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"After what happened... I'm supposed to be all pissed. We're all supposed to be all pissed. Why the fuck are you so calm?!"
—Louie to Rick about his and the crowd's anger towards Rick.[src]

Louie is a character first encountered in Issue 131 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about Louie's life before the apocalypse.


Sometime in the apocalypse, Louie managed to find the Hilltop Colony and joined it's community.

A New Beginning

Louie is first seen with Larry, showcasing a new batch of wine to Dante. As Larry asks Dante how it is, Louie tells Larry to let the man drink and let him take it in. After Dante says the batch is actually amazing, and Louie mentions that the two have to replicate the batch in time for the fair, so that they will sell it there and become rich of the wine. Maggie Greene soon comes up to the two and tells them that they need to borrow their taster.

Life And Death

Louie works at the fair with Larry. When questioned about Larry's whereabouts, Louie mentions how a bald woman took him away, and that Larry is probably "getting some". Louie mentions that he's jealous.

No Turning Back

After learning about Larry's death, Louie gets depressed and turns to the alcohol to ease his pain, turning progressively more and more aggressive. He presses Rick and the others to do something, and is shown to be under the influence of alcohol at the meeting the leaders have with the townsfolk. Enraged at Rick's plan, and after a misunderstanding where he thought Rick called them stupid, Louie throws his cup at him, which leads to a fight that quickly escalates to involve everyone present. When Rick shoots his gun up, Louie, alongside everyone else stops and seemingly calms down and leave.

Call To Arms

Louie is seen with the rest of the Militia shooting roamers to practice for the war with the Whisperers. He does well while Vincent almost dies. He returns back to Alexandria.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Louie has killed:



"Let the man drink, Larry! Let him take it in."
—Louie to Larry[src]

Louie and Larry had a good relationship and were close friends as the two made batches of wine together and were able to joke with each other while Dante was tasting the wine. The two would later open a stand at the fair held between the four communities. Louie is deeply upset and angry after his death. Louie most likely joined The Militia as a way to avenge his friend's death.


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