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How did we get here? Sittin' in the snow, leaned up against a tree, bullet in my leg, but alive. When so many of my friends are dead... for no good reason. And I couldn't do anything to stop it. Everyone we set out with just... gone. I could've done more. And that ain't up for debate. I know it in my bones, and I gotta live with it.
―Luke to Clementine.[src]

Luke is the tritagonist of Season Two and a survivor of the outbreak in Telltale's The Walking Dead. Luke was an Art History Student and Entrepreneur as well as Nick's best friend, and also Bonnie's ex-boyfriend and later Jane's lover. He used to be in Carver's group at Howe's Hardware, and he and seven other people ran away from there before he met Clementine. After escaping, he becomes the second commander in the original Cabin Group. With Pete's death, Luke becomes the leader of the group.


Luke is generally a compassionate and kind-hearted man, but is capable of detachment and distrust to the people whom he believes to be a threat to himself and the group. Though capable of keeping a cool head in the face of latent panic, when the situation becomes potentially disastrous, Luke is often seen to panic and, possibly subconsciously, defer the decision-making to a more sure-spoken person. It could be that this is due to his relatively young age and consequential inexperience of handling dire situations. Despite this, he is caring and protective when it comes to his friends, who he possibly considers to be family, particularly his fellow cabin survivor and best friend of almost 20 years, Nick. He leads the group well in calmer times, e.g. during the 5-day trek in "A House Divided", and can generally handle fear with a sense of duty and motivation rather than freezing up. He is shown to be self-reliant and resilient to hardship, particularly highlighted in Nick's quote to Clementine.

Luke is one of the more prominent members of the group in that he will often assume leadership. This mostly happens after the events of "All That Remains" most notably after Pete's death, who seemed to be the guide for the group before that, though Bonnie will tell Clementine in "In Harm's Way" that Luke disliked and actively opposed Carver's leadership long before they left the community. It can therefore be assumed that Luke is strong-willed and sure of his beliefs and capability with handling responsibility, though his confrontational manner when expressing such views can lead to friction, as well as the fact that he appears to be inconsistent in his handle on tough situations.

However, Luke is shown to be more logically driven than emotionally driven when making tough choices, a prime example being when he tells the group in "In Harm's Way" that they may be forced to leave an injured Kenny behind if they are dead-set on escaping that night, despite knowing the group's feelings about it. he appears reluctant to state as such, however, and appears regretful that it is even an option.

After the events of "Amid The Ruins", he begins to indirectly reveal how much the guilt and the hardship of the harsh world they live in is getting to him. Though Luke rarely talks about his own feelings in a blunt manner, it can be seen by the way he states that he 'should have done something' to save Sarah, and in his angry outburst to Kenny about his actions with Jane, despite keeping a relatively cool head throughout the season so far, except in understandably aggrieving situations such as the conclusion to the confrontation with Matthew on the bridge.

Luke is caring and selfless as shown in "No Going Back", as he, while drowning in the lake sacrificed himself to save Clementine (Determinant) when she was grabbed by a walker.


Location Unknown

Luke was born in 1978. He lived with his parents before the outbreak and started an unsuccessful six-month business pursuit with his childhood friend Nick. He mentions to Clementine that when he was a child, he used to jump rooftops downtown with others, even though he knew it was stupid. In "A House Divided", Carver refers to Luke and Nick as "a couple of farm boys", which may suggest he grew up or worked in a farm, though Carver could be using it as a pejorative term. In "No Going Back", Luke mentions that he graduated college 5 years back before the apocalypse, where he studied and majored in Art History- to which he expressed his knowledge for its lack of usefulness in life- as well as a minor in Agriculture "to keep the old man happy".


It is unknown where Luke was at the time of the outbreak, and the only information he shared was that he lost his parents, implying that he was with them at the start of the outbreak.

Howe's Hardware

Luke was a member of Carver's group, along with Alvin, Rebecca, Nick, Pete, Carlos, Sarah, Nick's Mother and Reggie. Luke initially trusted Carver as their leader, but conflict arose due to his and Carver's conflicting perspectives about how they should run things in their community. Luke decided to leave and was joined by the others. Additionally Luke tried to persuade Bonnie to come along with him and the rest of the group, but she turned down the offer, thinking that Luke was crazy for wanting to leave the place.

When the group was running away, they accidentally left Reggie behind, who fell while trying to escape with the others. The group later on stopped at Parker's Run to take a rest, and then continued their run. They then stumbled on a cabin in the woods and decided to stay there for the time being.

One day, they found a bite victim in the woods. The group tried to care for the infected woman, who nonetheless turned and managed to bite Nick's mother who was standing near her at that time forcing Nick to kill his mother out of mercy.

Season Two

"All That Remains"

Luke is a prominent member of the cabin group and a good friend of Pete. After Clementine is bitten by a dog and runs into a large number of zombies in the woods, Luke and Pete save her life, bringing her back to their cabin. Seeing her bite, however, Luke drops her and becomes panicked and distrusting of her, although Pete trusts Clementine that it is a dog bite. The two bring her back to the group where they argue about what to do with her, where Pete and Luke (along with a potential third group member if appealed to by Clementine) defend her. Regardless, the group locks her in the shed to wait overnight to see if she turns into a zombie.

After it's found out that the bite was indeed caused by a dog, he returns to being friendly towards Clementine, offering her food and speaking to her about Nick's mother and Clementine's own past. If Clementine directly states that her parents died when Luke asks about them, he will admit that he lost his parents, too.

"A House Divided"

After Clementine finds her way back to the cabin, Rebecca and Carlos explain that Luke went out looking for her and Nick (and Pete, if saved in "All That Remains"). After Clementine's encounter with Carver, the rest of the group returns. Luke joins in questioning Clementine about the stranger and acts as a mediator when Carlos is seen to become irate. In the end, he instructs everybody to pack up as they were about to 'hit the road'. They end up leaving the cabin, in search of a new home away from Carver and to search for Nick (and Pete).

If Clementine helped Nick in "All That Remains": After Rebecca's conversation with Clementine, she will veer off and direct the group to a small building (later described as a 'cellar', perhaps evident from the storage of alcohol), where her and Nick had held out for the hours after the riverside incident. Luke kills the two walkers hanging around by the cellar with his machete and listens at the door with Clementine. A groaning can be heard from the inside and he instructs her to open the door. They step inside and find Nick sprawled on the floor, clearly suffering from a hangover. He asks Luke if he 'has any aspirin', in reply to which Luke affectionately calls him an asshole and helps him up, following that with a tight hug as a comfort to Nick about what happened to Pete. He then reminds him that they have to keep moving. While the group is walking, Luke asks Clementine what happened in the cellar and whether Nick 'did something stupid'. He then admits that he's worried about Nick and asks Clementine to keep an eye on him.

If Clementine helped Pete in "All That Remains": After Rebecca's conversation with Clementine, she will veer off and direct the group to a cigarette truck where she and Pete were holed up for the night after the riverside incident. Nick rushes forward and discovers that Pete isn't inside, which prompts the rest to either look around or stay on watch. After Pete's body is discovered by Clementine, Luke and Nick wander over and see it. Nick is very distressed, and Luke hugs him and tries to coax him away, but is shrugged off a second later. He tries again and this time, Nick comes quietly. When Nick asks Clementine about what happened to Pete, Luke will gently rebuke Nick if he gets unreasonable, and is told to 'fuck off'. He then admits that he's worried about Nick and asks Clementine to keep an eye on him.

Luke speculates that they have approximately four or five days to reach the mountains, as shown on the map he produces and shows to Clementine. The reason for this is that if they are being tracked, it will potentially make it easier for them to stay under the radar.

Five days later, the group reaches a clearing, at which Clementine sets up with her binoculars atop a rock and Luke asks her if she can see anything, to which Clementine will respond that she can see a bridge that 'looks passable'. Luke decides to cross with Clementine, defending her against Carlos' argument that she is just a little girl. When they arrive on the bridge, they find a fair amount of walkers there, which they immediately set out to get rid of. When he walks to do so, Luke's foot goes through one of the wooden railroad ties (or 'sleepers') and he nearly falls into the river below, ending up becoming stuck, hanging over two metal girders by his arms and feet with the drop and river below.

However, he is rescued by Clementine when she hands him a pole he can use as a foothold by laying it across the two sections he is stuck between, though he nearly falls again before he can grab the main railroad structure as it rolls out from beneath his foot.

They make it across the bridge and encounter a man. After a brief conversation, the man notices Nick. Clementine and Luke shout to try to stop him, but to no avail, as Nick shoots the man in the neck and he falls off the bridge. They make it to the small shack, where Luke and Nick argue about what happened back on the bridge. Nick claims to have seen the man draw his gun, while Luke tells him that this was not the case. The shack appeared to be the man's, and the group find some food left over.

Before Kenny's group comes out, Luke and Clementine set to scoping the place out. Clementine climbs the ladder to the chair lift station and, in amongst his assurances that he'll "probably" catch her if she falls. Luke says that when he was younger, he used to jump roofs in the town, though he admits with some amusement it was probably a stupid thing to do. After Clementine reports that she could see lights, Luke is seen to run off back to the ski lodge and start talking heatedly while everyone else is standing on the deck, leaving Clementine to climb back down by herself.

After Kenny's group comes out, Nick aims his gun at Kenny. Luke tries to get both Nick and Kenny to put their guns down before Clementine interrupts the proceedings and makes Kenny shocked to see her. Luke asks if she knows Kenny, but she ignores him, instead focusing on her long-lost friend. The group is led inside by Kenny once Clementine verifies that these people were with her. Kenny and Walter ask that everyone in the group leave their belongings next to the front door, though Luke is reluctant to part with his machete so willingly. Nick demands that if they put their belongings down, Kenny must do the same. Kenny agrees at Clementine's suggestion and Luke does the same. Once settled in, Nick and Luke head out to help bring in several supplies laid out outside for Kenny's group.

They are not seen again until dinner. If Clementine decides to sit with Luke, he and Nick will be happy with her and talk about Kenny and whether he is trustworthy. However, if Clementine decides to sit with Kenny, Luke looks upset and let down with her decision, but lets her nonetheless. Kenny, if sat with, asks if Luke seems like a trustworthy guy, saying that he doesn't know anything about these people. Kenny does not look surprised when Clementine tells him that she does not trust Luke. (Determinant) Kenny says that Clementine can stay with them when Luke and the others leave in the morning, to which Clementine can thank him for or defend her friends, saying that she can't leave them.

Either Luke and Nick join her table to keep her company and find out more about Kenny or Kenny joins her table to learn more about Luke and Nick when everyone gets up to mingle. Kenny asks about the food, and Luke uneasily says that it was good. He is more disturbed when Kenny breaks out into laughter at his own joke about peaches and beans. He comments on Luke and Nick looking "like a match". Nick takes offense, demanding to know what he meant by that. Kenny obviously understood what the contention was about and assures Nick that he meant that he and Nick looked like good friends. Luke asks about Kenny's plan at the ski lodge, and a discussion starts about a town up north known as Wellington, and Kenny finds himself at odds with Luke and Nick. Kenny asks what was Luke's problem to Clementine. When Kenny announces that Clementine would be staying with him after Luke announces that he and his group would be leaving, Luke is shocked and asks Clementine what Kenny was talking about. Clementine can scold either man for making a scene, or side with one or the other. Walter breaks up the argument, telling them it's been a long day and finish eating. When Kenny accidentally refers to Clementine as "Duck", Luke asks who "Duck" is. Clementine says that Duck was Kenny's son, Luke becomes remorseful. (Determinant)

Later in the evening, Luke calls Clementine over to tell her how he found out that Nick shot Matthew out on the bridge. Luke will tell Clementine to get rid of Matthew's knife, the one she picked up at the railroad shack. Nick comes over and asks what they're talking about, to which Luke will immediately deny it was anything important. Clementine can choose to tell Nick the truth when prompted, at which Luke becomes angry with Nick and his insatiable desire to tell Walter the truth, claiming that it is 'suicide' to even consider it. If Clem goes along with Luke and agrees it is nothing important, Nick goes off with Luke to 'find a beer or something'. Nick eventually finds out no matter what you choose.

Later, the group finds that the turbines have been accelerated by the storm far past their capacity and there is a loud bang, which Kenny judges to be the transformer. Luke and Kenny see to fixing the transformer that blew as a result. Luke is not seen for the rest of "A House Divided" after Carver and his men attack, and his whereabouts are unknown. If Clementine chose to sneak out from the lodge to find Luke and Kenny, she has an option to ask Kenny where Luke had gone. Kenny tells her that he told Luke to "take a hike" and appears indifferent afterwards. Carver will also ask where Luke is, which leads him to believe that Luke had run away.

"In Harm's Way"

While Kenny and Carver both believed Luke had run away, after he evaded capture Luke followed the others back to Howe's Hardware. During the trip he neither ate nor slept and became exhausted. Somehow he managed to sneak into the compound and took up shelter in an abandoned comic store to wait for a chance to make contact with the group.

When Clementine walks to go back inside the camp after a messy encounter with walkers with Kenny, Mike and Troy, someone grabs her and covers her mouth to stop her scream being heard by Troy on patrol outside. If the player reacts in time, Clementine will bite the attacker's hand. The attacker lets go, revealing it to be a very pale, very exhausted-looking Luke. Clementine can choose to either hug him, punch him or express annoyance or relief that he is back. Luke will then say that he hasn't had a 'night's rest' since they were taken by Carver. They briefly discuss the likelihood of the herd approaching and overrunning the camp, and if questioned, Luke will express confidence that it will, though he isn't sure exactly when. In the middle of the conversation, Luke appears to be delirious to the point where he nearly passes out, though his attention is snapped back by Clementine. He tells Clementine that he needs one of the walkie-talkies so that he can know their schedule and plan their escape. He tells her to give it to him in the same place, same time and to tell the others that he's okay. Their conversation is cut short by Troy's voice outside the door telling Clem to 'get out where he can see her'.

Things don't go as planned. Luke, extremely hungry, attempted to steal food only to be caught and painfully beaten up by Carver and then taken to the courtyard, Carver finds the other radio and takes it from them. Clementine manages to convince Bonnie to let her go and arrives at the comic store to meet Luke, only to be confronted by Troy. Clementine, Kenny and Mike are brought before Luke, Carver and the others in the yard, where Carlos is checking Luke's injuries. Carlos drags Luke up to his feet while Kenny hands Carver the radio and it takes a second for Luke to steady himself. While Kenny is being brutally beaten, Luke stands horrified, but does nothing to help restrain Sarita or stop Carver. He does not react to Troy hitting either Clementine or Sarah. (Determinant)

After Luke and Mike converse with Bonnie at the door to the pen, Bonnie tells them that she will open the gate the minute she hears the PA system on--provided they can get it working. Luke does not agree with this plan, saying that they need time, they should 'wait for an opening'. He also mentions he got caught because he tried to steal some food and admits he got reckless, appearing to carry genuine guilt for having ruined the original plan. Nick sides with him, while Rebecca and Mike do not. After Carlos told them that Kenny's not looking too good, Luke regretfully concludes that they might be forced to leave Kenny behind if the group insists on leaving that night. Sarita argues that she's only here because of them, and now they will be left behind, but Luke argues back, stating that there 'is no other way'. However, Kenny wakes up and joins the conversation and they all agree for Clementine to sneak into Carver's office and turn on the PA System.

Once Clementine fixes the system and got it up and running, Bonnie will let the rest of them out. Clementine then goes to the stock room, where Carver has caught all of the group in their attempt to escape. If Clementine chose to look at Carver's desk first and acquire a gun, she will shoot him. If not, she will jump on him. Kenny punches Carver and Luke disarms him. Later, Kenny then grabs a crowbar and tells everyone to leave. Luke, Sarita and, if the player chooses to, Clementine, will tell Kenny to stop. Rebecca, however, agrees with Kenny. Clementine can choose whether to leave or watch Kenny kill Carver.

Luke and the others then cover themselves in walker guts in order to escape through the herd. As the plan starts to fail, the episode ends before Luke and the others escape the herd.

"Amid The Ruins"

Luke first appears outside of Howe's Hardware in the middle of the herd, seen running towards the forest with Nick (Determinant) and yelling that he's going after Sarah, who ran off in a frenzy after seeing her father shot and eaten in front of her. He is not seen again until Clementine and Jane reach the Sunshine Village Mobile Home Park where his panicked voice is heard attempting to calm Sarah down, and doing a poor job of it in his desperation--shouting and asking her what she needs, his voice is heard to break once or twice in distress. When Clementine and Jane reach them in a trailer, they find Luke wounded from Carver's previous attacks--broken or bruised ribs that prevent heavy lifting without some serious pain. Luke states that he chased after Sarah with Nick (Determinant) when Carlos was killed and she fled into the forest, making a beeline for the trailer as soon as she saw it.

Luke then asks if Clementine had seen Nick in the area, to which Clementine will reply that she 'saw him outside'. Jane will add that they 'took care of him' and Luke, picking up on her meaning, breathes out a shaky "Fuck... fuck." before having to quell any arising grief and being forced to continue outlining the current situation for Jane and Clem. (Determinant) Luke explains that he doesn't know how to deal with Sarah, and says that he has been trying to get her to come along for hours now, but couldn't snap her out of her current state of non-functionality or shock over her father's brutal death. Eventually, Jane will help Luke up onto the roof of the trailer through a skylight, and depending on Clementine's decision, all of them can return to Parker's Run.

Luke will express the mortification he feels at himself for being the first one through the skylight, 'Like I had already made up my mind.' Jane tells him that he must not let it eat away at him, to which he will reply that he 'can't forget it'. Sarah's fate could be argued to be a huge source of guilt for Luke, likely because he failed to get her out of that trailer and, later, failed to prevent her young death. If Clementine did not persuade Sarah to leave the trailer, Luke tells Clementine that there is nothing they could have done, but he does not sound convinced himself as he wipes a tear from his eye a moment later. When they are walking back, however, he confesses that he did not expect Clementine to leave her behind.

After Clementine talks to Kenny and Rebecca's water breaks, Luke seems to panic a little at the notion of Rebecca going into labour ("Shit, is that what I think it is?"), though still remains pragmatic throughout, claiming that there was no way Rebecca could travel in the state she was in. After the group calms a little when Kenny appears out from the tent, Luke cools his head and slips into a leadership position, assigning roles and giving instruction, e.g. asking Mike to go with Bonnie to the museum and telling Sarah to stay with Kenny and Rebecca (Determinant) while he scouts the perimeter. Jane checks out the observation deck.

Later, after Clementine has accompanied both Jane and the museum crew (in whichever order), walkers are spotted approaching the group, and Luke is nowhere to be seen. The group retreat to the observation deck where they find Luke and Jane presumably concluding an affair. Luke is startled by the group's appearance, and asks what's going on, Kenny scolds him for being reckless and not looking out for the walkers, and Luke argues back saying Kenny has a 'lot of nerve' for calling him reckless. Interestingly, both Luke and Kenny appear to have similar opinions about the other, though for different reasons. Luke appears to blame circumstances where Kenny's recklessness is concerned, whereas Kenny appears to be more dispositional about Luke. After getting a measure of the situation, Luke sincerely apologizes for not being on the lookout for walkers.

Luke helps the group to fend off the approaching walkers on the deck and helps Clementine to push the heavy civil war cannon towards the door to block it, resulting in the weakened wooden boards of the deck collapsing under its weight. Sarah topples off, but Luke manages to catch Jane's arm. Depending on Clementine's choice, Luke can either pull Jane up, or she will jump down to attempt to rescue Sarah. Either option will result in Sarah's death, and Jane managing to return to the deck. Luke is seen to remain staring at the spot in which Sarah died until Clem herself gets to her feet--he follows a second later. Luke then tries to destroy the remaining portion of the deck by fruitlessly stamping on the weakened wood in an attempt to stop the walkers climbing up the remaining rubble, but Clementine destroys the cable holding the remaining deck up, causing it to collapse beneath the walkers.

That night, after Jane leaves, Luke comes to talk to Clem and asks if she is all right. This part of the conversation doesn't last long, as Luke then begins talking about what the group needs for the days to come, and that him and Jane should go ahead and scavenge for supplies. Clem informs him that Jane literally just left, and he appears frustrated that Jane did not mention her leaving to him. Kenny appears around the corner with the new baby and wants to know what is going on. He calls Luke's angst over Jane leaving "childish" and Luke begins to get defensive, telling him to "lay off". An argument follows, along with an emotional outburst from Luke where he begins to shout at Kenny for attacking him about his actions with Jane and putting the group in danger. It can be extrapolated from this that Luke may have been struggling to cope with the day's grisly events and that having sex with Jane was more likely a spur-of-the-moment comfort than a product of mindless or premeditated lust.

During a debate about their next move, Luke will claim that the group need a few more days to recuperate, not least of all Rebecca, who appears exhausted and possibly a little ill. Kenny will argue the opposite on the basis that the weather is likely to take a downturn in temperature and they may reach the town on the other side of the river sooner and possibly gain more food and supplies.

Depending on Clementine's decision, the group are heading north either the next day or a couple of days later, but pause for a moment when Rebecca becomes weak and faints in Bonnie's arms, though she does not drop the baby. Luke will argue with Kenny either that they should have waited before setting out (Determinant), or defend his decision for doing so if Clementine supported him back at the observation deck.

A man approaches the group, and Luke does not comment, but appears to be justifiably wary as Clementine speaks to him after recognizing it to be Arvo. If Clementine earlier confessed to Luke that she and Jane robbed the kid (Determinant), Luke will realize that this was the person she had referred to. Three other Russian-speaking people then appear from the surrounding forest, aiming guns towards the group, and so Luke points his machine gun at Arvo. The group briefly try to mediate the situation through Arvo, the only Russian-English bilinguist present, though this is thrown into the boiling pot when Clementine turns and realizes that Rebecca has died holding her baby, probably from exposure or illness. She twitches and begins to reanimate. Clementine can either choose to shoot Rebecca or call for help. If the latter is chosen, Kenny will shoot her instead. As soon as zombified Rebecca is shot and the fragile tension is broken, Luke realizes what is about to happen.

He tries to stop the others from firing, turning his head and yelling out "NO!" as the episode ends with a multitude of gunshots.

"No Going Back"

The episode begins with Luke behind a short stone wall, asking Clementine to come to him. If the player left Alvin Jr., he will go to get him and will end up being shot in the leg before making it back to cover with his life and the infant.

If the player already brought Alvin Jr. he will praise Clementine and try to change positions to shoot Vitali but before he can get to the other wall, he is shot in the leg before making it to cover.

After killing the Russians and capturing Arvo the group moves on, walking for the majority of the day. They stop at a power station and as Kenny goes to investigate it, Bonnie bandages Luke's wound. After having a depressing conversation with Clementine about how many friends they'd lost, Luke quickly remarks 'I'm fine.' which Clem appears to ignore. When Kenny returns proclaiming it's safe, they set up camp, so Luke can rest his leg, and everyone is able to take a break for the night. As the group sits around a cozy fire, chatting, he will remark that it is his birthday (or, as close as he can tell) and is confirmed to be 27. After Bonnie jokingly mocks his age, she pulls out a bottle of rum to mark the occasion. He'll toast to the loved ones everyone has lost and to hope that they will see them again someday. He will start a conversation about his stupidity when he was having sexual intercourse with Jane instead of keeping a lookout of walkers. This will lead him to mention how he just wanted to get away from it all for 10 minutes before Mike says that he wouldn't last that long. The two men are interrupted by Bonnie, as Clementine is around.

The player can give Jane the rum and if you manage to convince her then she will sit by the fire. Bonnie will offer Jane her seat beside Luke, but Jane refuses, leaving Luke with a slightly disappointed expression. Things become almost normal when Jane jokes about her one-night stand with Luke, as the group prepares to rest up.

The group start making their way to the house to only realize that it is half-built and the only way to reach it is to walk across the frozen lake. Halfway across the lake, Arvo makes a run to the shelter. Kenny, Mike carrying AJ and Jane follow him close behind, leaving Luke stranded on the lake. A crack in the ice appears below him and he begs for Clementine and Bonnie not to come close, as they will all fall into the water. Walkers approach him and the player must choose whether to help Luke or cover him and shoot the walkers that lurk behind him.

If Clementine decided to help Luke: The ice will crack sending them both down into the icy depths. Clementine searches for an opening and attempts to create one, but is attacked by a walker that had fallen into the lake after her. She manages to escape the walker's grasp before spotting a second one approaching her. Luke appears and pulls it aside before dropping and allowing it to sink, but the walker manages to grab Luke's injured leg and pulls him down to the darkness of the lake, drowning him.

If Clementine decided to cover him: Bonnie will attempt to reach out to him but again the ice will crack sending them both down, after a little quietness a banging noise will be heard, he is trapped panicking underneath the ice and even if the player shoots or bangs the ice with the gun, Clementine will tumble into the water and turns to find Luke's now lifeless body sinking slowly to the bottom of the lake. Choosing this option could also lead to Bonnie's death if you chose not to break the ice that trapped Luke beneath.


Killed By
  • Arvo (Indirectly Caused, Alive)
  • Himself (Indirectly Caused, Accidental, Alive)
  • Vitali (Caused, Alive)

Vitali attempted to kill Luke by shooting at him, but only managed to hit him in the leg. While Luke survived, his injury made him unsteady when he limped for the next day as he and the others forced Arvo to take them to his group's house. Arvo led them to a frozen lake, pointing out the house on the other side and directing them to walk across the surface. A group of walkers appeared pursued from behind, preventing them from turning back. After Arvo runs off in an apparent attempt to escape, Luke gets halted as the ice beneath his feet begins to crack, with only Clementine and Bonnie in the vicinity to help him as the walkers approach.

Help Luke

Killed By

Despite his pleas for them both to stay back, Bonnie convinces Clementine to walk toward Luke and try to help him get away from the ice, remaining where she stands to shoot the walkers approaching them. Luke's fears that her added weight would shatter the ice prove correct as both he and Clementine crash underwater. Bonnie apparently fails to prevent the walkers from reaching the new crater in the ice, as two of them fall in as well and attack Clementine. Luke manages to wrestle the second walker away before it could sink on top of Clementine, but his rescue ultimately becomes a sacrifice as the walker grabs him by his injured leg and drags him down far below the surface. Clementine watches helplessly as he disappears from view before Jane hauls her out of the freezing water and rushes her toward the house.

It is assumed that Luke reanimated after drowning, as the lake would not have been deep enough for him to suffer barotraumatic injuries, nor is there any known evidence to suggest that being frozen in sub-zero temperatures prevents the reanimation process.

Cover Luke

Killed By

Clementine either decides to cover Luke or moves too slowly, leading to Bonnie deciding to approach Luke herself. Luke's fears that her added weight would shatter the ice prove correct as both he and Bonnie crash underwater. Stunned, Clementine sees no sign of either of them until Luke bangs on the ice several dozen feet away from the crater. Clementine attempts to break the ice above him to let him out, but it withstands her first few attempts to shatter it. If Clementine either gives up or takes too long to break the ice, she watches as Luke's desperate attempts to break the ice cease, crying to herself as she realizes that both Luke and Bonnie have drowned. If Clementine keeps trying to break the ice, she manages to break through and falls under herself, but she turns around to find that Luke has already drowned. If Clementine fell underwater, Jane rescues Clementine and rushes her toward the house, while Bonnie manages to drag herself up through Clementine's crater and follows behind them.

It is assumed that Luke reanimated after drowning, as the lake would not have been deep enough for him to suffer barotraumatic injuries, nor is there any known evidence to suggest that being frozen in sub-zero temperatures prevents the reanimation process.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Luke has killed:

  • Matthew (Indirectly Caused)
  • William Carver (Caused)
  • Sarah (Indirectly Caused) or (Caused, Accidental)
  • Bonnie (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Himself (Indirectly Caused, Accidental, Alive)
  • Numerous counts of zombies

Non-Canon Deaths

If Clementine fails to complete certain tasks, it is possible for Luke to be killed. These deaths are considered non-canon, and result in a game over. Clementine will then re-spawn and be allowed to try again. Below is a pictorial list of when Luke can be killed.

Season Two

"Amid The Ruins"


For a more in-depth look all Luke's relationships, read here; Luke (Telltale)/Relationships




The following is a list of some of Luke's most memorable quotes.

Season Two

"It's nice to meet you, Clementine. For now, we're gonna take you back to our group, okay? We got a doctor with us, and you look like you could use some-- Oh, shit! (drops Clementine) She's... she's been bit, man. Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, what are we gonna do here? (…) Come on, kid. Look, we just saw you with those lurkers back there! Look, I want to, kid... but I gotta believe my own two eyes first... and I didn't see no dog around."
- Luke after seeing a bite on Clementine's arm (Determinant), "All That Remains"

"Yeah, and have you sink your teeth into Pete's neck? No way. ("My neck? Why am I the one?") 'Cause I don't know a dog bite from a mosquito bite from a lurker bite, man."
- Luke after Clementine tells him to check her bite (Determinant), "All That Remains"

"So a dog runs up, bites you, and then just disappears? Just some magical asshole dog in the forest?"
- Luke after Clementine says she doesn't know where the dog went (Determinant), "All That Remains"

"What? Really? A dog shows up and bites you and you just kill it? (…) I don't know! (…) Still, you don't... you don't kill dogs."
- Luke after Clementine says she killed the dog (Determinant), "All That Remains"

"What? Look, she didn't even say anything!"
- Luke after Clementine says nothing about whether she's telling the truth or not (Determinant), "All That Remains"

"I'm on your side, kid. No need for a guilt trip."
- Luke as Clementine tries to appeal to him (Determinant), "All That Remains"

"Look, I may be in the minority here, but my gut tells me she's telling the truth. It probably is just a dog bite. Probably..."
- Luke after Clementine appealed to him (Determinant), "All That Remains"

"Oh, and firing your rifle was, huh? Next time we'll just put up a neon sign that says "Lurkers Welcome!""
- Luke berating Nick for trying to shoot Clementine (Determinant), "All That Remains"

"Nick's been known to go off every once in a while. Don't hold it against him. (…) Nick lost his mom. We took care of someone who'd got bit. (…) It was no one's fault. We thought we could control it, but... we couldn't. And then she turned and his mom was standing right there and she got attacked... There was nothing we could do about it."
- Luke to Clementine about Nick's hot-temper and his mother's death (Determinant), "All That Remains"

"So what happened to your parents? If you don't mind me asking. I mean, I assume what happened to them is what happened to just about everyone's parents. You're just so young... didn't think you could've made it on your own for so long, but maybe you did. (…) That's tough. I, uh... I lost my folks, too. Hey, I'm sorry, I... I shouldn't have asked."
- Luke asking Clementine about her parents (Determinant), "All That Remains"

"Of course he won't, Sarah, alright? Your dad's the nicest man I know, which is why he's not gonna do anything crazy or... not nice. Right?"
- Luke to Sarah after she asks if Carlos is going to hurt anyone (Determinant), "A House Divided"

"What happened back there in that cellar? He do somethin' stupid? Look, you can tell me. I'm just lookin' out for him. (…) Well, it's not the first time he's been like that, but... Pete was his last anchor. I'm worried about that kid. Keep an eye on him for me, would you?"
- Luke asking Clementine about Nick (Determinant), "A House Divided"

"You... sure you still wanna come with us? Look, I know we got off to a rough start. And I can't make any promises it won't get rougher. But we all know you now. And we may not be perfect, but we look out for each other. (…) Well, then, welcome to the party. (…) We're, uh... we're smarter than we look."
- Luke asking Clementine if she wants to be part of the group (Determinant), "A House Divided"

"(Carlos: "I don't like this.") Yeah, well, when's the last time you liked anything, Carlos?"
- Luke after Carlos says he doesn't like his plan about scouting the bridge (Determinant), "A House Divided"

"What's the important thing in this world? What does everyone want? Even the gangs. What do you think they're all after? (…) Listen, what's the one thing a guy would walk hundreds of miles to get back? Something you can't just find. (…) Come on. Clem, it's family. (…) It's a tough world out there without people you can trust. Anyways, you can ask Rebecca, okay? I'm not gonna get in the middle of it. We've all made mistakes. Done things that we regret. It's not my place to talk about someone else's past, you know?"
- Luke to Clementine about family (Determinant), "A House Divided"

"You see him? (…) Just play it cool. And you do the talking. (…) It's a tough world out there without people you can trust. Anyways, you can ask Rebecca, okay? I'm not gonna get in the middle of it. We've all made mistakes. Done things that we regret. It's not my place to talk about someone else's past, you know? ("I'd shoot me.") Well, that's a hell of a thing to say."
- Luke to Clementine as they see Matthew from a distance (Determinant), "A House Divided"

"(Clementine: "I'M not an asshole.") Are you calling ME an asshole?"
- Luke after Clementine's humorous remark to Matthew
(Determinant), "A House Divided"

"It'll be just like climbing a treehouse. You know, just a really tall treehouse. Made of steel. (Clementine: "What am I, a monkey?") Hey, you said it, not me."
- Luke to Clementine about climbing a ladder (Determinant), "A House Divided"

"(Clementine: "Keep your voice down!") But you just yelled at me!"
- Luke after Clementine yells at him from the ladder (Determinant), "A House Divided"

"Goddamn it. Hey, Nick, shut the fuck up. (…) Do not fucking blow it. (…) What? No! You... hey, Nick, you cannot do that. Are you fuckin' nuts? (…) Okay, I hear you, but... I mean, fuck, man, do you know what he's gonna do? (…) Are you kidding me? Nick, you shot his friend!"
- Luke after Nick finds out he shot Walter's friend (Determinant), "A House Divided"

"Man... bit the hell outta me. Think you drew blood. Come all this way... This is... this is the welcome I get."
- Luke after Clementine bites him (Determinant), "In Harm's Way"

"Yeah, I heard folks talkin' about that, but that ain't so, okay? It's gonna hit this place, I know it is... I don't know when, but it's comin' and it's gonna be soon. See, I've been lookin' for places to... to get y'all free... but haven't been able to find anything yet. They plugged up all the holes we used when we got out. I don't know... it's hard to say, really, but I-- I reckon it'll wash over this place when it does. See, Carver? Oh, he ain't dealt with anything like this before."
- Luke to Clementine about the herd heading to Howe's (Determinant), "In Harm's Way"

"No... no, I mean... yeah, yes, sorry. I... I just could use some sleep, you know? Hard to rest when you think a lurker's about to get the jump on you at any moment, but, yeah. Yeah. I'm fine, okay? Don't worry about me."
- Luke after Clementine asks if he is okay (Determinant), "In Harm's Way"

"Okay, look... maybe I'm just playin' devil's advocate here, but if... damn it, if y'all are serious about goin' tonight, then we're gonna have to start talkin' about maybe... leavin' some folks behind. There is no other way. (…) Well, I don't like it either, but guess what? It's where we're at."
- Luke to the group about leaving Kenny behind due to injuries (Determinant), "In Harm's Way"

"Life ain't fair, Clem. We're just tryin' to make the best of a bad situation, here. No one wants to leave Kenny."
- Luke to Clementine about leaving Kenny (Determinant), "In Harm's Way"

"You're all just gonna let him do this? (…) There ain't one part of that son of a bitch I don't hate, but that does not make this right. I don't want nothin' to do with this."
- Luke to the group as Kenny is about to kill Carver (Determinant), "In Harm's Way"


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  • Luke was introduced in a teaser clip posted on Vine by Telltale Games.
  • Luke was animated way before Scott Porter became his voice actor, as given during his interview with IGN.
  • Luke is the only member of the cabin survivors to not have any family at the cabin.
    • Though it is revealed in "A House Divided" that Luke has known Nick for nearly twenty years, stretching back to his childhood, meaning that each of the survivors at the cabin would have known at least one other survivor from before the apocalypse.
  • In "All That Remains" if you choose silence too many times, Luke says he is an expert at talking to girls who don't want to talk to him, implying that he has been rejected by girls, but continued to try to talk to them.
  • Luke plays poker in his leisure time, though it is strongly implied that he is bad at it when he attempts to shift the conversation back to Clementine's bite.
  • Luke and Rebecca are the only members from the Cabin Group to be featured in the episodes' thumbnails.
  • Early concept art from Telltale showed that Luke wore Nick's hat and had Nick's hair.[1]
  • Clementine and Luke are the only characters from Season Two to appear in all five episodes alive.
    • Rebecca appears in all five as well, but as a corpse in the final episode.
  • Luke is the first character in the Telltale Series to die from drowning.
    • The second being Bonnie. (Determinant)
  • With Luke's death in "No Going Back", all members of his group are now deceased.
    • Luke is the only member of his group to have an undead status.
  • Following Luke's death, Scott Porter told via his Twitter account that Luke's death was not planned during the initial writing of the season, telling his followers that he didn't know Luke would die before the production for the finale began.
  • Luke and Clementine are the only characters whose birthdays are acknowledged by the other survivors.
    • Luke's birthday is not particularly known, as regardless of when the group left the observation deck in the previous episode, he still announces it is his birthday even if he is not certain what day it is.
      • Luke's birthday spans two episodes, and it is acknowledged in the second.
  • Luke is the only tritagonist in the Telltale Series who dies no matter what (not including "400 Days"). All other tritagonists (except Pete) have a determinant status.
  • Through Telltale's involvement in 7 Days to Die, Luke is available as one of the ten Walking Dead character skins, along with Lee Everett, Michonne Hawthorne, Christa, Pete, Kenny, Carley, Glenn Rhee, Lilly and Molly.[2]
  • Luke was originally going to survive to the end of Season Two and be the one to fight Kenny, before it was decided to have Jane fight Kenny instead.
  • Luke's rifle may have contributed to his death. He was carrying an AK-47 whilst crossing the frozen lake and ended up falling through the ice. An AK-47 can weigh anywhere from seven to nine pounds depending on ammo count. As Luke was the only one holding anything this heavy, bar Mike carrying AJ, it's possible the extra weight of the gun caused the ice to break.