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"Long Road Ahead", retitled "Episode 3", is the third episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One.


Tensions have run high since the devastating encounter with the cannibalistic dairy farmers. Now, running low on the supplies they ravaged from the station wagon, can the group find another way to survive?


Three weeks after the events of "Starved For Help", the survivors continue to use the Travelier Motel for shelter since they had obtained more supplies from the back of an abandoned car. Lee and Kenny procure the last of the supplies from the town of Macon. Kenny asks Lee his opinion on whether or not the group should leave the motel for the coast. Lee offers a response to which Kenny curtly spits on. (Determinant) The pair approach the drugstore, remarking on how the town was running out of supplies to scavenge. Kenny climbs up a big rig ladder to climb over a truck in their way as had become normal for their supply runs, when the ladder breaks. Lee scours the area for a suitable way to climb the up the trailer to meet Kenny, eventually coming across a stationary military jeep with a metallic winch. As he pulls the winch to meet the wheels of the truck, Kenny offers his opinion on Lilly's state. Lee can say that he is worried, but Kenny simply tells him that she needs to get over her father's death. (Determinant) Lee activates the winch, pulling the jeep to meet the trailer. Kenny asks if Clementine was still upset with Kenny for taking the supplies from the abandoned station wagon, but Lee is unsure. The jeep finally reaches the truck, affording Lee a base to stand upon and allow Kenny to pull him up. Kenny tells Lee that his son had asked him about Shawn Greene and if he had made it, despite Kenny's beliefs that Duck really knew that Shawn was dead. Lee can assure Kenny that his son would be fine or complain that Duck should have been acclimatized to the brutal reality of death by now because of all that they had witnessed, (Determinant) then asks for a hand to climb up. Kenny reaches down and grabs Lee's hand, but drops him, clutching his side in pain. Unhurt, Lee stands up, but before he can attempt to climb the truck a second time, the two suddenly hear a woman screaming. Lee identifies several walkers encroaching on her position and insists that they help her, (Determinant) but before either can decide on a course of action, Lee witnesses her get bitten on the leg. He says that he needs to shoot her to keep her from suffering any further, but Kenny points out that if she continues screaming, she would draw all of the walkers in the area to her and keep them off of Lee and Kenny while they raided the drugstore. Uncertain, Lee raises his rifle and aims at the screaming woman.

Shoot her: Lee shoots her directly in the head, killing her instantly. Kenny is frustrated, picking Lee up and heads for the alley entrance, walkers pursuing them. Choosing this option means that Lee will have less time to get supplies.

Take too long/Miss/Leave her: Lee abandons the girl or Kenny forces him to, picking him up and heading to the alley entrance, no walkers in sight. Her screams buy them more time to get more supplies.

Lee and Kenny scour the pharmacy section of the drugstore for any remaining supplies. Lee can get no supplies, few supplies, or many supplies dependent on how much time he has and how he uses it. Once Lee announces he has gotten everything he can, (Determinant) Kenny takes the backpack they had placed their gatherings in and jumps over the counter into the general drugstore.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices:

Lee is attacked just as he jumps over the counter, a door collapsing on him with walkers on top of him. Depending on his relationship with Kenny, Kenny will either rush back to help Lee lift the door and fight off the walkers or hesitate and consider leaving with the supplies. Regardless of Kenny's actions, Lee successfully lifts the door off of himself and tips over an empty refrigerator to barricade the doorway from further walkers. Kenny begins firing off shots at the walkers, ordering Lee to make his way to the hole in the drugstore wall that they normally use as an exit. As Lee makes his way to Kenny, he is attacked by a walker with a helmet on its head. Lee beats it back with his rifle into an exposed rebar, trapping it as he and Kenny escape the oncoming walkers.

Back at the motor inn, Kenny brings the supplies inside, distastefully noting that their current lookout was Ben again. Clementine approaches Lee, showcasing new stickers on her walkie-talkie. Lee tells her to wait while he and Kenny brief Lilly on their last supply run. The two of them enter Lilly's room, Kenny remarking that Ben being on watch is death sentence for all of them as Lee exchanges his rifle for a handgun. Lilly asks what they have. Kenny hands over the backpack, stating perfunctorily that they were fine and sarcastically thanking her for asking. Depending on how many items Lee has gotten, (from little to lots of supplies) Lilly will be dismayed because of the shortage of supplies or relieved by the amount of new rations. If few supplies were retrieved, Kenny brings up his wish to leave the motel to find a place with more food. If many supplies were retrieved, Kenny will angrily refute the idea that they could last the winter in the motel with regular supply runs like this, complaining that they would freeze in the empty motel rooms. Lilly bitterly retorts that she did not want to get into an RV for an extended time with her father's murderers. (Determinant)

Katjaa and Carley/Doug come up to the three of them, (Determinant) the latter asking if there would be another argument. Kenny dryly tells Doug/Carley to be quiet (and should Lee have saved Doug in "A New Day", Doug leaves the room, but stays near the door so he could hear the conversation). (Determinant) Lilly tells him not to "boss people around", but Kenny relays that he feels that she should not be making decisions for the group in her current state. He bluntly states that somebody else needs to think about the food situation and the protection of the motel and what happens when the motel needs to be abandoned. Lee can intervene and bring up that their current situation was better than Kenny was implying, leading to Kenny bringing up what Lee had done with regards to the screaming woman in Macon. Lilly and Katjaa are both upset with Lee for not being able to save her, but Lilly can be more understanding if he admits that he had made a mistake.

Kenny argues that Macon is not a salvageable place anymore; that he and Lee had been placing themselves in danger repeatedly to bring back what meagre supplies they could find, and the people that were left in Macon were "dying and wandering out onto the streets". Lilly snaps at him, yelling that it would not be easier out on the road. She brings up her belief that someone had been stealing from the group's medicine supply, and mentions that her trust in the others is wearing thin, following which she orders everyone out of her room.

Lee asks Kenny if he was happy for making her snap in front of the other adults, but he dismissively states that he is happy because his family is still alive. (Determinant) He complains that Lilly was making him out to be the villain in everything wrong with their group, storming off. (Determinant) Katjaa gives Lee an apologetic look before following her husband. Doug/Carley comes up to Lee and advises him to talk to Lilly about what she said about stolen supplies, worried that she might be growing paranoid. (Determinant) During this time, the player has the option to tell the other survivors about Lee's past after a conversation with Carley. (Determinant)

Lee returns to Lilly's room, entering and taking a seat across from her after she apologizes for snapping at them. Lee assures her that she has nothing to apologize for, then asks after the stolen supplies she had mentioned. Lilly states that she believes that there was a traitor amongst the survivors who had been taking their supplies without the others' knowledge. Lee initially denies her claim, but she tells him that she had been keeping her own count on the medicine stockpile and that more than a few of the opiates had gone missing. She shows him a broken flashlight she had found discarded in the dumpster as evidence that someone had been sneaking the medicine out, as since none of them were supposed to trash broken equipment, someone must have been using it when they shouldn't have. Lee can either acknowledge that she could be correct and agree to search for more evidence as to who had been taking from their rations or refute her accusations, but he will still look for clues as to who had broken the flashlight regardless of what he tells her. As soon as he exits Lilly's room, he discovers that Duck had been eavesdropping on their conversation. Excited at the proposition of a mystery, Duck offers his services to Lee. Initially reluctant to allow the child to help, he begrudgingly accepts Duck's assistance whether he agreed to it or not.

All of the other survivors of the motel deny any knowledge of how the flashlight came to be broken, but (determinately at Katjaa's direction) Lee discovers a cluster of broken glass shards near the edge of the walled area of the motel. He then discovers a pink, chalk-marked "X" on the wall facing away from the parking lot, to which Duck postulates that the pink marking could have been a sign. Lee goes to Clementine, asking if she had any pink chalk, but she says that she had lost it. Duck beckons him over to the garbage dumpsters they used as gates, revealing that he had found the chalk inside and a scuff of pink dust beneath the dumpster. Lee orders Duck to remain inside the walls while he goes outside and searches for further clues. He finds a small grate in the wall immediately outside of the walls. Looking inside of it, he encounters a concealed paper bag filled with a stash of opiates.

Lee brings the bag back to Lilly in her room, reporting his findings of the chalk sign and where he had found the drugs. Lilly decides to line everyone up and demand to know who had placed it there, but before she could get the chance, she suddenly notices that a small group of armed bandits were within their walls, holding all of the motel survivors hostage in revenge for not receiving their drug shipment. Lilly grabs her rifle and orders Lee to go out and distract the invading bandits while she gets herself into a sniping position before climbing out the back window. Lee walks out of Lilly's room with his hands up and announces his presence to the bandits. Lee can choose to attempt to reason with Jake or threaten them, but regardless of what he does (so long as he does not simply remain silent), Lilly shoots Jake in the head, killing him instantly. The survivors of the motel all scramble for safety as the remaining three bandits stand in stunned silence at their fallen member. Lee and Doug/Carley deal with the remaining bandits, (Determinant) the latter taking the dead bandit's weapon to shoot the others. Before Lee can kill the final bandit, he throws himself over the wall and whistles sharply. A large swarm of armed men come out of the woods, shooting at the survivors of the motel.

Lee retreats behind the RV, Kenny quickly coming up to him with a scoped rifle, telling him to cover the others as Kenny gets the RV started. The bandits breach the two gates, encroaching on both Ben and Doug/Carley's position. (Determinant) Lee shoots two bandits and the others back off, giving Ben and Doug/Carley enough time to run to the RV and get inside. (Determinant) Katjaa then calls for Lee's help on the other side of the motel. Lee rushes to her aid, shooting three bandits that had tried to reach her and the kids. Clementine makes it to the RV safely, but Katjaa and Duck are suddenly attacked by a walker, knocking both of them to the ground and causing Katjaa to split her forehead open on the corner of a wooden crate. Lee dispatches the walker with a quick shot to the head. (Determinant) Kenny comes out of the RV and ushers his family into the vehicle. Lee calls for Lilly to get to the RV, but Kenny says that he does not care if she gets to the RV before he gets it working. Walkers begin coming through the open gates, forcing Lee (and Carley if she was saved in "A New Day") to fend them off as Kenny struggles with the ignition. He finally gets the engine to turn over (with Doug's aid if he was saved in "A New Day"), recalling Lee to the vehicle. He shouts for Lilly to get down there before they left without her. She just barely manages to get inside the RV before Kenny smashes through the wall and drives them all away from the fight between the bandits and walkers.

Hours later, the group is still shocked at having lost all of their supplies and their safety so quickly. Lilly tells Ben and Doug/Carley to be quiet and help her figure out how all of this had happened. (Determinant) Kenny tells Lilly that she wasn't making any sense when she states that someone in the RV had caused this, but Lilly brings up Lee's findings, something he confirms. If Doug was saved in "A New Day", then Lilly turns to Ben and menacingly asks if there was something he wanted to admit. If Carley was saved, on the other hand, Lilly questions her instead. Ben/Carley denies any prior involvement with the bandits, (Determinant) but Lilly ignores all protests and begins drawing her own conclusions based on her suspect's reaction. Lee can get involved and offer his opinion on what to do and who was at fault, but Lilly will ultimately reject anything other than a straight confession from the accused. Ben then says that he believes that there was nobody stealing anything, but Lilly only grows more suspicious of him, believing that perhaps he and Carley had been working together. (Determinant) Before Ben could look Lilly in her eyes and deny his involvement once again, Kenny crashes into a walker and pulls the RV to a halt. Lilly orders everyone out of the RV, demanding that they deal with the matter immediately.

Lilly is the first one out of the RV, scouring the environment and finding a walker trapped beneath the vehicle and caught up in its frame. Ben, Lee and Carley/Doug step out of the vehicle and join Lilly on the side of the road as Kenny goes to work on dealing with the trapped walker. (Determinant) Lilly then points to Ben and threatens to kick him out of the group, then asks for the others' opinions on what to do with him. Carley grows frustrated with Lilly's rather cruel way of treating Ben and refuses to cooperate in the discussion on what to do with him. (Determinant) Lee can offer his opinion, but Lilly ignores him no matter what he says, even if in support of her. Lilly demands Kenny's opinion, saying that he would be voting on behalf of Katjaa as well as himself, but Kenny tells her to let him finish the walker off first before getting involved. Ben begins to panic, pleading with Lilly to just trust him. He offers to do anything to stay with the group, but Lilly just sees this as a sign that he is guilty. Doug/Carley speaks up, (Determinant) calling for Lilly to stop threatening Ben, yet Lilly curtly tells him/her to shut up. (Determinant) When Kenny fails to offer his opinion once again, Lilly either orders Ben to place the blame on Carley or confess to his crimes. (Determinant) Lee intervenes, (Determinant) telling her that he was the one that had stolen the supplies. (Determinant) Lilly refuses to believe him and points to Clementine in the RV doorway as evidence that he would not steal "with her in [his] life". (Determinant)

Kenny finally manages to remove the walker from under the RV, crushing its head with his boot. Ben begs for Lilly to just let him back on the RV and end this discussion, but she denies him entry. Carley stands up to Lilly and calls her "a scared little girl" for lashing out at her friends. (Determinant) Kenny comes over and asks what the problem was, only for a gunshot to silence them all. If Doug was saved in "A New Day", then Lilly quickly aims at Ben, only for Doug to drag him out of the way and accidentally place himself in front of the bullet, horrifying Lilly over what she had just done. If Carley was saved in "A New Day", then Lilly will simply raise her weapon on Carley and pull the trigger before she could even turn to face her, Lilly only staring coldly at her corpse. Breaking out of his stupor, Lee grabs Lilly, pins her to the wall of the RV, forcing her to drop her gun. Katjaa screams for Kenny, asking what had just happened. Kenny simply tells her to keep Duck away from the windows and orders Lee and Ben inside so they could leave her behind. Lilly will either ask for Lee's forgiveness and display remorse over Doug's death or ask for Lee's trust that she was correct about Carley all along. Ben, huddled over the fresh corpse of his former friend, asks what they would do with Lilly. Kenny curtly says that they would leave her for the walkers. Lee softly begs for Lilly to tell him why she had just killed one of their own, then can decide what he feels is best to do with regards to Lilly.

Let Lilly back in the RV: Lee slowly lets Lilly go, telling her to get on the RV while he collects her weapon. Kenny warns Lee that he is making a mistake in letting a murderer back on the RV, but Lilly brings up how Lee was a murderer too. Depending on whether or not Carley was saved in "A New Day" and whether or not Lee told Kenny about his past before the bandits' attack on the motel, Kenny will either respond with indifference or be upset with Lee for not coming clean earlier. Regardless of Kenny's reactions, he accepts Lee's decision and allows Lilly back on the RV so long as Lee tied her up. The survivors board the vehicle and leave the corpse behind. Lee ties Lilly's hands behind her back and entrusts Ben with Lilly's gun to watch her with.

Do Nothing/Leave her behind: Lee accepts Kenny's decision to leave her behind, telling her that she would not be allowed back inside. Lilly begs to be allowed back inside, but Kenny brands her a murderer and refuses to let a murderer on the RV. Lilly counters by bringing up Lee's past, but this does not sway Kenny's stance, regardless of whether or not Kenny was told of Lee's past beforehand. Ben and Kenny enter the RV, Lee following them after giving Lilly one last cold glare. As the RV drives away, Lee watches sombrely as Lilly notices a walker behind her and begins running.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices:

Katjaa calls Lee up to the cabin of the RV, asking for a quiet conversation. Lee asks Kenny and Katjaa what was wrong, only for them to hesitantly glance at one another. Lee notices that Duck was entirely unconscious despite the loud argument and gunshot from before, and he asks if the boy was okay. Katjaa lifts his shirt ever so slightly to reveal a bite mark, Kenny explaining that it happened during the raid. Kenny insists that the plan does not change because of Duck's condition, finding strength in the hope that perhaps somebody in Savannah had already found a cure. Katjaa agrees, asking what else they could do otherwise. She asks Lee to explain what had happened to Clementine for them. Leaving the two parents alone, Lee sits down on a couch with Clementine, slowly embracing her. Lee solemnly informs her that Duck had been bitten by a walker while escaping the motel. Clementine, her calm threatened, asks after Doug/Carley, (Determinant) whose death she had witnessed. Lee has no comfort to give to Clementine about it, so he changes the subject, either bringing up how he is glad to still have Clementine, how he misses his own mother and father, or by telling her a story about how his brother had almost died. (Determinant) Lee suddenly turns his attention to a leaking sink faucet in the RV, it being the only noise in an otherwise quiet vehicle. Clementine softly groans beside him, only to spring to her feet and lunge at him with her teeth bared. Lee, shocked, barely manages to fend off her attack, but eventually succumbs to her relentless strength. Just before she could bite him, he wakes up with a start. Realization of his nightmare relieves him, as he gently sets Clementine down on the couch, as she had fallen asleep against him. He stands up when Kenny quietly announces that there was an obstacle in their way; a derailed train.

Kenny calls for everyone (except Lilly, if she was allowed to stay) to get off of the RV so that they could let the engine cool down. Katjaa takes a visibly depressed Duck over to a fallen log and sits him down in her lap to keep him close. She asks Lee if he could search for anything on the train to drink for her son, but Kenny identifies the train as a freight train rather than a commercial train. He warns Lee and Ben to be careful as they check out the train. When the two of them check the boxcar, they discover a modified set-up to accommodate someone living in the boxcar. Ben shares his concern, hoping that the owner was gone, but Lee notes that the boxcar looked recently used. Lee finds a half-full bottle of water and a map of the train's routes that he gives to Katjaa and Kenny respectively. (Determinant) When Lee checks the second door compartment on the engine car, he finds a spanner, a rusty monkey wrench, and a track key remover. He takes one and leaves the others in the compartment. When Lee and Ben search the engine car, they find a dead body slumped in a chair. After Lee confirms that it is not a walker, he pulls the body out of the chair, discovering a blinking button. Ben pushes the button, and a loud hissing noise from the train announces that the brakes have been disabled.

Kenny boards the train, excited that the train could still be functional. He sends Ben out to watch over his family and Clementine while he tries to teach himself the controls, then asks Lee to see to getting the train moving. Lee finds a notepad that used to contain the instructions on how to start the train, but the page with the control directions had been torn off, nowhere to be found. At Clementine's suggestion, (Determinant) Lee searches the RV for a pencil he could use to outline the indentations on the notepad. He finds a pencil by the console, only to discover Lilly- having freed herself from her bonds- ready to take the vehicle and leave. (Determinant) Depending on their prior relationship, she can ask him to go with her, but this turns out to be a lie to get him to leave the RV without hurting him if he accepts and goes to get Clementine. (Determinant) Otherwise, she simply grabs him and throws him out of the RV. (Determinant) She drives away in the direction they had come from, despite Kenny's shouts for her to stop. (Determinant) When the RV is out of sight, he decides to return his attention to the train, seeing it as their only way to reach the coast in time for Duck to get help. (Determinant) Alternatively, if Lee had chosen to leave her behind, then he simply exits the RV with the pencil.

Lee returns to the engine car and scribbles on the notepad to find its indentations. Finally able to read the instructions, he powers on the dashboard by flipping several switches in an indicated pattern. Much to Kenny's delight, Lee activates the controls on in front of the engineer's chair. Lee then goes back to the engine car's compartments and brings the train back to life. Kenny is overjoyed, though Lee is concerned over the noise of the train. (Determinant) The two return to the engine cabin and test out the thruster, but the train abruptly stops after a quick jerk forward. Kenny realizes that the boxcar was still attached to the derailed caboose, and sends Lee back there to uncouple the pilot pin. Behind the boxcar, Lee is able to use the tool he took from the second engine car compartment to pry the coupling pilot pin from the derailed section of the train. He gets back into the boxcar to get back to Kenny, taking another look at the setup inside to gauge how long it had been abandoned. A voice asking if Lee had touched any of his stuff startles him. He turns around to see an unkempt man in the boxcar with him. Lee can answer his question honestly or respond with a question about who the man was, but the man introduces himself as Chuck- or Charles, if Lee preferred to call him that instead- regardless of Lee's response. Chuck tells Lee that he had met everyone else in the group already, guiding Lee back over there to authenticate his statement. Clementine excitedly tells Lee that Chuck had given her, Duck and Ben candy. Lee welcomes him to the group, Chuck offering them whatever he had. Kenny is sceptical of the man at first, but Katjaa asks him to stay with them. He sits down next to Clementine and begins strumming a guitar.

Kenny asks Lee if there was anything else keeping them from leaving. Lee says that the train was ready to move. Kenny calls for everyone to gather whatever they had left and get on the train. Chuck accepts Kenny's offer to go with them, and gets into the boxcar with Ben. Clementine tries to bring up Duck's condition, but Kenny harshly orders her to get on the train at the first mention of Duck's condition. Katjaa carries Duck over to the boxcar, asking if they could discuss what to do about their son. Kenny refuses to do anything other than get to the coast as fast as possible. He goes to the engine train and waits for Lee to come in and start it. Lee turns on the thruster, and the train slowly accelerates down the tracks. The two men share a smile, but Kenny's quickly falters.

A few hours later, each of the survivors (minus Kenny) are in the boxcar, waiting for the train to arrive in Savannah. Chuck asks Lee how they had survived as three adults taking care of three kids (including Ben). Lee can say that there had used to be more of them, to which Chuck asks if the "dead [got] them". Lee can admit that the walkers had not killed them, leading to Chuck concluding that the living had killed them. Katjaa suddenly calls Lee over and asks him to clean up some coughed-up blood on Duck's cheek. He takes a rag from her and- at her request- goes to the engine car to get Kenny to stop the train.

In the engine car, Lee immediately orders Kenny to stop the train. Kenny ignores him, but Lee presses the man until he listens. Lee has a variety of options to attempt to get Kenny to see reason. If he acts aggressively, Lee will raises the demurer that Kenny was in denial and that he was hurting everyone with his selfish actions. Lee can also passively state facts or try and sympathize with Kenny's plight to get him to stop the train. Kenny, however, refuses to believe Duck will die, stating the Duck is not like the others who died. (Determinant) Lee asks him once more to stop the train (canonically, Lee does not remain silent), but Kenny, frustrated that nobody could offer him any hope, adopts a preparatory posture and glares at Lee.

Talk Kenny down: Lee avoids the confrontation, asking Kenny to see reason. Lee realizes that part of Kenny's denial has to do with his own failures and feelings, notably his guilt for the death Hershel's son. Kenny, perhaps beginning to realize his guilt himself, initially denies Lee's assertion that Kenny did not kill Shawn. Kenny asks how the world could let his son live when Kenny had helped put someone else's son in the ground. Lee calmly reassures him, places a compassionate hand on Kenny's shoulder, then finally convinces Kenny to pull on the train's brakes.

Fight Kenny: Lee either provokes Kenny with a shove or taunts him to the point where Kenny initiates a shoving match, each one trying to push the other to the wall. Kenny attempts to punch Lee, which Lee has only a moment to block. If Lee fails to block the punch, Kenny strikes Lee directly in the face and stuns him as Kenny goes on the offensive and continues to punch Lee. If Lee fails to respond to a second bout of Kenny's punches, Kenny will strike Lee as he offers no resistance to the numerous blows that causes him to start bleeding from both the mouth and a lash on his cheek. Furious at him, Kenny shouts and berates Lee for having no clue for what Kenny is going through. (Determinant) He shouts that Lee hadn't been helping anybody all the time they had survived together. (Determinant) If Lee had successfully blocked one of Kenny's punches, then Lee pins Kenny to the wall of the cabin and holds him still with an arm against the throat. Lee can either aggressively crush Kenny's windpipe or gently keep him from hurting himself. (Determinant) If Lee defends himself from a second onslaught of Kenny's fists, then he pins Kenny to the wall firmly applying pressure to his neck. If Lee constricts Kenny's throat, then he will either growl about how Kenny was hurting Katjaa and Duck with his actions or that their Lee was starting to regret their friendship depending on their prior relationship. Otherwise (by Lee not trying to hurt Kenny), Lee simply explains that he is trying to help Kenny. A third successful move from either man ends the fight, regardless of what had happened between the start of the fight and then. If Kenny strikes Lee for a third barrage of punches, then he attacks Lee where he fails to block and eventually sending him to the floor. Kenny seethes and says that he hates Lee before realizing what he was doing had nothing to do with Lee, and somberly goes to activate the brakes. (Determinant) If Lee blocks three of Kenny's punches, then Lee is able to either compress Kenny's larynx or simply keep him against the wall. If Lee chokes Kenny, then he screams at the man for hurting people because he was afraid, threatening to kill Kenny if he tried to refuse to accept Duck's death and get them all killed. Lee can apologize as Kenny falls to the floor and gasps for breath or choose to stay silent, but Kenny goes to stop the train regardless of Lee's words. If Lee only applies enough force to keep Kenny pinned without hurting him, then Lee finally convinces Kenny to stop struggling by forcing him to admit that he could not help Duck by ignoring him. Kenny stops the train, Lee looking on quietly.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices:

The train rolls to a full stop, prompting the group to disembark. Kenny and Lee find Katjaa tending to a barely conscious and extremely pale Duck. She solemnly announces that they were out of time. Kenny curtly tells Chuck and Ben that Duck had been bit, but neither one meets Kenny's eyes in acknowledgment. Kenny is uncertain of what to do, but Katjaa resolves for him that they could not allow Duck to turn. Kenny, numbed, pleads that they did not need to shoot their son, asking if there was any way they could prevent Duck from turning otherwise. Katjaa declares that they both know that the only way to prevent reanimation is to destroy the brain. Distressed, Kenny volunteers to be the one to shoot Duck, but Katjaa argues that such a thing was beyond Kenny's ability. Lee can offer his input on who should be the one to shoot Duck, but the grieving mother only accepts Lee's words if he decides to shoot Duck himself, to which Kenny agrees firmly. Otherwise, Katjaa quietly tells her husband to stay with Lee so that he could better retain the memory of what Duck had used to be, subsequently asking Lee to help Kenny as she picks her son. Katjaa and Kenny (Determinant) take Duck away from the boxcar and into the woods so that Clementine did not have to see the shooting. Clementine asks Lee what was happening, to which he can either be blunt about Duck's death, slowly reassure her about her friend's death and that they were saving him from a worse fate, or lie and tell her that nothing was happening. A gunshot interrupts Lee before he can assure her of the necessity of their actions. If Lee had previously volunteered to shoot Duck, the gunshot is followed by Kenny's cry of anguish, startling him from his thoughts. Alternatively, if Kenny had agreed to let Katjaa go into the woods and return without Duck, then he quietly and briefly panics at what he had assumed to be his son's death before deciding to go retrieve Katjaa and guide her back to the train with Lee.

If Kenny had previously gone with Katjaa into the woods, then Lee rushes through the forest and stumbles upon a small clearing where Kenny is kneeling over his wife's dead body while Duck- still breathing- sits against a tree with his eyes closed. Lee notices the bullet in the side of her head and the fallen pistol next to her hand and realizes what Kenny had witnessed. (Determinant) If Katjaa had gone into the woods by herself before, Kenny walks in a daze toward where he had last seen his wife go as Lee slowly trails behind him until they stumble upon a small clearing a discover that Katjaa had shot herself rather than Duck. Traumatized, Kenny fails to characterize why she had done it and softly shuts her eyes forever as his own stream tears. Glancing at Duck, he takes Katjaa's gun and stands in front of Duck. Lee joins him, pushing aside his shock so that they could deal with Duck. Kenny, in a single moment of surreal clarity mixed with dullness, asks Lee what they should do.

Have Kenny kill Duck: Either through his avoidant silence or quiet encouragement, Lee does not take Katjaa's gun from Kenny and has him raise the weapon on his own son. Arm quivering, Kenny sees Duck raise his head one final time to look at him, then slump to the side and remain motionless. Kenny barely manages to keep standing at Duck's death. Lee quietly assures Kenny that everything would be okay, (Determinant) but Kenny just fires the gun, ignorant of any comfort Lee could offer. Kenny, dispirited, follows Lee out of the forest, leaving the two corpses as they were.

Have Lee kill Duck: Lee takes the gun from Kenny, wanting to spare him from the pain of having to put down his son. Dismayed at what he was forced to do, Lee raises the gun on Duck and quickly pulls the trigger, preventing the boy from reanimating, much to the grief of Kenny. The two men depart from the clearing, leaving the two corpses as they were.

Refuse/Fail to kill Duck: Either through his avoidant silence or quiet encouragement, Lee does not take Katjaa's gun from Kenny and has him raise the weapon on his own son. Arm quivering, Kenny sees Duck raise his head one final time to look at him, then slump to the side and remain motionless. Kenny barely manages to keep standing at Duck's death. Lee waits for Kenny to shoot, but the widowed man slackens, lowers his gun, and says that he cannot do it. Remorseful yet unable to do anything else, Lee tells Kenny to just leave with him. Crying, Kenny follows Lee out of the clearing, leaving his wife dead and his son to reanimate.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices:

Nearly two hours later, the train is moving but has yet to reach Savannah. Lee enters the boxcar to find Clementine alone, sitting along the edge of the doorway and watching the surrounding forest zip by. Lee joins her, asking if she was alright and if she understood what had happened when Chuck had told her. She says that she understood, but was still upset because Chuck had warned her that what had happened to Duck would happen to her as well. Angered, Lee leaves the boxcar and goes to the outside railing of the engine car. Lee challenges Chuck's assertion and demands he explain himself for telling a little girl such a thing as that. Chuck, calm, tells Lee that he had a purpose in telling her such a thing: she would die if Lee and Kenny continued to treat her like a little girl. Chuck then brings up the group's lack of a tangible plan (criticizing the notion of searching for a boat if Lee chooses to offer that as an argument) and tells Lee that he should involve Clementine in his decisions. He asks that Lee think of an appropriate plan and share it with Clementine and then teach her how to use a weapon should anything happen to him. He also implores Lee to take some scissors from his pack and cut her hair, as it would only give walkers and other people something to grab onto when they attacked her. Although Lee expresses reluctance to expose Clementine to the harsh realities of the world, Chuck convinces him that as long as she was alive, none of the previous applications about her size, strength or gender would no longer matter. Chuck then admits to Lee that his reasoning for asking this of Lee was because he had already seen too many people die and he had no desire to watch another little girl die.

Lee thanks Chuck for the advice and leaves him to go back to Clementine. He finds Kenny sitting alone in the engine car and offers some quiet reassurance. Kenny, cold to any sort of sympathy, ignores all of Lee's attempts to discuss their current predicament. Lee leaves him to his own thoughts and goes back to the boxcar for Clementine. He tells her about what Chuck had told him and gently insists that the two of them are a team, and that every team needs a plan. First, (Determinant) he displays his pistol and tells her that she needs to know how to defend herself. He teaches her the basic knowledge of how to aim and shoot, also offering her some token words on how specifically she could improve her shooting. (Determinant) Lee finds a few glass bottles from Chuck's gatherings and sets them up on top of a cardboard box. Lee helps Clementine correct her stance and aim with two bottles before she is able to hit a third by herself with no assistance. Proud of her, Lee assures Clementine that one day, she would be able to shoot walkers too if needed. Second, Lee takes the scissors from Chuck's supplies and informs Clementine of the practicality of shortening her hair. She is hesitant to part with her hair, but Lee makes the final decision to cut it. She questions him on his actions before the outbreak and whether or not killing was bad at this point as he cuts her hair. Lee can assert that killing is wrong no matter what the reason, but does not defend his prior killings regardless of his assertion. When her hair gets short enough to his liking, Lee ties them back and tells her she looks cute and a lot safer now. Third, (Determinant) Lee goes to look for a map of Savannah on the train. He unsuccessfully tries to take the map that lies in a bin next to Kenny when he refuses to move. (Determinant) Lee gives a bottle of whiskey he had found in Chuck's supply and then lures Kenny out of the engine car with the promise of a drink long enough for Lee to grab the map and return to Clementine. Before entering the boxcar, Ben stops him with the sudden revelation that he had been the one supplying the bandits with the supplies. Shocked, Lee can express outrage at Ben and threaten to kill him or just ask why he had done it, the latter resulting in Ben trying to excuse his actions by explaining that the bandits had threatened to kill his friend, but Ben had been unable to break off the deal when he discovered that his friend had never been with them. Apologetic, Ben returns to his silence and offers no further comment without Lee asking for one. Lee goes back to Clementine with the map and gives his position on what to do upon their arrival, (Determinant) whether it be helping the group search for a boat, abandoning the group to its inevitable destruction, or going to look for her parents. Clementine only wants to look for her parents, Lee eventually agreeing to look for them if he did not at first. The two decide to look near the Marsh House, where she last knew her parents were staying. She then asks if she could tell her parents over her walkie-talkie of their new plan. If Lee asks her not to, she disdainfully rejects his request and tells him that he is not her dad. At the conclusion of Lee's preparations to make Clementine safer, Kenny suddenly shouts from the engine compartment for everybody to brace as the brakes are engaged.

Once the train comes to a complete stop, Kenny watches dumbly at an overpass in front of them with a petroleum tanker hanging from the bridge that is blocking the train's path. The whole group dismounts from the train, Kenny loudly announcing his displeasure with a series of curses. Ben suggests leaving the train behind and walking, but Kenny immediately shoots the idea down. Chuck angers Kenny when he tries to get the group to just drive right through it, but before the two could begin arguing, they are cut off by a voice from the top of the bridge. A woman asks if they would be trouble, but Lee promises that they were friendly. (Determinant) A man with her asks if they needed help, citing the wreck in front of the train. They request for Lee to meet them upon the bridge by climbing a ladder against the bridge's column. Lee introduces himself, learning their names as Christa and Omid. Omid points out Clementine, who had followed Lee up the ladder without his knowledge, and gets excited that they had "a kid" with them. Christa notices that Lee was not Clementine's father and asks what their story was. Lee gives his own story and that of their previous day with Duck and Katjaa and how they had lost the motel. (Determinant) Christa offers to help them move the train, but warns him that she and Omid would leave at the first sign of trouble with them. The four of them return to the train and layout the plan to get the train moving. Kenny points out a train station on the other side of the bridge that Lee should check for supplies or anything that could help with the tanker while he teaches Omid the controls to the train and Christa talks to Clementine. Ben stands on watch and Chuck keeps to himself as the newcomers become acquainted.

When Lee begins to venture over to the train station, Clementine stops him and asks if he would let her go with him. Lee agrees to let her come with him, then announces his intentions to the group before walking away from the train. At the station, Lee infers that it had been abandoned for a long time due to the plea painted in white on top of the building. Clementine finds the entrance locked before she could go inside without him, something he gently warns her about. With no means to force the door open, Lee puts her on his shoulders to give her a glimpse into a window above the door, but he is mildly surprised when Clementine manages to unlock the door without going through the window. He sets her down and the two enter the station, finding the building too dark to reliably search. Lee is forced to use his spanner to prop the door open so they could see with sunlight, (Determinant) though Lee wishes he could keep it in case of danger. Lee finds a blowtorch in the station, but a locked gate separates him from the object. He lifts Clementine up to squeeze through a gap between the ceiling and metal bars, but she stops short before going to get the keys to open it with. Lee recognizes the horror in her eyes, and- at her quick cry- barely turns around with before he is set upon by two walkers. The walkers cause him to drop his pistol on the other side of the gate and out of his reach. Lee backs away to the door and retrieves his manual weapon, turning forth to kill the two walkers in quick succession. When both of them hit the floor, he sees Clementine shakily holding his pistol on the corpses. He reassures her that everything was fine, but the two of them notice another walker on Clementine's side of the gate. At Lee's instruction, Clementine rushes to get the keys, give them to him so he could unlock the gate, and hands him the gun so that he could shoot the walker in the head. Thinking themselves in the clear, the two remark on how very nearly fatal that was before Christa enters the station to investigate the gunshot. Christa notes the three walkers and their proximity to one another with an obvious displeasure, then criticizes Lee for taking them head on with an eight-year-old by his side. Lee coldly gives his own version on what had happened, irking Christa with his lack of a real response. She goes to check for any walkers drawn by the noise, but pauses briefly to tell Lee that she hopes he knew what he was doing with Clementine. Ignoring her terse message, he grabs the blowtorch and asks Clementine what they had learned from this experience. She demurely states that she was not ready for a gun, but he corrects her and says that they learned not to be afraid. (Determinant) They walk out of the station and head back to the train.

Back on the bridge, Lee starts cutting the coupling to the tanker with the blowtorch, but runs into complications as it slides out of his reach. Instead, he opts to dangle Omid over the gap to finish the job, much to the latter's discomfort.

Ben spots a massive zombie herd heading toward the group, and they must leave, as Omid finally cuts the coupling. The truck damages the ladder leading to the bridge and Omid and Lee cannot get down. Lee may or may not kick the lit blowtorch onto the spilling gas, (depending on the player's choice) making a small barrier of fire to buy time. They move to the other side and jump onto the train, with Omid having a bad landing and falling off, badly injuring his leg. Lee gets on the train and Christa gets off to help Omid. Lee now helps either Omid or Christa to get on the train:

Help Omid: Lee pulls Omid up, earning backlash from the man as he goes to say something only for Christa to make it aboard. This weakens Lee's relationship with Omid.

Help Christa: Lee pulls Christa up instead, the woman scorning him as she panics over Omid's safety. Omid does make it aboard, but this cripples Lee's relationship with Christa, much more than if he saved Omid.

Do Nothing: Lee falls over as Omid throws himself onto the train. Christa soon follows, scolding Lee for simply standing there, demanding to know if this was how he treated his people.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

Later in the day, Lee is driving the train, with Clementine sleeping next to him. He notices a drawing Clementine drew. Kenny comes in, appearing a bit more stable, and talks with Lee on what to do when they reach Savannah, when Clementine's walkie-talkie, which she had always said was broken, comes on. A man's voice is heard, telling Clementine that he's happy she's coming to Savannah, and that he has her parents, Ed and Diana. The voice then instructs Clementine to find him whether Lee approves or not. Kenny and Lee, who both believed the walkie-talkie was broken, are stunned and wonder who it could be as the train pulls into Savannah.

In-Game Decisions

This list shows some of the choices made by players that were tracked by the game.

For the complete in-game stats, see Video Game Statistics.

Sweet, Merciful Death: Did you shoot the girl?

  • Did not shoot her - 60%
  • Shot the girl - 40%

Left Behind: Did you abandon Lilly?

  • Let her back on the RV - 55%
  • Abandoned Lilly - 45%

Standoff: How did you get Kenny to stop the train?

  • Fought him - 55%
  • Talked him down - 45%

A Heavy Burden: Who took care of Duck?

  • Shot him yourself - 81%
  • Did not shoot him yourself - 19%

A Helping Hand: Did you help Omid?

  • Helped Omid - 60%
  • Did not help Omid - 40%




This list shows the narrative consequences effected by choices from previous episodes of Season 1.

  • Depending if you save Carley or Doug, the dialogues will change with Lee and the others; the relationships too, some events too:
    • Carley will ask Lee to reveal his past to the group, and also confesses her feelings to him. Doug will reveal how he feels useless since there are very few parts for him to make use of his technician skills.
    • During the raid, Carley will kill Linda and Gary initially while Doug will only kill Linda. Carley also helps Lee fend off the walkers by killing them while Doug will help fix the RV faster.
    • When Lilly confronts Ben, Carley will join in, becoming a target of Lilly's rage and is eventually murdered by the woman. Doug, however, is initially more passive, avoiding the blame but dies when he saves Ben's life by accidentally taking a bullet for him.
  • Depending on whether or not you gave Irene the gun in "A New Day", part of the deck on the second floor balcony of the motor inn will be destroyed.
  • Choosing to tell Kenny's family that his parents owned the drugstore they where taking shelter in during "A New Day" will affect Kenny's response when Lee attempts to talk with him about his past on the train, shortly after Duck's fate is decided. Regardless of whether Lee reveals his criminal history, Kenny will mention his honesty back then being enough, also speculating that Kajaa would have forgiven him if she was still alive.
  • If you took the supplies from the car in the woods, Clementine will wear the hoodie for the rest of the season. If you didn't, she will wear her dress as always.
    • Kenny will also comment on Lee's choice either asking if Clementine is annoyed at him or Lee, depending on who took the food.
  • Lilly will hate both Lee and Kenny if you helped kill Larry, or just Kenny if you tried to save Larry.
  • Large portions of Kenny's dialogue can change, either resulting in him acting friendly or hostile towards Lee; this mainly depends on whether Lee agreed to help him kill Larry. However, saving Duck over Shawn, siding with him during the argument at the drugstore, and finally, near the beginning of "Starved For Help" will also affect certain dialogue lines.
    • He also considers leaving Lee behind (if Lee tried to save Larry or did nothing) or helps save his life when Lee is crushed by a door in the drugstore (if Lee agreed to kill Larry). Lee then either scorns or thanks him for his efforts respectively.
  • During the argument with Kenny and Lilly, if the player chooses "We got plenty of food", Kenny will say how Lee "didn't wanna take it", if you chose not to steal from the station wagon.
  • Depending upon what Lee decided to do about Larry in the meat locker, if Lee stays silent when being asked about leaving, Kenny will say different words.
  • Depending on who Lee tried to save on Hershel's farm in the first episode, Kenny will either tell Lee it was both of their faults or rebuke Lee for not understanding his position.
  • If Lee tried to revive Larry in Starved For Help and fights Kenny on the train, Lee will tell Kenny that he does not care they do not get along. If Lee helped kill Larry and fights Kenny, Lee will warn Kenny to not make him regret siding with him.
  • If Lee says "this isn't about Duck", Kenny will say different lines depending if you sided with him or not, saying how he thinks he believes Lee is a "prick with a fancy education who can pick [him] apart" (mocking Lee's former job as a history lecturer) or that he is not Lee's friend and how the man hasn't done anything for him.

Promotional Poster

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  • First appearance of Charles.
  • First appearance of Omid.
  • First appearance of Christa.
  • First (and last) appearance of Beatrice.
  • First (and last) appearance of Linda.
  • First (and last) appearance of Drew. (Unknown or Dead)
  • Last appearance of Jake.
  • Last appearance of Gary. (Unknown or Dead)
  • Last appearance of the Save-Lots Bandits.
  • Last appearance of Carley. (Alive) (If saved in "A New Day")
  • Last appearance of Doug. (Alive) (If saved in "A New Day")
  • Last appearance of Katjaa. (In Reality)
  • Last appearance of Kenny Jr. (In Reality)
  • This episode is titled "Ein weiter Weg" ("A Long Way") in German, and "The Long Road Ahead" in Spanish.
  • During the promo for this episode, there is a scene with Omid (with his leg wounded) and Christa fighting against walkers. That never happened in the episode and it's not mentioned.
  • Failure to choose whether to leave Lilly behind or not will result in Kenny making the final decision of leaving her.
  • Lee's fight with Kenny in Season 1 is paralleled in Season 2 by a fight between Kenny and Mike:
    • The fight occurs in the third episode of each season.
    • Both have the fight start by one shoving the other down. (Determinant)
    • Both victors win by pinning the other against a wall, Kenny pinning Mike and Lee pinning Kenny. (Determinant)
      • When both also release the other, they stay standing. (Determinant)
  • Failure to choose whether to help Omid or Christa will result in both making it on the train themselves, though Christa will scold you for not helping.
  • If Carley is saved in "A New Day", she will cover one side of the RV when shooting the walkers, but if Doug is saved, Lee must cover both sides on his own (however, Doug will alert Lee as to which side zombies will be approaching from, and the time needed to prep the RV is shorter.)
  • When stalling the bandits, you have to talk to them twice; choosing to stay silent during any one of these opportunities will result in Lee's non-canon death.
  • If Lee sided with Kenny in regards to leaving the motel then looked at the sign outside the wall, Lee will mumble to himself how they have stayed there too long. If Lee sided with Lilly, he will remark how it is still a safe place to live.
  • If Lee chose to shoot Duck and waits long enough to do so, Duck will stop breathing, indicating that he has died.
  • This is the first episode with a first-person shooting gameplay.
    • This is not, however, the first episode to make the use of first-person mechanics.
  • Failure to shoot the walker attacking Katjaa and Duck during the motel escape will result in Kenny shooting it with his handgun.
  • If Kenny manages to beat Lee on the train, even if Lee had sided with Kenny on everything thus far, Kenny will still tell Lee that he hates him.
    • Lee also doesn't have to choke Kenny to win, if he restrains him instead, alternative dialogue will occur, slightly more comforting and meaningful than the violent and abusive insults used if the player obeys the button prompts.
  • There is an Easter Egg, dubbed "Duck-pocalypse", which can be seen when trying to get Kenny to stop the train. If Lee remains silent in some circumstances after striking Kenny in conversation, Kenny will throw him out of the cabin. Lee then goes back to the car, but Duck has turned into a walker and killed everyone. Lee is horrified as Duck walks slowly towards him and pounces him off the train.
  • When deciding whether or not to shoot Beatrice, it is possible for the player to shoot the walkers farther away from her. However, if Lee shoots more than one, Kenny will force him to stop and leave Beatrice as bait.
  • "Long Road Ahead" has the most human deaths out of all the episodes of Season 1. "Starved For Help" has more "named" character deaths, but adding the deaths of the multiple bandits means that "Long Road Ahead" has the most human deaths.
  • The title of this episode refers to Lee's group having to become mobile, their home having been overrun.
  • If the player chooses the "It could be worse" option while arguing with Lilly and Kenny at the motel, Lee will ask when the last time someone got bit was in order to show how relatively well they've been doing. Ben will then call out from the RV about the St. Johns, prompting a surprising amount of backlash from the other group members.
  • The game greatly simplifies the start up process for a train engine. This process is so difficult that most trains are kept running at all times until the train is needed for repairs, or until it is decommissioned entirely.
  • When obtaining the pencil from the RV, a bottle of Banang can be seen in one of the cup holders. This is an Easter Egg referencing Sam & Max, an earlier game by Telltale Games.
  • In the Remastered Collection, the player is no longer able to talk to Christa when she is talking to Clementine, thus, Lee cannot bond with Omid over US history.
  • In the original version, when either Gary or Drew whistles at the other bandits, a walker can be seen running at a fast pace past them. This walker can be more clearly seen in the definitive edition.


  • In the "previously on" segment of "Starved For Help" for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, Lilly is shown having her regular appearance although she had retained her pre-release appearance in that episode.
  • In "A New Day", the abandoned truck trailer is seen without a ladder, yet in this episode, the trailer possesses a ladder which is implied by Kenny to have been used on numerous other scavenger trips. This is probably a developer oversight.
  • Lee's rifle keeps disappearing and reappearing when he and Kenny are in Macon.
  • The rifle Lee carries in Macon is a Winchester Model 70, but after he and Kenny get back at the Motor Inn and hands it to Lilly, it changes to a Browning Automatic Rifle Safari when she puts it down. It switches back to the model seen in Macon when Lilly grabs it to defend the motel.
  • While Kenny and Lilly are arguing, Carley is seen up on her balcony (if she survived the attack on the drugstore), then in the next shot she appears right behind Kenny when she says "At it again, are we?".
    • If Lee comments that they had all the protection they needed, Carley can be seen standing on the balcony again, despite her having moved.
  • After telling Kenny and/or Katjaa about his past, Lee returns to the couch with them, yet when he can be controlled again he is standing where he was when he told them instead.
  • Sometimes, when talking with Ben at the motel, Lee is looking at the RV instead of Ben.
    • Similarly, when talking with Clementine on the train after Katjaa and Duck die, she is sometimes looking down.
  • During the scene in the RV immediately following the escape from the motel, the mood of the general population is still frantic, evidenced by Kenny's desperate checking of Katjaa. This takes place at night, though, and the motel attack was several hours earlier, not a few minutes earlier.
  • When Lee rubs the pencil on the notepad, the words "Engine Startup" are on the top of the torn page. In the next shot, "Engine Startup" is also in pencil rubbing and the entire original page is missing.
  • If Lee was neutral in the decision to kill Larry in "Starved For Help", the "Previously on The Walking Dead" segment shows Lee giving Larry CPR. Lee also claims to have been doing so if he agrees to tell Katjaa about the event. Lilly, however, will not say that Lee tried to save Larry's life if he confesses his pre-apocalypse crime to her, but say he had every reason to kill Larry and didn't.
  • If Lee doesn't pick up the water from the box car at all, when the train begins to move, if the player looks closely the water bottle can be seen in the distance floating in the air.
  • If the player leaves Duck to reanimate, there still appears to be a bullet hole in his head and blood on the tree behind him in the final overhead scene of him and Katjaa.
  • After jumping off the bridge, when Christa says "Run" to Omid, he appears to be smiling.
  • In the sign in the window of the abandoned station, "Trespassers" is misspelled as "Tresspassers", though this may have been intentional.
  • After Lilly kills Doug or Carley, (Determinant) both face different directions. However, in the "400 Days" DLC, the corpses of the bisected walker and the group member have noticeably been moved, with Doug or Carley facing in the direction where the RV came from. (Determinant) and the bisected walker no longer present. Also, there was an abandoned car in the background, also missed in the DLC.
  • If Lee shares his past secret with just Lilly, when she tells Kenny at the RV scene, Kenny acts as if Lee told him the secret already. The same thing happens if Lee tells Katjaa and not Kenny.
  • During the flashback to Lee's argument with Larry at the motel during "A New Day", Katjaa, Kenny, and their truck are missing from the scene.
  • The walker Lee killed by tipping over the fridge is not there in the shot of Kenny shooting walkers.
  • When Ben starts to confess to Lee on the train, his hand clips through his hair.
  • If Lee says that they should do whatever is best for the kids, Katjaa is seen standing behind Kenny. In the next shot, she is walking towards Lilly's room with Doug/Carley.
  • Terence McGovern is credited for Larry in this episode, despite the fact that he does not appear.
  • A rare glitch can occur in the episode. After the segment where Lee chose Ducks ultimate fate, the scene cuts to a close shot of the train wheel's, on rare occasions it will stay like this and the only way around it is restarting the game.


  • A glitch can occur after Lee and Kenny leave Macon. It will skip the scene where Lee and Kenny walk back to the motor inn and the scene where Kenny and Lilly argue. It will instead cut to Lee standing in the middle of the motor inn parking lot while vague dialogue will play of the argument between Lilly and the group. Lee will be unable to talk to anyone and progressing the story will be impossible unless the episode is restarted.
  • A glitch can occur after Lilly kicks everyone out of her room, where both music and game volume cuts. The same thing happens if Lee goes back into her room and tells her that he is following up on stolen supplies.
  • If Lee asks Ben about the broken flashlight, the player can still control Lee during the conversation. This will make Ben look to the direction the player are moving.
  • Sometimes, when talking with Clementine at the motel, the wind makes her paper lift slightly and it goes through her arms.
  • After meeting Chuck, Duck can become invisible, making it look like Katjaa's not holding anything.
  • A glitch will sometimes occur after Lee detaches the train from its damaged cars and meets Chuck. If Lee talks to Chuck while he is playing his guitar, Lee and Chuck will talk normally, but the screen covers Chuck's upper half, and only his lower half can be seen. Even though Chuck was sitting down, he is standing still during the glitch and his guitar seems to pass through his legs. After the conversation, when Lee talks to Kenny in the driver's cabin, Lee says that he can't get the train unstuck, even though he had already done it previously. Lee will then have to go back to the back of the train once again, only to see that it has already been detached. Lee heads back in the cabin where he met Chuck, where he will be suprised by Chuck and have the same conversation once again. Also, during the conversation, Chuck is glitched just like before; having only his lower half seen, standing still, and having his guitar pass through his legs.
  • While waiting for Duck to stop breathing, his head initially falls forward as he has died. However, it will glitch back up into its former position a second after.
  • Sometimes when Lee is repairing the train in the front compartment, the cursor may glitch and become unable to reach the last button on one of the dashboards. Making it impossible to progress to further into the episode.
  • If Lee kills the walker with the car door without looking at the animal crackers box, then chooses to do so, the walker's legs will phase back over it as if it were still kicking.
    • Subsequently, if Lee exits the car area without picking up the animal crackers, if Lee returns, the door will be closed with the walker dead inside. Lee will be unable to open the door, but can still reach in and grab the animal crackers somehow.
  • A rare glitch may sometimes occur when Lee exits the train's front compartment. After Lee exits through the door the camera will fall below the floor's texture, making it impossible for the player to move around the episode and halting further progress.
  • Another rare glitch occurs after Lee first talks with Chuck at the front of the train and gets instructions to better prepare Clementine. Going through the train cabin towards the box car results in the cursor disappearing. Lee can still walk around near Ben, but no interaction with the box car or Ben is possible. Reloading the scene fixes the issue.
  • When Lee has to cut Clementine's hair, teach her to shoot and then work out a plan, a glitch will sometimes occur when Lee stands up to go give Chuck the whiskey (if Lee do this after cutting her hair and teaching her to shoot) it will just show Lee the back of the train while driving, and the only way to solve this is to restart to the nearest chapter, in which Lee will be asking Chuck why he told Clementine she was going to die.
  • At the abandoned station, just before prepping the door open a glitch occurs in which a monkey wrench is seemingly placed at the door, however the door will be closed and if you examine the monkey wrench, Lee and Clementime will say the lines which are said if the door is prepped open.
  • Sometimes, Lee will cut Clementine's hair and teach her how to shoot at the same time, with the camera shifting to the teaching her how to shoot angle while Lee is cutting her hair, and vice versa. The dialogue will be jumbled together and Lee's mouth doesn't move. If the player waits too long or if there is not enough leeway, the dialogue options will merge into one button pressing, resulting in both options of each conversation to be played. Also, while teaching her how to shoot, her aims are off focus, so you might need to rely on luck to accurately line up the shot.
  • As with the glitch listed above, sometimes Clementine can be talked to and hair cut at the same time. The frames for each are misaligned should this happen, and Lee asks her if he can cut her hair three times as he is doing it. Clementine, while she is taking off her hat, is slides back to where she is supposed to be. Lee's feet go through the floor and his mouth motions indicate he is talking to her from the boxcar door. Lee replaces her hat as he answers her question about killing people.
    • If the player had previously taught her how to shoot and developed a plan prior to this glitch, then Clementine will respond as if talked to again. Clementine hands Lee her hair pins as Kenny stops the train. Lee reaches out to grab her shoulder from two feet behind and Clementine's body does not react to the train motions, and keeps her hand out to give Lee the hairpins in the wrong direction.
  • In an Xbox 360 glitch, the death frame for Bandit 5 will always show him getting shot in the head by Lee, even if he is moving from cover to cover.
  • Sometimes, a glitch may occur where Lee and Omid are on the bridge, and the bridge itself becomes invisible, making it look as if Lee and Omid are standing twenty-five feet up on nothing.
  • A rare glitch can occur after Lee jumps first onto the train from the bridge. As with the other glitches where two sequences happen at once, this one entails shoddy camera work in which, after Lee vaults into the boxcar to help Omid and Christa, the camera shows a staring shot into the sky as the train continues moving. The arrows on each sid of the screen remain where they are, but the player may not look in either direction. Suddenly, as this sequence concludes with both Omid and Christa entering the train without help, the camera returns to the top of the bridge, where Lee and Omid are preparing to jump. The buttons that provide options on interacting with Omid appear, but cannot be pressed to do anything, resulting in the audio where Omid pushes Lee. The camera then drops below the bridge, where Omid's sitting figure is facing sideways and upon nothing. The walkers, at which canonical point they would have passed the bridge, swarm through him, and the bridge disappears. The lower half of each walker in the herd sinks beneath the ground, and the level of dust recedes. As the audio from Clementine asks if Omid and Christa are okay, Omid himself jumps from nothing and lands on an invisible train that is moving in the wrong direction. The scene then reverts to the still shot of the sky with the arrows before looking back down at where Omid and Christa should be running, but neither one is there to be helped.
  • Sometimes, the action of closing the fourth and last compartment door of the train will occur with a premature sound effect, meaning the sound of the door being closed will play two to three seconds before Lee actually does so.
  • When entering the freight car of the train for the very first time using the normal door, it can happen that the door closes prematurely, glitching through Lee in the process.
  • When leaving the train's freight car through the large sliding door facing the RV, it can occur that Lee's right arm slowly proceeds moving backwards to an unnatural angle of almost 90°, with the arm immediately going back to its normal position once the player can control him again.

Deleted Sequences

  • Lee had to save each individual, as the group was scattered all over the Motor Inn rather than saving Doug/Carley and Ben, then save Clementine, Katjaa and Duck from the vicious bandit attack. Before the release of "Starved For Help", Mark was supposed to still be alive but left behind during the escape.
  • Jolene was going to make a return via flashback, but was scrapped for unknown reasons. Her lines are in audio clips. Interestingly enough, there are screams and cries of her begging for help, possibly rape (as she implies in the camcorder "[You] rapist mon-!" in the final version).
  • Ben was supposed to tell about his family on the train, but it was scrapped for this episode and added to the script in "No Time Left".
  • According to unused audio clips, there was an option to kill Duck in a way other than shooting him.
  • There may have been an early choice to have brought Clementine along to watch Duck die; unused audio clips indicate that she was crying at the same time Kenny was over Katjaa's corpse.
  • The teaser for "Around Every Corner" was going to be longer, but was cut down most likely to prevent spoilers. [2]
  • The bandit leader was going to be shot by Lee, later this was changed and this bandit is shot by Lilly.[3][4]


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For all obtainable achievements and trophies, see Achievements.
Achievement Reward
GoodbyeSheQuietlySays.png Goodbye, She Quietly Says
Complete Chapter 1.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
BadBlood.png Bad Blood
Complete Chapter 2.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
HitTheRoad.png Hit the Road
Complete Chapter 3.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
WhatNow.png What now?
Complete Chapter 4.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
HandleIt.png Handle It
Complete Chapter 5.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
UnexpectedDelay.png Unexpected Delay
Complete Chapter 6.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
LookBehindYou.png Look Behind You
Complete Chapter 7.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
LendMeYourEars.png Lend Me Your Ears
Complete "Long Road Ahead".
PSN - Gold Trophy
XBLA - 25 Gamer Points


This episode had the highest average ratings out of any episode in a the first season, mainly due to its dynamic settings and drastic plot changes. This episode in particular challenged many players' sense of morality, supplying multiple layers of emotionality to "Long Road Ahead."

Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PC/Mac 85.4% 85
PlayStation 3 86.1% 87
PlayStation 4 TBD TBD
PlayStation Vita 82.5% 89
Xbox 360 88.4% 88
Xbox One TBD TBD
iOS 90% TBD


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