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You're gonna be fine. You are going to beat this world, I know you will. You are smart, and you are strong, and you are so brave, and I love you. (...) You gotta do what's right, baby. You promise me you will always do what's right. It's so easy to do the wrong thing in this world. So... so if it feels wrong don't do it, alright? If it feels easy don't do it, don't let the world spoil you. You're so good. My sweet boy. Best thing I ever did... I love you! I love you. My sweet, sweet boy, I love you!
―Lori's last words to her son before dying.[src]

Lori Grimes (née unknown) is the former tritagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. A housewife in King County, she was married to Sheriff's Deputy Rick Grimes and had a son together named Carl. Lori evacuated to Atlanta with Carl and Rick's best friend, Shane Walsh. Meanwhile, Rick was in a coma after being shot in the line of duty before the outbreak. While evacuating to Atlanta, Shane was unable to get Rick out of the hospital and claimed to Lori that Rick had died. After Atlanta was napalmed, Shane formed a survivor camp outside the city. Shortly after, Lori began a romantic and sexual relationship with Shane. Two months after the outbreak, Rick woke up from his coma and found Lori and Carl.

Lori struggled maintaining the peace of the group and her marriage to Rick as she ended her relationship with Shane. She later discovered that she became pregnant from the affair. This, along with their differing opinions on how to lead the group, caused tension between Rick and Shane. Upon Lori's request, Rick killed Shane and took control of the group. Towards the end of her pregnancy, the group settled at a prison. The facility was overrun by zombies when Lori went into labor. Unable to deliver the baby, Lori sacrificed herself by having Maggie Greene perform a caesarean section. While Lori died from the procedure, Maggie was able to deliver and save her daughter, Judith.


Lori was a strong, selfless, independent, and emotional woman, but was also shown to be difficult and demanding at times. Having believed her husband to be dead, that the world was coming to an end, and trying her best to keep herself and Carl safe, Lori became extremely vulnerable and lonely. During this time she began a relationship with Shane Walsh, her husband's partner in duty, something that would cause problems for her throughout the remainder of her life. With Rick's eventual return, she found herself filled with both extreme happiness and extreme guilt. She became torn between her husband and Shane; realizing they were both essential to her survival. However, her actions continuously put Rick and Shane at odds, significantly more so with the revelation of her pregnancy.

Throughout season two, she strove to ensure that her unborn child would be healthy, and wondered whether the baby should even be born into such a horrible world. After the farm was overrun, she became deeply disturbed by Rick's actions, as well as Carl's involvement in the death of Shane.

As the third season began, Rick started to shun her, something that pained her increasingly. However, Rick was devastated when he discovered that she died during childbirth. Lori showed herself to be a very selfless person when she faced her final moments of life, choosing baby Judith's life over her own, which she sacrificed with barely a second thought.


King County, Georgia[]

Lori lived and grew up in King County, Georgia. In high school, Lori met Rick Grimes, a fellow student. She also became friends with Rick's best friend, Shane Walsh. Eventually, Lori and Rick fell in love with each other and became married. Together, they had a son named Carl. They lived as a typical suburban family in King County, Georgia. On Sundays, she made pancakes, despite the fact that she knew they were awful.

Over time, their marriage became increasingly strained with Rick distancing himself from her. His unwillingness to talk about his feelings and their problems resulted in fights, where harsh words were spoken by Lori. It had even reached the point where she began to question his love for her and Carl. Days before the apocalypse, Lori confided in a friend, Paula, to ease the stress and seek advice. Shortly after, Lori was told through Shane about Rick being shot and shared the news with Carl.


Lori, along with Carl, Shane, and a bed-ridden Rick, still resided in King County when the outbreak occurred. Lori tried for days to call her mother to see if she was okay but she never picked up - Lori assumed she had died in the outbreak. Two weeks into the outbreak, it got too dangerous to stay in King County and the military directed them to Atlanta where a safe-zone was established. Before leaving, Shane tried to gather Rick from the hospital, but returned to Lori and Carl claiming that Rick had died.

On the road to Atlanta, Lori along with Carl and Shane were caught in a traffic gridlock. There, they met Carol Peletier, her husband Ed, and their daughter, Sophia. Lori and Shane became concerned when the radio for the safe-zone stopped playing and believed that they were turning people away - until they discovered that Atlanta had become overrun with the dead and was napalmed by the military for Operation Cobalt.

Along the side of the road was a quarry lake outside of Atlanta. Lori along with Carl, Shane, Carol, Ed, and Sophia established the survivor camp. They were later joined by people who couldn't make it into the city: brothers Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon, Glenn Rhee, Theodore Douglas, Morales and his family. Other survivors later joined them who managed to escape from Atlanta: Dale Horvath, sisters Andrea and Amy Harrison, Jim, and Jacqui.

As time progressed, Lori became extremely vulnerable and, believing Rick to be dead, began a sexual relationship with Shane.

Dead Reckoning[]

"First Blood"

After the apocalypse began, Lori sent a message to Shane telling him she was going to go check on Rick at the hospital.

TV Series[]

Season 1[]

"Days Gone Bye"

In a camp outside the city, a group of survivors, among them Shane, Lori and Carl, receive Rick's transmission. However, Lori and Shane don't recognize Rick's voice over the garbled transmission. Amy runs to the CB, but can't get a reply. By the time Shane takes over the CB controls and introduces himself, Rick has left the emergency broadcast channel.

Lori voices that she's been saying for a week that they should put signs up on the highway warning people away from the city, and volunteers to go on her own, but Dale and Shane argue that venturing out is too risky. Lori walks off and Shane goes after her. "You can be pissed at me all you want, it's not gonna change anything," he tells her. Inside her tent, Shane tells Lori that she needs to keep it together for Carl, who has lost so much already. Lori agrees and they kiss passionately, before Carl interrupts them, not seeing them kissing. Lori promises him she's not going anywhere and tells her son to go finish his chores, watching him run off smiling.


In the camp, Lori sits by a fire pit when Amy walks over carrying a red pail with a few mushrooms inside. She asks her how to tell if the mushrooms are poisonous, to which Lori replies they would have to eat one to know. Amy, unsatisfied with that method, tells Lori to ask Shane when he gets back. Lori nods, before she excuses herself to look for more mushrooms in the forest. She tells Carl, who's playing in the dirt, to stay where Dale can see him. "Yes, mom," says Carl. Dale also tells Lori not to go too far, either.

Lori heads into the forest alone, unnerved by the sounds of snapping branches and moving brush, while she bends down to search for more mushrooms. Suddenly, Shane sneaks up behind her, puts his hand over her mouth, and pulls her down to the ground. "How much time do we have?" he asks, kissing her. "Enough," Lori replies, and the two begin to undress. They stop momentarily when Lori notices Rick's wedding ring, which she's attached to her necklace. She takes the locket off and lays it on the grass. The two then proceed to have sex.

Later that day, Lori's doing laundry as Shane teaches Carl to tie knots. Suddenly, the radio crackles and squeaks, and T-Dog's garbled transmission comes through, explaining that they're trapped in the department store, surrounded by hundreds of walkers. Dale responds to the transmission but only radio silence follows. "We do not go after them. We do not risk the rest of the group," Shane insists. Amy argues that Andrea's life is at risk, but Shane tells her she's gone. Amy is furious, exclaiming "That's my sister, you son-of-a-bitch!" and storms off. Lori follows to comfort her.

"Tell It to the Frogs"

In the camp, Lori gives Carl a haircut while Shane promises him that they will catch frogs at the quarry, so they can eat their legs. Lori expresses her disgust at the thought, while Shane tells her she'll be begging for more once she tastes them, then smiles while telling Carl, "We'll be heroes, son. Shane and Carl, spoken of in song and legend." Their moment is interrupted by the approach of Glenn's Challenger alarm blaring.

The rest of the group then arrives. Andrea and Amy tearfully reunite, as do Morales with his family. Carl becomes emotional and Lori leads him away. Rick emerges and recognizes Shane. The two trade stunned glances as Carl spots Rick and runs into his open arms. Lori stares at Rick, but she tearfully embraces her husband and son. She looks up at Shane, while she cries into Rick's shoulder.

In the night, around a campfire, Rick describes the disorientation he felt waking up alone in the hospital. Lori explains she was told Rick would be brought over to Atlanta, but it never happened. "Mom said you died," Carl comments. "She had every reason to believe that," Rick replies. He then expresses immense gratitude to Shane for saving and taking care of his family. He then volunteers to deliver the news to Daryl Dixon about his brother, as does T-Dog, who is wracked with guilt for dropping the key.

Later on, in their tent, Rick says goodnight to Carl and then takes Lori's hand as he crawls into bed with her. He tells her he knew she and Carl were alive because their photo albums were gone when he returned to their house. Lori smiles and pulls one open. "I told you so," says Rick, and Lori jokingly accuses him of getting cocky as he grabs for the family photo in his jacket pocket. They reflect on their past mistakes and are grateful for the second chance that they have been given. "Not many people get that," Rick says. Lori returns Rick's wedding ring, which had been removed when he was in the hospital, and the two discretely have sex.

The next morning, Lori is doing the laundry when Rick tells her he keeps thinking about leaving Merle behind and he plans to return to Atlanta. Lori is shocked, but their discussion is interrupted by screams. Lori runs to Carl and protects him. Later, Lori announces to Daryl that Rick's going back to rescue Merle.

Lori pleas with Rick not to risk his life for a man like Merle. Rick explains to her that he also needs to collect his walkie-talkie from the bag so he can warn Morgan Jones away from the city. He claims he owes them his life. He also explains to her that there are several guns and bullets in that bag that will help them an the people at the camp. Lori gives up arguing, and Carl tells Rick he's okay with his reasons for going back to Atlanta. In their tent, Lori frets about Rick. "I'm not worried," Carl assures her, taking his mother's hand. "Think about it, Mom. Everything that's happened to him so far; nothing's killed him yet."

Later on, Lori looks for Carl around the camp. Dale tells her he should be down at the quarry catching frogs. She heads down to the quarry where Shane is teaching Carl to catch frogs. Lori orders Carl to return to camp. After he leaves, Shane tells her not to take it out on him, and Lori warns him to stay away from her family. "I think we should talk," Shane says, but Lori snaps, "You can tell that to the frogs." Shane asks Lori if she thinks he's not happy about Rick's return. "Why would you be? You're the one that told me that he died." Lori responds, storming off.


Lori congratulates Andrea and Amy when they return to camp with several caught fish. Amy volunteers to teach Carl about knots and fishing, and Lori allows her to. When Jim is seen digging holes on top of the nearby hill, the group of survivors, including Lori, go to confront him. Later, Lori is seen teaching school lessons to Carl and Sophia, while Jim is tied up nearby to prevent him from harming himself. At night, Lori joins the others for supper to eat the cooked fish. As they all chat, they soon are attacked by a group of walkers. Lori originally takes cover behind Shane, however when Rick returns from his city mission with Glenn, Daryl and T-Dog, Lori and Carl rush to embrace him instead. Shane is visibly annoyed. Lori watches in horror as Andrea cradles Amy, who was killed by walkers.


Distraught over the previous night's events, Lori is against Rick's idea of leaving the quarry to go to the CDC over Fort Benning (100 miles in the other direction), to find a cure for the now bitten and infected Jim. Rick asks Lori if she blames him for not being there when the camp was attacked, and to support his decision to head for the CDC. She doesn't blame him, but she doesn't know if she can follow him to the CDC on blind faith. When she asks for any kind of certainty on Rick's part, he tells her, "I love you. That's all I got." Later, Lori is confronted by Shane about Rick's decision. He asks her to convince him that his idea is a bad one and goes on to tell her that trying to repair her troubled marriage with Rick does not supersede the safety of the group. Lori, still angry with him for lying to her, replies that the group can make up their minds about where to go without bringing her marriage into the situation. Afterward, Lori agrees to follow Rick to the CDC and the decision is made to depart in the morning. When the RV breaks down, Jim asks to be left to die and Lori, along with Dale, agree that his request should be respected despite Rick's belief that their friend is delirious.

When the group arrives at the CDC, they find that the complex has been completely closed off by shutters. When they receive no answer to their calls, they all agree to leave the area before it gets too dark. Rick is insistent that someone is still alive in the complex after seeing the security camera move. Rick begins to yell at the security camera, demanding that whoever is inside let them in. Lori and the others become increasingly panicked as walkers steadily approach. Frantically, Lori tries to get Rick to stop yelling and leave with them, but he ignores her and becomes hysterical. As Rick is finally pulled away screaming by Shane and Lori, the shutter doors open.


Lori and the other survivors enjoy a short reprieve from mortal danger after Dr. Edwin Jenner takes them inside the CDC, under the condition that they all submit to blood tests. When Andrea shows signs of pain, Jenner finds out none of them have eaten in days. The group then celebrates a hot meal and wine. Lori allows Carl to try wine for the first time. When questioned about the lack of other people, Dr Jenner explains that he's the only person still alive in the complex because most fled to be with their families and others committed suicide after a certain period of time. Afterward, Lori and Rick enjoy a hot shower together. Lori later finds Carl in the recreational room with Carol and Sophia, reading books.

Carl leaves with Carol and Sophia to sleep, while Lori browses the library. She is startled by a drunken Shane, who was watching her from his adjoining room. He slams a door to alert her, before he insists that she listen to his side of the story regarding Rick still being alive. Angry, Lori attempts to leave the room, but is cut off by Shane. He tries to plead his case to her, telling her that he believed Rick was dead, that he didn't hear or feel a heartbeat, and that if he hadn't lied to her she would've died trying to get to Rick. When Lori continues to refuse to listen to him, Shane becomes physically aggressive and attempts to rape her, shoving his hand down her shorts. Lori struggles and eventually scratches him across the neck. Bleeding, Shane flees the room, leaving a frightened Lori to herself. Later, an equally drunk Rick returns to their bedroom and assures the crying Lori that they have nothing to be afraid of anymore, not realizing what she is actually upset about. At breakfast, Lori avoids eye contact with Shane when Rick notices the scratch mark on his neck. Shane lies and says he did it in his sleep and Rick says that's unusual behavior for Shane, but doesn't push the issue. Later, Jenner shows the group how the mysterious disease affects the human brain via "TS-19" (Test Subject 19), explaining that it only reactivated the brain stem, not the parts that make a person human. He also admits that he doesn't know how to treat the disease and that he has lost contact with other CDC facilities.

When it is revealed the CDC complex has been rigged to self-destruct, Lori implores Jenner to allow them to escape, telling him that they wish to survive for as long as they can. Jenner eventually allows them to leave, while choosing to remain behind with Jacqui. With the use of Rick's grenade that Carol had stashed in her backpack, the survivors manage to reach their vehicles just as the CDC building explodes.

Season 2[]

"What Lies Ahead"

Lori is driving up to a vehicle jammed highway with Rick, Carl and other group members. Finding the path blocked by abandoned cars, and with Dale's RV broken down, they decide to look for supplies in the abandoned vehicles while Dale and Glenn make repairs. Lori is initially opposed to looting what she believes to be "a graveyard" but relents when Carol explains how her abusive husband Ed used to control what clothes she was allowed to wear. She tells Carl to stay close by. Carl finds a supply of tools. When a herd of walkers catches up to them, Rick yells at Lori and the group to hide under the cars. Lori and Carol take shelter under a car opposite to where Carl and Sophia are hiding. The herd passes by but one lagging behind spots Sophia when she attempts to move from her hiding spot. Sophia panics and bolts into the woods. Lori rushes after a hysterical Carol and covers her mouth to prevent any walkers from hearing her cries. As the group splits up to look for Sophia, Carl tells Lori about the tools he found. Lori tells him to put them down, but Carl doesn't listen and shows Shane instead. Shane yells at him to give them to Dale. Lori confronts Shane about speaking to Carl too harshly, then finds out that Shane plans to leave the group. Lori comforts Carol after she becomes distressed by nobody being able to find Sophia by sundown. Rick walks away from the group after Carol blames him for Sophia going missing (as Rick left her alone to attend to a stray walker). The next day, Lori addresses the group's hypocrisy towards Rick, saying "You look to him, then blame him when he's not perfect". Elsewhere in the woods, Carl is shot through the stomach while looking at a wild deer.


In a pre-apocalypse flashback, Lori is outside Carl's school waiting to pick him up. Lori tells a friend about her marital problems with Rick, and the fight they had that morning (the same one Shane and Rick discuss in Days Gone Bye). Lori explains that Rick has no fire about him and won't even participate in an argument with her. She tells her friend she knows she's being irrational but doesn't know why. Her friend asks "But you still love him?" and Lori responds "I think I do?". She then ponders if their current communication issues came from marrying too young. Before they can finish the conversation, a police siren rings out and several cars roll into the carpark. Lori excuses herself and appears apprehensive, knowing something is wrong. Shane slowly exits his vehicle with a grim expression. Lori asks "Is he alive?". Shane tells her Rick is in surgery. Lori is distressed about telling Carl (who is walking over to her) but Shane says she doesn't have to do it alone. He stays nearby as Lori informs Carl, who begins to cry. In present time, Lori is apprehensive, wondering why only a single gunshot rang out (not knowing she heard Carl being shot). Later, Maggie catches up to the group by horse, in order to inform Lori about Carl and rush her to the Greene Family Farm. Lori begins to cry as soon as she sees Rick covered in blood. They embrace and Rick takes her to Carl's bedside.

"Save the Last One"

As Carl clings to life, Lori tells Rick she temporarily forgot Jacqui was dead, then remembered Jacqui doesn't have to deal with the trauma of the apocalypse anymore. She wonders if she and Rick are even doing the right thing by Carl, trying to keep him alive in this increasingly violent world. She wonders if Dr. Jenner was right about not living in their world any longer but Rick disagrees. They cannot agree on what's right. Soon after, Carl awakens and fondly remembers watching the deer in the forest. He has a seizure due to blood loss while Lori and Rick watch horrified. Rick tells Lori about the deer and says he believes it to be a sign that it's worth keeping Carl alive, despite everything, because he still sees beauty in the world. Carl stabilizes once Shane returns with the appropriate medicine (but without Otis). As Lori tearfully embraces a still unconscious but stable Carl, Shane enters the room. Lori tells him to stay.

"Cherokee Rose"

Shane asks Lori if she really meant it when she said stay. Lori says she did but does not elaborate. Lori then asks Glenn to discreetly get her something secret while he is on a pharmacy run. Later, Lori helps the group attempt to pull a fallen walker out of the farm's well, however it disintegrates as they pull it out, filling the well with blood and guts. Carl tells Rick that Lori informed him Sophia still isn't rescued yet. At night, Lori moves outside alone and reveals the item she asked Glenn for was a pregnancy test. She takes the test and it shows positive - she is pregnant. She begins to cry upon seeing the result.


In another flashback, the apocalypse has begun and people are frantically trying to leave the city. Lori, Shane and Carl are stuck in a traffic jam. Lori and Carl speak to Carol and Sophia, also stuck in the traffic, along with Carol's abusive husband, Ed. When Carl exclaims he is hungry, Carol offers some of their food. Ed, however, berates her for talking to strangers, saying it's not safe. Lori and Shane notice people moving into the forest nearby and ask Carol to watch Carl while they head over to find out what's happening. They stop when they see the city of Atlanta in the distance, being bombed by the military in order to try to curb the walker outbreak. Shane is stunned and Lori becomes overwhelmed with fear. Shane comforts her while she cries. In present time, Lori wakes up and helps Carol with the laundry. Carol asks Lori if she would ask the Greenes if they can cook a thank you dinner in their kitchen. When Lori asks why Carol won't ask, Carol says it would look better coming from the "First Lady" of their group. Glenn later confronts Lori about her pregnancy and begs her to tell Rick. She pleads with him to keep it secret until she finds the right time to tell. Rick asks Lori for advice about Sophia, as it's been days since they last saw her and the search is beginning to seem hopeless. Lori insists they keep searching and says if it were Carl, they would want everyone to keep looking. After Daryl nearly dies looking for Sophia, Shane tells Lori he thinks Rick should start making tougher calls and stop the search. Lori disagrees with him and says she respects Rick continuing to look. Shane says all he cares about now is her and Carl, but Lori says he needn't concern himself as she and her son are not his problem, or his excuse, anymore. Later, Lori helps Carol, Patricia and Beth prepare the thank you meal for everyone.


Lori and Carl are feeding the chickens on Hershel's farm. Carl asks where one chick's mother is and Lori avoids the obvious answer. Carl then notes that it was probably eaten, saying "Everything is food for something else". Lori is unsettled by his dark outlook. Later, Glenn again urges Lori to tell Rick about the pregnancy but when Lori becomes distressed, he comforts her and says he'll support her no matter what. Later, Lori and Rick find out that Carl stole a gun in order to feel safe and they debate whether they should teach him to use weapons. Lori feels Carl is too young to be armed and out in the wilderness, and still needs to recover from his injury. She eventually agrees with Rick that it's important he knows how to use a weapon, and allows him to practice shooting. Lori helps Hershel with repairing the farm fence and thanks him for everything he's done. As they talk, Hershel mentions how he wants her group to leave soon. She panics and later tells Rick to convince Hershel to change his mind and allow them to stay. Rick says he needs time to wait for the right moment to ask. Dale confronts Lori about her pregnancy after Glenn reveals it to him. He notices her morning sickness and tells her his wife had the same symptoms. He explains they experienced a miscarriage and stopped trying after that. Lori is distressed that Dale knows about her pregnancy. He asks if she hasn't told Rick yet because of Shane. Lori is horrified Dale knew about her accidental affair with Shane, and explains she slept with him because she "felt like I died with [Rick]" and wanted to feel something. Dale tries to reason that her baby is worth keeping because he still remembers joy but Lori doesn't think children will have enough good memories made in the apocalypse. Glenn apologizes for telling her secret and Lori forgives him. She then asks him to go on another pharmacy run. He agrees, taking Maggie with him, but Maggie is attacked by a walker in the pharmacy. When the two return, Maggie screams at Lori for making them risk their lives for her methotrexate (pregnancy terminating) pills. Glenn later comes to Lori to give her some prenatal vitamins in case she changes her mind. Lori takes the pills to induce a miscarriage, but immediately had a change of heart, running to a nearby field and threw them up. Rick enters their tent and finds the pills. He confronts Lori. They argue, with Rick angry that she wouldn't tell him nor consult with him about what to do. Lori says she does not want to raise a child in the apocalypse, even though she threw the pills up. Rick is through with their communication issues getting the best of them and he asks her if there's anything else she's hiding. She admits her affair with Shane and Rick admits he knew deep down something had occurred between them. He says he understands Lori thought he was dead.

"Pretty Much Dead Already"

The group is eating breakfast. Lori notices Rick is lost in thought and asks him where he "went". He reassures her that he's right here. Glenn then tells the group that the barn is filled with walkers. They're stunned and head down to the barn to check. The walkers bang against the padlocked doors. Rick says he'll talk to Hershel about it but is hesitant to leave the farm as Sophia has not been found yet. Shane wants to leave for Fort Benning. Daryl says he's close to finding Sophia but Shane insults Daryl, who attacks Shane, while Lori and Rick help break up their altercation. Shane tells Lori "Keep your hands off me". Later, Carl asks Lori if Shane really does believe Sophia is dead. He says he wants to stay until they find her and doesn't want to leave the farm at all. Rick tells Shane Lori is pregnant. Later, Shane confronts Lori again about thinking Rick was dead, but his confrontation turns into asking her to think of a time when Rick saved her life. He tells her he's saved her life four times now. He then says the reason she didn't abort the baby is because she knows it's his. Lori tells him it's Rick's but Shane is skeptical. Lori states that the baby will never be Shane's despite any dispute about paternity. Later when Shane opens the barn and frees the walkers, Lori protects Carl, later comforting him and crying when Sophia is revealed as a walker.


Lori tries to comfort Rick who is distraught about Sophia and feels foolish for believing she was still alive. Later, she tries to convince Carol to attend the funeral being held for Sophia but she does not want to attend. Lori is disturbed when Carl tells her he would've put Sophia down if he could. Lori implores Rick to talk him out of his increasingly "cold" state of mind. Dale begins to figure out that Shane killed Otis and tells Lori he feels Shane is dangerous and unpredictable. After Beth goes into a belated catatonic shock state from the shooting at the barn, Lori tries convincing Daryl to go out and help Rick and Glenn find Hershel. Daryl is offended she would even ask when Rick and Glenn are already out there and yells at her when she calls him selfish. Lori decides to head out herself, taking a map and revolver with her. As she drives away, she becomes preoccupied while looking at the map and hits a stray walker on the road. The car spins out of control and flips over.


Lori awakens in the wrecked car, which is flipped on its side. She screams when she sees a walker trying to break through the windshield to get to her. She tries to work her way out of the lopsided car and kills the walker with a screwdriver she finds. When she escapes the wreck, another walker attacks her. After a terrifying struggle, Lori eventually retrieves her gun from the car, shooting the walker in the head. Later, Shane finds Lori walking up the road, still attempting to head to town to find Rick. He gets out of his car and tries to convince her to go home. Lori refuses his attention and refuses to get into the car. Realizing that he has to lie to get her back to the farm, Shane tells Lori that Rick is already back at the farm. They arrive at the farm and Lori immediately finds out Rick is not there. Shane defends his lie, insisting in front of the group that the baby's safety was at stake. The group is shocked to hear Lori is pregnant, including Carl; who is upset he was kept in the dark. Lori is lost for words and furious at Shane. Later, Carl and Lori discuss the baby, and Carl shares his excitement about being a big brother. Lori tells Dale that she and Rick never gave Carl "the talk" about how babies are made, because they forgot before the world fell apart. Shane appears, asking Lori if they can talk but she is still angry about his dishonesty, both with the white lie about Rick and the ongoing issue of Rick not being dead in the hospital. She alludes to the Otis incident, to garner Shane's reaction but he says he killed Otis because of his love for Lori and Carl. Lori tells Shane she told Rick about their affair. Shane becomes agitated, asking Lori if she really told Rick how close they became or if she only told him of their infidelity. He argues his intentions are only ever in keeping Lori safe and wills her to see that she loves him, too. Lori continually denies any emotional depth as Shane frames the affair as the "one good thing" they had since the world fell apart.

The next day as the Grimes family is reunited, Rick notices Lori's minor injuries and asks her what happened. Lori says she was in a car accident. Shane interjects that he had found Lori walking alone looking for Rick, and brought her back to the farm.

Rick and Lori are in their tent alone later. Both wounded, they help each other undress. Lori says they need to talk about Shane, because he thinks the baby is his. Lori assures her husband that, no matter what, it will always be Rick's. Rick confesses that in the bar he took human lives to protect what is his. Lori holds Rick and whispers in his ear that Shane thinks what's Rick's is his; that Shane is dangerous and needs to be stopped. Rick contemplates Lori's warning.

"18 Miles Out"

Rick tells Shane that Lori thinks he's dangerous. They discuss the affair and Shane stresses that he had no interest in Lori before the events of the apocalypse. Maggie tells Lori that Glenn froze up at the bar shootout because she "got into his head". Lori brushes this off and tells her Glenn is a big boy. She advises Maggie to tell him to "Man up and get it together" but adds "Just don't say man up". Lori brings Beth a tray of food. She empathizes with Beth's loss of her mother, saying she herself had tried unsuccessfully to get her own mother on the phone when the apocalypse broke out. Beth asks Lori how she could have a baby in such a world. "I don't really have a choice," Lori says. Meanwhile, Lori collects Beth's lunch, which hasn't been touched. As Lori clears Beth's tray, she notices the knife missing. She confronts Beth, who reveals it from under the covers and hands it over. Maggie scolds Beth for considering suicide. Lori and Andrea listen from the kitchen. Andrea tells Lori she shouldn't have taken the knife away — Beth "has to choose to live on her own." Lori is horrified Andrea would even suggest this, particularly after her own battle with suicidal thoughts. Andrea says she came through it but Lori argues she has stopped helping the group since then. Andrea argues that she keeps guard but Lori says the men already do that and she could help the women around the house instead. Lori says the general house maintenance creates "stability, a life worth living" but Andrea does not see this as important. When Andrea says Lori takes her safety for granted, Lori explains her son was shot and her husband is out on a mission for the hundredth time. Andrea tells her she's lucky to even have a husband and son to worry about. She also mentions she knows about Lori's affair with Shane. "Go in there and tell [Beth] everything's gonna be OK, just like it is for you. She'll get a husband, son, baby, boyfriend. She just has to look on the bright side". Later, Andrea deliberately leaves Beth unattended to allow her to make her decision. Beth locks herself in the bathroom and smashes the mirror. Lori pries open the door, but not before Beth has cut her wrist. "I'm sorry," Beth cries, having decided she does not want to die. Andrea asks what happened. Lori reports that Beth didn't cut herself too deeply. "She wants to live," Andrea smiles. Maggie is furious, however, and tells Andrea she's forbidden to enter the Greene family's home from now on.

"Judge, Jury, Executioner"

Lori finds Rick tying a noose in the barn. He asks if she supports his decision about Randall. "If you think it's best," she says, asking what happened on the road with Shane. "He won't be a problem any more," Rick answers. As the sun sets, Rick again asks Lori if she thinks he's doing the right thing. Lori nods. Carl yells at Carol when she tells him they'll see Sophia in heaven one day. Carol confronts Lori and Rick about it. Lori tells Carol to calm down and Carol snaps back "I lost my daughter, I didn't lose my mind". Carl wanders the outskirts of the farm and accidentally antagonizes a walker who ends up following him back to camp. The group gathers in the house. Rick asks if anyone thinks Randall should be spared. Dale posits that the only people who think so are himself and Glenn, but Glenn too sides with Rick. "He's not one of us," Glenn offers. Eventually, the decision is made to execute Randall. As Rick is about to shoot him, Carl appears and implores his dad to go through with it. Rick brings Carl back to camp and tells Lori what happened. "He wanted to watch," Rick says. "I couldn't." Dale walks through the fields, disgusted and angry at his group for the execution he believes has since taken place. He hears the moans of a dying cow and goes to investigate; the cow had been gutted. He turns and is attacked by the walker that Carl found in the creek bed. Daryl runs to the scene, where the walker is on top of Dale, tearing into his stomach. Daryl stabs the walker in the head, then shouts for help. Dale's intestines are spilling out of his gut. He goes into shock. Rick tries to get Hershel to begin preparing for surgery but Hershel shakes his head, there's no saving Dale. As Dale writhes on the ground, Carl recognizes the walker as the one he saw earlier. Horrified, he buries his head in Lori's lap and cries. Daryl ultimately puts Dale down.

"Better Angels"

Lori and others help to pack their belongings into the back of the truck, in order to move everyone into the house, while Rick delegates roles and instructions. Lori witnesses Shane's unhappiness with Rick about his decision to release Randall. Rick is back in command and Shane is obviously bitter about it. Lori is struggling to lift a packed crate. T-Dog insists that she shouldn't be lifting anything heavy in her condition, then offers to assist, and Lori is grateful. She tells Hershel that she, Rick and Carl will sleep in the living room, but Hershel refuses it; generously offering up his bedroom instead. Later, Lori approaches Shane, who is fixing the electrical tower. Lori asks Shane to come down from the tower. They lightheartedly reminisce about a pre-apocalypse occasion where Shane showed Rick up by fixing a sink (while Rick flooded the basement). Lori tells him that she felt there'd be enough room for emotional recovery after Sophia's death, but after Dale's, the direness of their situation is unavoidable. Lori says she made a mess of things and put he and Rick at odds, she tells him she really does not know whose baby she's carrying. She remembers the night they escaped the city and thanks Shane for saving her and Carl, and apologizes for the mess made since. Unfortunately, Shane interprets this acknowledgment as rekindled romantic interest and becomes obnoxious toward Rick, teasing him about spending more time dealing with Randall than his own son, who he informs came to him with the gun and told him he was the one who led the walker that killed Dale to the farm. Later when Shane prepares to kill Rick, he reasons that he is a better man for Lori and that Lori is "a broken woman".

"Beside the Dying Fire"

Lori is at the house when a huge herd of walkers begins invading the farm. She goes to get Carl, but can't find him and starts to panic. She doesn't want to leave in case Carl comes back, but Carol convinces her they have to go. When she, Beth, Patricia, Carol, and T-Dog try to flee, Patricia is suddenly grabbed and attacked by several walkers, while still holding Beth's hand. Lori manages to pull Beth away from Patricia, and Carol gets separated from them in the struggle. As Lori, Beth and T-Dog drive away from the farm, T-Dog says they need to drive toward the coast. Lori does not want to leave the location until they look for Rick and Carl, as well as the Greenes. T-Dog gives in when Lori threatens to jump out of the car if he keeps driving away. They reach the highway and reunite with the others (except Jimmy and Patricia, who were killed, and Andrea, who was accidentally left behind). When Daryl questions why Randall was turned despite having no evidence of walker bites, Rick finally informs the group that Dr. Jenner told him in TS-19 the walkers do not pass on infection with bites or scratches, but that the infection is somehow part of them all genetically. If anyone dies at all, they will turn, no matter the cause of death. The group is disturbed and begin to question why Rick didn't tell them sooner. Later, Lori comforts Rick and tells him he must've had his reasons for not letting the group know. Rick starts to reveal how he killed Shane, becoming too weary of his threats and wanting their feuding to finally end. He says he knew Jenner was right about the infection when Shane turned almost instantly after being stabbed. During the revelation, a speechless Lori slowly withdraws. She is fearful at what her husband has become, and guilty of her own hand in it. Rick mentions Carl was there and had to put Shane down to save Rick. Visibly angered and disturbed, Lori hangs her head and takes a few seconds to catch her breath. When Rick tries to touch her, she lashes out, horrified at what the situation has become, as well as Carl's involvement. She walks away, leaving Rick alone. Around the campfire, Rick becomes angered when told by Carol to do something to help their dire situation. Rick indignantly defends his role as reluctant leader; saying he killed his best friend for the group. Carl is stunned, as he assumed Shane had just been bitten when he caught up to them in the field. He cries as Lori hugs him. Fed up with the group's doubts, Rick implements a dictatorship, saying "this isn't a democracy anymore". A short distance away, the prison is visible.

Season 3[]


Lori is roughly eight or nine months pregnant. The survivors are desperate to settle down somewhere safe but are forced to keep moving as walkers follow their every move. It becomes clear Rick is not talking to or acknowledging Lori at all. As the survivors discover an abandoned prison swarming with walkers, Lori helps distract the walkers from behind the interior fence, making it possible for Rick to close the security gate at the other end of the field, securing the location for the night. The group camps around a fire and Beth tells Lori the prison will be a safe place to have the baby. Lori doesn't respond. Rick joins the camp and silently offers Lori his food, who refuses but eventually accepts when he won't eat it himself. Later, Rick reveals his plan to clear out the rest of the prison block the next morning. Lori tries to convince Rick to let them all spend a few more days just in the secured field. She wants to talk about the baby as well but Rick is in no frame of mind to begin talking to her again and harshly brushes her off. She is left standing alone, near tears. After securing the prison block, Lori tries to thank Rick but he ignores her again. Lori bunks with Carol. Later, Carol informs Hershel that Lori needs him but won't tell Rick what's wrong. A tearful Lori tells Hershel she hasn't felt the baby kick in a few days and is scared it may turn while still in her womb, possibly even trying to kill her internally. Even though Hershel doesn't want Lori to think about that, she continues and begs him to put her down if she dies during childbirth and turns, without any hesitation. Hershel reluctantly agrees. She then reveals to him that she believes it would have been better if she'd never made it off the farm, she feels she's a burden and Rick and Carl both hate her. She says she "put the knife in his hand" in regards to Rick killing Shane. Hershel reasons that her baby does not and never will care about any of this mess. As Rick and the group prepare to clear out and inspect the tombs, Lori watches from her prison cell.


When Rick and the group return to C Block with an unconscious Hershel bleeding out from his amputated leg, Lori and Carol rush to stop the bleeding. They ask for the others to find any bandages or material possible to plug the wound. Carl sneaks away to find the prison infirmary and returns with enough supplies needed to help Hershel. Lori is grateful but angry at Carl for going off alone, and is horrified when he reveals he had to kill walkers to get to the first aid kit. Lori tries to explain that even with the whole crew around him, Hershel still got bit and lost his leg. Carl becomes angry at being reprimanded and tells Lori "get off my back!", to which Beth yells "Carl! She's your mother, you can't talk to her like that". Carl runs away, embarrassed.

Lori asks Rick what he plans to do about the prisoners he found in the cafeteria and Rick says he doesn't have many options besides killing them. Lori assures Rick that while she's a shitty wife and not winning any mother of the year awards, she knows Rick is not a cold-blooded killer and implores him to do whatever he feels is right for protecting the group.

Carol notes that Lori must be worried sick about giving birth but Lori reassures her she's fine. Carol then moves out to the field to practice a C-section delivery on a female walker.

Hershel stops breathing and Lori performs CPR on him. He awakens suddenly and grabs Lori, making it seem like he may have turned. However, he was simply startled upon gaining consciousness and falls back into a slumber. Rick returns and shares a sentimental moment with Hershel (who thanks Rick with a silent handshake) and the group, as they acknowledge how lucky the Greene family are to still be together. Lori exits the room and heads to a passover outside; Rick follows. Lori and Rick have a sparse conversation, without making eye contact. Rick says he doesn't think Lori is a bad mother, but doesn't correct her when she replies, "but wife is a different story". They both acknowledge ironically that "for better or for worse" this was it: divorce isn't an option. Rick gives Lori credit for saving Hershel, but she admits to hoping Rick wanted to talk about their marriage. Not ready to forgive and forget yet, Rick can only allow himself to reach out and touch Lori's shoulder stiffly. He thanks her, only on the group's behalf, for saving Hershel, then leaves. Lori begins to cry, leaning into the spot on her arm where Rick touched her.

"Killer Within"

Lori, Beth, and Carl help Hershel use crutches for the first time. They guide him out into the prison yard. Rick, Glenn and Daryl are collecting firewood and notice Hershel out and about, as do T-Dog, Carol and Maggie who are moving cars. Everyone watches happily as Hershel seems to be fully recovering. Rick and Lori smile warmly at each other on opposite sides of the fence. The moment of happiness is broken when walkers suddenly swarm the yard, right where Lori, Carl, Beth and Hershel are standing. Rick and Daryl race to unlock the gates separating them as Glenn rushes to secure the prison fence. Lori, Maggie, and Carl flee to Cell Block C only to discover there are walkers swarming the inside, too. Running through the dark corridors of the prison tombs, the stress of the situation causes Lori to go into early labor. Carl finds them a safe place inside the boiler room. Lori tries pushing but begins hemorrhaging. She is close to losing consciousness and Maggie tells her that she needs to have a C-section or else the baby will die, too. Lori makes the decision to have her abdomen cut open with Carl's knife, so the baby can be removed, despite knowing she will not survive the procedure. She tells Carl not to be afraid and to take care of Rick and his sibling, before they begin to cry and embrace each other. Maggie cries too. Lori asks Maggie to put her down once the delivery is done. Maggie apologizes, and begins the procedure by cutting open Lori's stomach. The shock and loss of blood causes Lori to scream and lose consciousness almost instantly, as Maggie successfully delivers the baby. Carl is unable to speak from shock and cries as he watches his mother's body. The baby is momentarily unconscious before Maggie performs a light version of CPR and the baby begins crying. Maggie prepares to leave, but Carl reminds her that Lori will turn. As Maggie pulls out her gun, Carl tells her he wants to do it because Lori is his mother. Maggie heads to the door to check if the swarm of walkers has left. Carl faces his mother one final time and remembers what Rick told him in Better Angels about being prepared for everyone he loves to die eventually. Carl kisses his mother goodbye. Maggie sees the walker herd leaving and heads back to where Carl is, just as a gunshot rings out. Carl walks silently past her to the door as she stands there, speechless. Back in the prison yard, Rick is consulting with Hershel and Beth about the whereabouts of everyone missing. He is midway through arranging for Daryl, Glenn, Oscar, Axel and himself to go back through the prison when he hears the cries of the newborn baby. Rick turns around to see Carl and Maggie emerging from C Block. Rick asks where Lori is, but when Carl and Maggie cannot form words, Rick realizes Lori has died, and breaks down in tears.

"Say the Word"

In Rick's grief, he heads into the prison tombs to retrace Lori's final journey. He eventually reaches the boiler room and finds her shoes and jeans. He also finds a walker which has devoured her body and a piece of hair lingers on its mouth. He takes the hair and stabs the walker several times in the gut.


Rick begins to hallucinate the voices of Amy, Jim, and Jacqui through a nearby defunct telephone. He is unable to tell who they are at first and believes he has found help. They ask him several questions: "How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?". They hang up on him when he won't reveal why he killed people. They call back eventually and he reveals his reasons. Rick temporarily cleans up and checks on the group but will not acknowledge the baby. Rick then tells Hershel about the phone and Hershel (after testing the phone) realizes Rick needs to go through this, leaving him to it. Rick is confused when the voices on the phone know about Lori's death, before Lori's own voice comes through, revealing that the calls were merely hallucinations in Rick's mind. Rick breaks down upon realizing he's talking to her, and begins to explain why he acted so distant from her. He felt that he could not realistically approach their marriage problems until they were safe. He tells her that regardless of his treatment of her, he loved her. She tells him that she loves him too, but he needs to get it together for Carl and his newborn daughter, telling him that they need him. As Rick comes back to reality, the call breaks up and Rick realizes it's not real. He hangs up the phone and goes to meet his daughter for the first time.

"The Suicide King"

Rick has a frightening vision of Lori just as he is deciding the fate for Tyreese's group. She appears above the group on an elevated balcony, darkened by shadow and wearing her wedding dress. Her face appears to be rotten. She does not speak. Rick becomes distressed saying "I can't help you, why are you here? Get out!". Tyreese's group believes Rick is talking to them. Maggie tries comforting Rick but he lashes out at her, and she grabs Carl away from him in fear. Rick continues yelling at the ghost and the others urge Tyreese's group to just leave before the situation worsens.


Rick surveys the prison yard in the early morning through binoculars, and spots the same vision of Lori from The Suicide King, standing by the makeshift graves. He rushes down there and she is visible to him right up until he reaches out for her, then she vanishes. He becomes confused and searches for her, before spotting the vision outside the prison gates, moving toward the lake. Rick rushes to unlock the gates, startling Michonne who is camping in the prison bus. Michonne watches as Rick moves outside the gates, and he catches up to the vision of Lori. She turns to face him and touches her hand to his face. They embrace while Michonne looks on at Rick standing alone. Later, Hershel comes to console Rick who has been outside the gates all day. He asks Rick to come back inside as Glenn is on a warpath against The Governor and the group needs direction. Rick explains he saw Lori (and Shane in Woodbury) and feels it's all happening for a reason. Hershel asks if he was speaking to Lori on the phone previously and he says yes. Hershel pleads with Rick to get some rest but he continues looking for Lori.


Lori is seen in a family photo that is scavenged for by Carl and Michonne, so Judith would know what her mother looked like.

"This Sorrowful Life"

After being forced to hand Michonne over in exchange for The Governor not attacking the prison, Rick is outside looking for wire to tie up Michonne's hands. He looks up and a vision of pregnant Lori appears to him on the prison's walkway, where they had their final conversation in "Sick". He says to himself "You're not there, she's not there" but Lori remains. Rick decides against handing Michonne over and abandons the wire he found. He goes inside and tells Hershel he will not be handing Michonne over.

"Welcome to the Tombs"

While Rick is getting ready to depart the prison with the rest of the group, due to The Governor's impending attack, Lori appears to him on the prison catwalk again. Later, when Rick, Daryl, and Michonne return to the prison with Tyreese, Sasha, Karen, and all of the other Woodbury citizens, Rick glances back up at the catwalk and notices that Lori's vision has finally disappeared. He understands now; these hallucinations were his ongoing guilt manifesting; now it's gone because he stopped being cold and ruthless toward people and began trying to help and save once again.

Season 4[]


Lori is shown in the photo that Carl had taken from King County for Judith.

Season 7[]

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

Lori appears briefly in a flashback when Rick reflects on memories with all of his friends while panicking over the possibility that his other friends could be killed by the Saviors.

Season 9[]

"What Comes After"

Lori's voice is heard asking Rick what his wound is as he approaches Shane on horseback.


Killed By

As Lori, Maggie and Carl attempt to escape from the walkers Andrew let into the prison in a deliberate attempt to have Rick and the others killed, Lori begins to enter into labor due to the stress.

As they flee and hide in the boiler room, Lori begins to suffer from contractions. Although Maggie encourages her to hold on while they figured out how to escape, Lori realizes that she has to start pushing the baby out now. Midway into pushing, however, Maggie tells her to stop as blood starts to leak out.

Unable to push the baby out naturally, Lori tells Maggie that she has to give her an emergency Cesarean Section in order to save her baby's life.

After tearfully saying goodbye to Carl, Maggie cuts her abdomen open, causing her extreme pain, shock and blood loss. While Maggie is able to save Lori's baby, Lori dies from the shock and blood loss before seeing her newborn daughter.

After saying a final goodbye to his mother, Carl shoots Lori in the head, preventing her from reanimating. Rick later finds her body devoured by a walker.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Lori has killed:





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  • Sarah Wayne Callies spoke in favor of Lori dying while in the prison, just like her comic counterpart. In an interview she stated, "I argued that it was necessary to kill Lori and I feel very strongly that for all of the other deviations we may have from the comic book, killing Lori does something to Rick that is vital for the story and can't be done any other way." [1]
    • Lori's demise was featured in The Huffington Post's list of "The Biggest 'OMG' TV Moments of 2012",[2] and placed nineteenth in Slate's article covering the year's most noteworthy television moments.
  • Lori appears to be the only member of her family to hold religious beliefs as she tells Carl to say his prayers and herself is once shown to be praying.
  • Lori has a tattoo of a butterfly on her abdomen.
  • Lori is the only original member of the Grimes family not to have killed a human.
  • Lori is one of the thirteen characters in the TV universe to be pregnant during the events of the apocalypse. The others being Maggie Rhee, Eileen, Ava, Vida, an unnamed Sanctuary Worker, an unnamed Kingdommer, Jane Carroll, Michonne Grimes, Rosita Espinosa, Nabila, Grace Mukherjee, and Rachel.
  • Lori is the second main character to predecease her comic counterpart, with the first being Dale Horvath, the third being Andrea Harrison, the fourth being Carl Grimes, the fifth being Jesus, the sixth being Siddiq, and the seventh being Beta.
  • Lori is technically the first named character whose death was caused by Judith Grimes.
    • She is also the first named character whose death was caused by Maggie Rhee.
  • Lori is one of three main character who did not kill a living person on-screen, the others being Dale Horvath and Juanita Sanchez.
  • Lori appears in the archival footage shown at the beginning of "Outpost 22" as Judith narrates past events of the show to the audience before the episode's story begins.
  • Lori appears in the final flashbacks of the last episode "Rest in Peace".

International Dubbers[]

Language Dubber Other Characters Voiced
Czech Irena Máchová N/A
French Gaëlle Savary N/A
German Antje von der Ahe Blair Crawford
Hungarian Ruttkay Laura N/A
Italian Chiara Colizzi N/A
Japanese Izumi Sawada N/A
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Spanish (Latin America) Valeria Gómez N/A
Spanish (Spain) Conchi López N/A