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Thanks... for being here. Listening. Blowing on the strings. Coming here to help me with my project, even after everything I put you through. And everything I had to work through, for myself. Everyone hears the jokes, the piano...and after that, they stop listening. You didn't.
―Louis thanking Clementine for being with him. (Determinant)[src]

Louis, also referred to as Lou, is the determinant tritagonist of The Final Season and a survivor of the outbreak in Telltale's The Walking Dead. He is a hunter and supply runner for Ericson's Boarding School and the best friend of Marlon. Introduced as a humorous and lighthearted survivor, Louis acts as a source of comic relief for his companions. Despite his theatrics and carefree attitude, Louis will still stand up for his friends in their time of need. He is also a possible love interest for Clementine.


Louis is a humorous and upbeat young man whose cheerful attitude is a somewhat rare sight in the apocalypse. Louis prefers to deal with the stresses of survival by taking things one day at a time, something which frustrates the more level-headed members of his group, such as Aasim. Louis is always striving to live in the moment and have fun. Being an aspiring musician, Louis spends much of his time playing the piano at the school and composing new songs. He expresses a desire to preserve music and thinks it is important to bring some levity and entertainment into the bleak existence most people face.

Although he is often seen teasing his fellow companions, Louis does cares immensely for his friends and will do whatever it takes to protect them. If the safety of his allies is ever threatened, Louis is shown to have a much more serious side. After A.J. kills his best friend Marlon, at him and Clementine and is one of the people to kick them out. However, Louis is quick to forgive AJ and is remorseful after he is shot. Louis expresses guilt over Marlon's death, believing that it never would have come to that if he was more concerned with the day-to-day running of the school. From that point on, Louis takes his training much more seriously.

Underneath his playful exterior, Louis seems to have a rather low opinion of himself. If he becomes close with Clementine, he will confide in her, saying she is the only person who has ever seen him more than just his jokes and music. Later if Clementine saves him, he will feel guilty and question why Clementine saved him, believing that he wouldn't save himself. Before they infiltrate the boat, he privately reveals to Clementine that his attitude is just a front and that he is just as scared as everyone else. Louis is also very uncomfortable with killing people and is horrified after he accidentally kills Dorian, who turns out to be his first human kill ever.

If Louis is taken by the Delta, he will be deeply traumatized, due to his tongue being cut out. However, he slowly starts to recover when he returns to the school and retains his humor, shown when he gives Clementine a slip of paper with a joke on it.


Ericson's Boarding School[]

Louis was born in 1993 and came from a wealthy family, where he was given whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it, except singing lessons. He also owned a pet turtle named Geoff. His father told him "You get to be happy, or you get to be rich, you don't get to be both". Louis was angered by this, so he began to make many false purchases on his father's credit card to frame him for having a mistress, making sure to anonymously send the invoices to his mother. As his mother and father fought, Louis pretended to cry to make it seem real. After their divorce was finalized, Louis came clean and repeated his father’s words, resulting in his parents sending him away the week after. After this, he was a student at Ericson's Boarding School and was best friends with Marlon.


Before Clementine and Alvin Jr. arrived at the boarding school, he and Minerva composed a song together titled "Don't Be Afraid". According to Tenn, she would sing it to the Ericson survivors when they felt scared.

The Final Season[]

"Done Running"[]

Louis is first shown playing the piano to calm Alvin Jr. down. He greets Clementine and tells her that Marlon left her bag in the room somewhere. After Clementine finds her bag, she asks him if he knows any other songs. He responds by saying "Well, there is one, but you're armed." Then he plays "Oh My Darling, Clementine".

Marlon comes into the piano room and asks Clementine and Louis for help with the walkers. As they exit the boarding school, Louis introduces Clementine to Violet, though she ignores her, leading Louis to assure Clementine that Violet "grows on you." He then introduces Clementine to his weapon of choice, a chair leg, reinforced with a few nails, that he's nicknamed "Chairles". He helps kill the walkers that have made their way to the school and compliments Clementine’s capabilities. He also introduces her to the traps set to kill the walkers.

After the hunting party comes back, Louis walks with Clementine and Violet back to the boarding school. He teases Violet that she gave a poor performance and then goes on to give Clem a "solid A".

If Clementine chooses to go hunting with Louis and Aasim, Louis tells them how he views hunting "as a day to day task" rather than obsess over it as Aasim does. Louis later sees a walker hanging in one of their traps and decides to play piñata with it while Aasim goes hunting. Clementine can choose if she wants to help Louis with his "walker piñata" or help Aasim with his duties. If she chooses the former, Louis takes a liking to her and will compliment her on her swinging skills.

Later, he agrees to go with Clementine and Violet to the abandoned train station to look for food. Either gladly or bitterly, he distracts the walkers surrounding the station by insulting them and slamming the bell on the platform. When the group rush out with supplies, he helps fight off the walkers so that they can escape. Back at the school, he praises Clementine's efforts to help the group find food.

That night he is present when confronting Marlon about his human trafficking operation with the Delta. He either defends Clementine or sides with Violet against Marlon. Like the others, he reacts in shock when Alvin Jr. shoots Marlon dead.

"Suffer The Children"[]

Like many at the school, Louis is devastated by Marlon's demise. At the funeral the next morning, he tries to settle the dispute between Mitch and Clementine to no avail. Later, he joins Violet to reveal to Clementine and Alvin Jr. that the group voted 5-3 in favor of exiling the pair from the school. Despite Clementine's pleas (Determinant), Louis insists that they must go, escorting them with Violet beyond the safe zone. He also demands Alvin Jr. give him the revolver he shot Marlon with, Clementine either allowing Louis to take it or stepping in to ensure Alvin Jr. has it for protection. (Determinant)

Dropping them off at the perimeter, Louis and Violet leave Clementine and Alvin Jr., Louis either giving AJ his revolver back or telling him to be careful with it, only to sneak back when Abel and Lilly ambush the pair. Louis sits by as Violet aims, with Abel shooting him in the shoulder if Clementine orders her to fire. He and Violet run back to the school, leaving Clementine and Alvin Jr. to face Abel and Lilly alone.

The next day, Louis approaches the gate when Clementine, carrying a wounded Alvin Jr., arrives. Seeing her collapse, he rushes out to help her. He picks up Alvin Jr., grunting from the strain it imposes on his injured shoulder, (Determinant) and carries the boy inside. He then treats Alvin Jr.'s injuries with Ruby then leaves him to rest. He later confesses to Clementine he had wanted them to stay but couldn't convince the group to let them, hoping they will allow them to stay while Alvin Jr. heals.

Two weeks later, Louis squabbles with Violet about fortifying the school. Frustrated, he tries to do some target practice with Marlon's bow and arrow. When Clementine comes over, he confesses his guilt over Marlon's death, still unsure how he feels about his best friend killing Brody and trafficking Tenn's sisters. He then lets Clementine practice shooting, complimenting or teasing her skills. Later, to brighten the mood, he starts a Truth or Dare card game with Violet, Tenn, Clementine, AJ, and Aasim. Afterward, he decides to play his piano.

Go with Louis: Should Clementine join him, he has her help him tune the piano only to reveal he doesn't know if it works, just doing it to tease Clementine. He then starts playing a new song he came up with. Marking the occasion, he carves his initials in the piano, which Clementine copies. Clementine can draw a heart around it, pleasing Louis. Louis then confesses he has taken a fancy to Clementine. She either confirms she feels the same way, kissing him, or insists they are good friends. (Determinant)

Go with Violet: Louis plays his piano alone.

That night, Lilly and Abel return with more members from their group, The Delta. Louis asks Clementine for some final words of encouragement for the group only for the Delta to launch their attack. He hides, letting Clementine confront Lilly and the group. Eventually, the assault erupts into a skirmish, with Louis using his Chairles weapon to fight off the attackers. If Clementine did not join him with his piano earlier, he tackles Lilly to the ground as she tries to shoot Clementine only for her to overpower him.) Either way, one of the Delta subdues either him or Violet and puts either him/her in their carriage to take back to their main group.

Save Louis (Alive): Louis' attacker falls to the ground, enabling Louis to escape. He confesses terror at losing so many from the group though Clementine points out they caught Abel so they can interrogate him to find out where the Delta are based.

Save Violet (Alive): If Clementine chooses to save Violet, Louis is subdued and is taken to the raiders' camp. During his time with the raiders, he refuses to stop talking in order to protect his friends, so Lilly orders Dorian to cut out his tongue, leaving him with severe trauma.

"Broken Toys"[]

If Louis was saved in "Suffer The Children", then he will be present with Clementine at the school, where he can tell her about his past and why he got sent to the school, the reason being him orchestrating his parents’ divorce by committing fraud, revealing that he purchased several expensive gifts for a mistress he had made up all in his father’s name.

If Louis was not saved in "Suffer the Children", then he'll be seen held captive at The Delta's place of operations where he had his tongue cut out because he defied them and defended Omar and Aasim from their torment. It is also seen that he has developed intense trauma from the incident, curling back up in the corner and whimpering at just the sound of the boat creaking, and even if Clementine swears to get revenge for what they did to him, he pleads with her not to.

If Clementine went to the boat with Louis, upon getting tricked into capture by Minerva, Dorian tries to cut his finger off with a meat cleaver under orders from Lilly to convince Clementine that opposing Lilly is bound to bring pain upon her friends, which gives the player the choice to either let Alvin Jr. (who is behind Dorian and Louis at the time) to take a risk and attack Dorian (which results in Dorian not cutting Louis' finger off, but instead getting a part of her ear bitten off by AJ) or signal for AJ to not try attacking Dorian (resulting in her successfully chopping off Louis's finger).

Later, Clementine manages to break out of her cell and sequentially breaks Louis out of his cell as well, before getting into a fight with Minerva. After the brawl ends with Clementine's victory, Dorian gets alerted and comes over to check on the teenagers, which results in her accidentally getting shot by Louis, who picked up Minerva's crossbow off the ground just as Dorian approached him. After shooting Dorian, Louis is told by Clementine to stay with Aasim and Omar (who were also saved by Clementine from captivity in the Delta’s ship) while Clementine goes back to rescue AJ, who was taken away by Lilly to try to convince him to join the Delta, making this Louis' final appearance in the episode.

"Take Us Back"[]

Louis' role is vastly different depending on his status by the end of episode two. He appears with a whole hand or is missing his left pinkie finger, depending on if he is saved by Clementine in "Suffer The Children" and whether or not Clem let AJ attack Dorian in "Broken Toys". Regardless of whether or not he was saved, Louis is first seen saving Clem from a walker and is happily greeted by AJ, who apologizes for what happened to his tongue. (Determinant) Clementine can then thank him or joke around with him, to which he either responds back or smiles and gives a thumbs up depending on whether or not he has his tongue.

If Louis was saved in "Suffer The Children", Clementine finds Violet injured from the bomb, burnt on the face and blinded in at least one eye. Louis then helps her to her feet, keeping her calm and nearby as the group tries to escape the beach. They watch as Minerva is mauled by a walker, and Louis helps the other students pile into one of the Delta's carts - kissing Clem if romanced (Determinant); but Minerva lobbing a grenade at Clem causes the carthorse to flee - leaving Clem, AJ, and Tenn behind. Louis later meets up with Clementine, AJ, and Tenn after they exit the limestone caves, deciding he needed to search for them. If Clementine lost her finger in Season 3, they will talk about their missing fingers. While walking back to the boarding school, he will confirm to Clementine that Dorian was his first human kill. He explains that despite his previous shock, he is glad that he was able to kill, as he wants to continue to grow into a capable survivor and properly defend the school. He then discusses the rush of emotions he felt while believing they were going to die, and brings up the memory a house that his parents were planning on building. He and Clementine can then imagine various details of the house's interior and exterior, with him proposing that they will eventually build it once they make it back. Upon arriving at a damaged bridge, Louis is present when they are confronted by Minerva, who is leading a horde of walkers with her singing. Minerva attempts to persuade Tenn to die alongside her so that they can be together with Sophie, and attacks when AJ intervenes. He then tries to get Tenn across the bridge, but fails and saves Clementine from a walker before being tackled by Minerva. After being shot by Clementine and starting to get devoured by walkers, Tenn freezes and tries to run to Minerva while Louis tries to snap him out of it.

In-Game Decision[]

Don't trust AJ (Dead): AJ can't bring himself to shoot Tenn, so he yells for Louis to throw him over the gap. As soon as he does, however, Louis is devoured by walkers. Later on, if AJ remains quiet or asks Tenn if he buried Louis and Minerva, Tenn will confirm this by saying that he buried them under rocks and made their graves.

Trust AJ (Alive): If AJ was trusted in the cave, he will shoot Tenn in the neck to save Louis. Louis will jump safely across afterward. He lashes out at AJ for killing Tenn but is calmed down by Clem. Shortly after, he is separated from the two. He is then seen near the end of the game eating with others. After Clem finishes talking with Violet, he gives her crutches to her so they can discuss another group near the map. Louis, Clem, and AJ then talk about that group and decide that Louis and AJ will check them out. Louis also forgives AJ for killing Tenn. If he was romanced, he will kiss Clem after she asks him to be careful and then leaves. If he wasn't romanced, the scene will play out the same but without the kiss.

If Louis wasn't saved in "Suffer The Children", he is silent throughout the duration of the episode (as a result of losing his tongue). After Clementine helps Violet, Louis is loaded onto the cart with the other survivors and taken back to the boarding school. He is seen again near the end of the game eating with others, where he gives Clem a piece of paper. If he was romanced, Clem will smile and exclaim "Louis!", while AJ will want to know what's on the paper, in which Clem tells him to not worry about it. Louis then kisses Clem and is jokingly called an idiot by her. If he wasn't romanced, Clem will laugh and call Louis an idiot, implying he had written down a joke.

Death (Determinant)[]

Killed By

Louis attempts to pull Tennessee away from Minerva, who is in the process of being devoured by walkers as Tenn tries to get himself killed to be with her, Sophie and his family in the afterlife. If AJ was not trusted back in the cave, he will call out at Louis to throw Tenn over the bridge. However, by succeeding in doing this, he is closed in on by walkers and is devoured. According to Tenn he saw the remains and tells AJ that their remains were "just bones and stuff. Meat." Tenn then reveals that he buried him and Minerva under rocks and made their graves (Determinant)

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Louis has killed:

  • Dorian (Accidental, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and animals


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For more of Louis' quotes, please visit Louis (Telltale)/Quotes.

The following is a list of some of Louis' most memorable quotes.

The Final Season

"No problem. Well, not NO problem. He was a bit of handful. But I got off light compared to what Ruby went through. (…) Loud and clear, little man. Thankfully, I was here to calm him down with my alluring music. I'm Louis."
- Louis to Clementine about AJ (Determinant), "Done Running"

"(singing) Oh, my darling. Oh, my darling... Oh, my darling, Clementine... You are lost and gone forever... Dreadful sorry, Clementine... Light she was and like a fairy. And her shoes were number nine. Herring boxes without topses. Sandals were for Clementine."
- Louis singing for Clementine (Determinant), "Done Running"

"Oh, this? It's a chair leg. I call it "Chairles"."
- Louis to Clementine about his weapon, "Done Running"

"Still standing, I see. I'd call that a B-plus performance there, Vi. You've done better. (Violet flips Louis off) B-minus, then. Now, Clem here? That was a solid A. A-plus even. Don't be jealous, Vi. Be better. (…) And she's modest! Do the wonders never cease? (…) We kicked nineteen kinds of walker ass. And with style. Why not be proud?"
- Louis grading Clementine and Violet's fighting, "Done Running"

"Aasim loves giving me crap about having a good time, always telling me I'm not thinking long-term. "We need to guarantee our future," all that horseshit. But I tell him right back, there's only one guarantee: this moment. That's the only thing you got, only thing any of us got. Might as well enjoy it. I'll untie our friend here and reset the snare if you go check on Aasim."
- Louis to Clementine about his mindset (Determinant), "Done Running"

"It was under control! I talked Marlon down, then... he murdered my fucking friend! (…) Oh, just let them go back to the dorms?! What happens the next time one of us does something this kid doesn't like? Should we expect a bullet too? (…) It's exactly what happened! It was over, 'til little Mr. Trigger-Happy decided otherwise!"
- Louis arguing with Violet about AJ, "Suffer The Children"

"Ugh, shit. (…) In a few weeks, or days, or hours, the raiders will be here, burn down our place, and steal or kill us. And then it won't matter how much I sucked at this."
- Louis to Clementine as he tries shooting a bow, "Suffer The Children"

"You sound like Marlon. I mean, not about fighting, but when he was trying to cheer us all up. For years, I sat around making stupid jokes, playing stupid games, while my best friend was left with all the responsibility. (fires arrow) All the tough calls. (fires arrow and misses) All the sleepless nights. (fires arrow and hits edge of target) And eventually, a bullet in the head. And I didn't do a damn thing about it. (takes arrow out of target) And then, when you tried to tell us what he was really like, and AJ shot him, I blamed you. Both of you. If I could take it back, I would. I knew that the day you got back. I still do."
- Louis to Clementine about Marlon and blaming Clementine and AJ for his death, "Suffer The Children"

"So, hey, I'm gonna dig myself into a deep hole from which I'll never emerge. Cool? Cool. Time to get serious. (…) Not really, nope, mm-mm. Thanks...for being here. Listening. Blowing on the strings. Coming here to help me with my project, even after everything I put you through. And everything I had to work through, for myself. Everyone hears the jokes, the piano...and after that, they stop listening. You didn't."
- Louis thanking Clementine for being with him (Determinant), "Suffer The Children"

"Figured out what to call the song. "Clementine", obviously. You know, because I like fruit. And I like you even more, so... There. Gotta admit, of all the things I saw coming, you having a crush on me was not it. You stabbing me in my sleep, yes. Declaration of crush, no."
- Louis after Clementine admits she likes him (Determinant), "Suffer The Children"

"I know I'm always teasing her. Trying to get her to do that one eye roll she does... you know the one? Where it's like you're such a dumbass, she has to do a full-body eye roll. I do it because, when I actually do manage to make her laugh, it's worth it. If I needed her, she'd be there. Meat cleaver in hand, ready to chop someone in half if it meant protecting me."
- Louis to Clementine about Violet (Determinant), "Broken Toys"

"So, my family was stupid rich. Parents gave me everything I wanted when I wanted it. Except for one thing: singing lessons. God, I begged my dad. Told him I wanted to be a real musician. But all he said was "You get to be happy, or you get to be rich, can't be both." I know now that he was just trying to teach me some dumb "dad" lesson... but I hated him for that. So I decided I teach him a lesson. I thought, "I'll break up my parents' marriage. That'd hurt real bad, right?" (…) This is how rich we were: he never noticed that he was spending a fortune on a mistress that I'd made up for him. But I made sure my mom did. (…) When their divorce was final... I told them the truth. I said, "You get to be happy or you get to be rich. You don't get to be both." You know, those two would've been happily married forever. But then I had to go be a vindictive fuckhead. I came here the week after."
- Louis revealing why he was sent to the school to Clementine (Determinant), "Broken Toys"

"It's really happening, isn't it...? (…) Other peoples lives are depending on us. Depending on me. You're depending on me to... What if something happens to you, Clem? What if... what if I can't... I don't know. I can't carry that the rest of my life. (…) I wish I could help it. Okay. I'll try. But what if I just get us caught too? All it would take is one little screw up. And I screw up all the time. Alright, come on, Louis, get it together... I need you to slap me. Help pull me out of this. (points to face) Right here."
- Louis to James about his mask (Determinant), "Broken Toys"

"Thought I lost you. (…) Longest damn minute of my life. It's over, Clem. The raiders are gone, and we got everyone out alive. Ruby said Violet's eyes aren't infected, so that's good too. They'll all be waiting for us back home. (…) I haven't been out here in a while, but I think there's a bridge... that way. It's the fastest way back."
- Louis to Clementine after going back for her and AJ (Determinant), "Take Us Back"

"Tenn, we have to go, now! (…) Tenn, fucking move!"
- Louis as he tries to get Tennessee, also determinately his last words (Determinant), "Take Us Back"

"I... AJ, I guess it's like... You saw something I didn't. About the situation, I mean. Minnie and the walkers and Tenn, it's just all this chaos in my head when I think back on it. (…) Clem says you saved my life? Well, then, that's exactly what you did. And how can I stay mad at anyone for doing that?/He was your friend, AJ. I know you are hurting just as much as I am."
- Louis forgiving AJ for shooting Tenn (Determinant), "Take Us Back"


The Telltale Series[]

The Final Season[]

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The Final Season
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Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 6
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Appears Voice is heard
👁 Appears with no lines Appears in a flashback
Appears as a walker 🖼 Appears in a photograph/video
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  • Louis appears to be a big fan of music, judging from his official description found on supplementary material and his aptitude for playing the piano.
  • Louis's favorite sport is baseball.
  • Louis's least favorite food is cantaloupe.
  • Louis wants to preserve the old world such as art, music, and culture.
  • Louis' main weapon is a chair leg which he jokingly calls "Chairles".
  • Louis can determinately become mute, having his tongue cut out by Dorian on Lilly's orders[2], depending on whether or not he was saved in "Suffer The Children".
    • Lauren Mee confirmed through her Tumblr[3] that Louis' mutilation from "excessive talking" was actually a result him defying the Delta through defending Omar and Aasim from torment. James originally had a line mentioning that he saw Louis trying to protect the others, but it was cut.[4]
  • Depending on your choices if Louis was saved in "Suffer The Children" he could determinately lose a finger at the hands of Dorian.
  • Louis (Determinant) is one of the only three original members of the School Group to kill another survivor, the others being Marlon and Minerva.
  • Louis confirms that he has never had a romantic partner, it can be assumed that Clementine was his first kiss. (Determinant)
  • Louis had a pet turtle that he named Geoff.
  • When Louis was in fourth grade, he competed in a spelling bee, but lost due to being unable to spell the word "recommend".
  • Louis is one of eleven characters to appear in all four episodes of Season 4, the others being Clementine, Alvin Jr., Violet, Tennessee, Ruby, Willy, Omar, Aasim, Rosie, and Abel.
  • Louis is one of five determinant characters with an alive or dead status, the others being Gabe, Conrad, Paul and Violet.

International Dubbers[]

Language Dubber Other Characters Voiced
French Jhos Lican N/A
German Alexander Merbeth N/A
Portuguese Marcus Pejón N/A
Spanish (Latin America) Emilio Treviño N/A