Lucky Les' is a gas station owned by Warren Bedford's uncle, Lester in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Lester owned the gas station in Sedalia, Georgia which was possible his main branch. It served the people of Sedalia and people who went hunting in Cabot Ridge. The Sedalia branch also had a two vehicle mechcanic's garages. Lester also owned a second Lucky Les' gas station in Lemon Hill south of Sedalia.


When the outbreak started Lester's nephew Warren hid in his Uncle's Sedalia gas station. He turned on the pumps for Daryl to get gas for his truck and then possibly abandoned the station afterword.

The Lemon Hill branch was later blown up by Merle in order to detract a herd that was blocking the road out of town.

It is unknown what became of both branches after the Dixon's involvement with them. It is likely that if Warren was left behind, he died inside of the station, due to not having the keys available.




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