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"Maggie, she made me cake, fudge cake, that's my favorite. Shot her awhile ago."
—Mike Palmer explaining to Andrew what had happened on his 50th birthday before the outbreak began.[src]

Maggie Palmer (nee unknown) is married to her husband, Mike. She has two sons who all live together in Andrew's neighborhood.


King County, Georgia

Not much is known about Maggie's life prior to the outbreak, except that she and the children were having a birthday party to celebrate Mike's 50th birthday before the outbreak started to happen. Maggie was attending and overseeing the children's surprise party when the apocalypse began in the town.


Walkers attacked the party, infecting and killing everyone except Mike. When her children turned, she was mostly likely attacked and turned as well. When Mike went to investigate the situation, he was attacked by his zombified wife. Mike was bitten in the leg by his wife, and he was forced to shoot her in the head completely killing her and saving her from rotting as a walker.


Killed By

Maggie along with her children were infected at her husband's 50th birthday party at their house.

Once she became a walker, she found and attacked her husband, injuring him in his lower leg. However, he somehow managed to shoot her in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Maggie has killed:

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