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Dr. Lyla Belshaw (née unknown) is a main character and an antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. She is a scientist for the Civic Republic. Lyla is described as a mysterious figure operating in the shadows on behalf of the cause she believes in.[1]


Location Unknown

Prior to the outbreak, it is know she had a husband and daughter. Furthermore, she was a scientist for a big pharmaceutical company where she tested their products on animals.


New York

Early on in the apocalypse, her daughter Mia was bitten by what she believed at the time to be just a man. Mia got sick so her husband Kevin decided to stay with her during the night. At some point, Mia died and reanimated and bit her father thus killing him too. Lyla couldn't bear to put them down so she let them roam inside her daughter's room. One day, a bookshelf fell on top of both walkers. Lyla managed to subdue the pair afterwards and began to experiment on them. That being said, it is unknown if they were ever put down for good.

At some point in the apocalypse, Lyla joined a vast civilization known as the Civic Republic where she was appointed as a scientist and transferred to a research facility in New York state.

Season 1

"The Wrong End of a Telescope"

At the Civic Republic Research Facility, Lyla records notes on her reanimated colleague Dr. Samuel Abbot. Lyla notes that he has displayed no detectable responses to psychological stimuli and that necrotic plasma and brain fluid are being drawn for further testing which will be compared to tests performed before and immediately following Samuel's reanimation. Lyla plans to begin the climate variation tests the next day and notes his identity as Dr. Samuel Abbot of Portland, Oregon before having the next test subject brought out as she enjoys her lunch of a large sandwich. While the next test subject is being prepared for her, Lyla takes a brief look at a picture frame on her desk where she is standing happily with Samuel, Dr. Leo Bennett, and another scientist.

"Shadow Puppets"

Lyla is alone at her desk looking at the photograph of her, Leo Bennett, Samuel Abbott, and the other scientist before she takes out Leo's manuscript from her desk drawer. She opens the manuscript to find a note from Iris and Hope to their father telling him to finish saving the world and to hurry up and come home. Lyla smiles at it before she receives a phone call from Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Kublek. Lyla tells Kublek that she's still working on what Kublek is asking about, but it will be taken care of by the time "they" arrive. Lyla confirms that Leo and his security detail will not be a problem before hanging up. Lyla closes the book and looks at the picture again before looking back out of the window at her test subjects.

"In This Life"

Lyla and Leopold are eating dinner together when it is revealed that they are in a relationship with each other. Later, Lyla rehearses in the mirror on how to tell Leopold that his daughter Hope will be coming to the Civic Republic the next day to help him with his research for the cure. In the end, she chooses not tell him yet which resulted in Leopold telling her he had suspicions regarding the Civic Republic and the strange departure of Dr. Abbott.

Season 2


Lyla will appear in this episode.


Lyla will appear in this episode.

"Who Are You?"

Lyla will appear in this episode.

"Blood and Lies"

Lyla will appear in this episode.

"Death and the Dead"

While trying to destroy the chlorine gas, Hope and Felix discover that the frozen walkers in the cold storage area of the research facility are defrosting due to Jadis cutting the power, having anticipated their move. As Felix fights two of the walkers, Hope attempts to shut the freezer door, only to have a zombified Lyla get in the way, having been turned into one of the CRM's test subjects after her death. Hope desperately slams the freezer door on Lyla repeatedly with the struggle causing Lyla's head to get stuck just inside the door. As Hope keeps slamming the door on Lyla, she remembers Lyla telling her that she should be proud and that this is her home now, causing her to redouble her efforts. Finally, Lyla's frozen head shatters under the repeated blows, putting her down.


Killed By

Due to having broken protocols and being seen as a liability, Anne orders Jennifer to untie a zombified Barca who bites her in the neck and kills her. She later reanimates.

While trying to destroy the chlorine gas, Hope and Felix discover that all of the frozen test subjects have been thawed out, including Lyla. The reanimated Lyla attacks Hope who repeatedly smashes her head with a freezer door, ultimately shattering it and putting Lyla down.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Lyla has killed:


Leo Bennett

After being taken to the Civic Republic Research Facility, Leo develops a romantic relationship with Lyla which, despite Lyla's despicable and manipulative actions, appears to be genuine on her side as well. Lyla goes so far as to open up to Leo about her lost family and Leo brings her to dinner with his family so that Lyla can meet them. After his family insists upon an escape, Leo wants to take Lyla with them, thinking that they can trust her.

After learning of Lyla's role in the genocides of Omaha and the Campus Colony, Leo appears to lose any love that he had for her and is left only disgusted and angry, especially when Lyla betrays his role in the theft of the vial of chlorine gas. After Lyla's brutal death, Leo forgives Huck for her role in it, only wishing that if someone had to kill Lyla, it was him. However, Huck tells Leo that he doesn't want to have to live with that.


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