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Lama Rinpoche Losang is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. He is the leader of the Union of Hope.


According to Isabelle, Losang sees Laurent as the future Messiah of the human race while Azlan tells Daryl that Losang will nurture and groom him into this role. Losang himself admits that he was skeptical until he met Laurent in person while on a pilgrimage. Losang is very religious, often giving sermons to his people.

Losang is a kind man who helped Azlan through his suicidal depression and Azlan states that Losang will help Daryl to get a boat back to America. After hearing of Azlan's death, Losang is visibly saddened. Losang quickly earns Daryl's trust when they meet and keeps his word to help Daryl find a way home and tries to get Daryl to stay, expressing understanding and sympathy for Daryl being torn between staying and going back to America.

Despite his kind nature and religious beliefs, Losang is shown to be practical, stating that his people will pray that Genet will never come after them, but they will be prepared to fight back if that day ever comes.


Hoboken, New Jersey, United States of America[]

Losang was born in Hoboken, New Jersey and grew up in the United States.

Paris, Île-de-France, France[]

In the 1990s, Losang came to Paris as a student, and he ended up staying in France afterwards.


Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy, France[]

At some point following the outbreak, Losang became the leader of the Union of Hope setting up a community called the Nest at Mont-Saint-Michel. When Azlan first arrived at the Nest, Losang helped the man through his suicidal depression.

He embarked upon a pilgrimage at one point that led Losang to the Abbey of Saint Bernadette. Upon meeting Laurent and hearing the extraordinary circumstances of his birth, Losang became convinced that the boy was the Messiah destined to lead humanity to a revival. Six months before the arrival of Daryl Dixon in France, Losang declared that it was time for Laurent to come to the Nest. However, before Père Jean could make the trip with the boy, he died and reanimated, leaving the nuns unable to deliver Laurent to Losang.

Season 1[]

"L'âme Perdue"[]

Isabelle calls Daryl the messenger to deliver Laurent and shows him a crude drawing of Daryl on the beach, something that the boy had drawn three weeks ago, before Daryl ever came to the abbey. Daryl is dubious of the importance of Laurent having drawn a guy on a beach, but Isabelle has seen Daryl fight the gurreiers and she knows that Daryl can get Laurent there safely. Their leader is a Buddhist monk who came through on a pilgrimage some years ago and recognized something in Laurent which the nuns believe to be an answer to a prophecy. The Union of Hope has a base up north with a community that will raise and nurture the boy to be who he was born to be. Six months before, Lama Rinpoche said that it was time and Père Jean was supposed to escort him, but he died and reanimated with a disgusted Daryl noting that the nuns think that prayers and poetry is gonna fix him. In the armory, Daryl gathers more weapons including a crossbow, a knife and a morning star while Isabelle continues trying to convince him. Isabelle insists that Laurent is special, having lost his mother in childbirth which he shouldn't have survived, but he did. Laurent has shown abilities, perception and compassion beyond any child and he sees into people. Daryl sarcastically remarks that he knew a kid like that in grade school who got his ass kicked a lot. Isabelle tells Daryl that Laurent needs teaching and guidance that the nuns can't provide, and he'll be safer with the Union and nurtured until he's ready to be the new Messiah and lead the revival of humanity.

Daryl later agrees to help deliver Laurent to Losang in exchange for help in getting to the port in Le Havre.

"Deux Amours"[]

Azlan reveals to Daryl that Le Havre is under Genet's control, but promises him that Losang will help Daryl to get a boat back to America. Azlan shares the story of how Losang had helped him through his suicidal depression and reveals that the Nest is located at Mont-Saint-Michel. However, Laurent expresses a desire to follow Daryl to America rather than going to the Nest and Losang.

"Coming Home"[]

Daryl's group finds and crosses the tide lands leading to Mont-Saint-Michel and finally reaches the Nest where the inhabitants joyfully greet them. Losang welcomes Laurent to the Nest and orders his people to get Isabelle to the infirmary quickly, reassuring Laurent that the Nest has good doctors, and they will do everything that they can for her. After Laurent reveals that Daryl doesn't speak French, Losang greets Daryl in perfect unaccented English, revealing much to Daryl's surprise that Losang is American too. Losang explains that he's originally from Hoboken, New Jersey and he came to Paris as a student in the 90's, something that Azlan didn't mention. Daryl reveals that Azlan didn't make it and Losang sadly tells Daryl that Azlan will be missed, and he was a good man, devoted and kind. Daryl warns Losang that Genet will be coming for them, and Losang promises that while they will pray that she won't, the Union will be ready if the day ever comes that she does.

Isabelle awakens in the infirmary some time later and finds Daryl teaching a class on using guns while Laurent enjoys playing soccer with other children. Laurent hugs his aunt while Daryl gives her a wave while continuing with his class. As time passes, Losang and Laurent walk with each other discuss philosophy, everyone enjoys dinner together, Isabelle and Sylvie watch Daryl playing with Laurent and Daryl watches Isabelle listening to a lecture by Losang. After finding Isabelle cleaning her wound, Daryl helps her clean it at her request. Daryl admits that the Nest isn't what he had expected, having expected to find a bunch of Amish people running around. Isabelle likes it at the Nest which feels like home to her, and Daryl admits that it kind of grows on you.

Walking with Daryl, Losang admits that he had been skeptical when Père Jean had first sent word of Laurent, but Losang decided to do the pilgrim's Camino to Santiago, so he stopped at the abbey to meet him, and he knew that Père Jean was right. Daryl calls Laurent a good kid, one who Losang says looks up to Daryl and is here because of him, although Daryl deflects that it was thanks to Isabelle really. Losang is grateful to the both of them and sorry to see Daryl go, surprising Daryl. Losang explains that Daryl kept his word and the Union kept theirs: they've found a vessel to help get Daryl home. Fishermen from Dover will give Daryl safe passage to England, and they know of boats that can get him as far as Newfoundland, although Daryl will have to figure out the rest on his own. The boat will be there in two days and Daryl will have to walk to the north coast, so Losang suggests that he set out at dawn unless he's changed his mind.

A conflicted Daryl tells Losang that he's got people waiting for him back home, but Losang points out that Daryl has people who hope that he will stay in France. Watching Isabelle and Laurent through a window, Daryl admits that it's not so easy and Losang acknowledges that they don't know what tomorrow will bring and Daryl needs to go an ocean away with the world being what it is while Losang and his people need Daryl too here and now. While the Power of the Living isn't Daryl's fight, Losang suggests that Isabelle and Laurent are the reason that he's torn, stating that "sometimes, when a person leaves home, he comes to find he belongs someplace else.

Season 2[]

Losang will appear in this season.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Losang has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people





Daryl Dixon[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

  • TBA


  • Losang is the first Buddhist in the The Walking Dead franchise.