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"You see, there is one thing Clayton used to say that I do agree with: "Take what you need, leave what you don't."."
Logan describing the group's philosophy.[src]

Logan's Crew is a group of hostile survivors introduced in Season 5 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. They were led by Logan, the co-owner of C&L Freight Services, and served as the primary antagonistic group for the first half and secondary antagonistic group for the second half of Season 5.


Nothing is known about the individual members of the group before or as the outbreak began, other than their leader was the co-owner of C&L Freight Services. It is possible that some of the members were C&L employees, since some are seen wearing the company hats.


Initially members of Clayton's group, Logan and some other members either left after Logan became disillusioned with Clayton's ways and decided to partner with Virginia, promising the rest of the crew great rewards should they follow him.

Season 5

"Here to Help"

After having observed Morgan's group from a distance for some time, Logan devises a plan to take over the factory. He pretends that his group needs urgent help by contacting Morgan via radio, in order to lure the group as far away from the factory as possible to a remote truckstop. In a stroke of luck for Logan, Morgan's plane, that he and his group were traveling in to rescue Logan and his group, crashes, forcing the rest of Morgan's group to leave the factory as well to rescue them. Logan and his group then easily take over the empty factory. The small group consisting of Victor, Charlie, Sarah, and Wendell aren't enough to chase them out. Interpreting Clayton's slogan "Take what you need, leave what you don't" in their own way, the group also puts all the things from the factory they deem unnecessary in cardboard boxes and dumps them in front of the gates, allowing Morgan's group to take them if they wish.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

Still occupying the denim factory, Logan's crew digs up the place looking for something that Logan promised would be there. However, they can't find it and demand to know what they are looking for, threatening Logan's life if he doesn't tell them what it is. An altercation apparently ensues, leaving Logan with a black eye and abandoned by his crew. Sarah later returns to the factory seeking their help with the return of Morgan's group, but finds Logan alone and unwilling to help.

After the return of Morgan's group, Logan arrives and explains that he was seeking Clayton's journal which points to the location of a place that can help them deal with the problem of gasoline going bad. Logan tells the group that if his crew knew he was there, they would kill all of them, including him. Remorseful for his own actions, Logan pleads with Morgan's group to help him find the place, warning that it is the only way the group can continue to help people and if they don't help him, his former crew will find it first.

"Channel 4"

Sometime later, Logan was left behind on the road by Morgan's group after they found the oil fields he was talking about and discovered he was just using them. However, Sarah was kind enough to toss him one of the boxes. Somehow, he managed to reunite with his crew and together they started looking for the group to get their revenge.

A while later, Logan arrives at a truck stop with his crew where Wes is filling up on supplies. Wes tells them he doesn't want any trouble but Logan tells his people to take his gas and demands to know where the oil fields are. Wes insists that he doesn't know and he isn't with the people on the tape, claiming he stole the gas. Logan admits that he likes him but has his people shoot up Wes' motorcycle so he can't follow them. Logan tosses him a radio and orders him to call Morgan's group for help with escaping an approaching herd and to tell them that they are making more enemies than friends out there, while his crew has more bullets than they know what to do with. Wes is then left behind as Logan's crew drive away.

"210 Words Per Minute"

On the road, Dwight gets held up at gunpoint while taking a leak. Rollie confirms he works with Logan before knocking him out. Dwight wakes up in the back of a truck at night. Rollie threatens him but Dwight reveals he knows how this works. He pistol whips him but Dwight recovers and tells the man he won't tell him where the oil fields are, reminding him he's been through much worse.

Back in the truck, Dwight is visited by Rollie again. He turns his attention to the letters from Sherry and believes those will get Dwight to talk. He starts lighting one on fire. As Dwight lunges at him, Rollie pulls his gun at his face. Suddenly, a walker approaches and Dwight manages to throw him to the ground, take his gun, and knock him out.

When Rollie wakes up, Dwight walks him to a clearing and tells him he was given a second chance and he's paying it forward by giving him one as well. Rollie is untied and is told to make a choice, before walking away.

"You're Still Here"

Logan and his crew run into Morgan and Althea on the road. Morgan explains they're trying to help their friends but Logan says he won't move until they divulge the location of the oil fields. Morgan tells Logan he can help them but he declines. As they leave, Logan taunts to Morgan that helping other people won't make him feel better about not helping his wife and son. Morgan tackles him into the truck and holds his stick to his neck but Al stops him. Logan warns if he doesn't want people in his business then he shouldn't record it. Morgan backs off and leaves with Al.

At night, Logan and his crew break into the bank vault. He wants to watch the tapes to find out where the oil fields are.  

"Ner Tamid"

Rollie is among Logan's crewmembers who found the base camp set up in the middle of a field. He and his fellow grunts pursue the caravan and use the radio to taunt Sarah and Dwight as they chase after the tanker. Eventually Rollie and the others catch up with the tanker parked beneath an overpass.

Rollie's car drives up next to the tanker where he locks eyes with Dwight and Sarah. However, the incoming SWAT tank prompts Rollie and his men to drive away. He later pulls over and radios Logan that the convoy are as far away as possible. Logan smashes his truck through the gates of a quarry, having finally found the oil rigs.

"Leave What You Don't"

In a flashback, Logan is still working with Clayton leaving boxes on the road. Suddenly, he gets a distress call from a woman named Serena, who's trapped by walkers at a supply station by mile marker 65. With his truck low on gas he calls Clayton to help, but when he doesn't respond Logan is forced to sprint the rest of the way. He arrives at the truck stop to find a group of walkers devouring the remains of Serena. They look up at him and he quickly puts them down before going outside and falling to his knees in grief. Logan looks out to the road and sees a group of people riding along on horseback. Virginia introduces herself and asks if Logan was the one who was trying to help, offering their condolences. She says she's been keeping tabs on him and shares his vision. "We can get from yesterday to tomorrow," Virginia says grinning as Logan's expression changes.

Back at Tank Town, Logan forces the group on their knees. He reveals that it was the cut footage from their tapes that gave him a look at the books that had their location. Luciana says that maybe he'll remember what he used to believe in after reading the journals, but he tosses them into the fire. Logan says that they are prolonging the inevitable and he's also trying to help people. He wants them to show them how to make the gas, but Luciana refuses. Logan is forced to call Rollie for assistance.

Meanwhile, Rollie stops due to a fridge blocking the road. As he goes to open it, Sarah jumps out with a gun. Dwight points a gun at the people in the truck and says that they can use the truck to get into the oil field, claiming it was a good thing that he let Rollie live. Sarah fires her gun close to Rollie's ear to signal that she's not messing around. She says she can't abide with the fact that she killed Clayton, but she can live knowing she killed Rollie unless he helps.

Back at Tank Town, Logan is in the cab of Clayton's truck. He holds his watch and looks at a map with a thoughtful expression. The fire burns bigger and brighter than before. Luciana looks at it and tells Logan that it's too windy for a fire that big and they won't be able to separate the oil anyway. Suddenly, Dwight and Sarah arrive in Rollie's truck and get out with their guns drawn at Logan. John shoots the walker carousel from afar and radios Logan that he better not try anything. Logan calls John's bluff and says he knows they don't have the guts to kill him. He offers to let the kids go if Sarah and Dwight agree to work for him. Sarah asks for a car and he obliges, so she instructs Annie and the kids to return to the caravan.

Meanwhile, Logan tells Sarah and Wendell if they hadn't stolen Clayton’s rig then Serena would have lived and none of this would have happened. June radios them that they all have to leave because walkers are beginning to arrive.

That night, John picks off the walkers but some still manage to fall off the cliff and crawl. As the fire and walker herd grows larger, June again pleads with them to leave. Logan's crew beg to leave but he refuses, so they abandon him. As Dwight and the others head out Sarah decides to save Logan. She drags him into a trailer and he says they're screwed. Elsewhere, the woman Alicia and Strand are trying to save radios them to say she's trapped at mile marker 65. Logan is shocked and he picks up the call and tells Janis to grab the gun with one bullet on the floor and kill herself. The walkers break into and Logan hears a gunshot on the other end, but then more shots ring out. Wes has heard the call and came to the aid of Janis. He grabs the radio and tells them he wanted to pay Alicia's favor forward. Sarah reminds Logan that their way isn't so bad. On the hill, Jacob, Annie, and Tess arrive to help.

Back at the field, everyone reunites with Logan until Doris and the others hold them up at gunpoint. He tells everyone to put their guns down and explains how he wants to continue Clayton's mission after all. Suddenly, Logan and his crew are viciously shot and killed from afar by Virginia and her group.

With the death of Logan and his crew, his group and his threat are put to an end.



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