Los Hermanos was a drug cartel gang that appeared in Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead. Their name means "The Brothers" in English. They served as the primary antagonistic group of the second half of Season 2 (along with Brandon's group).


Not much is known about Los Hermanos aside from the fact that they were one of the most feared gang's in Mexico. It's likely that they were based in Tijuana and involved in several organized crimes such as drug dealing/trafficking, murders, and robbery. They also managed to acquire a decent quantity of armaments and vehicles before to outbreak in order to use in any possible situation.


After the initial outbreak, the Los Hermanos gangsters made use of their advantage of being heavily armed, combat-trained and comparatively numerous, survived the initial chaos and took over the local El Pelícano Supermarket in East Tijuana. They continued to follow their leader Marco Rodriguez, and remained active by scavenging around the area for resources and neutralizing the undead. To fulfill the substances addiction of some of their members, they trade their abundant supplies with other survivors to exchange for street drugs like Oxycodone, and become well known in the area to other survivors for their trade. However, they can make harsh and unfavorable deals to other survivors, and may brutally slaughter them if anything goes wrong with the trade, owing to their selfish and ruthless nature preexisting before the apocalypse.

In the episode "North", the gang successfully tracks down La Colonia, and decided to assault and annihilate the community to pillage their abundant drug supply. However, Nick and Luciana managed to evacuate all the residents before the assault, and arranged the dying leader Alejandro to stay behind. After the Los Hermanos gangsters successfully breaks into La Colonia, Alejandro took his last breath to drive away the bus that blocks the gates, and unleashed a zombie horde into La Colonia, effectively trapping all the gangster inside and wiped them off eventually. Its assumed that all the Los Hermanos gangsters are eliminated.


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Los Hermanos have killed:

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