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I've been, um... thinking about what you said. Y'know, for a long time, for most of my life, I felt like the world kept taking... and kept taking and, um, I think at some point, I thought that if I could just fight hard enough, I'd be able to get it back. A little piece of it at least... But it doesn't work that way, because you just end up losing what you got. And I don't want to keep doing that anymore. I don't know how, but this thing with Negan... I'm gonna finish it. So that I can just let it go.
―Maggie promising to Hershel that she will resolve her conflict with Negan.[src]

Maggie Rhee (née Greene) is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Television Universe. She is a main character in The Walking Dead and one of two protagonists in The Walking Dead: Dead City.

She is the widow of Glenn Rhee and the mother of Hershel. She was the leader of the Hilltop Colony, and was one of the four co-leaders of the Militia, along with Rick Grimes, Ezekiel Sutton, and Cyndie before its disbanding. At some point after Rick's assumed death, she left the Hilltop alongside her son to join Georgie's group and search for new communities.

Several years later, Maggie returned to Virginia with her son after a dangerous group attacked her and her people's home, only to find out that Glenn's murderer is out and living among her friends and that the dangerous group had followed her back to Virginia. With Alexandria in dire condition, Maggie led a group of survivors back to reclaim her previous village and defeat the Reapers in order to replenish the community's food supply, all the while, her feud with Negan Smith came to its peak, with the two choosing to part ways with each other.

Upon Alexandria's encounter with the Commonwealth, Maggie retreated back to the defunct Hilltop, having disapproved of their system and morals. Six months later, she made contact with an in-crisis Riverbend at the hands of the Commonwealth Army, where she reunited with Negan and became an enemy of Lance Hornsby, as well as Leah Shaw, an ex-Reaper recruited by Lance to assassinate Maggie, who was ultimately unsuccessful. After the eventual defeat of the Milton regime, Maggie received a formal apology from Negan for the death of her husband, which she was unable to accept, but began working on moving past her hate and bitterness, recognizing that Negan was both sincere and truly trying to change.

Maggie subsequently returned to Hilltop and began to rebuild. However, despite their best efforts, the Hilltoppers failed to restore the farming community to what it once and were forced to move to The Bricks. Maggie reunites with Negan after The Croat kidnaps Hershel, and they travel to New York to find him.


Maggie is an intelligent, caring, and brave woman. She is shown to be a loving daughter, sister, friend, wife, and mother.

Before meeting Rick Grimes' group, she had trouble adapting to the true nature of the apocalyptic world as her family initially believes that the walkers were simply sick people. Her mindset changes after an almost death experience with a walker. After this occurs, she becomes more invested with the core group, now understanding the need to fight for survival despite this initially putting a strain on her relationship with her father, Hershel. Devoted to her husband, Glenn Rhee, and the people around her, she constantly looks out for the best interests of the group and becomes a strong contributor to her group after the destruction of her father's farm. Maggie was shown to be religious to an extent, although by the fifth season she appears to be an atheist. It is possible by the season's end she has repossessed her faith.

During the third season, Maggie, like everyone else, had become battle-hardened after surviving the entire winter on the road, although she still retains her kind side. She is shown to become slightly suspicious and untrustworthy towards different survivors, such as Axel and Oscar, although she, like the rest of the group, eventually accept them. After an invasion of walkers into the prison as a result of Andrew, Maggie is forced to perform a fatal, emergency C-section on Lori Grimes to deliver her baby, an act that visibly traumatizes her for a short time; however, she quickly moves-on and becomes dedicated to keeping Lori's baby alive. Maggie's strong bravery is shown after she and Glenn are captured by Daryl's brother, Merle, and taken to Woodbury where she is interrogated, threatened, and humiliated by the Governor, but does not crack until the latter threatens Glenn's life. Maggie is clearly traumatized by this ordeal for a short period, but overcomes her grief and actively takes part in the war against the Governor and Woodbury. It is evident by the season's end that Maggie is very much capable of committing murder to protect the people she cares about from danger.

By the fourth season, Maggie maintains a strong position in the prison's community and is shown to have become fiercely devoted to the well being of her husband, family, and friends. Following the Governor's return, the destruction of the prison, and the brutal death of her beloved father, Hershel, Maggie embarks on a devoted journey to find her husband, Glenn, at all costs and seems to become slightly distant from others and somewhat reckless, although she eventually overcomes this. Maggie has no doubt accepted the utter cruelty of the post-apocalyptic world during this season as a result of her father's death, as she instantly assumes following the prison attack that her only remaining relative, Beth, is more than likely dead and makes no attempt to look for her after finding her husband, Glenn.

During the fifth season, Maggie's personality changes dramatically as following the escape from Terminus, she is shown to become more traumatized by the horrors she has encountered and has developed a noticeably colder personality, as expressed during interactions with Father Gabriel in which she reveals that she is no longer religious and insults him. After the death of her sister, Beth, Maggie is visibly broken and traumatized and even claims she does not know if she wants to continue fighting to stay alive. These feelings appear lost after entering the Alexandria Safe Zone where she becomes much more relaxed and active in the community as Deanna Monroe's assistant. By the season's end, Maggie is shown to have lost some of her colder personality aspects when she saves Gabriel from being killed by Sasha (after he betrayed her group to Deanna) and possibly appears to be religious again. She strongly believes in making a life in the new world, rather than constantly trying to stay alive.

After Glenn's death, Maggie, grief stricken and depressed, is determined to fight the Saviors and kill Negan for the brutal murders of her husband and Abraham. She maintains her humanity by sparing and not mistreating the Saviors who surrendered or were captured. However, as the war with the Saviors progresses, Maggie becomes colder, slowly exposing a more ruthless side. She is focused and determined to kill Negan at all costs. Although Maggie is relieved after the war is won and is content that the Saviors who surrendered were kept alive, she is enraged at Rick and Michonne for deciding to allow Negan to live. She, along with Jesus and Daryl, calmly vow to make the Hilltop strong again and wait for the right moment to exact their revenge, implying that Maggie may have sinister intentions towards Rick and Michonne.

By the ninth season, and 18 months after the end of the war against the Saviors, Maggie is in full command of the Hilltop and is a strong, effective and caring leader willing to do whatever is necessary to benefit her people. She is also a happy, loving mother to her newborn child. Despite this however, Maggie is still traumatized by the death of her husband, Glenn, as she refuses to go to Alexandria due to the fact that her husband's murderer, Negan, is incarcerated there under Rick's orders and no doubt still wants revenge against him and still appears to hold a grudge against the Saviors as a whole. She is shown to not be willing to take chances with those who pose a threat to her as she has Gregory hanged as punishment for his attempted assassination of her, claiming that the punishment must fit the crime, though she still gives Earl (the man who was manipulated by Gregory into killing her) a second chance after incarcerating him.

Maggie's ideology of punishing threats directly conflicts with Rick's desire for the communities, including the Saviors, to all work together to build a civilization and avoid killing the living and this comes to fruition when she (and Daryl) allows Cyndie to murder Arat for revenge for killing her younger brother back when the Saviors were under Negan and Simon's leadership as this parallels with Glenn's death at the hands of Negan. Having had enough of Rick's views, Maggie becomes fully committed into killing Negan. However, upon meeting Negan at his jail cell, and seeing how broken and miserable Negan has become since his fall from power, Maggie finally realizes Rick's motives for letting Negan live: Being forced to live with his actions, and spend the rest of his life as a shell of his former self, begging for death, only to be denied.

Maggie's change of view intensifies after Rick's supposed "death" not long afterwards, as she, alongside Daryl, blames herself for Rick's demise due to her commitment to kill Negan, and as a result, ultimately steps down as leader of the Hilltop.

After Hershel is kidnapped by the Croat and his men, Maggie is hellbent on getting him back no matter the cost. However, she once again is forced to work together with Negan, much to her chagrin. Despite the two coming to an understanding of each other in the past, Maggie seemingly has gone back to hating Negan for what he did, something he calls her out on.

It is later revealed that the Croat made a deal with Maggie: give him Negan in exchange for Hershel, showing that Maggie's hatred of Negan is rooted in guilt. Although she sees that the two of them make a good team and Negan is trying to make up for what he did, Maggie forces herself to hate Negan to convince her that giving him to the Croat is deserved. This causes Maggie to often be very manipulative and deceptive, lying to Negan and also Ginny about why she brought him there. Negan eventually sees through her lies causing the two getting into a fight, putting them at odds once again.

Maggie does succeed in getting Hershel back, but at the cost of giving up Negan. Hershel calls out Maggie's obsession of Negan, which she at first denies. Maggie later realizes that Hershel is right and she promises to find a way to bring a final end to her obsession with Negan so that she can get peace.


Greene Family Farm, Georgia[]

Maggie was born in 1988 and grew up on her family farm in Georgia where was raised by her loving and religious parents, Hershel and Josephine Greene. Hershel had previously been an alcoholic, but quit on the day Maggie was born and never allowed alcohol in the house when she was growing up. Maggie also formed a good relationship with the foreman Otis, and his wife, Patricia. On one occasion, Hershel and Josephine took her to visit the Amicalola Falls, the tallest waterfalls in Georgia.

Early in Maggie's life, her mother died. By the age of six, Hershel remarried a woman named Annette and gave birth to Maggie's half-sister, Beth along with Annette's son and Maggie's step brother, Shawn. Hershel's marriage to Annette caused distraught Maggie to smoke and shoplift in her teen years. After her father told her they should "love each other", Maggie grew to have a loving relationship with her step-mother and step-brother. Though her days of smoking and shoplifting were over, she used a tractor to crush her ex-boyfriend's Chevrolet Camaro when she was in high school.

By the time Maggie became an adult, she began to attend college. While there, she also took birth control and became sexually active.

On her first summer back home from college, Maggie left her bags in her room and went horseback riding, but when she returned she discovered that her younger sister Beth had been rummaging through her bags and found her birth control pills. Maggie was furious when Beth threw them into the pond out in horror. Although they began to argue, they eventually ended up reconciling because they were soaked in mud because of Maggie's horse, and Beth covered for Maggie when Hershel asked what had happened.

While Maggie was twenty-two before the Trials, it is unknown if she graduated college or had dropped out.


Greene Family Farm, Georgia[]

Maggie was with her family on their farm when the outbreak went global. Her family would watch the news on television and were mostly spared of the scourge of the apocalypse. Hershel was convinced that what he saw on the news were not dead people, but rather sick and dangerous people who needed to be cared for until a cure could arrive.

During the beginning of the outbreak, Annette and Shawn were bitten by their undead fellow townspeople, and soon died and turned. However, Hershel had Otis put them in the barn until what seemed like an epidemic to him would be over eventually and a cure would be found, giving his daughters hope. Maggie, Beth, and Hershel then took in Otis, Patricia, and Beth's high school boyfriend, Jimmy and then barricaded themselves within the farm for the next months. She would also make runs into town to retrieve needed supplies.

Over time, Hershel had Otis look for more "infected" and brought back people who the Greene family knew, including their cousin Arnold, their neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Fischer, and friends Lacey, and Duncan. The whole family were responsible for helping them in the barn and routinely feeding the infected with live chickens. After over two months since the outbreak, Otis then brought an unknown infected girl in the barn and went back out to hunt for deer.

TV Series[]

Season 2[]


When Maggie first witnesses Rick Grimes running towards the property with his injured son Carl in his hands, she calls out to the other residents of the farm for medical help - as Carl was accidentally shot by Otis while he was hunting. Otis then returned with Rick Grimes' friend, Shane Walsh.

Maggie then asks Rick where his wife is, volunteering to find her so that Rick can remain at the farm with his son. She heads into the woods on horseback and encounters Andrea Harrison, Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon, and Glenn Rhee, while saving Andrea from being bitten by a walker before informing Lori that her son has been shot. After convincing Lori to come with her on horseback, she gives the others the location of the farm and rides off.

"Save the Last One"

When Glenn and T-Dog make it to the farm, Patricia tends to T-Dog's injured arm while Maggie talks to Glenn on the Greene's front porch. When Shane Walsh returns with the news of Otis' death, Maggie is devastated. She is found crying in front of the refrigerator by Glenn, and tells him that she knew Otis her entire life.

"Cherokee Rose"

Maggie is seen showing the Atlanta Survivors the landscape and areas to find Sophia Peletier, and also volunteers to go to the pharmacy with Glenn to gather medical supplies. Before departing, she also helps with Glenn and the others as they struggle to get the walker out of the well. At the pharmacy, Maggie notices Glenn finding condoms (he was really searching for a pregnancy test for Lori) and Maggie scoffs at him, before saying she would like to have sex with him. They have sex, however, on the way back, Maggie says it was a one-time thing, much to Glenn's disappointment.


She is seen coming out of the farmhouse as Glenn sits on the porch with a guitar. They talk and joke about the condoms and she is still questioning whether she likes Glenn or not. Later she is in the house helping Carol, Lori, Beth, and Patricia with setting up the table for a nice dinner with both groups of survivors. She is confronted by her father about what people are doing without his permission as well as he seems to hint towards the relationship between her and Glenn and warns her not to pursue it as they will not be around much longer. She tells Hershel that she's old enough to know what to do and walks away from the conversation. After, she and Glenn are seen passing each other notes about where to have sex next. Maggie however doesn't read the note until after when she is cleaning up. She is shocked as to where Glenn wrote the location and is seen at night in the barn telling him that he wasn't supposed to see inside the barn.


Maggie sees Glenn looking at the barn with binoculars and tells him that he is being obvious about Hershel's secret, saying, "Could you be any more obvious?" After talking about the walkers in the barn and Maggie pleading with Glenn to keep the secret from his group, he tells her that he is making another run to the pharmacy for Lori. Maggie agrees to go along with him. On the way to the pharmacy, her and Glenn discuss walkers, and she reveals that she believes there is a cure and says that she doesn't use the term "walkers." When Glenn asks what she calls them instead, she replies with several names including her mother and brother. Once inside the pharmacy, she receives a list of supplies to gather from Glenn. While searching for an item, she is attacked by a walker. Glenn reacts quickly to the close call by nearly severing the zombie's head with a shelf. After it gets back up, he attacks it viciously with a blade. When Maggie returns to the camp with Glenn, she throws Lori's supplies at her, clearly upset by how close Lori put her to dying. She storms off, with Glenn following her shortly after, and tells Glenn that she thinks he is smart and is a leader, but that the others in his group refuse to acknowledge that. She believes that they consider him "walker-bait."

"Pretty Much Dead Already"

Maggie is upset with Glenn about him telling Dale Horvath and then everyone else about the walkers in the barn. Glenn tells her that he'd rather have her mad at him and alive than happy with him and dead. Maggie then realizes that it was for the greater good. The two are on great terms after that, passionately kissing and returning to being a couple. She tries to convince Hershel to let the group stay at the farm and notes that he's changed recently. She and her father force themselves to watch their neighbors and family members get put down by the group.


Maggie asks Glenn if he would stay if the rest of his group were to leave, but Glenn is unsure how to answer. Glenn confides to Rick that Maggie told him she loved him. Rick says that they need more good things like that in their lives, and that he should embrace those moments.


At the farm house, Beth is still in a state of shock, not being able to react to anything. Maggie tells Andrea a story about Beth finding her birth control pills and how she lied to their father to keep her out of trouble. Maggie pulls Glenn aside and asks him if anything is wrong, he explains how her father saved his life, and that he froze and could not do anything to help. He had froze because she told him that she loved him, and he was afraid to die because of how it would affect her. She tries to embrace him, but he pushes her away.

"18 Miles Out"

Maggie confesses to Lori that Glenn lost confidence after the shootout at the bar. Maggie scolds Beth for considering suicide while Beth tries to convince Maggie that they should kill themselves. "I don't want to be gutted," she says. "I want to go in this bed, tonight". Later, Maggie finds Beth's room empty and hears glass smash in the bathroom. She can't open the door because it's been locked. She and Lori try to get Beth to open the door, but then Lori pries it open, and Maggie finds Beth having lightly cut herself. She covers the wounds and leads Beth to get them stitched. Maggie then finds Andrea and forbids she ever enter the house for leaving Beth to try to commit suicide.

"Judge, Jury, Executioner"

Maggie hears Dale's screams from the field and urgently tells Glenn to go investigate with the others while she stays back at the house.

"Better Angels"

Maggie is seen talking with the group when they are moving into Hershel's home. Maggie is also seen talking with Glenn. Maggie tells him that he can move his possessions into her room but he declines the offer and says he will move into another room. After this she is seen investigating the barn after Randall is set free by Shane.

"Beside the Dying Fire"

During the walker attack on the farm, Maggie and Glenn drive the SUV Shane had previously fixed up as an attempt to distract the walkers from the barn, where Rick and Carl were holding up. Glenn convinces her the farm is lost and the two drive off. After an undetermined number of hours, Maggie worries about the fate of her family and, as a result, becomes emotionally distraught. Glenn takes over driving for her, but not before he tells her that he loves her, something he was unable to say in previous episodes. The two later regroup with the rest of the survivors and discover that Jimmy and Patricia did not make it off the farm alive. After running low on fuel while on a caravan, everyone camps along the side of the road, waiting for morning to come.

Season 3[]


Maggie is seen with the group when they stumble upon an abandoned house and Rick, Carl, Daryl, and T-Dog kill the Walkers inside of it. The group is forced to flee, however, when another herd of walkers begin to approach their location. After Daryl and Rick stumble upon a prison while hunting, Maggie helps out to distract and kill the walkers (showing that similar to Carol, Maggie has no problem with killing walkers) while Rick runs inside the prison yard to close the main gate. At night, Maggie assists her sister Beth in singing an Irish drinking song. The next day, Maggie assists Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and T-Dog in killing the remainder of the walkers on the interior of the prison, and is the first one to successfully kill one of the walkers dressed in riot gear. The romantic relationship between her and Glenn continues as the two share a cell on the inside of the prison and cuddle as Glenn checks her for scratch marks. The next day after sleeping in the inside of the prison, Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie, and Hershel suit up and explore more of the inside of the prison in search of its infirmary and cafeteria. The group is ambushed by walkers, causing both Maggie and Glenn to split up from the rest. Hershel insists that himself, Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog go back to look for them, and Hershel manages to find them, but is bit in the right calf by a lurker lying against the wall. Maggie assists them in taking Hershel to the cafeteria, and is present when Rick amputates the lower portion of Hershel's right leg to keep the infection from spreading.


Maggie, like the others who doesn't deal with the prisoners, appears mostly by Hershel's side in this episode. Maggie has a hard time coping with her father's condition and is consoled by Glenn. Glenn told Maggie to stay strong and that she's not alone in this. He told Maggie to check on Beth and see how she's doing. Maggie finds Beth ripping Hershel's Pants and she asked what her little sister is doing. Maggie's pessimistic attitude is questioned by Beth, and Beth got angry at her for giving up on their father so easily. After that, Maggie finds Glenn handcuffing Hershel just to be safe. Maggie wanted to be left alone with her father, and the others wait for her outside of Hershel's cell. Maggie has an emotional moment alone with Hershel, telling him that it's okay and that he doesn't have to fight anymore. She will accept it if it's time for him to go, and told him not to worry about Beth and herself. After a while, Hershel stopped breathing and Beth panics. Beth yelled to Lori to give him CPR. After that, Lori gave Hershel a successful CPR. At the end of the episode, Hershel finally wakes up and Maggie and Beth cried tears of relief while holding each other.

"Killer Within"

After attempting to seek safety inside the prison, Carl, Lori, and Maggie are confronted by a small horde of walkers, causing them to flee into the maze of the prison. Soon after their run, Lori goes into labor. The group of three then flee into the boiler room, to aid Lori. After attempting to birth the child naturally, Lori tells Maggie to preform a Cesarean Section to safely birth the child. Maggie tearfully begs Lori not to make her do it, as she has no medical supplies on hand and the delivery of the baby would inevitably cost Lori her life. But she is soon persuaded by Lori to go through with the C-section anyway. She apologizes to Lori and Carl for what she is about to do. Using Carl's knife, Maggie cuts Lori open on her previous C-section scar, and pulls out her baby. After a few moments of silence from the baby, it starts to cry in Maggie's arms. After a tearful goodbye, Carl shoots his mother, to prevent her from reanimating. Maggie and Carl venture back outside to be reunited with the rest of the group, and also to break the news of Lori's death to Rick. She sobs over the loss as Glenn holds her and the baby in his arms.

"Say the Word"

Maggie is disturbed by the events of the previous episode, especially Lori's death, and is being consoled by Glenn. When Rick departs to retrieve Lori's body, she attempts to stop him, to no avail. Hershel states that the baby requires formula to survive and she, Daryl, and Glenn volunteer to go. Because the place they are going to has a narrow road, Daryl can only take one person on his bike. Maggie says that she needs to go, for Lori. Daryl and her ride off to the local nursery. They search the building and find it clear of walkers. She manages to scavenge baby supplies, especially formula. Daryl and her then head back to the prison. Once the baby is fed, they all sit in the cell block and attempt thinking of a name.


Maggie and Glenn make a run into town to find gas, batteries, and baby formula. Unknown to them, an injured Michonne Hawthorne watches them from behind a car. When she and Glenn prepare to leave, Merle Dixon comes up behind them. Glenn and Maggie raise their guns at Merle. When Merle and Glenn recognize each other, Glenn lowers his gun. Merle tries to calmly find out where they are staying, but he ends up attacking Maggie. With Maggie held at gunpoint, he demands that Glenn drive them to Woodbury. Once there, she is locked up for interrogation.

"When the Dead Come Knocking"

She hears Merle interrogating Glenn, and begins to cry when she hears Merle beating him. After Merle is done with Glenn, he is about to go interrogate her, but The Governor insists on doing it instead. He goes in and cuts off her restraints. At first, he feigns kindness and attempts to get her to divulge the group's whereabouts, but she refuses. He then resorts to a different approach, and orders her to take off her shirt. She refuses, but he says he will bring Glenn's hand in if she doesn't. She takes off her shirt, and he then makes her take off her bra. After she does, he bluffs raping her, coming from behind and pushing her face into the table. He then takes her to Glenn at gunpoint, still topless. Assuming he raped her, Glenn attempts to attack him. When The Governor points his gun at Glenn's head, Maggie divulges everything. The Governor embraces her, and she begins crying. He leaves, and Maggie runs into Glenn's arms.

"Made to Suffer"

Glenn and Maggie are first seen sitting in the room with the dead walker Glenn had killed. Glenn breaks off a shard of bone from the walker's forearm and hands it to Maggie. Glenn and Maggie stage a successful ambush of Merle and Warren, when they arrive to take them to the "screamer pits" (with Maggie killing Warren by stabbing him in the throat with the bone shard), but they are restrained when Martinez arrives and holds them at gunpoint. While being escorted a second time, the Survivors approach and uses a flash grenade, before rescuing Glenn and Maggie. Maggie takes part in the Woodbury shootout and witnesses Oscar being fatally shot by one of the soldiers. She then shoots Oscar in the head to prevent reanimation. Maggie also trains her gun on Michonne along with Rick and Glenn when she rejoins them outside of Woodbury following the shootout.

"The Suicide King"

Maggie re-enters Woodbury to assist Rick in setting Daryl free. She shoots and kills Haley along with various walkers, before escaping with Rick, Merle, and Daryl. They discuss Merle's fate, and determine that he can't stay. Upon Daryl's decision to depart with Merle, she bids him farewell. Later on, while moving a tree and car out of the road, Glenn throws a fit and fights with Rick and Maggie. When Maggie arrives at the prison, Beth hugs her and Hershel tells Beth to take Maggie inside the prison. Later on, Maggie sees Glenn being checked up by Hershel and she awkwardly avoids Glenn and enters another cell. Hershel came and talk to her and told her that he can rest easy knowing that she can take care of herself. He jokingly stated that she got her mother's spirit and stubbornness. She is present while Rick is discussing the fate of Tyreese and his group. When Rick suddenly throws a fit, Maggie tries to calm him down but he lashes out at her and she retracts. She and the others stare in confusion at Rick as to why his mood suddenly changed.


Maggie is in the common room of the prison, where Glenn reveals his plan to sneak attack Woodbury and execute The Governor, along with Michonne, and she then storms off. Glenn goes to talk to her, and he insists that they talk about her encounter with The Governor and he asks if she was raped. She snaps at him before telling him all that happened and answering that she was not raped. Glenn reaches out to her but she shoves him away, bitterly asking if he feels better now that he knows the full story. Later, while Maggie is still resting in her cell, Beth walks in and ask Maggie to hold Judith while she's going to make Hershel some food. Maggie feeds Judith a bottle of milk with some guidance from Beth. Beth holds Maggie's hands to make her feel better. During Woodbury's attack on the prison, Maggie called out to Beth and handed her some guns. She covers for Carol so she can run to Carl and Beth, and she sees Hershel surrounded by walkers from afar. She kills an enemy sniper shooting at them from one of the guard towers and rushes out into the prison field with Carol, Beth, and Carl to rescue Hershel. She kissed her father on the cheek after he survived the onslaught. She and Glenn hold hands as they watched the walkers on the prison field with horror.

"I Ain't a Judas"

Maggie is seen with the group when they discuss the situation with The Governor. Maggie lashes out at Merle and wants him moved to another cell block, blaming him for starting the war between Woodbury and the group, but Beth holds her off. Maggie is the first to see Andrea coming to the Prison, and tells Carl to alert Rick and the others. When Andrea enters the prison, Maggie and the others inform her of Phillip's doing and that he's the first one to start the war between them by kidnapping Maggie and Glenn. Maggie also informs Andrea that Lori and T-Dog died in the prison. Later on, when Andrea asked Carol how Lori had died, she told her that Maggie had to perform C-section on Lori because they were separated by that time and neither Hershel or her were available to perform it. When Andrea leaves the prison, Maggie and the others bid her farewell and they let her take some supplies and a car. On that night, Maggie and the others listen to Beth singing and she appreciates her singing as a way to calm the group before the war with the governor.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"

Maggie remains at the prison. She and the others are managing weapons around the prison to get ready for the upcoming war between Woodbury and the Prison. She attempts to stop Merle from leaving, and later tackles him in a choke hold as he grapples with Glenn, who too was trying to stop Merle from leaving, but Beth quickly end the fight with a single shot into the air. She later reconciles with Glenn when they are keeping watch and the two make love inside a storage room. She appears at the end of the episode listening to Rick's speech about going to war with The Governor.

"This Sorrowful Life"

Maggie is seen helping the others fortify the prison and attracting walkers near the fence so Glenn, Daryl and Michonne can get to the yard. Later, she is with Beth and Hershel praying, when he tells her daughters he would do anything to protect them. Later, Maggie is proposed to by Glenn, when he brings her a ring he took from a female walker, which she happily accepts. She is also present when Rick delivers his speech regarding decisions that affect the group as whole.

"Welcome to the Tombs"

Maggie is first seen packing the group's stuff into the cars along everyone else. Later, when the Woodbury Army arrives to the Prison, the Survivors ambush them with grenades and walkers, forcing them to retreat outside, where they are attacked by Glenn and Maggie, both of them using riot gear and assault rifles. The Army retires as everyone moves back in. As everyone fears that The Governor will attack again, Rick, Daryl and Michonne depart to Woodbury to finish him, with Glenn and Maggie offering to guard the Prison. She is seen later when they return with Woodbury residents in a bus.

Season 4[]

"30 Days Without An Accident"

Maggie is first seen waking up beside Glenn, telling him that she will be going on the supply run to the Big Spot. Glenn tells her to stay and she agrees, reminding him that everything will be okay. Then, she kisses Glenn and they take off their clothes and have sex. Later that night, Maggie tells Glenn that she is not pregnant (which is why Glenn did not want her to go on the supply run). After the two hug, she tells him that they could have had a baby though and that she wants to be alive, just not breathing and take the chance in the future.


She is first seen with Glenn in one of the watch towers and she wakes up after he takes a picture of her sleeping before he leaves. She is then seen on watch as cell block D is attacked and goes to rescue Michonne who was being attacked by walkers. She then goes up with Carl and Michonne to the cell blocks where they find out from Rick what's going on. Later she calls for Rick and Daryl's help with the walkers at the fence and desperately tries to kill each of them like the others until Rick and Daryl use the pigs to draw the walkers away.


Maggie is first seen digging graves, along with Glenn, who views her from a distance as they can not come into contact with one another. She then walks in on Glenn, who is coughing, and tells her that he has it (the illness). Maggie talks to Beth and tell hers that Glenn is infected, with Beth telling her they both have their jobs and to stay strong. Later in the episode, Maggie runs into Hershel, who is wanting to go into the isolated cell block and to help the sick. Maggie, along with Rick, plead him not to go in, knowing that he could get sick. Hershel refuses and goes in, saying that he knows he can help the sick. She then talks to Beth again, with both of them saying they need to be strong.


Maggie is first seen speaking to Hershel through the glass about the status of Glenn. Hershel lies and tells her that Glenn is sleeping, when he is actually helping him with the sick. Maggie then opens the gate for Rick as he arrives back to the prison. While heading in, Maggie asks Rick where Carol is. Rick is honest with her and tells her that she admitted that she killed Karen and David and that he left her. Maggie tells Rick that she agrees with his decision, but is not sure she could have done it. Rick replies to her by saying that she could have and to never doubt herself.

Maggie is later seen helping Rick pin logs against the fence that is starting to give way to the walkers. While helping, Rick falls down after being grabbed by a walker, to which Maggie hurries and chops off the walker's arm.

Moments later, Maggie is chopping logs with Rick when they hear a gunshot coming from inside the prison. Maggie continues to chop the wood, saying they need to support the fence, but Rick tells her to check out the situation in the prison and they can finish the chopping the logs when she returns. Once inside she looks through the door and sees that the sick are in panic. She tries to wedge the door open with an axe but is unsuccessful. She then shoots out the window to get inside the cell block and saves Hershel from a reanimated patient. She then goes over to a deathly ill Glenn and helps Hershel revive him. She is then seen by Glenn's side as Bob Stookey gives him medicine and telling Hershel to get some rest.

"Too Far Gone"

Maggie is first seen talking to a recovering Glenn. He tries to explain to her that he is strong enough to take care of himself. She says that she knows he is, but he doesn't have to take care of himself. Later on, after the explosion, she runs to the courtyard to meet the others. Her and Beth start to cry once they see Hershel and Michonne as hostages outside of the prison. Daryl then hands Maggie and Beth a weapon, getting ready to fight. Later, Maggie and Beth witness Philip decapitate Hershel, which immediately devastates them. Maggie tearfully shoots at the army, along with her other fellow survivors. She and Beth split up as Maggie goes to evacuate the cell blocks and save Glenn, while Beth goes to get the bus ready to drive. Maggie later gets Glenn and the others to the bus only to find Beth missing, and Jeanette tells her that she went to go find Judith. Maggie then meets up with Sasha and Bob. The bus drives off due to the Governor's army closing in, stranding the three survivors at the prison. In the end, Maggie, Sasha and Bob flee the prison on foot, going in the direction the bus was heading.


Maggie is first seen with Bob, and Sasha in the woods by a quarry. Maggie is shown sharpening her knife on a rock, while Sasha is bandaging Bob's arm. Sasha then tells Maggie they should camp there for tonight, with Maggie agreeing that Bob and Sasha should while she goes to find Glenn. Sasha claims that they can't split up now, while Maggie exclaims she is going to find Glenn, storming off with Bob and Sasha in pursuit. After walking, they come across the prison bus, upon further inspection it is full of the walkers of the former prison population, and she tells them that she has to check to see if Glenn's inside. After Bob says they'd do it together, and Sasha reluctantly agrees, Sasha opens the emergency exit to let one walker fall out every moment one at a time. Eventually, the walkers are too much and Sasha can not hold the door any longer. As the walkers attack, Bob and Sasha defend themselves, with Maggie dazed. However, Maggie becomes enraged that everyone on the bus had died and begins to kill the walkers in a brutal fashion, even smashing a female walkers head into the bus before stabbing it. Maggie then goes onto the bus to see if Glenn is there and, after she kills a walker that was stuck, sits down and begins to cry tears of joy, realizing that Glenn had not been on the bus.


Maggie is shown in the photograph Glenn took of her, when Rosita picks it up off of the ground and gives it back to him.


Maggie is first seen fighting off walkers, along with Sasha and Bob, in the fog. They then soon encounter the railroad tracks and a sign for Terminus. Maggie states she knows Glenn would go there and the group soon decides to follow the tracks.

The next morning Maggie is gone by the time Sasha and Bob wake up and leaves them a note in the dirt telling them she doesn't want them to risk their lives for her. While heading to Terminus she kills a walker and uses it's blood to write a sign to Glenn to let him know that she is heading to Terminus.

She is then seen later hiding from walkers outside the building Sasha is staying in. Sasha accidentally knocks out the window, attracting many walkers. Maggie beings to fight off the walkers, with Sasha's help. Maggie then tells Sasha that she knows she's afraid and convinces her to help her to keep heading to Terminus, with Sasha agreeing. The two then find Bob and continue heading towards Terminus.


Maggie is first seen killing the walkers in the tunnel with Sasha, Bob and the newly found Abraham Ford, Rosita Espinosa, and Eugene Porter. She and Glenn finally unite and she thanks Tara for sticking by with him. As the re-found couple relax, Abraham says they are heading to D.C. in the morning. The other members of the group protest and convince him to go to Terminus. At the end of the episode the group finally makes it to Terminus and are greeted by a woman called Mary, who asks them if they would like something to eat.


Maggie is first seen in a flashback returning from a supply run. Maggie later appears in the train car at Terminus when Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl enter.

Season 5[]

"No Sanctuary"

As members of the group begin to craft makeshift weapons to escape the boxcar with, Maggie uses her father's watch as a weapon, and breaks its chain. However, the guards drop a smoke bomb through the roof of the container, effectively disarming the survivors. Glenn, along with Rick, Daryl, and Bob, is taken by the guards, much to Maggie's dismay.

The group trapped inside the train-car hears explosions and gunfire, they begin to fear what happened to the four members of their group that were taken. Suddenly, Glenn and the others return to the Boxcar and free the survivors. The group escapes Terminus safely.

Whilst digging up his bag of weapons in the woods, Rick suggests to the group that they go back and kill the remaining Terminants. Maggie disagrees, stating "The fences are down, they'll run or die." Maggie is then happy to find Carol, Tyreese, and Judith alive.


Maggie is seen hugging Glenn at the start of the episode, before smiling as she catches Tara watching. She is also seen when Rick is interrogating Gabriel Stokes, whom the group has encountered and saved.

Later in the episode, Maggie and Tara are talking outside a gun store, before being alerted by a noise and raising their weapons only to see Glenn exit.

At the Celebratory feast, Tara confesses to a shocked Maggie that she was part of the attack on the Prison although didn't realize the true motives of the Governor. Maggie accepts this and tells Tara, 'you're with us now', meaning she has accepted her into the group.

"Four Walls and a Roof"

Glenn proposes that he, Maggie, and Tara will go with Abraham and Rosita to Washington, D.C., if Abraham remains with the group long enough to fend off Gareth and the remaining Terminites. Maggie is present when Bob is discovered outside the church with an amputated leg. When Rick leads a group away from the church to confront Gareth, Maggie remains inside when Gareth sneaks in with his group. She watches with Glenn as Rick, Michonne, Tyreese, and Sasha brutally beat the Terminites to death. When Father Gabriel, shocked at the violence he has witnessed, comments by claiming the church is God's house, Maggie denies this by saying that it is simply four walls and a roof, hinting that she no longer believes in God.

Later, Maggie joins Glenn, Rosita, Tara, and Abraham inside the bus en route to D.C., upholding their end of the deal.

"Self Help"

Maggie is in the bus and wonders whether Daryl and Carol might've returned to the church and that the others might be right behind them. She asks Eugene how long it'll take for the world to go back to normal. He says his depends on a variety of factors. The bus then breaks down and flips over when it hits a car. Everyone is fine but walkers surround the bus. They fight their way out, with Abraham and Eugene leading the way then Maggie and Rosita following. Once they fight the walkers they debate what to do next. The group continue to Washington on foot and hole up in a book store overnight. They fortify the store for safety and Maggie removes string from a book spine for Rosita to use on Abraham's hand. Later at night Maggie feels guilty for leaving the rest of the group behind but is happy she has Glenn. The next morning Maggie suggests scavenging the town but Abraham is keen to continue. When he moves the firetruck and walkers stream out the building, Maggie takes a few out before Eugene uses the hose to kill the rest. Later when the firetruck stops again and Maggie talks to Eugene. She tells him that she knows why he has the hair and its so he doesn't seem like everyone else, using a story from the bible as evidence. Maggie is shocked later on when Eugene reveals he is not a scientist but still tends to him when Abraham knocks him out.


Maggie volunteers to look after an unconscious Eugene and keep an eye on Abraham while Glenn, Tara, and Rosita forage for food and water. She offers Abraham a water bottle, but he refuses it. Angered by his despondency over Eugene's reveal, Maggie tells him that he's not the only person who has lost something, and that sooner or later he will have to get over himself. Maggie pulls a blanket over a ladder suspended over Eugene's head in order to keep the sun off of him. She later questions him if he wanted her to shoot him, understanding Abraham's suicidal state of emotion. Eventually, Abraham finally accepts the water bottle and Eugene wakes up, to Maggie's relief.


Maggie returns to the church with the rest of her group, where she learns from Michonne that Beth is still alive. Ecstatic over this revelation, she eagerly heads over to Grady Memorial Hospital with everyone else left at the church to rescue and finally be reunited with her half-sister. However, Maggie arrives too late; upon reaching the hospital, she is seen to be visually excited when she sees the group exiting the hospital, but then begins to realize that something bad had happened due to the groups facial expression when she sees Daryl carrying Beth's dead body, she falls to the ground in hysterics.

"What Happened and What's Going On"

Maggie is seen still devastated towards the unexpected death of her half-sister, crying by a fire pit.


Maggie is still mourning over her recent loss in this episode. She appears to be very frustrated throughout the episode, often reclusive and tense. She becomes better friends with Sasha, bonding over the fact that they each had just lost someone very close to them. When Gabriel talks to her, she reveals that she is no longer religious. She says her father was, but she feels that no God could be so cruel to her for practicing faith. Then, she found an abandoned car in the woods. She checked the trunk and found that there was a walker; one that had a resemblance to Beth. She then closed the trunk to hide its face. Suffering from an emotional breakdown, she tried opening it, but the tailgate latch was stuck. She got her gun out to shoot through the tailgate, but Glenn came to her to reassure her and calm her down. Glenn calmly opened the trunk for her and killed the walker inside. Maggie and the others soon relaxed around a campfire for lunch. Maggie stared at Gabriel when he let his collar-piece burn in the fire. Suddenly, four barking dogs came out of nowhere. Maggie slowly reached for her knife to kill the hungry hounds, but Sasha quickly put bullets in each of the dogs' foreheads. Rick then decided to cook the dogs for food, and Maggie ate part of one dog's leg. When the group later found water waiting for them in the streets, Maggie suggested that they leave the water. It soon began to rain, which pleased Maggie and the others because it was more reliable than a stranger's water, but lightning sent them scurrying to a barn in the woods that Daryl had found. While they were searching in the barn, Maggie found a walker and killed it. Maggie went to go sleep by herself when Rick told the group a story about his grandfather. Maggie later participated in the group's defense of the barn when a large herd of walkers attacked. At dawn, Maggie got up and she went outside with Sasha to check for surviving walkers. They looked around, staring at the sun when Aaron came out of nowhere and wanted to speak with Rick, who he correctly identified as the leader. Naturally, they wanted to know why, but he only gave a vague response, saying he had good news.

"The Distance"

Maggie brings Aaron into the barn, vouching for him being good. She goes with Michonne, Abraham, Glenn and Rosita to find Aaron's vehicles, returning with his food. She rides the RV on both legs of the trip to Alexandria, then arriving at the safe zone with the others.


Maggie is seen throughout the episode being seen sniffing some fresh linen on the first night. When Aiden Monroe starts a fight with Glenn, Maggie runs to intervene.


Maggie is seen with Deanna, Rick, and Michonne and discussing how to govern the Safe Zone, with Deanna revealing Maggie as her assistant. Maggie then convinces Deanna to have Sasha be the lookout for security. She is later seen at the party, talking to Glenn and Noah.


Maggie see's Glenn and the rest of the supply run crew off with Deanna and Reg. Later on, she is present when Tobin visits Deanna to tell her to make Abraham head of the construction crew. After he leaves she assures Deanna that her people know what they're doing. When Gabriel comes to the house to inform Deanna that the Survivors are bad people, Maggie is spying from the stairs.


Maggie is first seen staring at Gabriel while he is hanging his clothes out. Reg appears to tell her Deanna's on the porch. Maggie then talks with Deanna about the meeting, and that if it includes sending Rick away, it won't work. When Deanna ignores her warnings, Maggie storms off, but Reg comes after her and assures her that he will speak up at the night gathering. She then talks to Glenn, telling him she'll solve the situation. Later on at the meeting, she speaks up for Rick, saying that her father respected him and "he's just trying to protect his family" and that the residents want to be a part of the family. Maggie then leaves to find Rick or Gabriel, so they can speak at the meeting. She walks into Gabriel's church to find Sasha pointing a gun at his head. She diffuses the situation and the three end up praying together over the tragedies they have faced.

Season 6[]

"First Time Again"

During a flashback, Maggie checks on Tara to see if she is feeling better. Glenn and Nicholas both walk into the infirmary bloody and bruised and Glenn tells Maggie and Rosita that walkers attacked him and Nicholas in the woods, which she doesn't seem to believe. While Maggie appears at Rick's meeting where they discuss the plan to get the walkers out of the quarry, Glenn asks Maggie if she can stay at Alexandria and keep an eye on Deanna who is still dealing with the loss of Aiden and Reg. Maggie tells Glenn that's not the only reason that Glenn wants her to stay and Glenn says he knows. While everyone is doing their job helping to build the wall, Maggie explains to Tara about Nicholas that he got Noah killed. When Tara asks Maggie why can't she just exile Nicholas from Alexandria, Maggie reminds Tara that she was on The Governor's side of the prison assault that resulted in Hershel being killed. Maggie tells Tara that Glenn saves people no matter if they are good or bad and that Tara is one of the most important people to her in the whole world. They both hug but soon after a few walkers come into the wall construction site. Rick wants the Alexandrian's to fight the walkers but they are too scared and so Maggie with the other's help, kill the walkers.


Maggie is first seen with Deanna outside in Alexandria. She tells Deanna that they want to plant flower seeds outside. Maggie then explains to Deanna that her planting the seeds is very similar to Reg's wish for Alexandria; he wanted Alexandria to thrive and grow. As they are digging to get ready to plant some seeds, The Wolves begin their attack on Alexandria. Several wolves throw Molotovs into Alexandria with one of them hitting a guard on the look-out platform; Richards. Deanna and Maggie witness Richards being burned alive which disturbs Deanna. Maggie tells Deanna to stay behind her as Maggie begins to defend Alexandria. Maggie is later seen with Deanna when they run into Spencer, who just went to turn off the truck horn. Maggie informs Spencer that she is going to go help the others. Spencer tells her that he'll stay and protect Deanna. Maggie is later seen in the aftermath of The Wolves' attack on Alexandria. Maggie is deeply saddened as she walks and sees the many bodies of Alexandrians and The Wolves. Maggie finds Richards, who has turned. Maggie walks over to his reanimated body and puts him down.


While Rick returns to Alexandria with half the horde following him, Maggie sets out to find Glenn. As she is gearing up for her mission Aaron stops her telling her it's nearly impossible for her to make it back alive. Maggie tells Aaron he can't stop her, so he joins her. They take the sewers as he did when it first started. While in the sewers they encounter two walker who were stuck in sludge and break free to attack them. Once they reach the end of the tunnel they come to a gate in which Aaron attempts to open it, but Maggie stops him. She reveals to Aaron that she is pregnant begins to break down, accepting Glenn's fate. When they get back to Alexandria, Maggie and Aaron erase Glenn and Nicholas' name off the "In Memory" wall showing they still have hope.

"Heads Up"

Maggie is first seen at the lookout post, anxiously scanning the horizon for a sign from Glenn. When Everyone in town looks up as a bunch of green balloons float into the sky Maggie runs over to Rick and cries out "That's Glenn!", filled with hope. She watches as the watchtower comes down and crashes on the walls of the Alexandria safe zone.

"Start to Finish"

Maggie is first seen running from the herd of walkers attacking Alexandria. She manages to take a few out with her assault rifle before running out of ammo. Reaching the lookout post, she starts scrambling up the ladder to the top. The walkers pull the ladder down but Maggie manages to grab onto the edge, pulling herself up to safety. Later on when Glenn and Enid scale the wall, she is seen to still be trapped on the tower, with a mass of walkers surrounding her.

"No Way Out"

Maggie is seen when Glenn and Enid attempt to save Maggie before the watch tower collapses. She tries to stand up and help Enid, whilst also screaming for Glenn to get to safety before he gets devoured. Glenn screams back to Maggie to get over the wall, but Maggie refuses and uses her only bullet to help Glenn. When she thought her husband was about to be devoured, Abraham and Sasha appear and kill all the zombies round Glenn.

She was there when the entire of Alexandria took a stand and defeated the horde of Zombies. She is also seen sitting on a bed in the infirmary with Glenn bringing a bowl over.

"The Next World"

Maggie finds Enid alone and encourages her to pitch in and help get Alexandria back on track. She tells Enid that she's around if she wants to talk.

"Knots Untie"

Maggie is discouraged that it will still be some time before Alexandria's new garden yields any crops. Glenn assures her they'll be okay. Maggie, Rick, Michonne, Glenn and Abraham board the motor home with Jesus. Maggie guards Jesus as the Survivors searches inside. They find four of Jesus' people, one of whom is injured. Maggie meets with Gregory to discuss trade options.

Gregory condescends her and notes that Alexandria is low on provisions. He offers to help on the condition that Alexandrian residents work at the Hilltop, insinuating Maggie would be very desirable in the community as a "smart, beautiful woman." Maggie rebuffs him and points out that the Hilltop is low on ammo and medication, proposing they help each other.

Gregory, insulted, ends the discussion. However, Maggie realizes she's in a position to negotiate for even more, telling him that Negan will continue to demand more provisions and will eventually deplete the Hilltop unless her group stops him. She says her group will kill the Saviors, but only in exchange for half of the Hilltop's supplies.

Gregory begrudgingly accepts the offer. In his medical trailer, Harlan performs an ultrasound on Maggie. Glenn and Maggie smile when they see the fetus and hear it's heartbeat.

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

Maggie is present at the church meeting where Rick convinces the Alexandrians that they need to fight against the Saviors. Later, she tells Glenn that she is going with them to the Saviors' compound because although it wasn’t her idea, she set the deal up with the Hilltop. She assures him she will stay on the perimeter.

When the alarm is activated at the Saviors' base, Maggie insists on going with Carol to help the others. They argue about Maggie's decision to come along despite being pregnant, and Carol kills a walker that was approaching Maggie. Carol then told her that she was "staying here".

At the end of the episode, a woman reveals to the group via walkie-talkie that they have Carol and Maggie.

"The Same Boat"

Maggie and Carol are in the woods, with the alarm at the Savior's base blaring. Maggie says they should go and help, when a Savior sneaks up behind her, only to be shot in the arm by Carol. Maggie holds a gun to his head. They are ambushed by Paula and are forced to drop their weapons. We see Rick and Paula's conversation from Maggie and Carol's point of view, where Maggie tells Paula their names, and tells Rick that her and Carol are okay. Michelle, a Savior with Paula, proceeds to pull Maggie's coat over her head so she can't see. Her hands are bound and she is gagged before being taken to another Savior's base.

Maggie tries to free herself, but when Paula returns she quickly returns to her position. When Carol starts hyperventilating, Maggie persuades Paula to ungag her. Carol begs Paula not to hurt Maggie, revealing to her that she's pregnant. Paula taunts Maggie, to which Maggie responds "I'm choosing something different".

Maggie tries to persuade Paula to talk to Rick, but to no avail. Donnie wants to kill Carol, but Paula doesn't listen. He strikes Paula and goes towards Carol. Maggie trips him up with her feet and headbutts him. He kicks Carol multiple times in the stomach, only to be knocked unconscious by Paula. She orders Maggie to be taken out and questioned by Michelle. She asks Maggie where they're living. Maggie vomits on the floor. Michelle tells Maggie that her boyfriend was blown up and that she too was pregnant. Maggie tells Michelle that she isn't "planning on dying today". Michelle grabs her gun and continues to question Maggie.

Later, when Michelle leaves, Maggie again tries to free herself. Carol, after escaping, reunites with her and undoes the tape binding her hands together. Maggie insists they must kill their captors. Maggie makes a trap, tying a now zombified Donnie to a pipe. When Molly enters, she is bitten on the wrist by Donnie. Maggie grabs Molly's gun and bashes her head in with it. Making their escape, Carol and Maggie encounter many walkers impaled on spikes. Paula catches up and shoots at them. Carol aims her gun at Paula and Maggie urges Carol to shoot her. Paula escapes when a walker latches on to Carol. Maggie puts down the walker and gives chase, only to encounter Michelle. Maggie attacks her and Michelle slashes her shirt with her knife, and a furious Carol shoots Michelle in the head. Carol and Paula wrestle, which leads to Paula being impaled and bitten on the face by a walker. Maggie looks on in shock.

After burning the newly arrived Saviors alive, Maggie puts down the impaled walkers, including a reanimated Paula. When Rick, Glenn, Rosita and Daryl arrive, Maggie tells Glenn that "they're all dead." When Glenn asks her if she's okay, she responds by saying "I can't anymore".


Maggie and Glenn are showering together, where Glenn notices bruises on her back.

Outside, Maggie has collected a bin full of guns and suggests they create caches of guns throughout the community in the event of an attack. She watches as Glenn and Michonne go after Daryl, and Glenn looks back at her in the van's mirror.

Maggie stops by the pantry to eat lunch before starting another shift. Enid insists on taking Maggie's shift so that she can rest.

Later, Enid arrives at Maggie and Maggie asks for her help. Enid cuts her hair, and she smiles as she examines her new look. "I have to keep going, and I don't want anything getting in my way," she explains. Suddenly, she doubles over in pain and collapses to the floor, screaming as she clutches her stomach.

"Last Day on Earth"

Maggie is being transported to the Hilltop to see a doctor. Getting weaker every minute, Rick tries to comfort and reassure her in her pain. After all the roads are blocked by the Saviors, the group is forced to carry Maggie on a stretcher. They are captured by the Saviors. Negan emerges from a van and teases Maggie, threatening to kill her. He then chooses a random victim of the Alexandria Safe Zone and kills him/her, though the victim is not shown.

Season 7[]

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

Maggie cries as Abraham is beaten to death by Negan with his baseball bat, Lucille. As punishment for Daryl attacking Negan, he turns and hits Glenn over the head twice as Maggie screams in horror. Negan taunts Glenn - whose left eye has popped out of its socket due to the force of the blows - as he tries to speak to his wife. "Maggie, I'll find you," he says as she sits in shock. Negan then bludgeons Glenn to death as a devastated Maggie cries for her husband.

After Negan and his men leave, with Daryl taken away, the group sits on the ground in silence. Maggie struggles to her feet and walks towards Glenn's body. She tells Rick and the others to go back to Alexandria to get ready to fight Negan and she will get to the Hilltop on her own. Rick explains that they have Daryl and a lot more manpower than they do. She blames herself for the group being out there and insists on going by herself until Sasha steps in and says she will get her there and keep her safe. Maggie tells her she is taking Glenn with her and kneels beside his body. Too weak to lift him, Carl steps in and offers to do it, and Rick tells her that he was their family too. She hugs Carl and cries as the others take Glenn away.

Maggie is then seen at the dinner table during Rick's vision, sitting next to Glenn and their son.

"Go Getters"

Maggie's eyes flutter open. She looks weak, but healthier than before. She's in Dr. Carson's medical trailer at The Hilltop. He informs her that she suffered from Abruptio Placentae, a separation of the placenta from the uterus, but that the baby is fine. He advises her to rest and remain at The Hilltop for the duration of her pregnancy.

Maggie exits the trailer where Sasha is waiting for her. She asks where Glenn and Abraham are buried.

Maggie kneels by Glenn's grave. Sasha gives her Glenn's pocket watch; Maggie places it on Glenn's grave as a marker. Sasha offers to stay at The Hilltop with Maggie. Jesus approaches, and places flowers on the graves.

Gregory arrives and demands to know why Maggie's people didn't wipe out all The Saviors, and whether they know about his deal with Rick. He tells Maggie and Sasha to burn Glenn and Abraham's bodies and orders them to leave The Hilltop by morning.

Maggie asks Jesus why Hilltop residents burn their dead. "What do you have to remember them by?" Jesus simply says "Us." Jesus leaves and Sasha calls Gregory an idiot. "He's a coward. They're more dangerous," Maggie says.

Maggie and Sasha wake up in the middle of the night and see fires blazing outside. Music blares from a parked car. The Hilltop gates are wide open. The trailer's door and windows are locked so they climb out through the sunroof. They see walkers flooding in through the front gate, drawn by the music. As Sasha and Jesus kill the walkers, Maggie shouts orders to Hilltop residents, organizing their defenses. She drives a large tractor into the courtyard, mowing down walkers. She plows the tractor onto the car, destroying it and putting a stop to the music.

The next day, Gregory thanks Maggie and Sasha for saving The Hilltop but still refuses to let them stay. He slyly offers to work something out with Sasha one-on-one. "Go to hell," Maggie says. They're interrupted by the sound of Saviors in the courtyard. Gregory tells Jesus to hide Maggie and Sasha in the foyer closet, but Jesus hides them in Gregory's bedroom.

When Gregory finds them in the closet, he yells at Jesus, who stands up to him and forces him to let Maggie and Sasha , threatening to reveal Gregory’s deal with Alexandria, which would strip him of his plausible deniability. When Gregory calls Maggie "dear", she punches Gregory in the face, reaches into his pocket and takes Glenn’s watch, which he stole from the grave. "This is our home now. So you'll learn to start to call me by my name. Not Marsha, not dear, not honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee," she tells him.

As the Saviors leave, Jesus tells Maggie and Sasha that initially, he couldn't imagine anyone but Gregory running The Hilltop. "I can now," he says cryptically. Maggie leaves and finds Enid sitting at Glenn's grave. They hug.

Enid cooks dinner for Maggie in Jesus' trailer. Sasha joins them. Maggie gives the pocket watch to Enid, saying they don't need objects to remember their dead. "We have us,” she says. They sit around the table, take each other's hands and pray.

"Hearts Still Beating"

Maggie sits alone by Glenn's grave. She assumes her post at the Hilltop's front gate with Eduardo. Gregory approaches and warns her not to let her popularity with the Hilltop residents get to her head. Maggie taunts him, telling him it seems as though it bothers him.

In their trailer, Maggie eats an apple pie that Sasha brought over. She tells her that a resident's daughter thinks Maggie should run for president of Hilltop. Maggie asks if Jesus is still around as she wants him to pick up school supplies for the children, but Sasha reveals he left for a supply run that morning. Maggie leaves to get milk.

Maggie stands guard at the Hilltop gate. She sees something in the distance and smiles before calling Sasha and Enid over. The gates open and she greets Rick with a hug and tells him that she and the baby are fine. He admits that she was right from the beginning – they have to get ready to fight. As the others reunite, Maggie hugs Michonne. Together, they all stride towards the mansion.

"Rock in the Road"

Maggie and the group meet with Gregory in his office at the Hilltop. Gregory brushes them off when Rick tries to convince him to fight the Saviors for failing to take out the Saviors and he orders them to leave, pretending to not know him. They exit the library and Enid leads them to the courtyard, where a group of Hilltop residents offers to join the fight against the Saviors. Maggie stays while Jesus takes the Survivors to meet Ezekiel.

"The Other Side"

Maggie regards the bustling Hilltop community. She gives residents knife-throwing lessons, in preparation for the war against the Saviors. She and Jesus work on plans for the future of the community. Gradually, the people of Hilltop begin to look to her as a leader.

Maggie sees Daryl sitting alone outside the trailer. She brings him a plate of food and places her hand on his shoulder before heading back inside.

Maggie apologizes to Jesus for taking over his trailer. He tells her he feels close to people for the first time since she, Sasha and Enid arrived. Maggie leaves to speak with the blacksmith about making spears they can trade with the Kingdom for body armor.

Kal yells that the Saviors are coming and Maggie realizes she doesn’t have enough time to make it to the escape hatch herself. Enid guides her and Daryl to a root cellar to hide. They hide behind some shelves and wait for the Saviors to leave.

As a Savior takes some supplies from the cellar, Maggie stops Daryl from killing him. When he leaves, they come out of their hiding place and Maggie remarks that Daryl nearly killed a Savior unnecessarily. She tells Daryl that ever since he arrived, he has avoided her. She begs him to look at her and he starts to cry before apologizing. Maggie insists he is not to blame for Glenn's death, and that Glenn thought he was one of the good things in this world. She admits she wanted to kill the Savior too, that she wants to string them all up and watch them die, but they need to win. She hugs him and asks him to help her win.

"Something They Need"

Maggie offers Eduardo farming tips as Gregory observes their interaction. Eduardo refers to Maggie as "boss lady" as she tells him her plans to transplant a blueberry bush from outside the Hilltop gates. She explains blueberry bushes can produce for over 40 years, and that they should start acting like they'll be around that long.

Gregory joins Maggie as she uproots a blueberry bush outside the Hilltop walls. He proposes they present a united front to the community. Maggie agrees to consider his offer and asks Gregory to keep watch until she is finished. He contemplates killing Maggie while her back is turned, but ultimately decides against it. A walker emerges from the woods. Gregory charges at it but backs away at the last minute. Maggie kills the walker as a second walker attacks Gregory. A passing group of Hilltop residents witness Maggie saving Gregory, who defends him and says it was his first time. A resident remarks that's not what Gregory told them.

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

In one of Sasha's flashbacks, she and Maggie sit in a field. Later, she asks Maggie why they are there. Maggie replies "for this" as they stare at the sunset.

In the present, Maggie reviews Rick's plan with Jesus and Enid as they watch over Judith. She considers their options and contemplates joining the fight at Alexandria. Jesus remarks that he's happy she is the one making the tough decisions. Enid places Glenn's pocket watch in her hand as she leaves the room with Judith.

Maggie arrives with the Hilltop fighters just in time to gun down a Savior that was about to kill Rick. She yells orders to the fighters as Negan notices she is alive and well.

After the Saviors and the Scavengers have fled, Maggie and Jesus track Sasha down in the woods. Jesus pins her down and Maggie's eyes fill with tears as she puts her down for good. She later attends her funeral.

Maggie proudly tells Rick that she was not the one responsible for the events which saved Alexandria; it began right at the start, when Glenn made the decision to save Rick in the tank in Atlanta. It was that heroic choice that paved the way for everything to come.

In another flashback, Maggie and Sasha continue to sit in a field, watching the sunrise. They turn to each other and smile.

Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel stand on a podium and address the crowd as the leaders of their respective communities: Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom, united and ready for an all out war.

Season 8[]


Maggie is present with Rick gives a rousing speech to the united communities, reminding them they’re fighting for their futures, for a bigger world. He vows to stop the Saviors and kill Negan, the only one who truly has to die. Maggie and Ezekiel echo Rick's sentiments. Ezekiel chimes into Rick's speech and gives kingly rally cry to everyone. Then, it's Maggie's turn, pleading with everyone to keep faith in each other. If they do, "the future is ours. The world is ours," she promises.

The caravan arrives in a large field, where members of all three communities are waiting. Maggie insists on joining the initial phase of the fight, despite her pregnancy and says she has been fighting since the farm and can't stop now. Ezekiel offers to let Maggie see the Kingdom's doctor, but Jesus assures him they'll retrieve Harlan Carson, who was previously taken by the Saviors. Rick vows to relinquish leadership and follow Maggie after the fight is over.

The Survivors guns down two sniper lookouts at the Sanctuary as Dwight nonchalantly walks inside. The caravan arrives at the front gate, parking in formation to create a wall with the metal sheets retrofitted onto each vehicle. Maggie gives the signal and the group raises their guns toward the sky, shooting in unison. Negan steps out with his lieutenants.

Rick tells Negan's lieutenants, Dwight, Simon, Gavin, Regina and Eugene, that he will let them live if they surrender. No one accepts his offer.

Negan tells Rick that he lacks the numbers to win a fight against the Saviors. At Negan's command, Simon brings Gregory outside. Maggie and Jesus aren't surprised. Gregory declares that the Hilltop stands with Negan and the punishment for fighting against the Sanctuary is banishment for the offenders and their families.

Maggie tells the Hilltoppers to do what they need to do but no one leaves. Maggie yells back, "Doesn't look like anyone is going does it!" Gregory starts again but Jesus cuts him off, saying that the Hilltop stands with Maggie. Simon pushes Gregory down the stairs after deciding he's no longer useful.

Rick tells Negan's lieutenants to make up their minds; he begins firing when they don’t respond. Negan's crew runs for cover in different directions. The Survivors continues firing, blowing out the Sanctuary windows. The herd approaches, drawn by the explosion. The Survivors continues to spray bullets at the Sanctuary, then retreats to their cars for evacuation. Daryl leads the herd on his bike. Maggie hops in a car and sounds the horn.


At the Hilltop, Maggie meets Gregory at the gate when he arrives in the car he took from Gabriel at the Sanctuary. He pleads to be let back in. and asks him what he's doing back at the colony after what he did. Gregory lies about finding the car empty, and arrogantly tells her that he built the Hilltop long before Maggie arrived. Maggie furiously tells him to shut up and stop pretending he didn't try to sell the community out to Negan. He protests that he was trying to save lives but Maggie tells him the people are fighting for a better life. She calls him a coward, accusing him of only looking after himself and reveals that Kal told them that Gregory wanted to warn Negan of the Militia's intentions to fight. Kal overhears Gregory insulting him, and gives him the middle finger.

Maggie refuses to let Gregory in and sends him on his own outside the walls, but changes her mind when he desperately pleas for mercy, saying that he was scared and unsure if they could win in a fight against the Saviors. He apologizes and makes a scene. After listening to his pathetic cries, she reluctantly lets him in, telling Enid that he isn't worth killing, yet. Just then, Jesus' group arrives with the captured Saviors. Gregory immediately insists that they can't stay, but Maggie sends him away while she talks to Jesus. Tara says she agrees that they shouldn't be allowed to stay, and Maggie notes that with families and children at the Hilltop, the arrangement would be dangerous. Jesus insists they can't kill those who surrendered, and makes plans to keep them under armed guard in two empty trailers.

"The King, the Widow, and Rick"

Maggie is seen getting the note from Aaron and is surprised that he brought Gracie, who was brought back from the outpost. Carol and Rick read notes from Maggie which inform them that they have Saviors as prisoners at the Hilltop. Maggie and Rick read the note from Carol which discuss the Kingdom being ambushed and murdered and her, Jerry, and Ezekiel being the only survivors. Rick's note pushes everyone to continue, citing Sasha as the first, with more sacrifices coming after. Rick says that they meet at Sanctuary in two days to end this.

Afterwords, Maggie confronts Jesus hands out food to the Saviors and orders him to stop giving away the Hilltop's food. Gregory suggests killing them but Maggie sends him away. Maggie is frustrated with Jesus and criticizes him for creating this situation. He is shocked that she would consider killing these men. Maggie says everyone option's in the table and Jesus questions what are they fighting for, Maggie says they must end the Savior and Negan.

Maggie and Gregory chat in Gregory's office, with Maggie sitting in his chair. He insists, again, that what he did with Negan was in the best interest of the community. Maggie accuses him of being scared. "My motives were pure," he promises he can help with the situation. She is disinterested but he says he can tell her she needs someone to tell her to follow her gut. "You're the shephard," he said. "You can't have wolves wandering around amongst the sheep."

The next day, Enid tells Jesus that Maggie has ordered the Saviors inside. They have built a holding area to keep them. "We'll keep the prisoners here," Maggie said. "We'll feed them. We won't mistreat them." However, they won't accept anything less than cooperation. Gregory says they shouldn't have people at the Hilltop who they can't trust. She agrees with him, which prompts Eduardo and Kal to put him in the same prison. Jared attempts to escape while being escorted inside of the prison, but Maggie strikes him down. He warns her about getting people killed, but she strikes him with her rifle again.

In the office, Maggie is holding baby Gracie while Aaron talks with Enid about the loss of Eric and the weight he is carrying as a result. She says the feeling doesn't go away but it helps to do something about it. Jesus enters and thanks Maggie for doing the right thing, but is disappointed when Maggie says she's only keeping them alive because she believes they are bargaining chips "They're alive because we might need them," Maggie said. "Jesus, if we don't, we can't let them live."

"How It's Gotta Be"

Maggie is first seen with Jesus and Neil in a car as she and a large convoy of Hilltop residents are heading presumably towards the Sanctuary to meet up with the Alexandrians in the hopes that the Saviors will surrender. Maggie spots a fallen log which has blocked the road. Jesus assures her that trees can do that, but Maggie is skeptical and quickly realizes that the Saviors are responsible. Maggie radios to the back of the convoy and tells them to turn around. No response is given as the Saviors apprehend the convoy, and a truck parks in front of Maggie's car. From inside, it is revealed that Jerry was captured by the Saviors and is badly injured. He is then dragged outside along with a wooden box. Simon jumps out of the truck and states what a "damn nice night" it is.

Simon orders Maggie and her convoy to give up their firearms to the Saviors or else Jerry and everyone else will be shot. Maggie asks Simon how the Saviors managed to escape their predicament. Simon doesn't respond directly, but eventually explains that it was Eugene who made it all happen as music begins to play from a distance, stating he was skeptical about the man at the beginning but saw that Eugene proved himself worthy in the end. Simon explains that the Saviors want to transform the Kingdom and Alexandria into new outposts to replace the ones they lost, with the Hilltop retaining a semblance of autonomy, acting as the primary source of raw materials and food.

He then gives Maggie two choices; either the Saviors kill Jerry on his knees, drag Maggie to the Hilltop in the wooden box, which the Saviors have made sure won't suffocate whoever is in it, then kill Maggie in front of everyone and finally place her head in front of the Sanctuary as a warning to other troublemakers. Then the Saviors lead the walker herd to the Hilltop and pull off the same trick Rick and Maggie's people tried to do against the Saviors. Or, Maggie and her convoy can head back to the Hilltop, unharmed, however, with the cost of one of their people's lives. Simon then shoots Neil dead and demands her to make a choice, to which Maggie in distress agrees, so that the Saviors won't have to do anything. Before the Saviors depart, Maggie asks the Saviors for the wooden box. Simon agrees to this and leaves.

Maggie and her convoy return to the Hilltop. Gregory, still locked in a cage, tries to talk to her about getting why she locked him in, but Maggie shuts him up. Furious, Maggie orders Eduardo to take Dean out and executes him for giving Jesus trouble back at the outpost and for Simon killing Neil. She then orders Jesus to fortify the walls, increase their guards and bury Neil, and says that all remaining residents will begin tending crops the next day. She declares that the Hilltop will be the last stand of this war. Maggie puts Dean's body in the coffin-like box and scrawls a message on the cover: "We have 38 more. Stand down." She instructs Kal to leave the coffin where the Saviors will find it. While walking away, she attempts to not cry at this new order.

"Dead or Alive Or"

Maggie observes the Hilltop as it rebuilds and fortifies. Maggie watches over Gracie, before Dianne enters the room with an inventory log. Food at the Hilltop is becoming scarce, and Dianne fears that rations will have to be cut down further to be able to survive the next week; the situation is worsened if they take the captive Saviors' rations into consideration.

Maggie is approached by Gregory through the barb-wire fence, reasoning that he should be released for good behavior, but Maggie refuses to set him free. Alden then approaches the two, speaking up for the rest of the Saviors and attempting to come to an agreement, suggesting that the prisoners be allowed supervised freedom every once in a while for a few minutes each. Again, Maggie refuses, and reveals that they are removing their rations for a few days, much to the shock of the Saviors and Gregory.

Maggie later witness Daryl and the Alexandrians arrive at the Hilltop gates, with Daryl bearing the news of the town's downfall and the loss of Carl. Maggie and Carol look devastated and Enid is brought to her knees in sorrow, with Maggie confronting her.

Siddiq approaches Maggie to personally thank her for her hospitality. He inquires about whether the Hilltop holds an infirmary, revealing to Maggie that he has medical experience and wishes to help the community. She directs him to the trailers. As he leaves, Maggie surveys the community.

Maggie returns to the holding pen and agrees to Alden's deal, allowing a maximum of two Saviors at any given time out of the pen for work, exercise and, if the need arises, medical attention. Gregory, while grateful for her decision, is worried about an impending attack by the Saviors and implores that Maggie consider an evacuation, fearing losing the war. She remains strong, telling Gregory that with all they have now, there is little possibility for loss. Her attention is brought to the gates as Rick's arrival is announced.

"The Key"

Maggie is seen when Rick and Michonne arrive at Hilltop and reunite with Judith. She watches Rick ride out in the truck. She asks Rosita if he can come back from the loss of Carl. Rosita asks, "Have you come back? We just keep going." She thinks it will be harder when everything is over and quiet but Maggie and Rosita agree it will be easier when Negan is dead. In the distance, Maggie spots some sort of shiny flag hoisted above a small crate.

Rosita retrieves the crate and gives Maggie the attached note, which offers them a "key to your future" in exchange for food and records. The note includes coordinates for a meeting point. Maggie worries that it's a trap, but Michonne suggests they investigate. Maggie suggests they simply miss out on the help rather than risk dying. Enid agrees. Michonne will go out on her own and Rosita will join her. Maggie relents and agrees to go to the meeting point.

Michonne, Maggie and Enid drive to the designated meeting spot and find two women waiting by a van. A third woman wearing a suit steps out and introduces herself as Georgie. Her bodyguards are Hilda and Midge. Georgie explains that she can give Maggie valuable knowledge in exchange for food and records. Maggie, however, shuts the notion down, and rules these people are coming back to Hilltop.

Michonne enters Maggie's office. She wants to make the deal and let them go before the Saviors arrive. Maggie, however, wants to keep all of the food. Enid wants to take their stuff or someone else will. She thinks people will die here and they should care more about themselves than anyone else. Michonne, however, points out that Carl rescued Siddiq and now they have a doctor and friend. Enid bluntly tells her Carl is dead because of it. Michonne tells her to leave, and she argues that Carl wanted them to be better people. Maggie reflects on this.

Maggie gives Georgie a crate of food and records, and Georgie reciprocates with a sizable portion of the food in her van, having seen the desperate state of Hilltop and knowing that it needs the supplies more than she does. She gives Maggie a binder full of plans for windmills, water mills and other schematics to help create a community, the key to a future that she had been talking about. "Build this place up," she urges Maggie.

"Do Not Send Us Astray"

During the night, Maggie is signaled by Jerry when he spots a Savior convoy approaching. Maggie radios Simon and demands to speak with Negan. Simon informs her that Negan received her care package in the box which he gave to her. He tells her she and her people are gonna die for that. Maggie threatens to kill the thirty-eight Savior prisoners unless Simon retreats. Simon writes off the prisoners as "damaged goods" and proceeds with his attack.

Daryl races up on his bike with a machine gun and guns down several Saviors. The gate opens and they follow him in. A pick up truck is loaded with Saviors. Maggie orders everyone to open fire. The battle begins in earnest.

Maggie orders Dianne to bring the prisoners to her office. Alden, offers to help defend Hilltop, but Maggie ignores him and he is taken inside. Maggie looks around for Negan, but doesn't see him.

After succeeding in driving the Saviors off, Maggie and Rick run after Simon, Dwight and the Saviors as they escape in their vehicles. Maggie says that she wanted all of the Saviors dead, but Negan most of all. Rick tells Maggie that he saw Negan earlier in the day and tried to kill him. Instead of being angry, Maggie thanks him for trying.

Hilltop cleans up in the aftermath of battle. Maggie tells Enid that they lack the resources to fight off another attack. Maggie watches Jerry dig graves for the dead. She cuts Alden's bonds and tells him to bury the dead Saviors. Alden insists those aren't his people anymore, but he is glad she sees them that way. Dianne commends Maggie for being a good leader. Maggie shows regret when she tells Dianne, that she sent Negan that body in a box to make him mad and to lure him here because she wanted Glenn's grave to be the last thing Negan saw, even if it came with a cost. Maggie regrets not killing Negan.

That night, Maggie checks in with the Hilltoppers as they prepare beds on the floors of the main house. Wesley tells Maggie that he's doing well after Siddiq and Dr. Dana stitched up his wound. He tells her Maggie is a better leader than Gregory as he only cared for himself and nothing more. Maggie watches everyone pile onto each other and sleep on the floor inside.

Suddenly, screams ring out from the House. Inside, Maggie sees people getting eaten by walkers. Daryl rushes in to help people. Ezekiel watches. Siddiq rushes in and tries to stop blood flow as Rick chops off an arm. Michonne and Jesus put walkers down inside. After killing the remaining walkers. They notice that the walkers were all their people Carol informs Maggie and everyone that Tobin wasn't bitten. Rick recalls that Negan's bat was covered in walker blood, leading them to realize that the Saviors used their weapons to infect them.

Outside, Siddiq wrestles with walkers. Alden rescues him. Maggie finds him and he explains to Maggie that the Saviors escaped after Henry opened their pen. He points out that some Saviors stayed behind to help.

The next morning, Maggie watches Jerry and Jesus bury more bodies. Maggie has remorse for luring the Saviors here in an effort to kill Negan. Rick walks away as everyone stands near the much larger graveyard.

"Still Gotta Mean Something"

Maggie is seen in her office with Dianne, Daryl and Rosita. Dianne reports that they don't have enough ammo to fend off another big attack. Presuming the Saviors are low on ammo themselves, Daryl suggests they fight them hand-to-hand. Rosita points out that Eugene is probably making ammunition for the Saviors.


Maggie helps out with errands and tasks around Hilltop. Later, Gregory returns to the Hilltop, giving them the map to warn them of the attack, before being place back in his cell. Maggie gives Rick the map and asks him what they’re going to do.


Maggie and the group discuss their plan of attack. Michonne wonders if they can trust intelligence delivered by Gregory. While preparing for battle, Alden tries to offer help to the departing members of the Militia, Maggie refuses and makes it clear that although the Savior defectors are allowed to stay at the Hilltop, they are not considered part of the Militia.

After Rick's scout team kills Lance's group and finds the map, Rick radios Maggie with the new ambush location indicated on the map.

Following the map, Maggie joins the Survivors as they witness a massive walker horde in the distance and continue on. They end up in a large field where Negan taunts them over a public address system. Negan reveals he has Gabriel at gunpoint, their traitor Dwight is a prisoner, and that his people are ready to fire. He counts down from three, as a firing line of Saviors appears on the ridge line of the hill, ready to shoot down the Survivors.

However, as they fire, their weapons all backfire due to Eugene's purposely faulty ammo, killing or injuring many including Negan and rendering the guns ineffective. Maggie and Rick's army open fires at the Saviors. Defeated, Laura and the surviving Saviors surrender to Rick's army.

After Rick slashes Negan's throat, Rick orders Siddiq to save Negan. Maggie screams in anguish and demands that Negan has to die for killing Glenn, but Michonne holds her back. Rick orders the Saviors to return home and proclaims that Negan's rule is over. He points to the massive herd in the distance and declares that they must unite to fight the walkers, the real threat.

After the defeat of the Saviors, Alden tells Maggie that he would like to stay to help build a stronger community, as he felt he never belonged to the Sanctuary, while also thanking her for giving him a new life. After a moment's consideration, Maggie agrees to let Alden stay at the Hilltop and help build up the community.

Back in her office at the Hilltop, Maggie privately talks to Jesus and Daryl. She is angry at Rick and Michonne, believing that they were both wrong for keeping Negan alive. Together, the three allude to later rectify this error once the Hilltop has time to regroup and fortify.

Season 9[]


After hearing about Rick and Michonne's plans to expand Alexandria, Maggie sends some spare goods from Hilltop, saying it all goes to Alexandria and not the Saviors. Later, she sends another letter saying she can spare more supplies, but would like to know that Hilltop can benefit from the exchange, too. [2]

During the year and a half that passed since the end of the war, Maggie had her son and named him after his late grandfather, Hershel.

"A New Beginning"

Maggie and the group go to the Smithsonian in Washington D.C, to search for a covered wagon and farming equipment. Inside, Rick tells everyone to be safe and the group separates.

While returning to the main stairs, Maggie tells Michonne and Carol that Gregory called for an election at the Hilltop and lost, making Maggie the rightful leader. She also mentions how they need to find farming equipment to help the Sanctuary.

Shortly after, the whole group reunites and gingerly uses ropes to drag an old covered wagon down the stairs and over the glass floor. The glass finally gives way and Ezekiel falls through it, dangling by the rope. Before the walkers can bite him, Daryl shoots at one and Rick and the others finally pull him to safety. Carol joyfully kisses him to celebrate.

The group leaves D.C. and prepare to head back to their own communities.

On the road, Rosita and Daryl catch up with everyone to inform them that the main bridge is out due to a storm. Rick tells Tara, Gabriel, Aaron and Anne to head back to Alexandria and the rest will go to an alternate route and spend the night at the Sanctuary, ignoring Maggie's request of seeing Hershel sooner.

In the woods, the wagon gets caught in the mud as walkers appear from the bushes. It finally budges and everyone rushes to gather the supplies until the walkers overwhelm them and they're forced to leave. Ken runs back to free his horses but is bitten in the arm by a walker and then kicked in the ribs by the horse.

Siddiq and Enid try to save him but Ken succumbs to blood loss and dies from his injuries. A saddened Maggie sobs by his side before putting him down.

At night, in Hilltop, Maggie breaks the news of Ken's death to his parents, Tammy and Earl. An emotional Tammy scolds Maggie for getting her son killed, reminding her that she voted for her in the election. Earl tries to calm her down but Tammy doesn't listen and criticizes Maggie's decision to supply the Saviors. A shocked Maggie offers to help with the funeral but Tammy declines and denies her from being present. However, a saddened Maggie holds Hershel and watches Ken's funeral from the balcony.

Later, Maggie takes Hershel out for a stroll and runs into Gregory, who tells her someone may have defaced Glenn's grave. Upset, she rushes towards the grave and is attacked by a hooded stranger, who also knocks over Hershel's stroller. Enid intervenes but gets pushed to the ground hard and is knocked out. Alden and Cyndie grab the assailant and Maggie rips off his hood to reveal a drunken Earl.

Maggie rushes over to Gregory's place and accuses him of trying to get her killed. He angrily reminds her that he built this place and tries to stab her with a knife, but she overpowers him and holds it to his neck.

The next day, Daryl, Michonne and Rick arrive at the Hilltop to find the workers building gallows. Later, Rick asks Maggie to visit Alexandria but she says she can't because Negan's there. He asks for her help in fixing the bridge, which includes providing supplies to the Sanctuary. She says she'll only agree if the Saviors agree to provide the labor and fuel. Rick says he can't and he's obliged to help, but Maggie disagrees and reminds her that he never ended up following her as he promised, but now he should.

In the night, the residents gather around the gallows as Maggie explains to her people that the punishment fits the crime. She looks on at Gregory, who has a noose around his neck and is sitting on a horse. Gregory pleads for someone to stop this, but no one moves. A couple of kids show up and Michonne yells for Maggie to stop but it's too late as Daryl smacks the horse and it rides off, leaving Gregory to hang to death to everyone's shock.

Maggie tells her people that she wants this to be the last time they do something like this. A shocked Rick and Michonne look on as Maggie then orders Daryl to cut off the noose.

"The Bridge"

In Hilltop, Maggie rides a horse as Michonne arrives. She tells Maggie that a planned food supply delivery hasn't arrived at the Sanctuary, but Maggie claims that the ethanol didn't arrive either.

Jesus confirms they have a surplus of food but Maggie counters that without a working plow it may not last long. Michonne suggests they let Earl out to repair it but Maggie scoffs and says she's fine with waiting for the fuel to show up from the Sanctuary.

Later, Maggie plays with her son while Jesus tells her that they should consider implementing official rules to handle situations like Earl, Negan and Gregory. She finally agrees.

After the conversation, Maggie allows Tammy to see her husband. She talks to him about his mistakes and forgives him. Maggie listens on and gets a little emotional. Later, she talks to Earl herself. He mentions how he became an alcoholic and doesn't remember seeing his son for the first time. Maggie then leaves.

A while later, Maggie tells Michonne she's open to creating common laws. She explains that her father, like Earl, used to drink and also deserved a second chance but Gregory got several chances and didn't change. She mentions that Earl has been released and will pay his debt but she doesn't regret executing Gregory.

"Warning Signs"

On the road, Maggie and Kal are bringing food to the Sanctuary when they are stopped by a small group of Saviors, who question her about their missing people. Jed steals a tomato out of the back and takes a large bite. Maggie says she'll mark him down for it while the other Saviors let her pass. Suddenly, they notice a zombified Justin stumbling onto the road.

At the camp, the Saviors are furious with the news of Justin's death. Alden promises they'll get to the bottom of it but is punched in the face by Jed, who claims he isn't one of them anymore. Carol steps in with her gun at her hip, stopping Jed.

From a side of the crowd, Maggie watches as the Saviors start accusing him and Anne of being the culprits. They grab axes to retaliate when Rick rides in the middle of the group with his gun drawn and warns everyone to back off. After they disperse, Maggie asks Rick who he thinks killed Justin, and he looks at Daryl.

Later, in the woods, Maggie and Cyndie head to an abandoned house with a noisy roof which has attracted a small group of walkers. Maggie distracts them as Cyndie investigates. Another group of walkers breaks out of the barred-up front door and Maggie runs over to kill them. Cyndie nearly gets bit until Rick, Daryl and Rosita arrive to save her.

They check on Beatrice over the walkie but receive no response, so they try to find her and locate her unconscious in the woods. When she wakes up, she tells them she was attacked from behind and that Arat is missing.

At the camp, Rick implores his team to find Arat before the Saviors find out and leave, delaying the bridge construction.

On the woods, Maggie admits to Daryl that what Rick's doing is right for the future. They find a walker with a bolt in it and Daryl says, "I know who took Arat."

At night, Daryl and Maggie arrive at the "Final Warning" building to find Cyndie and a group from Oceanside holding up Arat. Cyndie emotionally reveals that this was their former settlement and recalls how Arat and the Saviors wiped out her people. Justin killed Beatrice's husband while Arat killed Cyndie's brother without mercy.

Cyndie says that they went along with Rick's rules because they thought they had to, until Maggie executed Gregory, "showing them the way". Since that moment, they have been killing the Saviors responsible for wiping out Oceanside.

Arat starts crying, claiming she had no choice but Cyndie reminds her how she smiled when she killed her brother. Arat begs Daryl and Maggie to help her but they walk away as Cyndie stabs her through the back of the head with a spear.

The next morning, Maggie tells Daryl that they gave Rick's way a chance, but it's time to see Negan, implying she is finally ready to enact her revenge against her husband's murderer.

"The Obliged"

In Hilltop, Maggie looks from her balcony with Hershel and then passes him to the babysitter. Later, she grabs a backpack and sneaks a crowbar into it, planning to head to Alexandria to take care of Negan. Jesus tries to convince her not to go but she instructs him to look after the Hilltop while she is gone.

A while later, on the way to Alexandria, Maggie notices the several walkers killed before by Michonne.

"What Comes After"

On the way to Alexandria, Maggie stops her horse so she can kill a walker furiously, bashing its head with the crowbar as Dianne watches. After she finishes, she cleans up her weapon and continues towards Alexandria.

Later, Maggie arrives outside Negan's cell with a crowbar before getting stopped by Michonne. She tells Michonne that Negan should have died under that tree and Michonne asks if this is what Glenn would have wanted. "I don't know what he would want, because I never got to say goodbye," Maggie says. Michonne eventually gives her the keys to his cell and Maggie walks in. Negan chuckles at her as Maggie demands he get on his knees.

Negan taunts Maggie about killing Glenn and begs her to kill him. She opens the cell and slams him against the wall as he begs for death. He sobs and admits he wants to be reunited with his wife Lucille. She tells him to get back to his cell because he's already worse than dead. Maggie walks outside and Michonne seems pleased she didn't kill Negan. Suddenly, they get word about the shooting at the camp.

On the bridge, as Rick limps away before collapsing, he hallucinates as Maggie, Daryl, Carol, Ezekiel, and the others rush past him to kill the walkers. Michonne stops and sees Rick's wound. She reminds him she fell in love with him because he's a fighter. After killing the walkers, everyone stops to watch them. Michonne tells Rick how much she loves him and he tells her, "This isn't real." Michonne tells him to wake up and he does, now alone on the bridge.

The walkers approach as Rick hobbles away. He makes it across the bridge and turns around hoping to see the walkers fall through, to no avail. A walker makes its way inches away from Rick before getting shot in the head by a crossbow bolt. Rick watches as Maggie, Daryl, Michonne and the rest arrive nearby.

Maggie and Michonne hatch a plan to divert the walkers but Rick won't allow it. He notices the dynamite on the bridge, takes aim, and says to himself "I found them," before shooting and igniting the dynamite. The bridge ignites and explodes as Maggie and the rest can only watch in horror. Assuming Rick is dead, Michonne screams out while Maggie and Carol comfort her.


At some point, during the six years after Rick's supposed death, Maggie, along with Hershel, left Hilltop to join Georgie's group. Jesus reads a letter that Maggie sent through Hilda and Midge and tells Tara that Maggie is doing good. Its revealed that Michonne is unaware that Maggie is gone until Siddiq tells her. Siddiq explains that Maggie left with Georgie and is helping with some new community far away, but that is all that he knows. Michonne has also been avoiding Hilltop out of fear of seeing Maggie and what Maggie would do to her if they ran into each other again.

Season 10[]

"Lines We Cross"

After returning to the communities, Carol tells Daryl that one of things she has been doing is looking for letters from Maggie at a dock to the south. However, there still hasn't been any word from Maggie for awhile.

"What We Become"

Maggie appears in Michonne's hallucination during the line-up where Michonne chooses who she will kill with Lucille.

"A Certain Doom"

Maggie checks the mail drop she set up before she left and finds a letter explaining the war with the Whisperers, the death of Jesus and the barn massacre by Alpha, leaving her visibly concerned.

Later, as a surviving Whisperer prepares to attack the masked survivor from behind, Maggie kills the Whisperer with an arrow and is reunited with a surprised but pleased Gabriel. Maggie reassures Gabriel that the mysterious survivor is with her.

After the war is over, Maggie chats with Alden at the rendezvous point before sharing a hug with Gracie. Spotting Maggie, an excited Judith hugs her as well after being reunited for the first time in years.

"Home Sweet Home"

Out in the woods, Maggie and Judith are clearing out walkers together. After putting down a zombified Whisperer, Maggie asks Judith about Michonne and what she told R.J. Judith says that she showed the night sky to R.J. and told him that his mother was looking at the very same stars. The pair join Lydia and the others on the road. When the others pull the cart away, Maggie is suddenly confronted with the sight of Negan, helping the other survivors as a free man. He awkwardly greets her, and assures her that he didn't escape. After staring at him for a bit, Maggie walks away without saying a word.

Near the Hilltop, Maggie joins with Daryl and Carol, along with two other members of her group, whom she introduces as Elijah and Cole. Maggie explains that she and Hershel have been living with the group until the destruction of their village, so she thought she'd resettle everyone at Hilltop. Carol and Daryl give each other an uneasy look, much to Maggie's confusion. Things are cleared up once the pair show Maggie that Hilltop has been destroyed. While she is looking over the burnt out husk that was once her home, Carol tells Maggie that Negan was with the Whisperers the night that it burned down. Maggie realizes it was Carol who let him out, but the latter defends her actions, asserting that Alpha needed to die, and Negan was their best chance at making that happen, and that he is the reason they didn't lose everything. Cole asks if they're supposed to just live alongside Negan in Alexandria despite the fact that he burned down the Hilltop and killed Maggie's husband, to which Daryl replies that they're still figuring things out. Maggie thanks Carol for telling her, before storming off.

The group walks for most of the day, until Cole informs Maggie that there is only half an hour of daylight left. Maggie wants to keep going, but Cole convinces her to call it a day and find some shelter. Maggie decides to clear out walkers from nearby a parking lot, which Daryl and Kelly are uneasy about but go along with. Things go well at first, until Maggie notices a group of walkers coming out of a container and attempts to close the door, injuring herself in the process. Luckily, she manages to close the door with Daryl and Elijah's help.

Later that night, as Maggie tends to her wound, Daryl comes to talk to her. He says that he is glad she is okay, as he got scared something might have happened to her when she stopped replying to the letters. He then asks about Maggie's life after she left. Maggie recounts how she and Georgie would help other communities, but it would fail. When Daryl inquires about Georgie's status, Maggie says that they found a community near Knoxville several years ago and helped them. While Maggie decided to stay with the group along with Hershel, Georgie and the twins went searching for a city out west. Not long after, the community in Knoxville where Maggie stayed in fell, forcing her and other surviving members of the group to run. Maggie reveals she hasn't seen Georgie since.

When Daryl asks what happened to her group, referring to her most recent home, Maggie declines discussing it for now, but says that it felt good to say some of it out loud. She adds that she also almost came home afterwards, but she and her group instead traveled to a place near the ocean that Maggie's grandmother owned, and where she and Glenn talked about going to one day. She asserts how much Hershel loved it there, and how one night they stayed up late and Maggie told him stories about his family. When Hershel asked how his father died, Maggie told him that a bad man killed him, to which Hershel wanted to know if the bad man got what he deserved. Maggie reveals that she left because she didn't want Negan to occupy her thoughts any more, and didn't want to bring Hershel back to that either. The next morning, she says, they met a whole other community, and joined forces. Daryl assures Maggie that she can come home, and that things aren't decided with Negan. He also wishes to defend Carol, but Maggie understands her actions. With that, Daryl takes his leave, and tells Maggie he will be next door if she needs him.

In the morning, the group wakes up and prepares to leave, when they're interrupted by a walker. As Elijah dispatches it, Cole wonders where Kelly is, since she's supposed to be on watch. Maggie finds Kelly and chastises her for abandoning her post. Daryl explains that Kelly's sister is missing. Elijah quickly climbs up the truck tosses the jacket to Kelly, with Maggie revealing that Elijah also lost his sister. Kelly inspects the belongings but doesn't find anything, much to her disappointment. As they're traveling, Maggie asks Daryl if Connie is still alive, but Daryl doesn't know. Although he hopes she is, he isn't too confident, and thinks maybe it's for the best if Kelly doesn't know either. Maggie thinks the opposite, as her father used to say a wound can't heal until it hits air. Daryl jokes that isn't true medically speaking. Just as they're about to arrive to the rendezvous, they see a smoke cloud rising in the distance. Horrified, Maggie runs ahead, closely followed by the others.

Maggie desperately searches for Hershel in the burned-out building, but doesn't find anything apart form the corpses of two of her group members. Cole is sure that this is the work of the Reapers, a group that attacked and destroyed their former home and apparently followed them to Virginia. Maggie is determined to find the rest of the group and her son. Daryl finds some footprints, including Hershel's, and determines that the group fled north. He also assures Maggie they will find the group responsible. After a while, the trail splits, so the group decides to split up as well, with Daryl and Maggie heading in one direction and Elijah, Cole and Kelly in the other. Elsewhere, Daryl and Maggie are following their trail. As Daryl heads off in one direction, an unknown figure stalks him. Daryl grabs a young woman, Maya, and briefly holds her hostage, but releases her and apologizes when Maggie identifies her as a member of her group. The trio are joined by Gus and Ainsley, two other members of Maggie's group. Maya explains that the place they were staying in was set on fire, and that Jen and Billy didn't make it out, while Matty was killed by something in the woods. She didn't see who did it, but Gus is certain the Reapers are responsible. Maggie asks about Hershel, to which Ainsley says that he was found by Kim, but she hasn't seen either one since. The conversation is cut short when Gus is abruptly shot in the throat with a silenced weapon.

The group runs for cover as the unknown assailant takes pot shots at them. As Daryl and Maggie sneak through the woods, they hear another shot and a woman groan. Ainsley has been shot in the stomach. Unfortunately Daryl and Maggie can't help her, as they both agree that it's a trap. Maya, however, takes the bait, and is promptly shot in the chest. Before she dies, Maya points to a direction, which Maggie takes as a sign that she saw Hershel. Continuing to take cover from the shots, Maggie and Daryl determine that there is only one shooter, and that he has to reload after three shots. Maggie decides to flank him, and instructs Daryl to keep his attention. As Maggie sneaks up on the sniper nest, she only finds the shooter's rifle. As she searches, a camouflaged figure lunges at her with a knife, but she dodges and stabs him in the chest. Despite this, the man shrugs off the injury, pushes her to the ground, and pulls the knife from his chest. He tries to kill Maggie by throwing the knife, but she ducks out of the way in time. As the man advances towards her, Maggie backs up into a trap and is strung up on a tree. Before the man can kill her, Daryl shoots him in the side with his crossbow, before charging the attacker. The man once again shrugs off the injury and effortlessly tosses Daryl into a tree, knocking him out.

Fortunately, this buys Maggie enough time to free herself. Just as she is about to face the aggressor once more, the man is shot in the chest with an arrow, and quickly surrounded by Kelly, Elijah, Cole, and the remaining members of Maggie's group. Maggie furiously questions the man about his identity and his group, but he says nothing. Maggie threatens to kill him, as she knows he is alone, and inquires about his motive for attacking the group. The man calmly tosses his weapon to the ground and simply says "Pope marked you", before pulling a pin from a grenade and blowing himself up as the others dive for cover. Afterwards, Maggie and Daryl search the woods for Hershel. Maggie whistles for him when something falls on her head. She looks up to find Hershel sitting in a tree.

Later that night, the group rests. Maggie sits with Kelly, as Hershel sleeps in her lap. Elijah arrives and gives Kelly an apple. Maggie thanks her for helping Elijah, as he has been through a lot. She asks Kelly who's older, to which Kelly replies that Connie is. She also reveals that her parents never planned to have her, and were too tired to raise her when she was born, but Connie always kept an eye on her, despite having a life of her own. Kelly also determines that Maggie was the older sister, as she seems like she has been in charge of people her whole life, just like her sister. Maggie hopes that she will get to meet Connie some day, and Kelly assures her that she will. As Kelly takes her leave, Daryl comes in to talk. He tells Maggie that it's been quiet. He also assures her that the Reaper knew he was a dead man and was just messing with her. Maggie says that she will come back with them to Alexandria, even if she has to deal with Negan. A few days later, the group arrives to Alexandria, only to find it under repair after being trashed in the Whisperer attack. As Maggie and Hershel walk in, Negan and other Alexandrians watch them from a distance.

"Here's Negan"

Maggie is seen walking with Hershel down the street of Alexandria, when she suddenly sees Negan again, sharing a tense stare with him. With increasing tensions between Negan and Maggie, Carol decides to banish Negan to Leah's Cabin for his safety. The next day, Negan returns to Alexandria where Maggie, Daryl and Carol are shocked to see him again. Carol quickly approaches him and tells him that Maggie will likely try to kill him if he stays. Negan is unfazed and decides to rejoin the community, and Carol admits she took him to the cabin so that his death would not be on her conscience, but now that he has returned anyway, she will feel no guilt if he does die. Negan agrees, and walks back into Alexandria, answering Maggie's hateful stare with a challenging smirk.

Season 11[]

"Acheron: Part I"

Maggie and Daryl lead a group of Alexandrians to a military base, where they raid the abandoned Fort Connors military base for food supplies. Maggie leads a small group into a helicopter hangar. They enter a room filled with walkers immobile on the ground. They step quietly around the walkers. Magna breaks the lock on a door and the group proceeds down a hallway. They find a crate full of MREs, and stuff the supplies into their backpacks. Maggie, Carol, and Rosita load the backpacks onto a pully system. Daryl and Alden hoist the packs up. A pulley snaps. Daryl grabs the backpack before it can fall on top of the walkers, but he cuts himself on the arm, and a drop of his blood lands on a walker. The walker stirs, rousing all the other walkers in the room. Maggie's group starts slaying the walkers. Daryl and Alden hoist the crew up to safety one by one.

The group returns to Alexandria. Daryl hugs Judith and R.J. Hershel runs up to Maggie with Cole, Duncan, and Agatha, members of Maggie's old community who have made their way to Alexandria in search of Maggie. Gabriel presides over an emergency meeting and announces that Alexandria only has enough food to last a week. Maggie proposes they replenish their supplies by taking back her old community, Meridian, which was seized from them by a group that slaughtered most of her people. Daryl and Gabriel volunteer to join her.

Maggie leads a team consisting Daryl, Gabriel and Negan, to Meridian through Washington, D.C.. Caught in a thunderstorm, they decide to take shelter in a subway station. Maggie's team descends underground. Daryl suggests they travel via the subway tunnels. Negan vehemently disagrees, but Maggie orders him to tell them the quickest subway route to Meridian, since he's the most familiar with D.C. They jump onto the tracks.

In the subway tunnel, Maggie's group encounters a pile of dead bodies, each wrapped in plastic. Daryl removes the plastic from one body and kills the walker when it snaps at him. They observe the walker made no noise because its throat had been slashed. Maggie instructs the group to kill all the walkers so that they can proceed. Maggie's group stabs each walker dead. A huge walker silently attacks Gage. Negan kills the walker, but refuses to take the group further into the tunnel, saying it's too dangerous. Gage agrees, and Negan says that the rest can carry on if they want to, but they won't go with them. Daryl refuses to spilt up and Maggie insists that they need Negan to guide them through D.C., and Negan realizes that the only reason he was included in the group was so that Maggie could lead him to his death, away from Alexandria, and make it look like an accident. Negan refuses to go along with it, and tells Maggie to kill him there instead, in front of everyone. When he mentions Glenn, Daryl punches him to the ground. Maggie admits that killing Negan is always on her mind, and that the day might come where she goes through with it.

Maggie's group realizes that Gage and Roy secretly fled and took all of their supplies. A herd of walkers appears further down the tunnel. They start killing the walkers and look for an escape route. Daryl runs after Dog as the rest of the group climbs a ladder to safety. Maggie is the last one to ascend the ladder. A walker grabs her leg. She cries out to Negan for help, but he abandons her. She loses her grip and falls.

"Acheron: Part II"

Having been abandoned by Negan, Maggie loses her grip and falls off the train car. She tries to climb once more, but is grabbed and pulled down again by a walker. Maggie fends off the approaching horde with her pistol until she runs out of ammo, at which point the walkers descend upon her. Suddenly, the group hears banging beneath them, specifically signaling SOS in Morse code. When they open the trap door, Maggie climbs into the subway car, revealed to have survived. Furious, she pistol-whips Negan for his betrayal, and explains to the others what had happened. Negan readily admits his culpability. Alden accuses Negan of trying to kill Maggie, but the latter corrects him, explaining that he simply opted not to save her when she was in trouble. The other Wardens threaten Negan, but he remains unrepentant, noting that Maggie openly admitted to wanting him dead. With that in mind, he doesn't see why he should have risked his life for her. He goes on to point out he has been a great asset to the group. Alden reminds him that he burned Hilltop to the ground, but Negan retorts that he also killed Alpha and that, if he hadn't, every person they know would be dead. Agatha offers to kill Negan, assuring Maggie that they can get through the city without him.

Before anything can happen, they hear someone yelling for help from the back of the train car. They find Gage trapped in the last car, unable to open the door. He explains that he and Roy got lost in the tunnels. Gage, however, neglected to close the door behind him when he entered the car, allowing walkers to pour in. Negan asks for help to pry the door open and let Gage in, but Maggie opposes this, as this would also allow walkers to get inside their car as well. In spite of this, Alden tries to help Negan open the door, but is prevented from doing so by Duncan. Gage pleads with Maggie to save him, apologizing for his mistake and promising to do better. Alden also tries pleading with Maggie, but she is adamant that they don't have the ammo to clear the walkers. Gabriel supports Maggie's decision, while she regretfully informs Gage that she can't open the door for him. Bitter, Gage angrily calls her a liar, before stabbing himself in the chest to spare himself the pain of being torn apart by walkers, which he is shortly after.

As Frost and Duncan try to open the door to the front car, Negan nervously paces. When Gabriel asks what's wrong, Negan simply replies "bad memories," but doesn't elaborate further. Maggie, meanwhile, stares at the walker-infested car just long enough to see Gage rise and join the horde. Alden notices the group is avoiding looking at Gage, and wonders why. Gabriel coldly states that the zombified Gage is merely a shell of a man who died a coward. Alden protests that, while Gage might have been scared, he didn't deserve to die in the worst way imaginable. Maggie, however, cryptically points out there are worse ways. She recounts how, before she joined the Wardens, she spent a lot of time alone with Hershel. One day, they came across a frail old man, who asked them for help in return for food. Although Maggie knew the man was lying, but she was starving, so decided to go through with it. Once at the man's house, she held a knife to his throat and searched his pockets, where she found a chloroform rag he was planning to use on her. Once she smothered him with it, Maggie entered the house and locked Hershel in a room, after which she searched the building and killed three more members of the man's group.

She, however, heard thudding coming from the attic. Thinking the group might have been keeping prisoners, Maggie decided to investigate. Once upstairs, she discovered a zombified woman with all her limbs, eyes, tongue, and even vocal cords removed, while inside her belly there was something that was trying to get out. In the attic, there were three more just like her, only still alive. Despite the horrific discovery, the very first thought that crossed Maggie's mind was that, if they're alive, there must be food in the house. After she killed them, Maggie did indeed find lots of food. She somberly tells Alden that she doesn't feel anything when she tells him that story, because seeing what's out there made her lose something. She, however, doesn't believe it's a bad thing, because it's made things a lot clearer. What they had in Alexandria, and what they had in Hilltop and Meridian, must be rare. Because if it isn't, Negan finishes, it means they were lucky, and that nobody had, has, or will have it figured out.

Frost and Duncan finally manage to pry open the door, but find the next one blocked. The door holding back the walkers, meanwhile, begins to give way. Duncan desperately tries to smash the door of the front car down, while the rest of the group gets ready to fight the walkers. The door to the rear car finally breaks under the horde's mass, and walkers begin to descend on the survivors. Out of necessity, Maggie hands Negan her pistol, which he uses to fend off zombies from the front car. Out of ammo, the survivors must resort to melee weapons. Luckily, Daryl reaches the blocked door in time and is able to open it. Once everyone's inside, he shoves a grenade into a walkers mouth and pushes it into the horde, before slamming the door shut and taking cover. In the ensuing explosion, the remaining walkers are killed.

After retrieving Roy, Maggie's group finally makes it to the surface. Negan dutifully hands Maggie her gun back, while Daryl looks over the note he found. Agatha asks if they'll be heading out, but Maggie says they'll take a detour first to Arbor Hills, where there is a hidden supply depot set up by Georgie. She asks Negan if he knows where that is, and he confirms, offering to lead the way. Upon arriving to their location, the group is alarmed by the sight of bodies strung up all along the road they're on. Suddenly, the group is showered with arrows and throwing knives, killing Roy, and severely injuring Cole. As the group scrambles for cover, they see a group of Reapers advancing towards them.


As the Reapers unleash their attack, the group scatters into the woods. Maggie is briefly ensnared by a whip, but Elijah comes to her aid and frees her, only to be ensnared himself and dragged off. Alone, Maggie observes her environment. Sensing a Reaper nearby, she throws Elijah's sickle at him, but misses. This, however, gives her enough time to escape. Trudging on alone, Maggie approaches a shopping mall. While trying to find a way in, she is startled by a throwing knife narrowly missing her. Scrambling, she finds a different door and enters the building. After exiting the stairwell, she constructs a makeshift alarm by positioning glass bottles on the door handles. She crosses the empty shopping mall and climbs up another stairwell. She is attacked by a walker, but manages to kill it and throw it over the railing, albeit dropping her flashlight in the process. Climbing up one floor, she inspects the way she came with her lighter, while a Reaper sneaks up behind her. Before he can kill her, both are alerted by the sound of glass breaking, giving Maggie the chance to dodge the Reaper's attack and kick him through the railing and down the staircase. When she inspects it, however, Maggie doesn't see the Reaper's body, and soon enough hears the footsteps of her pursuer running up towards her.

On the upper floor of the shopping mall, Maggie is reunited with Alden, but before they can even catch their breath, both are attacked by a pair of Reapers. Maggie struggles against the Reaper she encountered earlier, but is eventually able to stab him in the neck with a broken bottle. Out of nowhere, Negan helps Maggie by finishing the Reaper off with his crowbar. Maggie throws a knife into the back of the remaining Reaper, but before they can kill him, the Reaper throws a flashbang, stunning both Negan and Maggie. In the brief moments it takes them to recover, they find the Reaper gone, along with the body of the Reaper they managed to kill. Rushing to Alden's aid, Maggie finds that he has been gravely injured in the attack. Maggie tries to help Alden up, but Negan is flabbergasted that Maggie wants to keep going. He asks what the plan is, to which Maggie resolutely replies the plan doesn't change; they will reunite with the others and then retrieve the food. Negan retorts that the others might be dead, and lambasts Maggie's plan. Knowing quite a bit about theatrics, he observes that the Reapers demonstrated just how insane they are, and warns that they can't be on any road they might use. Maggie snaps back at Negan and invites him to come up with a better plan that doesn't result in them starving. Negan assures Maggie he is on her side, so Maggie asks him to help her carry Alden.

After taking a short break, Maggie determines they have 2 miles left to reach their destination. Continuing on, they hear a woman's screams while she's fighting walkers. Maggie and Alden hurry to help, much to Negan's chagrin. The woman turns out to be Agatha, defending a mortally wounded Duncan. After helping Agatha, Maggie apologizes to Duncan, but he brushes it off, as he considers them to have been lucky. With his dying breath, Duncan asks Maggie to make sure Agatha gets home. When he passes away, Maggie mournfully stabs him in the head to prevent him from reanimating. Maggie spies on a group of walkers, while Negan observes there are twice as many as before, and implores Maggie to revise her plan. Maggie tells Negan that he is free to leave if he wishes. Negan insists that he can help her, and that he has changed in the time she's been away. Maggie, however, doesn't believe him, and bitterly tells Negan to stop pretending he is one of them, even if he believes it himself.

As the group continues on, Alden asks Maggie if she's okay. Maggie assures him she can handle Negan, but this isn't what Alden was talking about. He suspects that Alexandria isn't what Maggie thought she'd be coming home to, or the place she told Hershel about. Maggie says that not much surprises her anymore, but the destruction of Hilltop did. She adds that she isn't sure Hershel is surprised by a lot of things, either. Alden assures Maggie she'll rebuild it even better than it was, and that it will probably be done by the time Adam is old enough to remember. Maggie is surprised but delighted Alden is raising a child. Before Alden can tell Maggie what to do in case he dies, she cuts him off by promising to start the rebuilding process as soon as they get back. Soon, they arrive to the sight of a walker tied to a steak and charred to the bone. The sign above labels the walker as a "Judas." Suddenly, the group is surrounded by walkers. They try to fight their way out, but Agatha is bitten in the process. To ensure the others escape, Agatha sacrifices herself to the walkers. Maggie tries to intervene, but is dragged off by Negan.

Walking down the road, Maggie spots a church and decides they will take a break there. Inside, Maggie can sense Negan wants to leave Alden behind, so shoots the idea right off the bat. Alden, however, implores her to do so, as he is slowing them down. Alden goes on to state that he walked away from Negan and the Saviors and joined Maggie because he trusts her to do the right thing, no matter how much it costs her. The supplies, Alden determines, are the only thing that matters, as without them their community starves, including Adam. Maggie says that Adam needs a father, but Alden retorts that he's not likely to make it out of Meridian alive being as injured as he is, and asks that she leave him like she left Gage.

Maggie replies that Gage made his choice, to which Alden states that he is making his. Alden goes on to state that, if the plan fails, everything she worked for will have been for nothing, and Adam's fate is less than certain. Negan interjects, pointing out that the sun is going down and that Maggie needs to make a decision. Snapping back, Maggie supposes being reckless with another's life is easy for Negan. She firmly tells him he doesn't get to decide who lives and who dies anymore. She goes on to blame the situation on him, claiming Negan destroyed everything they've built. Negan takes the berating in stride, but still insists Maggie has to decide. With a heavy heart, Maggie decides to leave Alden after all, albeit with food and a knife to defend himself. Maggie continues on with Negan, though she quickly becomes uncomfortable when Negan kills a walker with a crowbar in a similar fashion to how he struck Glenn during his murder of him.

"Out of the Ashes"

Maggie and Negan slay walkers in the woods as they make their way toward the supply depot. They spar over the merits of Maggie's plan. Maggie and Negan arrive at the supply depot and find it empty. Negan suggests they bring some of the food back to Alexandria, but Maggie says they need a lot more food to feed the community. Negan insists they head back if no one shows up by sundown.

Negan decides to leave the supply depot and bring some of the food back to Alexandria. Maggie says their mission isn't finished. They fight, but are interrupted by the arrival of Gabriel and Elijah. Gabriel suggests they wait for Daryl and Frost. Maggie smiles in agreement.

"On the Inside"

Maggie looks out the window and sees the wire swaying. Daryl quietly shakes a hanging telephone wire to warn Maggie of the Reaper's arrival. Maggie, Negan, Gabriel, and Elijah hide from the Reapers, who are searching for them and they listen from the basement. Daryl finds them and manages to distract Carver long enough for Maggie's group to escape. Maggie and the group quietly sneaks out of the basement and escapes.

"Promises Broken"

Maggie, Negan, Gabriel, and Elijah make their way towards Meridian. Maggie suggests Negan go back to Alexandria, after Negan expresses skepticism about their odds of defeating the Reapers. Negan realizes she can't afford to lose any fighters, so he strikes a deal to help Maggie if she agrees not to kill him. They spot a walker who was the best friend of Elijah's sister. Maggie vows revenge and hatches a plan. Gabriel delivers a eulogy as Maggie, Negan, and Elijah stand over the grave of Elijah's friend. Maggie sends Gabriel on a mission, and tells him to kill any Reapers if he finds alone. Maggie orders Negan to find four walkers.

Negan teaches the group how to blend in with the walkers with face masks and control herds, remembering his time as a Whisperer. Maggie wears a walker's face as a mask and moves slowly through the woods. Negan gives her pointers on how to move like a walker, then releases a walker that's tethered to a tree. The walker goes to Maggie, but quickly loses interest. Maggie trips on a rock, attracting the walker's attention. Elijah quickly ties it back up. Negan commends Maggie's progress. Maggie moves with a small group of walkers and successfully corrals them in a pen. Negan congratulates her. Maggie admits to Elijah that Negan is useful, but doesn't know if she can keep her promise.

Negan empathizes with Maggie over losing a community to a massacre. Negan discusses why he took action against Rick’s group. He felt a failure in protecting his people, who were wanting answers on why he couldn’t have protected them. Maggie asks if he would have done things differently. Negan says he would have killed every single person in her group if he knew it would have protected his people. Maggie recoils at his answer, but Negan says they must do whatever they can to protect their people. He adds that the only way their plan will work is if they're honest with each other.

Negan, Maggie and Elijah wear walker masks and lead a herd toward a building. They open the doors to the building and release a massive herd of walkers. The walkers join the other herd on the road. Maggie, Negan and Elijah lead the horde toward Meridian. Elijah sees his dead sister among the walkers. His lips quiver with emotion. Maggie quietly holds his hand.

"For Blood"

Maggie, Negan and Elijah lead a herd of walkers to Meridian while disguised among them in masks. Wells leads the horde away from Meridian and Maggie and Negan stab him. Injured and surprised by the attack, they overtake him. He screams as walkers devour him. Maggie and Gabriel separate from the horde, and sneak up to a sentry post guarded by Powell.

When they approach, Daryl kills Powell on the wall to cover for them, and directs them to where they can sneak in. Once inside, Maggie and Gabriel split up, with Gabriel climbing to the top floor of a building to defend Maggie with his rifle, and Maggie on the ground to find the supplies they're after. Maggie is spotted by Deaver while hot-wiring a truck, but Gabriel shoots him before he can kill her. Maggie rams the truck into Meridian's front gate, tucking and rolling before it crashes, allowing the herd inside the walls.

Maggie and Negan fight the Reapers and walkers in the courtyard, with Daryl joining them. Leah radios the Reapers with orders to pull back. After the courtyard is cleared of Reapers, she launches rockets at Maggie's group below.

"No Other Way"

Maggie escapes the hwacha as she hides inside the compound. Fisher gets into a fight with Maggie. Despite getting the jump on her, Maggie ends up pushing him into the hwacha’s line of fire. One of the explosives hits him and blows him up. Maggie hides in a building and meets up with Negan and Elijah, who was injured by shrapnel. She brings them to the infirmary, where they hide in a secret room. Carver looks for them and receives a radio order from Leah to kill everyone he finds.

Carver chases Maggie down a hall. Negan and Elijah ambush him. Carver injures Elijah and knocks Maggie to the ground. Negan smacks Carver with a heavy bell. Maggie gets ready to deal a fatal blow to Carver. Daryl intervenes and insists they use Carver as leverage, despite Elijah’s vow to avenge his sister. Daryl radios Leah and proposes they talk.

Maggie's group meets with Leah and the remaining Reapers. Daryl offers to release Carver if the Reapers leave Meridian, but vows to kill them if they return. Leah rejects his offer and reveals that a sniper will gun them down if they don’t release Carver. Daryl reluctantly lets Carver go. Gabriel shoots Carver in the leg and informs Leah via walkie that he killed her sniper. Leah accepts Daryl’s terms and starts to leave with two Reapers.

As Leah, Boone and Washington leave, Elijah reminds Maggie of her promise to exact revenge upon Carver and the rest of the Reapers for the massacre of all of their people. Maggie shoots and kills Boone and Washington while Leah gets away, much to Daryl's chagrin. When Maggie tries to shoot Brandon, she discovers that the gun is out of ammunition, giving Brandon time to grab a knife to defend himself. However, Maggie grabs one of Elijah's kamas, kicks the knife from Brandon's hand and drives the kama into his chest, killing Carver in revenge for his murder of Josephine.

Maggie’s group loads supplies onto a wagon. Maggie heads back to the church where they left Alden. Maggie enters the church and discovers that Alden has turned. She weeps as she stabs him in the head. Maggie buries Alden in the woods. Negan joins her and guesses she had always planned to kill the Reapers, despite Daryl’s attempt at negotiations. Worried she will do the same to him, he decides to part with the group. Maggie joins Daryl and Gabriel by a campfire. She reports that Alden is dead, and that Negan left.

Maggie’s group returns to Alexandria. Maggie’s group distributes supplies at Alexandria and reunites with everyone. Daryl embraces Connie. Lydia is visibly upset upon learning that Negan left. Gabriel informs Aaron that Alden is dead and that many other people perished. A caravan of Commonwealth troopers approaches Alexandria’s gate. Residents ready their weapons in defense. Eugene jumps out and tells Alexandria residents that the troopers have come to help.

Flash forward to five months later. Maggie and Elijah stand on the guard post at Hilltop. Commonwealth soldiers wait outside the gates and demand that Maggie open up. Maggie says it doesn’t have to be this way. A soldier removes his helmet: it’s Daryl. “Yeah, it does,” he says.

"The Lucky Ones"

Rachel takes Pamela and Hornsby on a tour of Oceanside. She explains that Maggie has chosen not to ally with the Commonwealth – and that Oceanside will only partner up with the Commonwealth if Maggie agrees to do so.

Maggie is seen killing walkers on the road. Pamela, Daryl, and Commonwealth troopers help her out. Pamela introduces herself. Maggie reunites with Daryl and asks why he trusts the Commonwealth. Daryl says he doesn't necessarily trust them but admits it's nice to have resources to rebuild Alexandria. Aaron makes a case for the Commonwealth and asks if Maggie will join them. Hornsby proposes an impromptu hunt. In the woods, Pamela suggests she and Maggie hunt together.

As they hunt, Pamela admits to Maggie that she was initially skeptical of visiting Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside. However, she acknowledges that numerous city states fighting each other for resources is not beneficial for anyone. She offers to protect Hilltop. Maggie accuses Pamela of running an autocracy. Pamela argues that Maggie is the sole leader at Hilltop, but Maggie insists that Hilltop is run more fairly than the Commonwealth. She points out that Pamela has a nicer car and house than everyone else.

Maggie returns to Hilltop with Pamela's convoy. Commonwealth troopers deliver supplies to the community. Hornsby asks Maggie if she's made a decision about partnering with the Commonwealth. Maggie asks what he gets out of the deal. Hornsby describes his vision of a thriving network of communities that citizens can travel between. Maggie hears an alarm. Hilltop citizens race outside to ward off a walker attack.

Walkers breach the Hilltop perimeter. Maggie, Elijah, Lydia, and other Hilltop residents fight the walkers. Mercer joins them with his troopers, who swiftly gun down all the walkers. Afterwards, Dianne tells Maggie that they need the Commonwealth's help. Maggie watches as Mercer lines up his troopers. Maggie walks up to Pamela and formally declines the Commonwealth's offer. When Pamela asks why, Maggie says everything always costs something. Hornsby is disappointed. Dianne tells Maggie that she and some other Hilltop residents are going to live at the Commonwealth. Maggie warns her against trusting the Commonwealth, but Dianne says she can't live this way anymore.


Maggie studies the stranger's map but says they lack the resources to help whoever sent the stranger. Lydia, Elijah and Marco decide to head out on their own to help the stranger's group. Maggie changes her mind and accompanies Lydia and Elijah on their mission while Marco stays behind.

On the road, Lydia asks Maggie why she refused to accept help from the Commonwealth. Maggie says a corporate farm developer once tried to buy out her father's farm, but her father refused their offers even when they were desperate – and they eventually got back on their feet. She says the Commonwealth hasn't been tested in years and that she doesn't want to be there when they're finally tested. They encounter several Commonwealth troopers who've turned. They kill the walkers.

Maggie's group examines the troopers and discovers that they were murdered. Aaron spots them on the road and runs over. After Aaron recounts his story to Maggie's group, Maggie wonders why the Commonwealth had so many guns. She looks at Jesse's blood-soaked map to find a route to the Commonwealth. Aaron asks where she got the map. Maggie says it's the map that Aaron gave to Jesse, but Aaron says he never gave Jesse a map. A They manage to reach the place and kill a Commonwealth trooper at the complex. Carlson tries to reach him via walkie. Maggie turns off the walkie and hides the body with help from Aaron, Lydia, and Elijah. They sneak up a stairwell.

"The Rotten Core"

Maggie and her group hide as Carlson leads a team through the complex, gunning down residents. Maggie's group runs into Annie while searching an apartment. To their surprise, Negan appears and calms both parties down. They're brought to a secret room where Gabriel and other residents are hiding. Annie proposes they split into teams and sweep each floor to rescue survivors. She leaves with Maggie, while Negan stays behind.

Maggie and Annie hide while Carlson's team continues to sweep the complex. Annie reveals that she's pregnant with Negan's baby. Negan radios Annie to tell her the troopers found Hershel, but he vows to protect Hershel. Maggie asks why Annie is with Negan despite knowing what he's done. Annie says they've all done things they're not proud of and can only try to be better now.

Later, as a part of Maggie's plan, a masked Elijah hides on the rooftop as Aaron and Gabriel lure Carlson and two of his men up there. As the Commonwealth soldiers are distracted by the other two men, Elijah sneaks up on them and attacks, killing Green and the other soldier with his kamas while Maggie and Annie take out Toby's other men. Maggie watches as Aaron shoots Toby, causing him to fall off of the roof where Toby is devoured by his own reanimated victims below.

In the aftermath of the fight, Maggie, Elijah and Lydia help put down Toby and his victims and to dispose of the bodies of the Commonwealth soldiers. After Negan talks with Hershel and walks away, Maggie asks Hershel what Negan had said to him, but Hershel remains silent. Maggie tells Aaron and Gabriel they can't return to the Commonwealth, but Aaron says Lance will want to know what happened. They wonder who hijacked the Commonwealth convoy.


Maggie is seen with Elijah at the Hilltop gate, when Lance and his troopers arrive. He orders Maggie to let them into Hilltop so that he can search for the killers who stole Commonwealth property. Maggie refuses his request and insist she know nothing. Lance confers with his troopers. Daryl offers to speak with Maggie to avoid a deadly clash. Maggie tells Daryl it doesn't have to be this way. "Yeah, it does," Daryl says – circling back to an earlier episode. Daryl convinces Maggie to open the gates, stating not to trust Lance, but to trust him.

Lance's team searches Hilltop. Lance discovers a hidden truck and suspects it's the vehicle that left tire tracks at the apartment complex. Maggie insists the engine doesn't work. Lance connects the starter relay then turns the engine. To his disappointment, it doesn't start. Maggie orders him to leave by sundown. Later, discovering Lance intimidating Hershel, Elijah slams Lance up against a wall, leading to a standoff. Troopers surround Elijah. Maggie and Daryl aim their guns at Lance. Daryl tells Lance to order his troopers to stand down. He obliges, then leaves Hilltop.

"Acts of God"

Maggie, Hershel, Elijah, and Marco are leaving Hilltop to go to a former Whisperer hideout where the Riverbend residents are staying. Hershel is reluctant to leave, but Maggie assures it's only temporary. Maggie, Hershel, Elijah and Marco approach the hideout. Elijah and Marco notice a swarm of locusts, the latter stating it's getting close. Maggie promises Hershel that taking him to the hideout is the right choice since it will keep him safe. They meet up with Lydia who takes them to the hideout.

Maggie's group arrives at the hideout. Lydia gives the secret knock, but has trouble with the door. Marco gestures to Elijah to help her, knowing his feelings for her. The two get the door open revealing all the residents in the hideout, including Negan and Annie. Maggie, Negan, and Annie have a chat, with Maggie wanting Negan and Annie to watch over Hershel. However, Negan wants to join the fight to protect Annie. However, Maggie refuses and wants them to stay with Hershel and the others and keep them safe. Negan states that Hershel doesn't trust him, however Maggie says that she is starting too, seeing how he saved Hershel at Riverbend. Negan declares that Maggie has "big balls" and he will look out for her boy. The three look up watching the locust swarm, with Negan declaring it is a sign from God.

At Hilltop, Maggie, Elijah, Lydia, and Marco gear up for battle and set up a bunch of explosives in the main building. A group of soldiers enter the building, searching for Maggie's group. However, three of them set off a booby trap, causing the inside to explode, killing all the soldiers inside. Maggie, Elijah, Lydia, and Marco watch from outside. They realize Lance wasn't with them and they plan to follow the soldier's track back to Lance's camp to take him out once and for all. They all stand up, however out of nowhere Marco is suddenly shot in the head by Leah, who had survived the explosion and emerges from the building, much to Maggie's shock. The three of them run as Leah follows.

Maggie, Elijah and Lydia are taking out walkers. Maggie tells the two of them to get back to the hideout while she leads Leah away. In the woods, Maggie is walking alone as she goes to kill a walker as quietly as possible. She looks around when suddenly she spots Leah. They engage in a gun fight and Maggie gets a hit on her on the leg. Maggie quiet approaches when suddenly Leah surprise attacks her and knocks her out. Leah takes Maggie back to her old cabin, where has her tied up to a chair. Maggie wakes up and it is now morning time. Leah sits in front of her as she has a gun pointed at her. Maggie tries to stall for time as she tries to untie herself and tells Leah she understands what she is going through. Maggie tells her that killing her won't make her feel better, but Leah says it's not just about her and says she is going to kill everyone she loves all while keeping her alive to witness it.

Maggie continues to distract Leah. She finally gets free and kicks Leah's gun out of her hand. The two women engage in a brutal fight with Maggie grabbing one of Leah's knives to attack her with. She manages to cut her in the stomach, however eventually Leah manages to get the upperhand. Leah pins Maggie to the floor and beats her. She then takes a knife and tries to stab her in the chest. Right before Leah can kill her, someone shoots Leah from behind, killing her. It is revealed to be Daryl, who is relatively unemotional having to kill his former lover. Daryl looks out the window and sees that Lance's group have found them. He aims at Lance and shoots at him prompting the soldiers to fire. Maggie and Daryl flee the scene.

Maggie and Daryl reunite with Aaron and Gabriel as they walk through the woods, looking around for any danger. At the hideout, Negan helps Hershel climb, however he angrily shoves him away and goes to Annie.


Inside an abandoned building, Maggie and Daryl dispatch walkers while in hiding from Lance and his troopers. Gabriel and Aaron meet up with them, with Negan and Annie in tow. Maggie inquires about the whereabouts of Hershel, only to be reassured he's safely with Elijah and the others from Riverbend. With Hornsby and his men approaching the building, the group tries to devise a plan regarding their people still back at the Commonwealth, particularly the children such as Judith and Gracie.

Maggie and Daryl are roaming the streets, evading the Commonwealth soldiers. They take hiding on lower ground as soldiers pass by. Maggie then apologizes to Daryl for what he had to do to Leah. Daryl answers that Glenn would want him to look after Maggie and that she never has to say sorry. Gabriel, Aaron and Annie meet up with them. Daryl asks what they saw and Gabriel answers that Lance is dug in with half his men and they wouldn't be able to get close. Maggie asks if there's any way to get behind them, but Gabriel says there's no way they can without being spotted. Annie then says "Unless they never see us coming", and turns to look at a vent.

Maggie, Daryl, Gabriel, Aaron and Annie climb down into the sewers. Maggie asks if Annie needs to take a minute, but she answers that they need to keep moving. They make their way through the sewer killing any walkers in the way. Daryl suggests they get Lance and his soldiers to go to them. Everyone covers their ears as Gabriel shoots up the sewer to get Lance's attention. The group all come out of their hiding-spots and raise their weapons at the troopers while Daryl holds a knife to Lance's throat, forcing a tense stand-off.

"A New Deal"

Maggie is seen aiming her weapon at the troopers, but the stand-off is soon interrupted by the arrival of Mercer, Pamela, Carol, and Negan. Maggie watches as Daryl hesitates to allow Lance to live, but relents after learning that there was a deal made to keep everyone safe, and stabs Lance in the hand before walking off.

Maggie stands outside as Carol explains the deal. Pamela will provide all the supplies they need to rebuild on their own and let them go free. Whether they want to go back to their old communities or stay at the Commonwealth is up to them. In return, Pamela will have Lance framed for Sebastian's crimes. Annie says they'll have more time to talk about the situation with their people, but Negan points out that the Commonwealth killed most of their people. Maggie says the most important thing is everyone is together and doesn't want to go it alone anymore. Although she doesn't trust the Commonwealth, if the deal gets them back home she is all for it. Daryl also agrees as he grabs an apple.

"What's Been Lost"

While unseen, Maggie is abducted on Pamela Milton's orders, alongside every other Alexandria, Hilltop and Riverbend resident living at the Commonwealth.

"Outpost 22"

In the back of one of the Commonwealth transport trucks, Maggie wakes up and shakes off her hood, finding Gabriel and Rosita with her and their guard asleep. Maggie remembers being forcefully separated from Hershel when the Commonwealth soldiers had abducted them. Maggie manages to break free of her zip ties and quietly wakes up Gabriel. Unscrewing a piece of metal from the wall, Maggie cuts Gabriel loose who frees Rosita. Rosita and Gabriel jump from the back of the moving truck, but the guard wakes up before Maggie can escape as well and the two struggle over his gun. The gun goes off in the fight, accidentally killing the truck's driver. Finally, Maggie throws the soldier from the back of the truck just before it crashes into a tree. Climbing out, Maggie finds the passenger dead, having been flung from the truck and into the tree by the impact. Maggie attempts to take the driver's gun, but she is forced to flee into the woods as the rest of the Commonwealth convoy approaches.

Maggie makes her way through the woods, looking around for her missing friends, and encounters a child walker, reminding her of Hershel's abduction and their separation. Maggie grabs a rock to put the walker down, but can't bring herself to do it as memories of losing Hershel flash through her mind. Dropping the rock, Maggie walks away, and the walker follows her.

Walking along the tracks, Maggie follows the sound of the train whistle, but she is forced to quickly hide in a ditch as a motorcycle approaches at a railroad crossing. Trooper Nelson stops and reports in that the crossing is clear and that he's moving on to the next area for their sweep. The man on the other end orders Nelson to give it another sweep before moving on as they need to find the missing prisoners. The child walker approaches as Maggie grabs a loose railroad spike from the dirt and Nelson prepares to shoot the boy. Taking advantage of his distraction, Maggie stabs Nelson in the right armpit, knocks his helmet off and pistol whips Nelson unconscious with his own gun. The walker grabs Maggie from behind, but she overpowers and restrains the boy after a brief struggle. Grabbing the railroad spike, Maggie tearfully comforts the boy before stabbing him in the head, putting him down. Reminded of losing Hershel once again, Maggie cries as she holds the child walker's body. Daryl and Carol drive up, surprised by the scene that they've found.

At Junction 7, Maggie tells Carol that the soldiers had just ripped Hershel away from her and she wasn't strong enough to stop them. Carol hands Maggie a canteen and Maggie states that she hates not knowing which is worse. Maggie breaks down crying, but Carol reassures her friend that this is not on Maggie, and she is just one person, but Maggie continues to blame herself. Hugging Maggie, Carol tells her that she barely saw Daryl or anyone else when she got her new job at the Commonwealth. They were just doing their own thing and the Commonwealth is like the old world. Back then, they never would've spoken to each other, but they were all forced to become family after the fall which is a good thing and a gift that's held even in the Commonwealth. Carol points out that Pamela's forces had to come at them while they were separated, meaning that they scare the shit out of Pamela. Pamela failed, they are not alone anymore, and they are going to make it right. Rosita and Gabriel join the two women, explaining that they'd heard a train and followed it.

Inside, Daryl lowers Nelson to the ground against a wall and checks his wound. Recognizing that it's mortal, Daryl tells Nelson that he's running out of time, and he asks the other man to do something good with the time that he has left and tell him where the train is going and what Designation 2 means as one of Daryl's friends was put on it with that designation. Coughing up blood and in pain, Nelson doesn't respond to Daryl's questions. Daryl tells Nelson that he was like him once: he joined the force because his family needed money which Daryl guesses is Nelson's motivation as well. Turning violent when Nelson continues to remain silent, Daryl yells that the Commonwealth has taken his kids from him and he wants them back, going so far as to kick the dying man. Entering, Carol tells Daryl that the train is going to be here soon, and Daryl suggests that they can hurry, drawing his knife and he offers Nelson the choice of dying quick or screaming.

Gabriel recognizes Nelson as a man from his church who was there every Sunday at the back pew closest to the door. Nelson would always come a little late and leave a little early, and it had seemed like Nelson had wanted to talk about something. Nelson asks if God forgives people like him, but Gabriel doesn't know, although he wishes that he did. Nelson admits that he's torn up all of the time with guilt and shame. Gabriel states that it's because Nelson's a coward, but that's alright as he's trying not to be. Gabriel knows that fear can drive people to do things that bring shame, but it can also push them into the light. Nelson is trying to do the right thing now which God sees and so does everyone else. Nelson tearfully wishes that he'd talked to Gabriel sooner which Gabriel wishes too. Nelson coughs up blood and Daryl nods to Gabriel who tells Nelson that "people remember the last thing that you do. The end of each story is very important. How do you want yours to end?" Nelson finally reveals that the Commonwealth punishes exiles by making them do hard labor and their friends are on railway duty. However, Nelson doesn't know where as he was only called out when they escaped, and they have to follow the train to find their friends. Addressing Daryl, Nelson states that he's only heard rumors about Designation 2 with the rumors stating that the Designation 2s are taken far away and they are never seen again. Daryl leaves and Gabriel agrees to pray with Nelson while he goes. Carol leaves at Gabriel's request and he sits down and prays with the dying man.

A few minutes later, Gabriel emerges carrying a bloody knife, having stabbed Nelson in the head to keep him from reanimating after he died. Daryl tells his friends that Connie's gone if the train pulls in, but Rosita worries that if the train sees them coming, they're going to radio ahead and the best way for them to get the kids is for the Commonwealth to not know they're coming. Daryl refuses to just leave Connie on the train and Carol tells him that she has an idea about how to do both.

The train arrives at the junction where Trooper 192 emerges and puts down a walker before trying to move the junction switch which is stuck. Wilson attempts to let Outpost 22 know that they have a stuck junction switch and that it will take a few minutes to dislodge it, but he receives no response as Trooper 192 puts down another walker that emerges from the woods. Entering the cab, Maggie orders Wilson to put down the radio at gunpoint. Daryl and Carol sneak along the side of the train, putting down an approaching walker before ducking as an annoyed Jones asks his fellow soldier how hard it can be and Trooper 192 challenges him to come over so he can show Jones. Spotting a herd emerging from the woods and coming down the tracks, Jones orders Trooper 301 and Trooper 263 to cover the woods and the flank respectively.

Daryl and Carol crawl under the train as Jones jumps off the side, puts down a walker and goes to join Trooper 192 at the junction switch. In the woods, Trooper 301 finishes clearing the woods of walkers and calls in that the woods are cleared and she's heading back. Rosita and Gabriel ambush the soldier, disarming and killing her quietly so as not to draw notice from the other soldiers. Jones attempts to move the junction switch without success, and takes a closer look, realizing that someone had purposefully jammed it.

Alarmed, Jones orders everyone to get back there now, but Daryl opens fire before anyone can respond, killing Trooper 263. As Daryl and Carol take cover on the train, Jones and Trooper 192 each come down one side of the train, engaging in a gunfight with Daryl and Carol. Maggie emerges from the train cab and shoots Trooper 192 dead from behind. Daryl proceeds down the side, only to have Jones emerge with Connie as a hostage. Jones forces Daryl to disarm himself and, after Daryl admits that they had disabled the train's long-range antenna, Jones demands to know exactly what they did to it. While the soldier is distracted by Daryl, Connie breaks free and Jones takes off running through the train, chased by Daryl after he makes sure that Connie's alright. Jones takes one of the motorcycles being transported on the train and flees while Carol helps Connie to her feet. Leaving his friends to deal with the approaching herd, Daryl takes the other motorcycle and chases after Jones who crashes his motorcycle after going off-road with it in an attempt to avoid Daryl. Sliding his motorcycle under a fallen tree, Daryl hits Jones, sending him to the ground and knocking the man's helmet off. Daryl stabs Jones in the head, killing him.

Carol, Maggie, Gabriel and Rosita lead Wilson into the building where he refuses to help, stating that he's dead if he helps them. Wilson is shocked to see Nelson's dead body and Maggie warns the man that he's dead if he doesn't help them. Wilson explains that his family lives at a nearby outpost and if the Warden finds out that he helped them, Wilson will end up just like their friends. Rosita explains that the Commonwealth took their children and asks about the family that Wilson had mentioned before suggesting that Nelson had a family too. After a moment, Wilson tells them that there's a map in the train's engine room. Maggie and Carol take Wilson to get the map. Daryl returns and reunites with Connie, admitting in sign language that he was afraid that he wasn't going to see her again. Connie reassures Daryl that she's not going anywhere, causing Daryl to chuckle.

Suddenly, Daryl and Connie hear the sound of Wilson shouting at Maggie and Carol and rush over to see him holding a tool to his own throat while the two women try to talk him down. Wilson is terrified that the Warden will kill his wife and two sons if he helps them. Carol offers that if Wilson helps them, they will injure him, nothing serious, just enough to make it look like the engineer had barely gotten away from them and Wilson can tell the Warden that he escaped. However, Wilson believes that the Warden will know that he lied, torture him once he does and then kill Wilson's family. Despite Carol's efforts to talk him down, Wilson drives the tool through his neck, killing himself in order to spare his family from the Warden's vengeance.

Connie asks Daryl if they don't know which way to go which he confirms. Connie knows that Kelly is at Outpost 22 and scared and Connie can't lose her. Daryl promises Connie that they will find Kelly and Rosita suggests getting the train's long-range radio working again. Agreeing with the plan, the group heads back to the train to get the radio working again.

At night, posing as Trooper 301, Rosita radios in to Outpost 22, claiming that the train was overtaken and she's lost in the woods with the group still looking for her and she needs to get back to the site. Finally, a friendly soldier responds and Rosita identifies her location as Junction 7, stating that she's the last one left. The woman begins giving Rosita direction from Junction 7 to Outpost 22. The soldier informs Rosita that they don't have any spare units to send out her way for a pickup as they have a convoy coming in for colonial processing on Pamela's orders. "Word is that most of the processees used to live here before the Commonwealth claimed the territory and turned it into an outpost, back when it was still called Alexandria." The soldier tells Rosita that the Warden will debrief her when she arrives and to shoot to kill if she has to engage any hostiles. The group is stunned by the revelation that Outpost 22 is actually Alexandria and Daryl informs Connie of this development. "Milton has underestimated us since day one. We are gonna get our kids, take back our home, and make it right. And Pamela is never gonna see it coming," Maggie declares to her friends who are filled with new determination.


Outside of Alexandria, Daryl reports that the situation is really bad and he's not sure that any of their friends are going to make it. Gabriel asks if they saw everyone and Carol clarifies that they only saw the adults and that there was no sign of Coco, Hershel and the other kids. Both Maggie and Rosita are concerned by this with Rosita wanting to go in immediately. Daryl, acting as Connie's sign language interpreter so that she understands their conversation, tells the others that they can't go in as there are too many guards and they'll never make it. Gabriel is furious that Pamela had turned their home into a prison after promising to give it back, but Maggie realizes that Pamela had never actually intended to give it back. Daryl comes up with the idea of going in through the sewers and Connie volunteers to go with him while Carol knows a way back into their old house, but she needs some backup just in case the guards blocked it. Maggie decides to go with Carol and Daryl orders them to head for the windmill where a sewer grate is. Rosita wants to go with them too, refusing to stay outside while Coco is inside, but Carol reminds Rosita that she and Gabriel are their best sharpshooters if it comes to that. Carol promises to keep in touch in case something goes wrong, and Rosita reluctantly agrees, although she will come in if takes more than a night. Daryl hands Gabriel his gun and the group separates to enact their plan.

Daryl and Connie enter the sewers and Carol informs them over the radio that they made it and are good which Daryl confirms is the same for him and Connie. Daryl passes on the news to Connie who looks for reassurance that this will work. In another part of the sewers, Carol and Maggie find the correct ladder and emerge in the basement of one of the houses. The two women sneak through the house, avoiding the Commonwealth soldiers moving around. When one soldier spots Carol and Maggie, they quickly subdue him before he can raise an alarm.

Hiding in a small kitchen with the unconscious soldier as Commonwealth troops move around outside, Maggie breaks down, telling Carol that she keeps thinking that she hears Hershel's voice, and she wants to be and do better. However, sometimes Maggie thinks that it wasn't even fair to bring Hershel into this world. Maggie wonders if she was being selfish and Carol reassures her that she wasn't. Carol had felt that way too after losing Sophia and Henry, but Carol didn't and doesn't believe it to be true. Carol asks if it's selfish of her to miss her children so much that she wants them to come back, and Maggie agrees that it's not. Maggie will always try to make the world better because of and for her son and that's hope. Carol promises her friend that they're going to find Hershel. Suddenly, the two women hear banging and faint calls for help.

That night, taking advantage of the soldiers being distracted by the rebellion, Maggie and Carol race through the house, following Hershel's cries for help. Carol kills the soldier guarding Hershel and Maggie is finally reunited with her son. Rosita rushes in looking for her daughter who they can't find despite checking all of the other houses. However, Coco isn't with Hershel, and he doesn't know where she is.


In a reclaimed Alexandria, the Coalition recover their various weapons from a large crate full of weapons confiscated by the Commonwealth.

In front of the windmill, Rosita passes the corpses of Sanborn and the Warden, grabbing an extra clip for her gun off of Sanborn's belt. Gabriel asks Tyler Davis if there's anything that he knows that can help them find the missing children and Tyler reveals that, when he was a soldier, kids without parents would end up at the Commonwealth Children's Home. However, Tyler doesn't know where it is, so he goes to get the location from the captured Commonwealth soldiers at Gabriel's request. Rosita impatiently calls for the Coalition soldiers and freed prisoners to board the Commonwealth's transport bus. Princess asks Magna if anyone actually knows how to drive a train, but Magna reassures her that one of the prisoners apparently used to be an engineer before they board the bus, with Kelly, Connie, Adrienne and Dianne amongst those joining them.

As Maggie loads the back of the bus, Negan asks how she plans to take out Pamela Milton. Negan gets that others have their own reasons for going back to the Commonwealth, but as far as he's concerned, none of them are safe as long as Pamela's still alive which he guesses that Maggie agrees with. Negan suggests that they can take out Pamela together without the help of the others, but Maggie closes the bus door and walks away, telling Negan that "we're not a we." In front of the bus, Maggie hugs Hershel and says a tearful goodbye to her son. Annie hugs Negan from behind and orders her husband to be careful. Negan states that he always is, and Annie tells Negan to come back in one piece while she holds down the fort in Alexandria and Negan promises to do so.

Nearby, Ezekiel says goodbye to Nabila, Aliyah and Gracie while Daryl promises R.J. that they will be back soon and orders him to look after Judith. However, Judith tells Daryl and Carol that she's coming too over Daryl's objections. Judith reminds her friends that this isn't the future that Carl wanted and it's not what Rick and Michonne fought for, not yet at least. What they're doing could help everyone, maybe everybody everywhere, not just them. Judith wants to be a part of making what her family believed in real. Carol recognizes that while everyone else has been focused on the present for a long time, Judith has been thinking about the future which is a good thing and something that they could all do a little more of. Daryl agrees on the condition that Judith stays right with him, and he leaves R.J. in Nabila's care while they're gone.

On the railroad tracks, the Commonwealth's train smashes a walker to bits. Inside, observed by Daryl, Carol, Maggie and Judith, Rosita pours over a map of the Commonwealth with Gabriel, telling him that once they get inside, they will move the former prisoners into hiding and, as they hopefully get Mercer on their side to take out Pamela, she and Gabriel will go to get Coco back. Gabriel notices that they're going in through the lower ward and wonders why they're not going in through the Estates instead. Rosita points out that with more money, the Estates have more patrols, meaning that they don't stand out as much in the lower wards. They're going to use an access road that will allow them to hit the children's home from behind. Gabriel smiles at Rosita and promises her that they will get Coco back which is his faith in Rosita talking and Rosita is glad that Gabriel is with her.

Negan thanks Ezekiel for saving his life from the Warden and his men and asks why Ezekiel did it. Ezekiel tells Negan that dying a martyr is too easy and Negan living to make something good out of his life will keep Ezekiel from giving in to anger over Benjamin's murder by the Saviors. Ezekiel doesn't want to live out whatever time he has left in bitterness, noting that he's not even supposed to be here. "The dead came for me. And yet I smile. War came for me. And yet I smile. Cancer. Yet I smile. I try to, anyway. I try," states Ezekiel. Ezekiel asks why Negan gave the Warden his own name rather than betraying Ezekiel and Negan explains that he did it "for my wife... my kid. To leave a better story about me than the one you've been telling. That when it mattered... I did something right. And it wasn't to prove anything. It wasn't to get anything in return. Hell, it wasn't even to save my own ass. It was to save all of you. You all are better than me. And if you think I don't know that... then you haven't been paying attention." Negan leaves while Maggie, having overheard the conversation unseen, contemplates what she has just learned.

Outside of the tunnel entrance, four Commonwealth soldiers patrol while the Coalition forces hide nearby. Negan tells the others that they are sitting ducks and Mercer isn't coming and they can't wait for him. Carol agrees that it's time for a new plan, but Princess is sure that Mercer is gonna show up. Daryl states that they're running out of time and Carol decides to head around and try to find another way to slip in. Maggie suggests that they could take the four guards, but Rosita warns her that if those guards go missing, the clock is going to start ticking on them. Judith draws the others attention as one of the guards notices something and starts heading their way. However, Lieutenant Rose calls in with orders from Mercer for the guards to report to the East Gate immediately to deal with the incoming herd. Lieutenant Rose confirms that that includes Tunnel H and he reassures the soldiers that the tunnel is locked, and they've got it covered on the other end. Complying with his orders, the guards move out. Breaking the lock on the door, the group makes their way into the tunnel.

The Coalition forces emerge from the tunnel in the seemingly-abandoned Union Station. Daryl quickly deduces that something isn't right, and he notices that the outer doors are all chained shut. Realizing that it's a trap, Daryl yells for everyone to get down as Pamela's private forces, situated on the station's balcony, open fire, killing Tyler and two former prisoners standing near him as everyone else dives for cover.

A gunfight erupts between Pamela's forces and the Coalition with Rosita desperately trying to get the doors open. One Alexandria resident crawls towards a hiding Connie, Kelly, Magna and Dianne, but he is shot in the head and killed by one of Pamela's men before he can reach them. As the gunfight continues, Pamela herself emerges and grabs a gun from one of her men who is killed by the Coalition. Pamela takes aim at Maggie, but Judith notices and shoves Maggie out of the way just in time, saving her life. Instead, Pamela accidentally shoots Judith, seriously wounding the young girl. Daryl desperately attends to Judith as Pamela watches in horror and the others increase their fire, killing a few more of Pamela's men. Yelling that "you did this," Pamela retreats to her office. Looking for a way out, Daryl spots a fire extinguisher near Ezekiel and signals him to throw it. Grabbing Rick's Colt Python from Judith, Daryl shoots the fire extinguisher, creating a smokescreen.

In Union Square, Yumiko and Max observe the heavily guarded doors to Union Station from across the street. Hearing twigs snapping, Yumiko spots a hooded Eugene sneaking around a train car, armed with Brooks' rifle and she tells Max that they are going to go around. Inside, under cover of the smokescreen, Daryl and the others manage to break the chains sealing a side door. As a trooper approaches the doors, Eugene ambushes him and knocks the man out with the butt of his rifle. Magna finally breaks through the doors, and everyone is reunited with Eugene, Yumiko and Max before quickly making their escape.

The Coalition races through the streets towards the hospital with Daryl carrying the unconscious Judith. Commonwealth vehicles drive up and block their path in multiple directions, forcing them to fall back. Carol realizes that the soldiers aren't following them as they begin to erect barricades in the streets. Loudly yelling and firing their guns in the air, Commonwealth soldiers lead the herd in their direction before closing the barricades, penning the herd and the Coalition in. Spotting a walker climbing over something, a shocked Negan asks "what the fuck?" As walkers close in from multiple directions, Luke and Jules emerge from the herd, causing Kelly to nearly shoot them before Connie stops her sister. Fleeing down a side street, Carol spots an alley near part of the herd and everyone attacks the walkers, clearing a path for Daryl to flee down the alley towards the hospital with Judith. Waking up for a moment, Judith calls out "daddy?" and witnesses her friends and loved ones struggling to hold back the herd before passing out again.

"Rest in Peace"

In the streets, the Coalition desperately fights off the herd as they try to escape from the walkers swarming around them, those armed with guns shooting the undead while the rest stab at them with knives, including Max. However, Jules misses the head of one walker, instead stabbing it in the shoulder. The walker bites Jules in the arm and Luke rushes to his girlfriend's aid, stabbing the walker in the head and yelling for help as he supports Jules. However, walkers swarm the couple from behind with one tackling Luke to the ground and biting him in the leg as Jules is dragged down and devoured. Seeing Luke's predicament, Connie shoots the walker in the head and Luke is dragged to safety by Kelly and Yumiko, yelling in desperation for his girlfriend as Jules is devoured, beyond the ability of any of her friends to try to save her. Shooting at a smaller group of walkers coming down an alleyway, Carol orders her friends to follow her down it and everyone flees as the herd overruns the streets.

At the police station, Mercer, Ezekiel, Max, Princess and Dianne load supplies onto a truck while Maggie loads a sniper rifle. Negan asks if Maggie intends to use it on Pamela and states that his offer to her still stands, but Maggie refuses. The herd begins to approach the police station and Maggie tells the others that they have to go. Mercer raises his gun to shoot at the walkers, but Ezekiel stops him, recognizing Aaron and Lydia walking amongst the herd, covered in walker guts. Ezekiel runs to help the injured Lydia, asking about Jerry and Elijah, but Aaron tells him that they're still out there. As the herd overruns the police station, the group loads up onto the truck with Aaron promising to fill everyone else in on the way. The group drives off to meet up with the others at the hospital.

At night, outside of a loading dock, Mercer observes a crowd of desperate Commonwealth residents demanding to be let into the Estates. Mercer reassures Maggie that they will be able to move soon while Aaron tells Ezekiel that he saw people on the higher floors and rooftops begging for help, but he wanted to make sure that Lydia was safe first. Ezekiel reassures his friend that he did the right thing. Hearing screams in the distance, both men are determined to do more, but they need to take care of Judith first. Lieutenant Rose arrives in another truck and reports to Mercer that they're all set: everyone is in the back and there's no one to check. The doctors have set up a safe house, but they have to hurry. Mercer calls for everyone to go, stating that they need to get Judith to Tomi. Everyone boards the truck with Princess, Max and Dianne pushing Judith's stretcher.

At the safe house, a concerned Maggie enters, looks for Negan, but nobody has seen him in awhile. Maggie finds Negan outside, carrying the sniper rifle, and confronts him. Negan explains that he was going after Pamela himself, asking what it matters as long as it gets done. Maggie demands to know what Negan's angle is, but he insists that there is no angle: Negan is doing this for Maggie. Negan knows that if Maggie kills Pamela, it will most likely be a suicide mission that she won't return from. Maggie needs to come back, so Negan is going to do it instead. Getting emotional, Negan explains that when he was in the Warden's lineup the night before, about to lose his wife and everything, Negan finally understood what Maggie must've felt when he killed Glenn. Negan tearfully apologizes to Maggie for what he took from her and Hershel. Stunned, Maggie takes the sniper rifle and begins to walk away, but pauses and invites Negan to join her which he does.

At the gates of the Estates, the crowd desperately begs Pamela to be let in, amongst them Mr. Martens, Mrs. Martens and Mei. On a balcony, Maggie lines up her shot on Pamela, but Negan tells her to hold on as Mercer and his loyalist forces move in, ordering Colonel Vickers and her men to lower their weapons. Pamela orders Vickers to arrest them, but the Coalition forces join Mercer's troops from another angle, creating a standoff. Pamela accuses Mercer of being a traitor, but Mercer states that she's the true traitor and lists Pamela's crimes: disappearing hundreds of citizens, leading the dead to their doorstep, shooting a child and now leaving thousands to die.

The banging on the gates grows more frantic as the herd begins to approach the Estates, meaning that the people will die if they're not let inside. Gabriel moves towards the gates despite Vickers orders to stop. Gabriel announces that they're opening the gate and letting everyone inside, threatening to kill anyone who tries to stop him. Vickers threatens to shoot him, but Carol warns her that they will fire back if she does. Pamela orders her men to shoot Gabriel as he reaches the gates and one of them points a gun at his head. Suddenly, Daryl yells for them to stop. "What the hell you doing?" Daryl demands. "We all deserve better than this. You built this place to be like the old world. That was the fuckin' problem." Pamela states that if she opens the gates, the dead will get in too, not just the living. Daryl tells her that if she doesn't, Pamela will lose everything anyway. "We got one enemy. We ain't the walking dead."

Realizing that Daryl is right, Vickers orders everyone to lower their weapons and give Gabriel the key to the gates. Everyone stands down and Vickers defers to Mercer's command who places Pamela under arrest for high crimes against the people of the Commonwealth. As everyone rushes to help let the people in, Maggie informs Negan that Pamela is getting arrested and Negan tells her that prison is a fate worse than death for someone like Pamela, causing Maggie to relent in shooting her.

The crowd rushes in just in the nick of time, amongst them Jerry and Elijah, before the gates are closed, keeping out the herd. Elijah reunites with a relieved Lydia while Jerry desperately looks for his family before Ezekiel reassures his friend that they're safe back in Alexandria and that they will get back out there to help the people that still need their help. Approaching the gates, Pamela notices a zombified Lance Hornsby, Carol's arrow still in his neck, at the front of the herd, reaching through the gates. Pamela approaches Lance, baring her neck and intending to have Lance bite her as a form of suicide. Judith begs Pamela not to go through with it as it's never too late and they have to help everyone still out there. Before Lance can bite Pamela, Maggie shoots him in the head with her sniper rife, putting Lance down. Maggie states that it's time to take the Commonwealth back.

With the variants being too dangerous to just lead away, Mercer outlines a new plan as everyone rushes to carry out his orders. As they need to get a vehicle out of the Estates, a mixture of Coalition forces, Commonwealth soldiers and Commonwealth residents, led by Aaron, rush out of the Estates, armed with melee weapons and riot shields with the aim of drawing the herd away and clearing a path, although Mercer warns them not to engage the walkers more than absolutely necessary. Working together, the group holds the line against the herd while Mercer calls in that the vehicle is out of the back gate and on its way to the town square, asking them to let him know when they're clear. Magna reports that they've diverted the walkers and its clear as it's going to get, ordering them to move out. As the combined group continues to fight the walkers, the truck by through the cleared path to the fuel depot where Vickers, Ezekiel, Jerry, Dianne and several Commonwealth soldiers collect the fuel. Max reports in that they've got fuses running to the private sewers under the Estates and they'll finish wiring the rest once they get the fuel back while Princess goes to start the PA system to draw all of the walkers to the Estates.

Using Pamela's record player, the song "Cult of Personality" is blasted throughout the Commonwealth from the Estates, drawing all of the walkers overrunning the Commonwealth towards it. Elijah helps set up speakers throughout the Estates as Jerry, Ezekiel and Lydia pour fuel down into the sewers and the walkers fighting the forces outside of the Estates begin moving towards it as well. Mercer brings out some dynamite which Eugene and Yumiko help to wire up to drums of fuel placed throughout the Estates and Connie helps to wire up more speakers, unharmed by the loud music due to her deafness. As Max helps to coordinate the efforts, Mercer calls in that they're prepared to open the gates and to let him know when they're ready. Max calls in that they're good to go before she joins the others in retreating to the rendezvous point, the two women acknowledging that they're dead if this plan fails. The gates are opened and the herd floods into the Estates. Once the song ends, the fuses connected to explosives inside of Pamela's house are ignited, detonating the fuel in a chain reaction that obliterates the Estates and the entire herd, saving the Commonwealth.

In Alexandria, Negan looks at his old Whisperer mask before tossing it away. Sitting across from Negan, Maggie tells him that she's been thinking about what he said. Maggie thanks Negan as she can stop wondering if he will ever apologize to her and if she can ever forgive him. Maggie knows now that she can't forgive Negan and she emotionally describes Glenn and her love for him to Negan who listens silently as he learns about the incredible man that he took from the world. However, when Maggie looks at Negan, all she can see is Lucille coming down on Glenn's head, blood running down his face and she hears Glenn calling for her while Negan mocks him as Glenn is dying. Negan starts crying as well as Maggie tells him that, due to all of that, she can't forgive him even though she's incredibly grateful that Negan saved Hershel and even though she knows that Negan's truly trying to change. Maggie admits that she's trying too as she doesn't want to hate Negan anymore because she doesn't want to hurt like that or for her son to see that anybody has that kind of hold over her. Maggie states that Negan and Annie have earned their place if they want to stay, but if Maggie can't look at Negan some days, work with him and can't move on, that's why. All Maggie has are her memories and she doesn't want to remember Glenn like that. Maggie walks back inside the house, leaving Negan alone outside.

Inside, everyone enjoys a celebration and feast, joined by Mercer, Max and Tomi. Judith gives Dog some of her food and Yumiko raises a toast to Luke. Looking out the window, Daryl sees Negan walking away and the two men exchange a smile and a nod, parting on good terms. Yumiko turns to Magna, telling her "same" and Magna kisses her, the two women resuming their romantic relationship. Sitting down, Rosita smiles as she watches the celebration before becoming somber. Noticing Rosita's somber mood, Gabriel joins her, and Rosita tells him that she just wants to remember this perfect moment. In a whisper, Rosita reveals her bite and impending death to Gabriel. Noticing Rosita's behavior and crying, Judith realizes that something's wrong with her and becomes upset, apparently deducing the truth.

Weak and near death, Rosita is led to bed by Maggie and Carol where Coco is laying. With everyone now aware that Rosita's dying, a tearful Maggie gives her a hug and kiss goodbye and Carol hugs her before the two women leave. As Daryl watches from the doorway, a barely composed Gabriel performs Last Rites over Rosita. Rosita kisses Coco for a final time and Gabriel promises that they will see her again someday. Gabriel carries Coco out as Eugene takes a seat next to Rosita's bed. Eugene tearfully tells Rosita that he wouldn't be the man that he is today if he hadn't met her. Taking Eugene's hand, Rosita tells him that she's glad that it was him in the end who will be there to make sure that she won't reanimate after she's gone. Rosita peacefully passes away with her oldest living friend at her side and Eugene breaks down completely.

A year later, Daryl, Carol, Lydia, Elijah, Judith and RJ visit a rebuilt and thriving Hilltop where Maggie and Hershel watch as Adam plays. Carol asks Maggie what she had wanted to talk about, and Maggie reveals that she wants to talk about the future. "There's a lot out there to find out about. And I think it's time we did." Shortly thereafter, Daryl takes off on his motorcycle to see what else is left in the world, fulfilling Maggie's idea.

Dead City[]

Season 1[]

"Old Acquaintances"

Maggie observes Manhattan through a large monocular, seeing that the buildings have been partially reclaimed by nature and are ruined in places. On the streets is a massive herd of walkers, the sight of which causes Maggie to stop and check a map of Lower Manhattan. Hearing a small herd coming, Maggie quickly hides, but she is surprised by a walker that comes up from behind her. However, Maggie manages to overpower the walker and bash its head in with her monocular, continuing on in a rage even after the walker is dead, utterly destroying the walker's head. Splattered with walker blood, Maggie lets out a scream before catching her breath.

Maggie drives to the Easy Stay Motor Inn and drinks at the bar before rejecting another round, stating that she's not in the best headspace. Maggie claims to have a cabin about an hour away and that she came home from a scavenging run to find it overrun by walkers. The bartender tells Maggie that she's in the right place as they have a guy here who clears out walkers and they can maybe loan him out. Maggie becomes interested and asks if the guy is any good and the bartender confirms that the man is the best that he's ever seen at it. Maggie asks for more information about if the man lives at the motel, but Jones at the other end of the bar interrupts the conversation to tell the bartender that their generator needs to be refilled.

At Maggie's request, the bartender directs her to the bathroom, but she immediately drops her act as soon as Maggie is out of sight. Passing the bathroom, Maggie checks out the motel rooms and she finds one with a shower running in it. Checking out the room, Maggie finds an adult's clothes, kid's toys, a bracelet and a knife. Taking the knife, Maggie goes to confront the shower's occupant, but she is grabbed by two men and dragged away.

In the bar, Maggie is thrown onto a table and restrained, and Jones reveals that she had suspected that Maggie was up to something. Jones guesses that Maggie was sent by "Vasquez from down the road" to snoop and prepares to cut her nose off so that Maggie won't snoop around anymore. Deploying a blade from her boot, Maggie stabs the bar owner in the back, causing her to accidentally stab herself in the hand. Maggie quickly subdues the three before Negan enters the bar, drawn by the commotion. Seeing Maggie, Negan flees, aided by a silent young girl named Ginny who was sitting at the bar who trips Maggie before running after Negan.

Grabbing her hat off of the bar, Maggie runs outside and tries to leave in her truck, but she is attacked by a man who tries to stop her. Kicking the man away, Maggie escapes, but she accidentally drops her book of maps on the ground in the process. Maggie quickly catches up to Negan and Ginny, cutting them off and quickly overpowering Negan. Holding a knife to Negan's throat, Maggie quips "sorry, I thought you were quicker on your feet" while Negan sarcastically comments that it's good to see Maggie too.

Negan examines a Wanted poster of himself from New Babylon with amusement and he decides to keep it as Maggie silently tosses him a medical bag. Negan calls Ginny over to help treat his leg wound and Maggie asks where Annie and his kid are. Lowering his head for a moment, Negan dodges the question by introducing Ginny to Maggie, calling himself and Maggie old acquaintances. Negan guesses that Maggie is either here not to kill him or she has gotten seriously rusty. "A few weeks back I got raided. Outnumbered, overpowered, stole all our grain. Said they'd be back in a month for more. Then a month after that... took a hostage as collateral." Negan realizes that the attackers took Maggie's son Hershel and she adds that she tracked them all of the way up the Hudson River, but by then they'd already made it all of the way across to Manhattan. Praising Ginny's job on patching up his leg, Negan sends her away to check on their belongings.

Negan asks how he figures into all of this, and Maggie tells him that the man who's got Hershel is called the Croat, but Negan just shrugs in response. "Bullshit. You know him. When he scaled our walls, had us surrounded in the dark, right before he took my son. Do you know what he did?" Maggie imitates the whistle that the Saviors used to use to frighten their victims, getting recognition out of Negan. "That rings a bell, doesn't it? It did for me. It was the last thing I heard before I met you." Negan realizes that Maggie is thinking that since he knew the Croat back when Negan led the Saviors, Negan might have some special insight into the Croat's modus operandi or sweet talk him into giving Hershel back. "Let's just say there were a lot of psychos in my crew back then, but he always stood out as being an exceptionally insane son of a bitch," warns Negan. Negan tries to tell Maggie that the odds aren't good for Hershel if the Croat really does have him, but she doesn't want to hear it.

Negan asks why he should help her, and Maggie tells Negan that he owes her, and that Negan is the last person that she wanted to ask for help, but Negan doesn't seem to have too many options himself. Maggie points out that, if she found Negan at the motel, then the marshals will too and he appears to have exhausted every shithole as a hiding spot. Negan asks about the Hilltop and if Maggie still has a good setup with kids and a school and Maggie promises to put up Ginny if Negan helps her, but they'll have to see how things play out in Negan's case which he accepts is fair enough.

Maggie drives along a road with Negan and Ginny in the bed of her truck while Negan covers Ginny up with his jacket, causing Maggie to shut the cab window. Maggie stops at a sign for New Babylon which advertises it as the capital city of the New Babylon Federation and takes a left. Across the road, two people have been hung with one of them having reanimated as a walker.

Having stopped, Maggie fires a Flare Gun into the air and Negan points out that this isn't the way to the Hilltop. Maggie reveals that while the Bricks has the same setup and the same people, they had to relocate from the Hilltop after Negan helped to burn it down. Maggie watches as Negan and Ginny eat. Once the girl is asleep, Negan explains that he was on the run and doing a stint of a farm about a year ago when Negan first met Ginny. When the marshals came looking for him, Ginny asked to go with him. According to the people on the farm, Ginny was living with her dad who took off one night and didn't come back. Ginny went looking for her father and found him as a walker, having been brutally murdered by other survivors. The trauma of finding her father like that had caused Ginny to become mute. Their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of one of Nina to take Ginny to the Bricks.

Sitting in the truck bed that night, Negan promises Ginny that he will come back for her soon. Maggie warns Negan that it's getting late, and he shares an emotional goodbye hug with Ginny before she leaves with Nina. Negan asks Maggie for reassurances that she has good people that will take care of Ginny, but she just gestures him to get in the back of the truck again unless Negan wants to get caught by the law.

Maggie has a nightmare where she relives Negan's brutal murder of Glenn with Lucille which is intercut with images of Hershel screaming for Maggie. Maggie snaps awake and she finds Negan is also awake in the backseat. Negan recalls how, when he was a kid, his father went on a business trip or something to New York City and he brought Negan back a little souvenir of the Statue of Liberty. Negan remembers thinking that he couldn't understand how something so small could also be so giant. Negan's father promised to take him to see the real thing and he made a whole plan to do it, "and then, as generally was the case with my dad, something came up, I guess. Anyway, I still haven't seen Lady Liberty in the flesh."

Negan asks how this operation is supposed to play out apart from how Negan is supposed to charm the Croat into giving Hershel back to Maggie, and she admits that she has a plan which Negan recognizes she isn't going to tell him and plans to keep Negan on a need-to-know basis. Negan knows that Maggie doesn't trust him, and he doesn't blame her as Negan wouldn't trust himself in her shoes. Negan has already gotten what he wanted with Ginny being safe and comfortable at the Bricks. Negan suggests that he could kill Maggie right now, but Maggie tells him that he could try, and she'd have to kill him first then. However, Negan tells Maggie that there's a big difference because she needs him to get her son back, but she feels that it probably cuts both ways and that the marshals would have something to say about that. Looking at the bracelet that Maggie had found earlier in his motel room, Negan claims that what he did wasn't like what the marshals say, and Negan believes that he's already paid for his crimes.

From across the river, Negan observes the large plume of smoke from a fire in Manhattan, and Maggie explains that she camped out for three days watching the city and she saw the smoke show up like that every morning at the same time and then again at night. Negan realizes that Maggie thinks that it's a cooking fire for breakfast and dinner, but he suggests that "sometimes a building on fire is just a building on fire." Before they can leave on a nearby boat, Maggie and Negan hear a vehicle pulling up.

Inside the marshals' vehicle, Perlie uses Maggie's map book to search the shoreline for possible locations where she and Negan might cross into Manhattan. Jano asks what the deal with Manhattan is and why it's so special and Perlie explains that "Manhattan was one of the epicenters. Military destroyed all of the bridges and tunnels hoping to contain it. Hoping to contain... them. Once home to a million and a half people. Now..." Perlie sends Gritz and Jano to do a sweep, looking sadly at an envelope with a return address for Joel Armstrong in Manhattan. As Jano takes a piss, he's captured by Maggie and she and Negan use Jano as a human shield against Perlie as they take off in the boat. The two marshals quickly begin untying a boat of their own from the roof of their car.

On the boat, Maggie orders Jano to empty his pockets and turn over his gun, but Jano doesn't have one as marshals aren't given guns until they've been in the service for three months. Jano shows Maggie a bottle of pills for his sick grandmother, admitting that they're not related, but she had looked after the young man when he was little and Jano is all that she has left. However, Negan stops the boat and prepares to throw Jano overboard, telling him that it's a short swim back to shore and he's not coming with them. Maggie protests, but Negan states that Jano is a junior marshal and that every second he stays, Jano is a threat and a liability, but Maggie suggests that he could be insurance too, "either way, it doesn't matter what you think."

Negan points out that Maggie has been sticking it to him in every way that she can since they hooked up again. Negan gets that Hershel being kidnapped has her spinning out, and stirring up emotions, memories and a lot of other stuff, and the vengeful thoughts that Negan had thought Maggie put to bed she has clearly woken up. What Negan doesn't get is that, after all of these years, Maggie still thinks that he's the bad guy, "I'm not. No one is. Or maybe everyone is. But you know what, Maggie, maybe everyone is. Ask yourself one question: how many husbands and fathers have you killed?" An emotional Maggie tells Negan that something like what he did to Glenn can never be put to bed. Relenting, Negan releases Jano and Maggie drives the boat through the walker-infested river towards Manhattan which the fog parts to finally reveal to them. "Fuck me," mutters Negan, looking at the city.

At the dock, Jano notices that the only thing that's around is a few dead bodies and he wonders where all of the walkers are while Negan looks at a destroyed bridge in the distance. Maggie prepares a flare gun in case they get separated and Negan asks her to look after Ginny for him once this is all over which Maggie agrees to since Negan isn't going back to her. The three head into the city streets which are empty aside from some human remains and abandoned vehicles and Jano tries to run, but he is roughly stopped by Negan. Maggie threatens that if Jano tries that again, he's going to wish that Negan had thrown him off of the boat.

As the three head towards the fire, walkers suddenly start falling from the sky, shattering on impact with the vehicles below. Taking cover in a doorway, Negan is annoyed that walkers are falling from the sky now and Maggie guesses that the walkers must've heard them, before being interrupted by a noise. Walkers appear on the other side of the doorway that they're hiding in and start breaking the glass. Maggie, Negan and Jano run for some scaffolding across the street with Negan picking Jano up after he falls. Dodging the literal rain of walkers, they make it under the scaffolding, observed by Esther from a nearby rooftop, and they take shelter until the walkers stop falling. Leaving, Negan tells Jano to get his shit together.

Continuing through the city, they pass a sign reading "DAWN. LINCOLN CENTER. COME KILL WITH US" and Negan stops Maggie from walking into a trap. The three eventually reach a blockade and see a vehicle driving by playing loud music and leading a massive herd of walkers. Maggie, Negan and Jano take cover behind some trash as part of the herd starts heading towards them, but cockroaches from the trash start crawling all over them. Their attempts to dislodge the cockroaches causes a garbage bag to fall, revealing that the cockroaches are coming from a walker corpse on the other side. Deciding not to stay, the three come out of hiding as someone starts shooting the walkers approaching them from behind, causing them to dive for cover. Recognizing the shooters as Perlie and Gritz, Jano calls out to them, but Negan pulls him back to the ground. Spotting a door nearby, Negan leads his companions into a laundromat.

Inside, Maggie, Negan and Jano split up to look for another way out. Perlie and Gritz enter, and they barricade the doors against the walkers. Perlie leaves Gritz behind to guard the doors, instructing him to not let anyone out. Maggie, Negan and Jano hide while Perlie searches for them. Calling out to Maggie while Negan restrains Jano from revealing their position, Perlie identifies himself as a New Babylon marshal, revealing some personal details about himself so as to give Maggie a sense about what kind of a person he is and that he is not her enemy. Perlie describes New Babylon, calling it a capital city that is more of a small town with three-lined streets and families looking out for each other. Perlie has a wife and three daughters who mean everything to him. Perlie recognizes that, while he doesn't know why Maggie is with Negan or has taken Jano hostage, she has her reasons, possibly even good ones. Perlie sincerely offers to hear Maggie out if she reveals herself, but he warns her that he'll be a little less open to hearing her out if Perlie gets to her first and he will get to her.

Unnoticed by Negan and Jano, a walker comes up behind them. Perlie finds a walker covered in a plastic bag and he puts it down with the bayonet on his rifle. As Negan walks away, a distracted Jano is attacked by the walker who has a living creature inside of its mouth as the walker's tongue. Negan puts down the walker and saves Jano, but Perlie accidentally shoots Jano after he stands up, killing him and shocking Perlie. Maggie and Negan run while Perlie is distracted and the herd breaks through the doors and devours Gritz. Negan breaks through the door to the back room and takes care of a walker on the other side while Perlie lines up a shot on him. Maggie sneaks up behind the marshal and they struggle over the gun, but Perlie overpowers Maggie who finally reveals that she needs Negan's help to save her son. Although he hesitates for a moment, Perlie refuses to relent, pushing down on her throat with his gun, but Maggie smacks him in the face with her chain and finally overpowers Perlie and knocks him unconscious with the butt of his own gun. Maggie nearly beats the marshal to death with his rifle, but she hesitates and then changes her mind after seeing Negan. Tossing the rifle aside, Maggie escapes with Negan into a backroom, where Maggie and Negan encounter Esther who blows out Negan's match.

"Who's There?"

Walkers try to break into the room where Maggie and Negan are hiding, all of their stuff having been stolen by Esther. The two escape through a hole in the celling and follow Esther to where she's climbing an elevator shaft. A walker falls into a pile at the bottom of the shaft and Negan quips to Maggie that "it's just a ball of fun hangin' out with you, ain't it?" Maggie and Negan climb the ladder after Esther who escapes to another building using a zipline, impressing Negan. Much to their surprise, Esther sends the hook back to them and tells Maggie and Negan to follow her. The two zipline across, Maggie narrowly avoiding the walkers overrunning the building. The same music that they heard before suddenly begins playing and Maggie gets stuck near the other end of the zipline, dangling over the walker-infested streets of Manhattan. Maggie makes it the rest of the way across after rejecting Negan's help and they head inside of the building that they've reached.

Maggie and Negan climb in through a window and find Esther in a large room going through their stuff. Although Maggie protests her actions, Negan lets her keep something and Esther offers them some food in trade. Negan asks the old woman to take them to the building where the smoke is coming from, but she protests in Hebrew which Negan guesses translates into "hell freaking no." Negan tells Maggie that they can either go back or see how things play out with Esther, but if they go back, the only thing waiting for them is a herd and a marshal's bullet. Maggie reluctantly concedes, and Esther beckons them to follow her.

Esther leads Maggie and Negan down some stairs where Amaia and Tommaso aim modified nail guns at them, while Esther tries to defuse the situation. Negan immediately disarms himself followed by Maggie reluctantly while Amaia and Tommaso argue about how the old woman keeps bringing back people for them to take in. "I am guessing they are not with the Croat," comments Maggie which Negan sarcastically agrees with. Negan interrupts the argument, acknowledging that they don't know each other and they might not be friendly, but he doubts that Esther has brought them all of this way to get killed.

Tommaso claims that there's thousands of them and they own this city, but Amaia asks what they're after, pointing out that it's pretty obvious that Maggie and Negan aren't from around here. Maggie claims that they were heading up north to a settlement in Canada when their boat washed them ashore in Manhattan during a storm and they're just here to get supplies and get on their way again. However, Amaia doesn't believe Maggie's story and Esther argues with her as Tommaso disarms the two. Tommaso leads Maggie and Negan through the hideout, has Luther search through Maggie's bag and, much to Negan's annoyance, locks them in an old bathroom.

In a flashback, Maggie enters Hershel's room and admonishes him for missing weapons' training again where Lane brought out the bo staffs. This is the third time this month that Hershel has skipped training, and Maggie tries to emphasize how important it is to be ready at all times. More interested in drawing, Hershel dismissively tells his mother that he's got it, but Maggie warns her son that it's not a joke and that people could come at you with anything. "Then I guess I'd be dead," Hershel morbidly quips. Maggie compliments one of Hershel's drawings, but he crumples it up, tells Maggie that it sucks and leaves to go to Xander's, much to Maggie's dismay who picks up Hershel's drawing.

In the present, Negan points out that they didn't have much of a choice but to surrender as Amaia's people had guns, meaning that they would've been killed if they fought back. While Maggie thinks that they could've taken them and not been locked up, Negan is sure that they're here because of Maggie's obvious lie, suggesting that they should've told them the truth so that both sides would give a little. Negan acknowledges that right or wrong, these people had their reasons for locking Maggie and Negan up which Negan thinks makes them useful for manpower and information. Maggie points out that Negan was supposed to be the source of information, but so far, he's been pretty tight-lipped about the Croat.

An emotional Negan finally explains that "right around the time that the world turned into shit soup, the Croat showed up at my door so to speak. He had been through... well, let's just say he had been through some really bad shit. Worst shit imaginable. So, I took him in. Kept him from brain painting the walls. Pretty soon he was calling me his brother, Buraz. Said that I made him feel safe. I guess at that point everyone was looking for a little sanctuary from the hellfire we'd all been damned to, I mean we'd lost everything. The thing is, I um, I really thought I was helping him." Maggie guesses that it takes a monster to make one, but Negan corrects her that "you see, I was only a monster when I absolutely had to be. When I had to put on a show to protect my people. Anyway, the... the Croat he had a way of uh... reading people. And then toying with them, and pulling them apart. When a threat needed to be handled, it was a skillset that I found very useful." Maggie realizes that the Croat was Negan's torturer, but Negan admits that "he took it too far. It was um... one of our first skirmishes with the Kingdom, before your time. A person had holed up in a car a couple of miles from the Sanctuary. It seemed to me she was a drifter, nothing to do with us or anything we were up to. So, I gave a direct order: let her walk. The Croat, he... he saw it differently. Thought that the... thought that she had beans to spill. And he was right: she was a... a scout. At least that's what she copped to before uh... before he... She was just a kid. So, after that, I knew that he was a rabid dog that needed to be put down. I had one shot. One. I missed. Blew off his ear, the rest of him got away. I haven't seen or heard from him since. Until now, of course." Maggie realizes that this means that the Croat is going to want to kill Negan which he confirms. Maggie is angry that Negan didn't tell her this before, but Negan points out that he does know how the Croat operates.

Suddenly, Maggie and Negan hear a lot of panicked shouting and Tommaso grabs them, accusing the two of being responsible. Amaia's people are frantically packing up because the Burazi are coming, and Tommaso believes that Maggie and Negan led them to the hideout, wanting to kill them for it. Negan tries to calm the situation down, telling Amaia that they aren't with the Burazi and arguing Tommaso before holding a sharpened pigeon bone to his throat, threatening to kill Tommaso with it before releasing him and reiterating that he and Maggie are here to help them. As vehicles pull up outside, Amaia returns Maggie and Negan's belongings and weapons. Maggie suggests that they should wait if this is the Croat's people, but Negan knows that it's a bad idea if the Burazi have the jump on them.

Several Burazi, armed with makeshift metal spears, enter the hideout and Maggie and Negan quickly hide. A Buraz comes close to finding them, but he heads off after another survivor that runs past instead. Climbing the stairs, the two find one of Amaia's people dead, a Burazi spear through her chest and Amaia's people fighting a few more, the bodies of another of their people and a dead Buraz lying on the ground. Amaia uses her nail gun, which fires a grappling line, to yank out a piece of a Buraz's chest, severely wounding him, while Luther snaps the neck of another Buraz. Stopping Amaia, Maggie finishes off the wounded Buraz herself with a vicious stomp to his neck.

On the roof, the surviving group members prepare to make their escape, but one Buraz takes Esther hostage. As Negan tries to talk the man down, he keeps muttering "doma smo," before suddenly stabbing Esther in the chest, killing her to everyone's horror, before Negan finally subdues the man by slamming him headfirst into a beam. Cradling Esther's body, Tommaso - who up until this point has seemed to only be a hot-headed angry survivor - breaks down crying, before stabbing Esther in the head in order to keep her from reanimating. Negan instructs everyone else to make their escape across the ziplines while he deals with the captured Buraz. However, Maggie follows Negan back inside.

As more Burazi arrive, Negan slams his captive's head through several glass windows, calling out "knock, knock" and holding a knife to the man's throat over the hideout's second floor balcony. Watched by Maggie, Negan makes fun of one of the Burazi before going into one of his taunting speeches. "Knock, knock. Who's there? Butter. Butter who? Well, you butter get out your umbrellas, 'cause it is about to goddamn rain." Negan slits his captive's throat, splashing the people below with his blood, and then brutally disembowels him, shaking more blood over the Burazi. "Now, I don't know if any of you have checked tonight's forecast, but if I see even one mole hair on one of your ugly ass faces, it won't be just a rainstorm. Hell, it won't be a thunderstorm. It'll be a goddamn hurricane!" Negan flings the body over the balcony, dropping him on the Neckbeard Buraz below. Maggie and Negan exchange a look before they flee from the hideout.

In another building, Negan removes the glass from his hand while Amaia and her people mourn their losses, a devastated Tommaso in particular. Amaia and Tommaso thank Maggie and Negan for their help and Tommaso admits that he was lying about there being thousands of them out there. His voice breaking, Tommaso reveals that "those people we lost... that's it. That's our family. We've been going that way a long time." Amaia states that they'd return the favor, but there's no supplies here for Maggie and Negan's trip to Canada: whatever's left has already been taken by somebody else. Tommaso's sure that it doesn't matter and that their boat has already been sunk and you get on the island, but you don't get off because the Burazi and their psycho leader make sure of that. With a look at Negan, Maggie finally admits the truth, that they're in Manhattan because the Croat has her son. "So you wanna get to the psycho? That we can help you with. You know, if you're looking to die." reveals Amaia.

"People Are a Resource"

Crouching behind a car with Maggie and Negan, Amaia bangs two sets of antlers together, trying to draw in a nearby deer. As the deer approaches, Tommaso kills it with his modified Nail Gun.

In a store, Negan bangs on a bell, but it doesn't draw in any walkers. Negan notices Luther applying beeswax to himself, but he refuses to let Negan have any and works on stripping the deer of useable meat. Amaia goes over a map of the city with Maggie and Tommaso with the two tribespeople revealing that most of the streets are too dangerous due to walkers and the Croat's traps. Negan asks how long they've been at this, and Amaia explains that they're native New Yorkers, just kids when the Trials began. "The first few weeks were the... the worst. I mean, it spread so fast. Through the subways, the buildings. Bodies coming up from the ground, falling from the sky. We kept waiting for the Army to show up. Shit, anybody. And when they finally got here, we were dumb enough to think that they'd come to save us. And we watched them blow up the bridges, the tunnels, leaving us in this death trap."

Tommaso adds that they were getting it together little by little until the Croat showed up, asking people to join him, offering protection and creature comforts. The Croat wants to keep them "safe" in his paranoid kill or be killed version of it with Maggie and Negan exchanging looks as they recognize this as a twisted version of what Negan and the Saviors did. However, the tribe were never going to agree to that deal, so the Croat now kills them, steals from them and kidnaps and tortures them so that he can learn how to kill and steal some more. Only one of the tribespeople ever got out alive, but that was just luck. A disturbed Maggie goes to check the alley, and Negan reassures an apologetic Amaia that Maggie's tougher than she looks, "and she looks tough as shit." Maggie takes a moment to collect herself privately before heading outside.

From a window overlooking Madison Square Garden which is surrounded by a massive herd, Tommaso informs Maggie and Negan that, "if you wanna get to the Croat, you just gotta get through that. He's been bringing fleshies in from all over the city." A vehicle drives by playing music and drawing more walkers behind it towards the arena, the same thing that Maggie, Negan and Jano had encountered on their first night in Manhattan. Luther says that there's no way inside of the arena and Amaia shoots down Maggie's idea of the sewers as the Army had shoved in all of the walkers that they killed until they got killed themselves and turned into walkers at which point the sewers were sealed up nice and tight.

Negan recalls that one of the tribespeople had broken out of "Alcatraz," meaning that there's a way back in. Tommaso is revealed to be the one who had managed to escape and Amaia suggests that they show Maggie and Negan, but Luther refuses the idea as it has already been refused. Amaia brings up their recent losses, but Tommaso backs Luther up as there's even less of them than when they had first voted on it and Tommaso's not sure that he can go back there again. "I am, um, getting an old feeling of deja vu. 12, 15 years ago there was a... a fella down south. Showed up outta nowhere, a lot like this guy. Everybody flocked to him because he knew what they needed, what they wanted. Protection. Sanctuary. So, he built a badass fortress. Formed an army out of psychopaths. And he forced people to join. And if they didn't, the hammer came down. Now, soon enough, the people they got fed up with him. So, they got together. And they decided it was time to take that hammer back." Amaia and Tommaso listen with interest, as does Maggie who recognizes the story as that of Negan himself, the Saviors, and his defeat by Alexandria, the Hilltop, the Kingdom and Oceanside. Tommaso asks what happened and Maggie and Negan reveal that the revolt worked. After a moment, Tommaso agrees to talk to the others, much to Amaia's delight and Luther's displeasure. As the group watches, three vehicles, including a blood-splattered ambulance, drive into the arena.

In the tribe's new base at an abandoned restaurant, Tommaso draws a map and explains that sometimes the door to the arena would open and the Croat would offer him food or medicine in exchange for telling him about the tribe, specifically how many of them were left and where they were hiding. Tommaso knew that the second he talked, he'd be killed so while the door kept opening, "let's just say there was no more food or medicine," and Negan notices scars on Tommaso's back. When Tommaso was a kid, his grandfather talked about working on the crew that rebuilt Penn Station and that while people assumed that the old station was gone, Tommaso's grandfather knew the spots where they had left the framework hiding behind the walls. One night, when the Burazi cleaned out Tommaso's cell of all of the blood they spilt in there, a walker got in. Tommaso ran as fast as he could, found the framework and followed the New York City Subway System out.

However, while the cells are close, Negan knows that after Tommaso's escape, the Croat would've moved his prisoners as it's what Negan would've done. Maggie admits that Negan and the Croat know each other and they go way back, and Negan knows how the Croat thinks. While they were friends, Negan took a shot at him and blew the Croat's ear off. "He can bait him. Lure him out of the arena. Then we get him to tell me where my son is, and we kill him," declares Maggie. Amaia agrees that the rest of them will get a jump on the Burazi so that the Croat can't follow Maggie, but Luther questions how Negan is going to bait the Croat after blowing his ear off. Negan points out that the Croat will likely want revenge on him for doing it and Maggie insists that it will work, but Luther is doubtful, going so far as to harshly tell Maggie that her son is already dead and he thinks that she knows that. Negan interrupts the argument and a distressed Maggie walks away.

Maggie looks through a box of old photos of her family, Otis and Patricia, a picture of herself and her mother when Maggie was a baby, an old watch, and a drawing of Glenn. Negan approaches and offers her a Yankees hat that he had found for Hershel, remembering that Hershel had used to wear one a lot like it. Noticing how upset she is, Negan reassures Maggie that Luther is wrong, and her plan is going to work, offering to talk about it or listen if Maggie needs someone to talk to. "When the Croat showed up at our gates... I told Hershel... to get in the root cellar. I tried to make him hide. By then, I could've said left and he'd go right just to spite me. And he went and grabbed a shovel and a brick like that was gonna do anything. And I told him he was stupid. And he told me to get off his damn back for once. That is the last thing that we said to each other. And I screwed up so many ways before then, fumbling through doing it by ourselves. There weren't a lot of people that meant anything to me in this world, but there were enough. And whatever's left of all of them is inside this box," a tearful Maggie admits.

In turn, Negan emotionally reveals to a sympathetic Maggie that "a few years ago, Joshua, Annie and I, we were living in this little cabin outside of New Babylon. One day, Annie decided to go into town to do some trading. When she wasn't home at nightfall, I uh... I knew something had gone wrong. I went looking for her, I found her. And she had been uh... she had been... she'd been robbed, and beaten and, uh... She begged me not to do something stupid, but hell, you know me. I found 'em. All five of 'em, in some shit drinking hole. Honestly, I don't think I even wanted to kill 'em. After that, we were on the run, and it was very hard for Annie. So, I put 'em on a wagon train to Missouri and I said I'd be right behind 'em. I stayed. I think about them every single day. I hope to God they are okay, and maybe I have no right in hoping that. I don't know, Maggie. I mean, what else do we have besides hope?" Joking that she thought that Negan knew how to shut up, Maggie takes his gift of the hat for Hershel.

The tribe sits down to dinner, enacting a ritual of laying down various items including Esther's necklace, items belonging to lost loved ones, and humming in remembrance. After a moment, Maggie holds the drawing of Glenn and joins in the ritual.

Tommaso approaches Maggie and admits that he's scared. Tommaso doesn't know how Maggie manages to keep it together, especially with a kid. "Amaia, she says having a kid in the city wouldn't be safe. I don't know, I just... yeah, she's probably right, you know?" Maggie admits that Amaia's right that it isn't safe, but you have to make it safe somehow and you do whatever it takes. Amaia brings in the scavenger who Tommaso happily greets. As the woman pulls out her finds, Maggie is shocked to spot Ginny's dinosaur toy amongst them, only telling the woman that she knows a little girl who likes those kinds of toys, and the woman gives it to Maggie.

Negan goes through the various pots and pans and utensils before picking up a cheese grater. Luther approaches Negan who explains that he was looking for any weapons that he could pick up for the next day. Negan knows that Luther doesn't like him, but Luther just needs to know that they're on the same side and this plan is going to work. However, Luther tells Negan that he and Maggie are leaving here tonight and pulls out Negan's Wanted poster, having found it amongst Negan's stuff where Negan had kept it after getting the poster from Maggie at the motel. As Negan has people depending on him, he refuses Luther's demand to leave. Stating that people are depending on him as well, Luther also refuses to back down. The two get into a fight with Luther nearly crushing Negan with a bear hug before Negan runs the cheese grater across his forehead. Releasing Negan, Luther stumbles backwards, trips, and accidentally impales the back of his head on a pipe. Kneeling down, Negan pushes Luther's head the rest of the way down onto the pipe, killing him.

Secretly observed by Ginny, Maggie prepares to burn the dinosaur toy in an old trash barrel while Negan walks away from Luther's body. However, staring at her burning match, Maggie hesitates to actually go through with it and holds the match indecisively.

"Everybody Wins a Prize"

Negan is visibly distracted by his memories of the Croat and exchanges a look with Maggie as they prepare for the upcoming attack. Amaia arrives with the news that she has looked everywhere, but she can't find Luther. Tommaso asks if Luther just took off with Rizza noting that she had passed him on her way in the night before. Amaia asks if there was anyone outside the night before who might've seen Luther leave, but Maggie remains silent and two other tribespeople are surprised by the fact that Luther is still missing and ask where he would go. Amaia tells them that she's not saying that Luther went anywhere, she's just trying to figure out what had happened to him. Negan finds it hard to believe that someone like Luther would just be hiding somewhere and reminds her that Luther wasn't very keen on their plan which Tommaso agrees with. Tommaso asks how long they're going to wait as every hour gives the Croat more time to figure out what they're up to, reassuring his girlfriend that Luther can handle himself and, when he gets back and sees what they've accomplished, Luther will be apologizing to Amaia for his doubts. Relieved, Amaia shares a kiss with Tommaso.

Maggie follows Negan into another room where he practices with one of the tribe's modified Nail Guns, but experiences pain from his hand wound which was reopened during Negan's fight with Luther. Negan brushes off Maggie's visible concern for him and continues packing while Maggie becomes upset at the sound of one of the tribespeople playing a harmonica. Negan admits that he's not ready and that it's not because the Croat wants him dead, pointing out that a lot of other people have wanted him dead too. "The closer we get to the Croat... it just begins to feel a bit too goddamn familiar. Like if he starts talkin', it won't be him at all. It's gonna be the echo of some song that I don't wanna hear no more." In turn, Maggie reveals that when Hershel was a baby, there was a man living above them who decided that it was a good time to learn the harmonica while Hershel was having trouble sleeping. When the man still wouldn't stop after Maggie asked him to, she stole the harmonica while he was on a hunting expedition and buried it in the ground. An impressed Negan jokes that Maggie must've lost a couple of Girl Scout badges for that while she guesses that Negan would've buried it somewhere way worse which he silently acknowledges. Negan asks if Maggie has seen his matches, but Maggie lies that she hasn't before she leaves.

After a small herd passes by a subway entrance, Maggie, Negan and the tribespeople emerge from a nearby doorway. A disgusted Maggie notices something bubbling up out of a nearby sewer grate and Tommaso explains that it's methane from the sewers. The group enters the subway with Ginny, watching unnoticed from a nearby storefront, following them inside.

Passing through a subway tunnel, the group finds it filled with corpses, some of which are walkers so decomposed that they can't even move anymore and their ribcages are visible. The group carefully picks their way through the corpses, arriving at Penn Station. Exploring the station, Maggie finds one of the Croat's cells with streaks of blood on the floor outside and a teenager resembling Hershel tied to a chair, his throat slit. Lifting the teenager's head, Negan discovers him to be a walker, but he isn't Hershel, much to Maggie's relief. Negan stabs the boy in the head, putting him down, and he and Maggie leave the room.

In the hallway, Amaia outlines their plan for the tribe to wait for a bit so that they aren't discovered while Maggie steals a car and Negan lures the Croat down to the garage so that they can lead the Croat halfway across the city and get him alone. Once they do that, the tribespeople will start killing the Burazi. "You get your kid. We kill the psycho. Everybody wins a prize," concludes Amaia. Tommaso wonders how they'll know if things go sideways for Maggie and Negan and Negan admits that they won't. Amaia orders the two not to screw it up, and the tribespeople leave. Pulling out Negan's matches, Maggie asks if he has figured out how to bait the Croat yet, and Negan states that he has a thought or two and Negan feels good about this. Negan is sure that their plan is going to work and that they're going to get Hershel back. Maggie decides to tell Negan the truth about finding Ginny's dinosaur, but she notices Luther's beeswax in his bag as she goes to return the matches and Maggie realizes what Negan did to Luther. Negan offers to explain, but Maggie is uninterested in hearing it and she leads Negan away.

In a control center for the arena, the Croat powers up the systems and checks with a young Buraz that she knows how to operate it, giving her instructions just to be sure. The Croat notices that the Buraz seems nervous and realizes that she's afraid of him despite the young woman's claims that she's not. The Croat recalls the day that she joined the Burazi, hiding in a fire station with a group of barbarians and how she was smart enough to lay down her weapon. The Croat states that it's been a joy watching her blossom over the past few years into a strong, faithful, confident protector. She has made the Croat incredibly proud, and she should have no reason to ever be afraid of him. The Croat gives her some candy before they both notice the sound of a whistle echoing through the halls - the distinctive whistle that was used by Negan and the Saviors. With the sound repeating itself, the Croat grabs his jacket and runs off while the Buraz inserts a disc into the player and starts a 5 minute countdown. The Croat excitedly runs off, following the whistle that he realizes is from Negan.

In the garage, Maggie sneaks into an old taxicab and begins trying to hotwire it before she finds the keys in the ignition. Before Maggie can start the car, she hears a noise, and she spots Ginny nearby. After exchanging a look with Maggie, the girl runs off and Maggie follows her. With just three and a half minutes left on the timer, someone lights a fuse. The tribespeople enter the main area of the arena which is empty while the Croat's search for Negan leads him to the garage where Negan hides behind a truck before moving amongst the vehicles to the cab. The Croat begins imitating Negan's whistle in an effort to draw him out, but Negan notices Maggie's screwdriver on the cab's passenger seat. As the timer reaches 1 minute, Maggie finally catches up to Ginny in the main area of the arena where Amaia informs her that the Burazi aren't here. As Negan climbs into the cab and picks up the tool, the Croat continues to try and draw him out while more Burazi rush in behind him.

The timer reaches 0 and all of the arena's entertainment systems turn on, broadcasting music through the main area. The fuse burns to the end in what's revealed to be a barrel fuel set in one of the arena's doorways. Explosions rock the outside of the arena as the doors are blown open, letting in the herd. The Burazi climb into various vehicles and begin making their escape as their trap is sprung on the tribespeople. Negan gets out of the car just in time as one of the Buraz takes the cab for himself. Drawn by the music, walkers flood the main area of the arena from all directions, trapping the tribespeople. The strobe lights turn on as the tribespeople get cornered by the massive herd against the ring. The Croat orders the cab driver to go on without him and has two more Burazi stay with him. When the cab drives away, Negan is gone from behind it, taking cover in the room full of tanks containing dead bodies.

In the main area, Maggie and the tribespeople desperately fight the herd but, severely outnumbered, they are quickly overwhelmed, and the tribespeople fall to the walkers one by one. Much to Maggie and Amaia's horror, Tommaso eventually gets grabbed by a group of walkers and carried away to his apparent death. Once the rest of the Burazi have cleared out, the Croat orders his two remaining men to search for Negan and grabs one of the tribespeople's modified nail guns. Negan takes the opportunity to run which is noticed by the Croat who excitedly chases after him. As the fight continues, Maggie is consumed with flashbacks of Hershel calling out to her for help as the Croat drags him away and she notices that one of the exits is nearly clear of walkers and that Ginny is trapped in the ring in the center of the arena. Rather than escaping and leaving Ginny behind, Maggie leads Amaia and Rizza - the only other survivors - inside of the ring where they barricade themselves in. Maggie and Ginny exchange a look while Negan runs up a stairwell, pausing only briefly to look at his former friend when the Croat calls out to him.

In the ring, Maggie and the others stab the walkers through the chain link fence, but there are far too many for them to take out, even from within cover. Maggie has everyone grab the ring's rubber supports as makeshift shields while the Croat splits up with his men after spotting Negan entering another stairwell after reaching a higher floor. Maggie's group uses their makeshift shields to force their way through the herd towards the exit that Maggie had spotted earlier, but Rizza gets grabbed and devoured by walkers on the way with the others being forced to press on, unable to help her. Amaia nearly suffers the same fate, but she is unexpectedly saved by Tommaso who had somehow managed to fight off the walkers and escape. With too many walkers between them and the no longer clear exit, Tommaso instead leads everyone into the tunnels beneath the arena where they eventually find an unlocked door, but they find themselves caught in a dead end with no other way out of the room as walkers start to bang on the door.

Maggie, Amaia and Tommaso manage to use an old boiler to block the door. Maggie notices a sign warning of a sewer pipeline and she realizes that they can get out through the sewers. As the walkers try to break through the barricaded door, Maggie and Tommaso move some barrels that are in the way, but Amaia objects that it's too dangerous as all of the dead are down there and they can't breathe in the air. Tommaso points out that they don't have any other choice, and Amaia reluctantly concedes.

Tommaso, Amaia, Ginny and Maggie descend into the sewer system with Maggie moving the barrel back into place before she follows after the others.

"Stories We Tell Ourselves"

Maggie, Amaia, Tommaso and Ginny prepare to make their way through the corpse-filled sewers. Tommaso notes that these particular corpses are recent, fresh deposits to the Croat's methane bank, effectively hot-boxing dead people for fuel. Maggie notices that Negan's missing from the group, but neither Amaia or Tommaso have seen him. Amaia asks about Ginny, but Maggie just tells her that Ginny's with her. As Maggie goes through her bag, Ginny spots her dinosaur toy inside which Maggie had chosen not to burn after all with Maggie noticing Ginny's attention on her bag. Maggie simply tells the others that Ginny doesn't talk much or follow orders, and Maggie doesn't have the extra flashlight that she thought that she had. Amaia goes to retrieve one from Tommaso's pack, but he quickly gets it himself instead.

Amaia blames herself for the disastrous attack that had killed their entire tribe despite Tommaso's attempts to dissuade her, pointing out that the Burazi knew that they were coming. Tommaso gets her to focus on getting out of the sewers, warning the others that they need to start running when they feel the effects of the methane kicking in. As they begin moving through the sewers, one of the bodies begins moving, revealing that some of the corpses are actually walkers.

Maggie's group experiences breathing difficulties from the methane in the air and Amaia and Tommaso go to investigate a strange pile of corpses covered in a white substance. A disgusted Tommaso thinks that it's fat while Ginny tries to climb a ladder out. However, Maggie tells the young girl that the manholes are sealed shut. Guessing that she's trying to go after Negan, Maggie furiously reminds Ginny that Negan had wanted her to stay at the Bricks, stating that they were so close, and that Ginny doesn't even know Negan. Maggie points out that Negan isn't wanted for some minor crime, and Ginny doesn't know the monster that Maggie knows, but she will if Ginny sticks around long enough.

Amaia guesses that they're in either Hell's Kitchen or Chelsea. Stopping behind a large tank, Tommaso produces two oxygen tanks with masks on them that Tommaso claims must be extras for the Burazi. Although Tommaso calls it crazy lucky and Amaia gives one to Ginny while the adults will share the other, Maggie becomes suspicious, studies the room and refuses use of the oxygen tank. Donning an oxygen tank, Amaia still can't figure out how the Burazi knew that they were coming, and Tommaso suggests that Luther had tipped them off since he had left the tribe and didn't want to go through with the plan, but Amaia is doubtful while Maggie knows that it can't have been Luther since Negan had secretly killed him.

"It was him," Maggie realizes, accusing Tommaso. "You knew exactly how to get out last night. You knew to go to the sewers. You even knew how to get inside with that bullshit nonno story." Tommaso denies this, stating that it was how he got out the first time while he was being tortured. Despite his denials, Maggie deduces that Tommaso had cut a deal with the Croat and gave him the location of the tribe's hideouts so that the Croat could raid them and gave the Croat a signal so that the Burazi knew that they were coming. Having noticed Tommaso take his pack off before he had "found" the oxygen tanks, Maggie challenges him to tell the truth to a horrified Amaia: Tommaso had the tanks in his pack the whole time and taking them likely was the signal to the Croat that they were coming. Maggie accuses Tommaso of being a liar that only cares about himself, and Tommaso finally admits the truth, telling the heartbroken and furious Amaia that taking back their home was a fantasy and it's been gone for a long time. Tommaso insists that his betrayal was the only way and that he did it for Amaia who storms off, followed by Ginny, leaving Maggie looking somewhat regretful.

Finding the tunnel blocked with corpses, Tommaso begins moving them out of the way while the others take a break. Maggie tells the devastated Amaia that she doesn't know what she's planning or about Tommaso, but Amaia is free to go to the Bricks where she'll be safe and all Amaia has to do is give them Maggie's name and Ginny knows the way. As Maggie goes to help Tommaso move the corpses, she collapses, disorientated from her methane exposure, and experiences a flashback of Negan killing Glenn and Hershel yelling to her for help as he's kidnapped by the Burazi. Maggie rejects Tommaso's offer of oxygen, and the group takes a break, not noticing that one of the corpses behind Ginny is beginning to move.

Sitting with Maggie, Tommaso explains that "you don't know what it's been like for us. You can't put down roots when all you're doing is running for your life. My nonno's story? That shit was real. I didn't make that shit up. I was this close to getting out, but he followed me and... I gave up our hideouts to stay alive, to get back to Amaia. He said if I brought my people to him, he'd... He said he'd give me a boat. Left the tanks for me, like you said. He told me about this place on the mainland. He said they got homes with kitchens, rooms for your things, a farm, a school for your kids. That shit sounded safe because everything was made of brick. He said that's the kind of place we could get to." A now sympathetic Maggie realizes that the Croat had told Tommaso about the Bricks and Tommaso adds that "I -- I don't know. I didn't mean for it to go down the way it did. I thought at least they'd have a choice. I thought... I thought he'd... I should've... I should've known. But I had to try. For Amaia. For our... our... Like you said. Gotta do whatever it takes to make it safe."

Walkers rise from amongst the corpses and attack Amaia and Ginny. As Maggie and Tommaso rush to their rescue, one grabs Tommaso's leg and trips him and several walkers attack the man while Maggie puts down the walkers attacking Amaia and Ginny and a few of the ones attacking Tommaso who manages to finish off his other attackers with blows from the oxygen tank. However, while Maggie and Ginny are left unharmed, Amaia has been disemboweled by the walkers and Tommaso has been fatally bitten in the side of his neck, leaving him quickly bleeding out from his jugular vein. Maggie tries to comfort the dying man who apologizes to Amaia as it was all his fault. Tommaso dies and Maggie sadly stabs him in the head in order to keep Tommaso from reanimating.

Maggie and Ginny continue to pass through the sewer with the corpses growing denser and older to the point that some are just skeletons. Ginny rejects Maggie's offer of a canteen that she will need on the way back to the Bricks and Maggie guesses that Ginny saw something in her bag at some point. Maggie explains that she had never showed Ginny's doll to Negan as she didn't know if the girl was still here or where she was, or if Ginny was even still alive. Maggie still can't let Negan know that Ginny's here or it will all fall apart as Negan will leave and take Ginny back. "A very bad man... took all of our grain and all of our food. It took us months to produce. And he's gonna keep on taking it every single harvest until we all starve to death. And worse than that, he has my son. His name's Hershel. And I have to think of Hershel. And... And Negan, Negan is the key to getting him back." Ginny acknowledges that she understands, and they press on.

Maggie and Ginny reach a massive pile of corpses covering the passage forward with Maggie continuing to experience blurred vision from the methane that she's breathing in. The two climb over the corpses, but Maggie gets her foot stuck in one as they prepare to move towards a nearby latter leading to a doorway. Maggie and Ginny become alarmed at the sound of walker growls, before a walker begins crawling out of a nearby pile of corpses. Giving Ginny her pack, Maggie sends her on alone while Maggie struggles to free herself. When the walker rises, a horrified Maggie discovers that it's actually not just one walker, but four fused together with two of the heads coming out of its stomach. After a struggle, Maggie manages to stab the fused walker in three of its heads, apparently putting it down. As Maggie relaxes, the fourth part of the fused walker emerges, but Maggie quickly finishes it off. Extracting herself from the corpses, Maggie continues after Ginny who has written "LIAR" in walker blood on the tunnel wall.

Ginny crawls through the tunnel, now just a pipe as, in a flashback to Ginny's departure from the Bricks, she checks out the grain silo and finds it full revealing the truth: Maggie had lied to both Negan and Ginny about the events that had led her to seek out Negan's help. Ginny reaches a ladder leading to an unsealed hatchway leading out of the sewers as Maggie follows her, but struggles from the exertion in the toxic atmosphere without an oxygen tank like Ginny has. In a flashback, Maggie runs after her son as he's abducted by the Burazi, but she's restrained by other Burazi. The Croat hands Negan's Wanted poster to Maggie: he wants Negan in return for Hershel. Maggie manages to make it out of the sewers, and she collapses.

Running into the middle of the street, Ginny fires a Flare Gun into the air which is seen by both Negan and Maggie.

"Doma Smo"

After spotting the flare, Negan and Perlie search a parking lot for Maggie, believing that she had been the one to fire the flare. Ginny draws their attention using the whistle that Negan had taught her, shocking Negan who happily greets the young girl and demands to know how she got to Manhattan. Maggie joins the group looking for Ginny, and she admits that Ginny had turned up at the arena just before the walkers came, guessing that Ginny had just wanted to be with him. A herd begins to approach, drawn by the flare, and Negan insists that Ginny can't be here as he can't protect the young girl and help Maggie at the same time, angrily reminding Ginny that the plan was for him and Maggie to come to Manhattan to get Hershel while Ginny stays safe with Maggie's people. Perlie offers to take Ginny where she needs to go while Negan stays with Maggie to rescue Hershel. Ginny holds on to Negan who tells her to go with Perlie who is good people and can keep her safe. Ginny continues to refuse, so Negan tells her that he can't go with her, and she can't and doesn't want to stay with him. Ginny doesn't know him, and Negan is not who she thinks he is. Speaking for the first time since her father died, Ginny tells Negan "I... want you to...", but Negan interrupts her, annoyed that after months of silence, Ginny finally wants to talk now.

With Ginny refusing to relent, Negan finally admits to Ginny, much to everyone's shock, that "I killed your dad. I'm not wanted for robbing a wagon train. I killed five men. And your daddy, he was one of them. It's why I tracked you down to the farm. Why I let you tag along, 'cause I knew you had no one. You? You're just a debt that I had to pay. That's it." Heartbroken by the revelation and Negan's harsh words, Ginny leaves with Perlie. Once Ginny's gone, Negan becomes visibly upset by what he had to do in order to get Ginny to leave, leaving Maggie visibly sympathetic with him. As the herd approaches, the two quickly leave the parking lot.

Early the next morning, Negan and Maggie stake out the now-abandoned entrance to Madison Square Garden from the building where Amaia, Tommaso and Luther had previously shown it to them, looking for any sign of the Croat returning to his former base. Noticing how tired and upset Negan is, Maggie offers to keep watch while he sleeps, but Negan refuses her offer. Maggie sympathetically acknowledges that what Negan did with Ginny couldn't have been easy, and wonders if the plan with Perlie is going to work. Negan notes that Perlie had been surprisingly glad to see him, calling it all water under the bridge. While their reunion didn't go off without a hitch, with all of their history and "that brotherly bullshit," Negan thinks that he and the marshal can work something out.

In turn, Maggie shares a story with Negan about how, after her mother got sick, she would tell Maggie stories at night about the real Santa Claus who would sometimes come down from the North Pole to the Macy's store in Manhattan to visit all of the kids. Maggie used to daydream that she'd one day visit Macy's and become best friends with the real Santa who would take all of Maggie's lost or broken toys and find a way to replace them. Pointing out of the window, Maggie sadly notes that Macy's is right across the street from them. Suddenly, the Croat's car drives past Macy's and Maggie and Negan rush to the roof of the building to better follow him. The car heads for a plume of smoke on the horizon - the same one that Maggie had tracked from across the river as a possible clue to the Croat's location and that Esther had warned them against going to.

Maggie and Negan follow the smoke to the Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal where the Croat's car is parked. As they head inside, Negan begins to become suspicious that everything is too easy and he asks if Maggie knows what Ginny had been trying to tell him, but Maggie lies that she doesn't. Negan realizes that it's a trap just before Maggie draws a knife and they engage in a brief fight before Negan runs off. Maggie chases Negan outside where he puts down a few walkers and makes his way out onto a series of beams over the walker-infested docks. The two fight with Maggie stabbing Negan in the shoulder and Negan kicking Maggie onto a container below. Negan disarms Maggie of one of her knives and holds it to her throat, forcing her to drop the other one before disarming himself.

"Here's what I'm thinking. The Croat never took your grain, just your kid. For collateral, sure, but he wasn't ever coming back for no harvest. He wanted me. And for what? Who the hell knows. But whatever that crazy son of a bitch wants with me, I sure as shit ain't gonna like it. You and I both know that much. The shit thing is Maggie, we could've done it. We could have saved Hershel. Because you and I together, we make one hell of a badass team. But you know that, don't you? Maybe some part of you always wanted it to end this way. The fact is, Maggie, it doesn't matter what excuses I give you, or how many apologies I offer, you can't get over it. And you shouldn't," Negan tells her. The Croat arrives with several Burazi and Maggie holds a knife to Negan's throat.

In the back of an old ambulance, as Maggie continues to hold Negan at knife point, the Croat explains that he had first gone to look for Negan at the Sanctuary, only to find it to be a long-abandoned husk which the Croat calls depressing. After searching up and down the mainland for months, the Croat had learned that Negan was wanted by the New Babylon Federation for murdering four men and a magistrate. The Croat then found Jerome whom the Croat implies that he had tortured for information. Jerome told the Croat the story of the Widow - what the Saviors had called Maggie during the war - and the Croat thought that Maggie could help as she was strong, smart and had vulnerabilities that could be exploited. While Maggie had needed a little push, she had her own incentives in the form of revenge upon Negan for her husband's murder. The Croat admits that he had never expected Maggie to pull it off, but she found Negan and brought him home. "Doma smo, eh? You know, for a moment when I saw you on the catwalk, all alone, I thought to myself, lucky me. I get to have Negan and the child." Maggie and Negan are both visibly alarmed by this, but the Croat reassures them that Negan is enough. Maggie continues to look upset as she realizes just what she's leaving Negan to after all that they've gone through together.

The group arrives at the City One Bank where the Croat has been keeping Hershel locked up in the vault. Negan asks Maggie to look after Ginny for him as the Burazi bring Hershel out who is shocked to see his mother holding a knife to Negan's throat. Maggie and the Croat trade Negan for Hershel with Negan telling the boy that it's good to see him as Negan walks by. Maggie embraces her son for the first time since he was kidnapped, but Hershel barely responds to her.

In Maggie's truck, Hershel brushes off his mother's attempts to talk about his ordeal, stating that all he ever does back home is to wait for the next bad thing to happen and, if anything, Hershel felt safer in Manhattan. The two fight about Hershel's refusal to eat, and Hershel finds the hat that Negan had gotten for him. Maggie tells him that it was a gift and it's like the one that he used to wear, but Hershel just thanks her sarcastically for getting him a souvenir for being kidnapped. Maggie tells Hershel that she's glad to have him back, but Maggie's son accuses her of caring more about revenge. Over Maggie's objections that she came for him and that it's not true, Hershel tells his mother that "it's like you're obsessed with him. With Negan. With what he did. Getting him back. You've always... And I'm right here. But you don't see me. It's like my whole life you've been looking over my shoulder, watching for him, waiting for him. But you never see me. Whatever. It doesn't matter." Maggie finally realizes that her obsession with and anger at Negan has consumed and controlled her to the point that it's badly affected her relationship with Hershel which is something that Maggie had once told Negan that she never wanted to end up happening: allowing her rage at Negan to continue to control her and for her son to see it. As Hershel turns his head away in order to hide his tears, Maggie looks across the water at the badly damaged Statue of Liberty before she drives off.

At the Bricks that night, Maggie puts Ginny's dinosaur toy on the bed next to the sleeping young girl. Maggie visits Hershel and tells him that "I've been um... thinking about what you said. You know, for a long time, for most of my life, I felt like the world kept taking... and kept taking, and, um, I think at some point, I thought that if I could just fight hard enough, I'd be able to get it back. A little piece of it at least. But it doesn't work that way, because you just end up losing what you got. And I don't wanna keep doing that anymore. I don't know how, but this thing with Negan... I'm gonna finish it. So that I can just let it go." Hershel is pleased with Maggie's confession.

The Dama offers Negan the keys to the kingdom, but wonders how she can be sure, pointing out that Negan might not be the man that he used to be and maybe he never was which Negan acknowledges. The Dama presents Negan with a small box containing a severed pinky toe. At the Bricks, Hershel, who is missing his right pinky toe, plays his guitar as the Dama explains to Negan that she had a lot of talks with Hershel who told the Dama the story of the man who had murdered his father, not just in front of his mother, but an unborn Hershel as well. The Dama could sense in the rest of Hershel's story what Hershel himself couldn't, that his father's killer might feel remorseful and responsible for the boy whose family he destroyed. Maggie goes through Hershel's drawings which include images of Manhattan, the vault that he was imprisoned in and the Dama. Hershel had only told the Dama this story once he felt safe with her, and here Negan is, having come all of this way to save him. The Dama eventually let Hershel go in exchange for Negan, but she kept a little piece of him "and I can always go back for more. Make it last. We have a lot to discuss. A lot to plan for." Negan finally takes the drink that the Dama had offered him, and Maggie and Negan get the same look on their face at the realization of the threat that the Dama poses to Hershel and the lengths that she's willing to go to.

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