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"There are two pressurized water reactors, thirteen miles north of here. The cooling system failed in one. The reactor melted down last year, killing a lot of people who were trying to keep it humming."
—Grace tells Alicia and Morgan about the plant.[src]

Lonestar Power & Light is a location in Season 5 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is located in Texas and was converted to a safe-zone for survivors after the outbreak began.


At some point before the outbreak, the power plant was built to withstand terrorists and had enough supplies to keep the staff alive for months. It had two pressurized water reactors.


As the apocalypse begins to unravel, Grace Mukherjee, an operations manager at the plant, calls in all of the shifts to keep the plant running. As things gradually worsen, she calls in all of their families to join them. As the world comes to an end and the cities fall, people no longer require the power the plant provides, but Grace chose not to evacuate. Instead, Grace turns the plant into a safe-zone for survivors, taking advantage of the supplies and the plant's sturdy construction which would keep out the dead.

However, the survivors lack the infrastructure to keep the plant running correctly and the cooling system in one of the reactors fails. The reactor melts down, killing everyone inside the plant and irradiating the surrounding area. Grace returns to the plant in an attempt to find survivors and spends days looking, but can't find anyone aside from her dying lover Matthew who is near death from radiation poisoning in the hallways. Despite Grace tending to him, Matthew dies and reanimates, forcing Grace to put him down. In the process of trying to find survivors, Grace is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation despite taking precautions such as wearing her radiation suit.

Months later, Grace has established roadblocks and fences warning of high radiation levels to keep people out of the area around the plant that would be lethal to the living. The survivors who had perished during the meltdown become radioactive walkers, dangerous to anyone living who encounters them. Grace works to hunt down the radioactive walkers and bury them in some caverns near the plant where their remains can't contaminate anyone living.

Season 5

"Here to Help"

After the crash of Morgan's Group's Plane, Alicia Clark discovers radiation warning signs at the crash site and becomes alarmed at the implications.

"The Hurt That Will Happen"

At one of the borders to the radiation zone, Morgan Jones battles two walkers, one of whom is Michael Sherman. Grace arrives and puts Michael down, eventually revealing the meltdown of the power plant and the radioactive walkers that it has created and her mission to hunt down the radioactive walkers.

Grace, Morgan and Alicia later return to the crash site where she checks the walkers and discovers that they are all clean. As the group prepares to repair the fallen fence, another herd approaches with another radioactive walker amongst them. With the help of Morgan and Alicia, Grace puts him down.

After discovering the remains of more radioactive walkers at Camp Cackleberry, John Dorie and June contact the three. Putting down the zombified residents of the camp, Grace states that she intends to bury their remains in some caverns near the plant so that no one else will be harmed.

"The End of Everything"

After capturing and forming an alliance with Al, Isabelle explains that while on a supply run with her partner Beckett, they saw the plant and the aftermath of the meltdown. Seeing that and the radioactive walkers drove Beckett insane with the fear that he would end up like them, forcing Isabelle to kill him.

"The Little Prince"

As Morgan's group works to repair their plane, Grace contacts them and reveals that the plant's second reactor is in danger of melting down. If it occurs, then everyone in the area will die from the radiation that'll be released. Grace enacts a plan using the truck stop's generator to buy some time, but she expects that the reactor will melt down regardless of their actions to prevent it from doing so. Later, as Victor Strand and Charlie arrive via hot air balloon, the plant is visible in the distance. However, the two crash in a field in the radiation zone.

"Still Standing"

Grace returns to the plant with the generator, but overloads it trying to power the cooling system. Grace predicts that they have only twelve to twenty-four hours at most before the second meltdown. After rescuing Strand and Charlie, Morgan, having found another radiation suit, comes to Grace's aid. Together, the two manage to repair the generator. However, that night, alarms go off at the plant, drawing in walkers. Grace confirms that the alarms mean that the second meltdown is beginning.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

The next morning, the alarms continue to sound and Grace warns that when the alarms stop is when they need to start worrying. Chased by a herd, Grace decides to lead it to the roadblock and use the alarms to draw the herd to the power plant. However, the alarms stop as the containment building finally fails. The second reactor melts down, leaving a cloud of radioactive dust blowing into the air, visible for miles around. Morgan's group manages to escape on the repaired plane they flew in on, narrowly avoiding flying through the radioactive cloud.

Season 6

"In Dreams"

In a flashback, Grace, wearing her radiation suit, returns to the power plant after the meltdown to find the dying and radiation burned Matthew in the plant's hallway as alarms blare in the background. Grace tends to the dying Matthew, however, he dies and reanimates, forcing Grace to put him down.

Later, Grace explains to her daughter about the meltdown and how it had killed Matthew and fatally poisoned her with radiation. As Grace explains, she is shown in a second flashback leaning in despair against the Big Barn Truck Stop generator outside of the power plant as Grace desperately tries to delay the second meltdown using the generator.




Fear the Walking Dead

Season 5

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  • Although never named in dialogue, the plant's name can be seen on a parking permit that Morgan finds in the car of one of the workers in "Still Standing".
  • The credits for "Still Standing" features the power plant with one of the reactor towers spilling smoke into the air, presumably foreshadowing or representing the coming meltdown.
  • The name Lonestar Power & Light reflects its purpose and location in Texas which is known as the Lonestar State.