primarily takes place at a Military Outpost outside of Atlanta. The survivors try to find safety and a place to stay after their original camp was overrun. The camp is later abandoned by the survivors as the city is being bombed.
WarehouseCamp.jpg Warehouse Camp During the second part of chapter two, the survivors quickly search for shelter as Atlanta is being bombed by the military. They spot an underground room in a warehouse and set up a temporary base as they wait out the bombing.
DestroyedAtlantaBas.jpg Parking Garage Camp After the bombing of Atlanta seized, the hero player and Ed go and search for supplies and a new place to set camp. As they search for supplies a cry for help is heard and they head towards the sound; there they discover Nathan and Max, who join the group. They eventually set up camp near a parking garage.
SGCDC.png Center for Disease Control In the second chapter of the Social Game near the end, the survivors go to the CDC in hopes of safety. When they get there, however, they find out they can't enter it. In the end they are forced to leave the CDC and head south in hopes of safety.
DestroyedCDC.jpg Destroyed Center for Disease Control After the explosion of the CDC, Greg is caught in the blast and buried by the rubble, ultimately killed. The group stay shortly and mourn his loss as Bill and the player go out to see if Bill's plane is functional.
AirfieldCamp.jpg Airfield Hangar Camp Bill and the player manage to find his plane but find that most of the engine parts are missing, possibly taken from another survivor to fix their plane. The rest of the small airfield is cleared and the group take refuge in the small hangar with Bill's plane.
SmallTownWarehouse.jpg "Camp Nathan" After the killing of Nathan by Harlan, the group decides that the airfield is too dangerous to stay on and talk about moving. Trucker and the hero search in a nearby town for a new safe place to stay where they come across a warehouse. The group dubs the facility "Camp Nathan" in honor of their fallen friend.
SchoolyardCampRedux.jpg Schoolyard Camp Soon after the departure of Bill, Kara, and Mauricio's family, familiar faces appear outside of Camp Nathan and are brought to the camp. They exclaim that they have been being hunted by a group of hunters and soon a herd of walkers swarms the camp. A nearby schoolyard is created into the next campsite after this.
SurvivingMembersOutsideWoodbury.png Woodbury Gate Camp At the end of the fourth chapter of the Social Game, the group finds themselves at the gate of the community they had previously fought with. Now with Harlan brought in as a prisoner, the group waits to be accepted into the community outside their gates.


Location's Image Location's Name Information
Kings County, Georgia 2.png King County, Georgia The The Walking Dead webisodes are six short clips that features Hannah in the same town as Rick Grimes where her story of how she became infected as the 'bicycle zombie' is seen. Hannah tries to get her and her children evacuated to Atlanta.
Cold Storage 2.jpg Self Storage Facility Near the outskirts of the city of Atlanta, B.J. owned and operated a self storage facility for 12 years before the apocalypse. The storage facility had three floors of storage and some units were temperature controlled, a generator per floor, security cameras and gates, public intercom system, along with three trucks that are used for moving cargo.
Don't open dead inside.jpg Harrison Memorial Hospital The hospital in which two survivors take refuge and meet a lone doctor. Unseen, Rick is in a coma in a hospital room.

Novel Series

Location's Name Information
Wiltshire Estates A housing estate located off highway 278, 20 miles from Atlanta City.
Georgia Pacific Corporation
Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church A small church located in the Georgia countryside.
Donlevy's Autobody and Repair An automobile repair shop located in 601 Greencove Lane S.E.
Apartments building A large apartments building located northwest of the capitol building, in Atlanta.
Peach Villa A large villa located deep in the farmlands, north of interestate 85.
Woodbury A small town located in Georgia. Brian Blake gains control of Woodbury by killing the former leader, Gene Gavin. Woodbury starts a war against the prison and Brian is killed. Lilly Caul assumes leadership and runs the town until it is destroyed by a group from Carlinville that leads a herd to the town.
Tent City Located in a "verdant area fifty miles south of the city", probably in Meriwether County, a survivor's base that consists mainly in a large circus tent and several small tents.
Fortnoy’s Fuel and Bait A gas station located a mile further from Tent City.
The Prison The prison that is occupied by Rick Grimes' group. It is destroyed in the war against Woodbury.
Carlinville A town located fifteen miles southeast of Woodbury. The Pentecostal People of God are rescued from here. Real life locations in video games


  1. Season 4 Episode 12, "Still"