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Lucy Riley (née unknown) is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead and Dead in the Water. She is the wife of Jason Riley.


Chicago, Illinois

Nothing is known about Lucy's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she was married to Jason Riley and had a son.


Dead in the Water

"This Ain't It"

On the beach, Riley calls his house, at first getting their voicemail before Lucy picks up the phone. Riley is relieved that his wife is still alive and Lucy asks if he knows what's going on and where he is. Riley tells Lucy that he's on land and coming to her and asks after Oliver. Lucy tells Riley that Oliver is sleeping and that they had made a person who is so beautiful. Crying tears of joy, Riley tells Lucy to stay safe and that he's coming to them. Lucy informs Riley that Oliver has his smile and that she wishes that her husband could see him. Riley insists that he will see Oliver and that Lucy just needs to stay where she is and he'll come to her. Suddenly, Riley hears a banging sound in the background and Lucy apologizes, telling her husband that they had tried for as long as they could and she loves him. Riley is forced to listen over the phone as walkers break into his house and devour his wife and son before he loses the call. Devastated, Riley sits on the beach as he breaks down, putting Oliver's ultrasound on the sand with his cell phone and launch key.

Season 6

"USS Pennsylvania"

As Morgan and Strand investigate the living quarters of the USS Pennsylvania, they find a photograph of Lucy alongside her husband, Jason.


Killed By

Lucy is devoured by walkers.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Lucy has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies



Dead in the Water

Fear the Walking Dead

Season 6