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This article is about the Rick Grimes 2000 character. You may be looking for her Comic Series or TV Series counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Lori

You don't know what you're up against. You... don't know... what they're capable of. Please don't fight it. Surrender.
―Lori to Rick about the Alien Civilization[src]

Lori Grimes is a survivor of the outbreak and a former antagonist in Rick Grimes 2000. She is the former wife of Rick and mother of Carl and Judith Grimes. She was originally killed by Lilly Caul before being brought back to life by aliens. She served as the tertiary antagonist for the first half of Rick Grimes 2000.

Pre- and Post-Apocalypse[]

Main article: Lori Grimes (Comic Series)

Sometime after being killed, Lori is among the dead who was brought back to life by aliens as a super-soldier.

"Issue 75 - Bonus Ending"[]

Lori is seen crying, holding onto the Governor's leg after he kills Michonne Hawthorne.

"Chapter 1"[]

Before Lori can explain herself to Rick, she's interrupted by the Governor, who engages Rick in combat. Before Rick can finish the Governor off, Lori holds Rick at cannon point and tells Rick to surrender.

"Chapter 2"[]

Lori tries to convince Rick to join the aliens by telling him how the aliens can bring the dead back to life as zombies or super soldier and they can live forever. Rick asks Lori if living forever is worth being slaves or being on the same side as the Governor. The alien who was accompanying Lori and the Governor morphs into a giant monster. Rick fights the alien, but nothing he does hurts it. Lori blasts the alien to help Rick, but this results in her death as the alien tears her apart and eats her alive.


Revived By

Sometime after being killed by Lilly, Lori was brought back to life by the aliens to fight for their army.


Killed by

As the alien fights Rick, Lori blasted the alien to help, but it only angers to alien who proceeds to tear Lori apart and eat her alive.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Lori has killed.

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people


Comic Series[]

Rick Grimes 2000[]


  • Lori's power suit has a very similar appearance to Witchblade.
  • Lori is the first character to get resurrected only to die again.
  • This is the only incarnation of Lori to be classified as an antagonist.