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This Los Angeles River Basin is a location in Season 1 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.


The Los Angeles River Basin is a basin made to keep the area from flooding. Local artists would seemingly come to the basin and paint on the walls of it.


Season 1


They later drive to the river, and Calvin exits the car and retrieves something from the trunk. He opens the door for Nick, and Nick sees a gun in Calvin's pocket. He attempts to grab Calvin's gun and they fight. After a brief struggle, Nick manages to turn the gun on Calvin, and shoots him.

Madison and Travis find Nick after he called Travis. In a state of shock, he stutters that he did a bad thing and killed Calvin, but when they go back to the scene, Calvin is gone, with only his gun on the floor. Nick breaks down in his mother's arms, and the three get back in Travis' car to leave However, as they reverse back out through the tunnel, Travis and Madison see the figure of Calvin behind them, now zombified, his clothes laced with blood from his fatal wound. Travis and Madison exit the car and approach Calvin, concerned for his well being. Madison reaches out to him, and he lurches forward, biting her sleeved arm. She gets away in time, and Travis, grabs hold of Calvin, confused at his actions. Calvin relentlessly tried to attack him, and Nick takes control of the car, reversing it back and running over Calvin. To their surprise, Calvin is apparently still alive, and gets to his feet, his face bloodied and bone potruding from his arm. Nick proceeds to hit Calvin again, ramming him onto the hood of the car, before slamming on the brakes, sending him flying onto the concrete of the river bottom. Madison, Travis and Nick look on in shock at the sight before them.

Incredibly, and to their utter astonishment, the profoundly mutilated Calvin stirs, turning his head towards them. Shocked, Madison asks, "What the hell is happening?"

"I have no idea." replies Travis.

"So Close, Yet So Far"

Fleeing the site of their run-in with Calvin, Travis, Madison and Nick speed home in the truck.

"The Good Man"

After the incident, the group commandeers the remaining cars they had and head back towards L.A., which is seemingly entirely abandoned. Madison asks Strand for instructions, and the latter responds not to take the freeway or go downtown. He tells her to go left to the river and follow down the path. Large fires have engulfed whole neighborhoods across the city.



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