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"You are not really buying into this are you? You think these people are actually what they claim to be? No way."
—Luke to Magna.[src]

Luke is a character first encountered in Issue 127 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a member of a small group of six people led by Magna trying to survive in the Washington D.C., area.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Luke's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


A New Beginning

Luke is travelling with Magna and the rest of their group through Washington, D.C. when they are found by Jesus. Jesus escorts the group back to Alexandria to be interviewed by Rick Grimes. During the meeting, Luke tells Rick that Magna is their leader, and the reason they have made it so far.

Along with the rest of his group, Luke is interviewed by Andrea and later on debates about the group's next move against Alexandria. 

Luke later on goes with Kelly and Magna into Alexandria's jail where he sees Negan who grabs onto the bars of the cell, asking if they're there to save him from the people of Alexandria, saying that they're "animals." Magna quickly sees through his act, however, and they leave.

Luke is with Magna when they sneak into Andrea's house and demand answers about the community.

Whispers Into Screams

Luke is present when Andrea is explaining her group's history. As she leaves to get coffee, Luke asks for two cups.

Life and Death

At the fair, Luke, Magna and Yumiko are enjoying their new life as members of Alexandria, excited about what the fair has to offer. Magna wonders where Kelly and Connie could be and that they shouldn't miss this. Yumiko speculates that they're probably off having sex. Luke asks Magna if she hadn't noticed their relationship before and she tells him she doesn't really have an eye for that sort of thing. Luke sarcastically remarks that he's noticed that.

Luke was somehow lured outside of the fair in the Alexandria Safe-Zone by a disguised Alpha, and was later decapitated by her along with 11 other victims. Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes and Lydia later find his zombified head.


Killed By

In order to mark a border between the land belonging to the Whisperers and the communities, Alpha disguises herself and infiltrates the fair to lure people off the fairgrounds. Afterward, she decapitates them and then places their heads on wooden pikes to mark the border, with Luke being among them.

After finding the border, his zombified head is put down by either Carl, Andrea, Dante, or Lydia.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Luke has killed:



Luke is shown to be very supportive of Magna being the leader of their group. This is shown in their initial meeting with Rick when he confirms that they all see her as their leader.

Later, a subtle hint is made that he might have a crush on Magna. When Magna admits that she doesn't have an eye for figuring out people's relationships, he mumbles under his breath, 'Tell me about it.' with a disappointed expression. This is further hinted when Yumiko tells Magna that Luke is probably crying into his pillow because she refuses to have sex with him.

Saddened and furious by Luke's death, Magna joins Rick's Militia against the Whisperers.


Yumiko and Luke were seen being friendly together and they both had a mutual liking for each other. He and Yumiko worked together to interrogate Andrea about the Alexandria Safe-Zone, with the rest of Magna's group. Yumiko was seen making fun of Luke about his crush on Magna.


Luke and Kelly worked together to help interrogate Andrea about the Alexandria Safe-Zone. However, Luke and Kelly were not seen interacting very frequently, although they presumably had a mutual respect for each other, having survived in the open for several months.


Luke and Connie worked together to help interrogate Andrea about the Alexandria Safe-Zone. However, Luke and Connie were not seen interacting very frequently, although they presumably had a mutual respect for each other, having survived in the open for several months.


Luke and Bernie survived together for several months out in the open, so they presumably respected each other. Luke never was seen commenting on Bernie's death so it is unknown how exactly he felt about it, but he likely felt some sadness.


Luke and Andrea had a rough relationship. This is shown when Magna and her group, including Luke, attacked Andrea as she enters her home. Their relationship seems to have stabilized since Andrea's exposition.


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