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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for her Comic Series or Road to Survival counterparts.

"My cousin, she was a little girl! And he gets to go on living his life? No way. But nobody came for him... so I came for him. And there it is. Now that we've both killed -- how many people have we killed, Miko? And still, that look right there."
—Magna confessing her crime to Yumiko.[src]

Magna is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She was Yumiko Okumura's girlfriend and led a group of survivors. After being rescued by Judith Grimes from life on the road, Magna and her companions are brought to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, before eventually moving to reside in the Hilltop Colony.


Magna is a tough as nails survivor who isn't easily impressed, due to be living on the road for some time. She's a formidable leader and describes herself as an unpredictable animal, dangerous but also caring. Her personality makes people to never feel too comfortable around her, nor believe they figured her out. She loves her group and would do anything for their well being.


Location Unknown

Not much is known about Magna's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she grew up in an environment where later in life she would find it difficult to trust in others. She also worked as a truck stop waitress.

At some unknown point, she took revenge for her cousin and murdered her rapist. During her trial, Magna fell in love with her lawyer Yumiko, and they later started a romantic relationship. Eventually, they lost the case and she went to prison where at some point she received a tattoo.


At some point after the outbreak, Magna and her girlfriend Yumiko Okumura met siblings Connie and Kelly, Luke, Bernie among other survivors. The group survived for several years, eventually becoming closer and seeing each other as family. However, as the years went by, several members of the group died.

The group resided in different communities, such as Jones Springs and Coalport, both which eventually fell causing the group's distrust in rejoining any other similar settlements.

Season 9

"What Comes After"

In the woods, Magna's group take on a herd of walkers. They quickly get overwhelmed but they get saved when the walkers around them get shot from the trees.

Magna and her group escape into the woods to find a 9 year old girl who asks for their names. They introduce themselves and ask what her name is. The girl picks up her hat and introduces herself as Judith Grimes.

"Who Are You Now?"

In the woods, Magna and her group follow Judith as she leads them to Rosita, Eugene, Laura and Aaron. Wanting to take them in, Judith declares she won't return to Alexandria until they accept them. The others reluctantly agree.

Later, Magna and her group arrive at Alexandria's gates and Judith assures them they'll be safe. They get escorted inside, where Gracie runs over to Aaron. Rosita updates Siddiq on Yumiko's condition and he escorts her to the infirmary. Magna tries to tag along but is stopped by D.J.

Michonne arrives on horseback and doesn't look pleased to see the new arrivals. She frisks Magna and asks Eugene why they're here. Aaron claims it was his call but Michonne reminds him it's not his call to make. "I decided," Judith tells her. Michonne scolds her but Aaron says they're here now and they should decide their fate together, while Gabriel suggests they vote tomorrow. Michonne agrees and instructs her people to put them in holding.

The next day, Magna and her group stand before the Alexandria council for questioning. They ask who their leader is and Magna claims they're a team, while Luke explains their group used to be bigger and that they just lost their friend, Bernie. Gabriel asks about their former professions. Luke was a music teacher, Magna was a truck stop waitress, Connie was a journalist and Kelly was a high school student. Luke says they should trust them, but Michonne isn't done with questions. She stands up and asks Magna to see her left hand, which has a prison tattoo. Michonne then calls her out for the hidden knife on her belt, which she puts on the table. Michonne storms out, saying she'll second any of their motions. Magna tries to question her but is shut off.

Later, in the infirmary, Siddiq updates Magna and the rest on Yumiko's condition. Luke asks him if he has been there since the start but Siddiq confesses that he was also found in the woods but things were different in the past.

At night, Magna is scoled by her group for ruining their chance to stay. Luke asks Magna to hand over her necklace, which also doubles as a knife, but she's reluctant. Magna says they should fight their way through Alexandria to take their supplies before heading out, but Connie tells her to leave Michonne and Judith out of it. Luke says they save the fighting for people who deserve it, and Magna finally surrenders the necklace.

A while later, Magna sneaks around outside of Michonne's house with another knife. She opens the door slightly but sees Michonne hug a toddler, and leaves. A moment later, Magna goes over to the door and hands Michonne her knife, telling her she was right about her. Michonne tells her they all have done things to survive.

The next day, Magna and her group prepares to leave by thanking everyone for their hospitality. Michonne rides up and says she's going to instead escort them to Hilltop with Siddiq.


On the road to Hilltop, Siddiq tells Michonne she should have let Magna's group stay in Alexandria, but she says she still doesn't trust them and is only doing this for her daughter. In the cart, Magna complains to her group that Michonne has her knives and she wants them back. Yumiko tells Michonne she's just upset about their lost friend, Bernie.

A while later, Michonne and the others arrive at Magna's giant crate of supplies, which have been displaced and destroyed by walkers. Magna's upset at the sight of Bernie's things while Michonne instructs D.J. to gather more of their weapons. This angers them, and Michonne also announces she's returning to Alexandria in the morning while Siddiq and D.J. help them finish the journey. Magna and Luke start to get riled up, but Yumiko calms them down and reluctantly agrees to her terms. They decide to find shelter for the night.

At night, inside a factory, Magna and Yumiko cuddle as they sleep. She and the rest wake up after hearing Michonne slice Luke's Stradivarius in half.

Luke gawks at his broken Stradivarius in disbelief and explains to Michonne how old and rare it was. Yumiko lays her head on Magna's leg and playfully recalls the mansion they found it in. Luke says the Stradivarius is the one thing that separates them from the animals and how it brought humans together in the past, leaving Michonne in thought.

In the morning, Siddiq tries again to convince Michonne to come with them but she says she can't take the risk with Maggie. Siddiq reveals to her that Maggie and Hershel left last fall, shocking her. Before he can explain, D.J. arrives to let them know that there are walkers outside. The group gets out to find several walkers blocking the path to their horses.

Michonne kills several walkers as Magna demands they get back their weapons. Michonne finally relents and orders D.J. to return them their weapons. As Magna's group splits up and take out several walkers, an undead Bernie appears, deeply upsetting them. A heartbroken Magna can't put him down, so Michonne does it for her. The group opens a clear path and leave.

On the road, Michonne empathizes with Yumiko and Magna, saying that she understands their pain of losing a friend considered family. Suddenly, two Hilltop soldiers ride up to them to inform that Rosita's injured and being cared for at Hilltop. Michonne instructs them to tell Hilltop they're on their way. Connie notices something nearby, confusing the group, but tells them it's nothing. As they leave, someone watches them from the bushes.


At Hilltop, everyone runs inside as Michonne and Siddiq arrive with Magna and her group. From the guard post, Dianne makes them all surrender their weapons before entering.

Inside, Tara coldly greets Michonne and updates her on Eugene, Aaron, Daryl and Rosita's situations. She then informs Magna and her group that they'll have to wait for Jesus to return before deciding on their future, but they can stay until he gets back. Connie thanks her for everyone.

Later, Magna questions to Yumiko why Hilltop is led by a guy named Jesus, but Connie assures her it's probably just a nickname. Yumiko suggests they work on proving their worth so they can stay. Michonne then introduces the new group to Carol, who happily introduces herself through sign language, which Connie appreciates.

At night, Magna and Yumiko follow Michonne and arrive at the cemetery to help the others unlock the gate.

Jesus tells Aaron and Eugene to get out while he finishes the walkers and starts taking out several with his sword. He goes to kill the last one but as he attacks it, the "walker" dodges and stabs him from behind through his chest, shocking everyone. "You are where you do not belong", the "walker" whispers to a shocked Jesus before throwing him onto the ground.

Daryl shoots it in the head as several more Whisperers arrive and the rest of the group run in to finish them off. As Aaron goes over to Jesus' body, Daryl notices something on the back of the walker's head and cuts into it, revealing a mask. Before they can process the situation, whispers around them get louder and the group circles up preparing for a fight.


In the cemetery, Magna and the rest proceed to kill the Whisperers and walkers around them. When more arrive they're forced to carry Jesus' body away and lock the gates. As they leave, a whisperer opens the lock.

On the road, Magna tells Aaron she's sorry she didn't got to meet Jesus while he claims to her and Yumiko that Jesus was a good man. Suddenly, the group notices a small group of walkers nearby. Daryl corners them on a bridge and uses his crossbow to see who are whisperers. He hits one in the leg and the man falls down screaming in pain, attracting walkers to him. The rest try slowly escaping to the other side, where Michonne is waiting for them. They draw their knives and attack, but Michonne and the rest kill them with ease as the final whisperer gets on her knees to surrender. Daryl rips off her mask, to reveal a girl begging for her life. Michonne angrily questions her but when more walkers show up Daryl decides to take her with them.

Later, Magna and the group arrive at Hilltop with Jesus' body and the captive girl, causing the whole community to react in disbelief. Magna and Yumiko then help Daryl to carry Jesus' body off the horse.

A while later, Magna accompanies Enid on the guard post and assures her Alden's in good hands with Luke by his side.


In the woods, Magna and her group follow Tara in the search for Alden and Luke. They find a group of walkers feasting on their horses and kill them, while checking they aren't Whisperers. Connie notices that the horses were cut open and skinned with knives. Tara realizes that Lydia lied about it just being her mother out there and decides they should go back to Hilltop until they find out what this is.

Later, in their trailer, Yumiko suggests they leave to search for Luke again but Magna warns they could lose everything if they disobey Tara's wishes. Kelly reveals that she saw some kids sneak out of Hilltop and agrees with Yumiko that they should search for Luke. They take a vote and decide to leave that night.

At night, in the woods, Magna and the rest find a new set of tracks that could be from the Whisperers. As a herd approaches, Yumiko has second thoughts about leaving. Magna and Connie back her up, but Kelly breaks down, reminding them Luke saved her in Coalport. Connie comforts her and tells Magna and Yumiko to return without them and she'll stay and talk to Kelly. Unbeknownst to them, a Whisperer watches them from the woods.

In the morning, Magna and Yumiko return to Hilltop. A while later, Tara calls out to her and Daryl to join her and Yumiko on the guard post. In front of the gate, Alpha leads a group of Whisperers. She introduces herself and tells them she just wants her daughter back.


At Hilltop, Magna listens as Alpha and the Whisperers wait for them to bring Lydia to her. Daryl asks them to leave and Alpha signals for more Whisperers to show up. Magna asks Alpha if they killed their people. Alpha says no and promises if they don't bring her Lydia there will be conflict. Daryl then decides to walk outside to talk to Alpha face to face, to which Magna is unsure of.

From the guard post, Magna watches as Daryl walks outside and Alpha instructs one of her people to bring someone. Daryl informs Alpha he's ready to fight her people to ensure she doesn't get Lydia back, when he then spots one of the Whisperers with a baby. Alpha explains they're animals and "animals have babies." Suddenly, a couple of whisperers bring up a tied up Alden and Luke. Alpha offers to trade both of them for her daughter.

Inside, Daryl informs Enid he's going to make the trade when Magna says Lydia and Henry are missing. Tara tries to tell him they need to do something and he tells everyone to split up and find them. Later, Lydia and Henry return to Hilltop and Daryl goes outside to make the trade.

From the gates, Magna watches as Daryl hands Lydia over to Alpha in exchange for Alden and Luke. Yumiko hugs Luke and gets him inside, where he is embraced by the rest of his group. Magna then watches as Lydia apologizes to her mother and Alpha smacks her across the face, ordering her to address her as Alpha like everyone else. She then smiles at Daryl as they leave.

At night, Magna drinks and celebrates Luke's safety alongside her companions.


On the road, Magna and Tara's group clear a tree from their path to the Kingdom to ensure the roads are cleared for Alden's convoy carrying the food and trade goods for the fair. Kelly lets Tara know she's worried about Connie, but she assures her she's fine with Daryl. Magna and Yumiko also tell her that Connie is taking care of him.

Later, a small herd of walkers approaches the group. They get in position and remind themselves to watch for the Whisperers. Suddenly, the Highwaymen ride up on horses and introduce themselves to Tara after helping to take down the herd. They then escort them to the Kingdom, having accepted Carol's deal.

In the Kingdom, Magna helps unload the trade goods and interacts with the welcoming Kingdommmers.

"The Calm Before"

In the Kingdom, Magna and a group gear up to go look for Connie as the fair starts. Suddenly, Daryl, Michonne, and the convoy arrives. Magna and her group are happy to see Connie and hug her.

Later, Magna and Yumiko prepare to leave the Kingdom to go to Hilltop and leave some soldiers in case of a possible attack. She says goodbye to Luke, Connie, and Kelly and wishes them luck in the fair. In the woods, she and the rest encounter Ozzy, Alek, and D.J. and find one of Hilltop's carts overturned. Yumiko then tells her to go to Hilltop and kisses her while she accompanies Daryl, Michonne, and Carol track any possible survivor.

The next day, in the Kingdom, Magna listens from the crowd as Siddiq delivers the tragic news, tells them how brave everyone was in their final moments and how he was intentionally kept alive to tell this very story. He encourages everyone to remember the fallen.

"The Storm"

Several months after the fair massacre, Magna and a group of Hilltop residents help the Kingdom residents travel safely and move to the Hilltop. On the road, Yumiko informs Michonne they've sent letters to Maggie but haven't heard back and the Hilltop is still reeling from the loss of another leader. Suddenly, they spot walkers in a field but keep moving undetected.

Later, as more snow starts falling, Michonne decides to take the group to the Sanctuary for shelter during the night. In the Sanctuary, Magna is left in awe as how it was possible for the place to be full of people before. After a while, she listens as the leaders map their route through a frozen lake on Alpha's land and Michonne warns they have to leave now or they won't make it. The group gets ready and leave the Sanctuary.

In the woods, the group passes the pikes into Alpha's territory. Michonne kills frozen walkers, unsure if they're Whisperers or not, before reaching the frozen lake. Daryl notices Lydia's missing again, so Carol leaves to find her and instructs him to get everyone across safely. Suddenly, walkers awaken from the snow banks and the group kills them one by one before escaping across the ice.

In the morning, Magna and the group finally arrive at Hilltop, where Daryl knocks off the head of a frozen walker. That night, she helps the residents settle in the community.

Season 10

"Lines We Cross"

Some months after the blizzard, Magna and the Coalition form a militia in order to train the several residents of the communities to face any future treats. She takes part in a training exercise on the Oceanside beach. As Ezekiel and Jerry methodically release walkers from a shipwrecked boat, Magna and the other militia work together as a unit to take out the walker threat.

After a Whisperer mask is discovered on the Oceanside beach, Magna and Yumiko head out to investigate any other possible Whisperer sighting around the area. They discover an abandoned campsite full of corpses and a walker skin in the woods, and proceed to inform the others. When they arrive to inspect the camp, Aaron declares one of the Whisperers has been here.

That night, Magna and the others decide to cross Alpha's border to put out the fire and avoid it burning down Oceanside. They discover the remains of the satellite and start combating the fire. Some use water while others dig a means to prevent the fire from spreading until the morning arrives. The group runs out of water as a herd of walkers approaches the group. With their backs to the fire, the group prepares for a fight.

Magna and the group take their formations and start fighting off the herd. As they keep killing the walkers, Daryl tosses an axe to cut a tree down and have it fall onto some walkers. Later, the fire is put out and everyone recovers. She then helps out Eugene scrap the fallen satellite for any valuable part.

"Silence the Whisperers"

Magna and Yumiko make love in their room before resting for the night. She is then alerted to the commotion of a tree falling onto a house and a portion of Hilltop's walls. As the group debates where to put the injured, Magna suggests emptying some trailers but Yumiko orders to put them in Maggie's office. The next day, the residents realize that a small herd has arrived outside the community walls. Magna and a group head outside to fight them off.

That night, Magna and the other residents kill the incoming walkers with the help of the Alexandria convoy when the herd invades the community. The following morning, Magna tells Yumiko she has to stop making the decisions for everyone and reminds her she isn't her lawyer anymore. Later that day, Magna says goodbye to Luke as he rides with the parting group towards Oceanside and watches as they leave the community.

"What It Always Is"

Sometime following the attack on Hilltop, Magna and Kelly decide to keep a crate from Oceanside alongside other supplies they had been previously stealing from the community for weeks in a secret place somewhere in the woods due to their lack of confidence on the Hilltop being a longterm safe place for their group due to past experiences.

Inside the Barrington house, Magna is pouting as she listens to the music records. Yumiko arrives to tell her to be better at watching the food since the supplies have gone missing during her shift. Magna only turns up her music and ignores her. Later that day, Magna heads out to the woods to look for Kelly after being informed she hasn't returned. While looking around, she encounters Daryl and Connie and joins them in their search.

Sometime later, the group manages to find an exhausted Kelly lying under a tree. As they give her water, Kelly insists to Magna they tell Daryl and Connie about the supplies they've been taking. Daryl is mad about them hiding the supplies and Connie suggests they lie and say they found it in the woods. When the group later arrives back at Hilltop, Daryl looks in disappointment at Magna for her actions.

That night, Yumiko questions Magna about the stolen supplies as they prepare to rest in their bedroom. They soon start to argue and Magna admits she did kill the man who hurt her cousin despite Yumiko believing her to be innocent all those past years. Yumiko is hurt by the revelation and asks her to sleep somewhere else.

"The World Before"

Magna radios Michonne to inform her about Siddiq's death and the real identity of Dante, who was an undercover Whisperer spy. Later that day, she is part of the group from Hilltop to meet up with Daryl, Carol, and Aaron in the woods to go find the horde following Gamma's intel. She hugs Aaron after not having seen him for a while and insults the Whisperers in Siddiq's honor. That night, the group crosses one of the borders in the woods to continue their mission.

The next day, the group arrives at the location of the horde in a clearing only to find it's empty, so they leave to go search for the missing Lydia. When Carol chases after Alpha into a dark building, Magna and the others follow her inside. The group then falls below a cave into a trap where they find themselves surrounded by most of the horde.


Having become trapped in the cave with the horde, Magna and the group recover from the fall and realize Alpha is watching them from the top as they look around for a possible exit. She watches as Carol screams in anger and then tries to climb a wall in vain as she falls. The group starts seeking other avenues of escape and eventually they decide to jump from rock to rock onto the other side of the cave in order to find another exit.

As the group moves through the cave, Magna confronts Carol about her pursuing Alpha and getting all of them trapped. Daryl responds that they don't have time for quarrels. Shortly after, she investigates the stone maze with a lit match when she is ambushed by a Whisperer. The group engages in a fight and kills several Whisperers, before deciding to follow the ones who escaped to find the exit. They follow the path and squeeze trough narrow tunnels until they find an underground mine station where Kelly discovers a box of dynamite. As the group starts digging for a way out, Magna shares with Aaron her feelings about fighting with Yumiko and her desire to reunite with her to apologize.

When Carol accidentally drops a stick of dynamite in an effort to destroy the herd, the explosion causes the cave to begin collapsing. Magna follows Connie as she runs back to find Daryl and Carol. They find them and help them escape but encounter more Whisperers coming from behind. Magna and Connie stay back and kill several Whisperers to protect Jerry, but he cannot hold the beam anymore and leaves through the hole. The rest of the dynamite immediately explodes and the cave implodes, trapping Magna and Connie inside with an uncertain fate.

"Walk With Us"

During the attack on the Hilltop, a horrified Yumiko spots a blood-covered Magna amongst the Whisperer horde. However, Yumiko quickly realizes that Magna is still alive and using the walker guts trick to hide amongst the horde.

Having escaped Hilltop's destruction with Yumiko, Carol and Eugene, Magna explains to Yumiko that she and Connie had searched the cave for another way out before running into the horde. The two ultimately got separated in the horde and Magna doesn't know if Connie made it out or not as Magna never saw her again. Carol insists on continuing on, willing to leave Magna and Yumiko behind due to the danger, causing Yumiko to slap Carol. Having had time to think over their fight, Magna admits that she can't do their relationship anymore and that Yumiko was right to kick her out. The two end their relationship on good terms, joking around with each other.

"Look at the Flowers"

Outside, Yumiko finds Magna sitting on the porch, and offers Magna her horse, thinking that Magna would like to join Eugene on his adventure. To her surprise, however, Magna declines her offer, explaining that she likes being with the other survivors and that a routine has had a positive effect on her. She encourages Yumiko to go instead. While the latter is reluctant at first, she accepts when Magna tells her there is nothing for her to fix.

"The Tower"

Magna is among the Hilltop refugees to evacuate to the abandoned hospital being referred to as "the tower".

"A Certain Doom"

Magna is shown part of the group that prepares for their mission by rubbing guts on themselves. Jerry then opens the door to the outside, allowing the horde of walkers to spill past the survivors into the room. They then squeeze past the walkers outside. Among the ginormous herd, Magna almost has a panic attack, but Jerry snaps her out of it. The group soon catches the Whisperers' attention. One of them attacks the survivors, but is shot in the chest by one of the archers in the Tower, and devoured after he screams in pain.

As night falls, Magna and the survivors on the road come under attack from the Whisperers, who use the trailing walkers as meat shields from their arrows. The Whisperers also attack from the woods, killing Oscar and forcing the rest to abandon their wagon. The Whisperers promptly smash the speakers. Daryl radios Gabriel to notify them that the wagon is destroyed, and that the herd is coming back. Daryl then tells lays out his plan to the others: go back and hunt down the Whisperers in the herd one by one. He acknowledges that this isn't a very good plan, but stresses that if they don't do it, all of their people are going to die. When Magna asks how they will deal with the herd, Lydia volunteers to lead them away, since her mother taught her how. Daryl rebuffs her, and Luke points out that she'd have to lead the herd over a cliff, which would be suicide. Lydia, however, is adamant. Daryl decides they will deal with it later, and tells the others to move.

The survivors were also able to defeat Beta and lure the walkers into the ravine, ending both the Whisperers and the Whisperer War. Magna and the remaining survivors met at the rendezvous point in the woods.

Season 11

Following the conclusion of the Whisperer War, Magna is among the Hilltop refugees to move to Alexandria.

"Acheron: Part I"

Magna is part of a group consisting of Daryl, Elijah, Maggie, Carol, Alden, Rosita, Lydia, Gabriel, Jerry, Gage, Roy, and Kelly who raid the abandoned Fort Connors military base for food supplies. She and the other women are lowered by rope into a hangar where they carefully navigate the room filled with lurkers and dead bodies. Magna, Kelly, and Maggie pick a locked door and find food supplies in another room. Back in the hangar when lurkers start waking up, she and Kelly quickly gather the last of the supplies and help take out the awakened walkers. She manages to escape the hangar in time with the other women and the scavenged food. After the mission, Magna returns to Alexandria with her fellow survivors.


Standing guard on Alexandria's walls, Magna aims to shoot down one of the vultures with her bow. Before she can attempt it, she is startled by the arrival of Kelly and Carol. Before she can run off, Magna stops Kelly and asks about her missing her shift with Magna. Kelly says that something came up, but promises to do her next shift with Magna. Magna gently asks if Kelly wants to talk about "it," but Kelly brushes her off.

In the woods, Magna, Kelly and Carol stumble upon Rosita picking mushrooms. Rosita is keeping herself busy while Gabriel's on a mission, so gladly joins Carol and the rest in their attempt to retrieve horses. When they finally find them, they try several times to carefully to sneak up on them, but fail, as the horses get spooked before they can lasso them. Magna tells Kelly that she read that if horses let you touch their ear, it means they trust you. Kelly asks if Magna thinks they'll catch them, but the latter isn't sure, since horses are wild creatures.

Magna and her companions continue their search, until they discover the mutilated bodies of several horses. Kelly is distraught by the sight, while Magna comforts her. Despite this, Carol wishes to continue the search. Rosita protests that they can continue tomorrow, but Carol is adamant. Noticing her distress, Magna comforts Carol with a hug, convincing her to call of the search.

Magna and her group arrive back to Alexandria with the horses in tow, much to the joy of other Alexandrians. While they tie down the rest, Carol proceeds to lead one horse away. Magna catches up with Carol, wishing to talk. Magna requests that Carol stop giving Kelly false hope. Carol is confused, but Magna knows Carol doesn't think Connie is alive, but can't accept what it means if she isn't. Carol thinks that Magna, being Connie's family, would want to know either way, but Manga replies that she just wants her family to heal. While she is sorry for what Carol is going through, Magna nonetheless asks her to stop what she's doing, as she is just making it harder for Kelly. Carol leads the horse to the stables and gets it to lie down. After calming it, she slaughters the horse for food. Later that day, Alexandrians feast on horsemeat. Magna and Kelly eat together, until Carol arrives to take Kelly an another run, much to Magna's dismay.

"On the Inside"

As Carol forms a strategy for finding Connie, Magna reports that Kelly has gone missing. Magna, Carol and Rosita find Kelly in the woods. Kelly tells them she found Connie's camp. Magna reads Connie's notebook, which reveals that Connie and Virgil were being followed. They continue their search. Magna's group searches for Connie into the night. They reach a crossroads. Kelly picks a direction. Suddenly, Connie is attacked by the Ferels, but before they can do anything, they are killed with Kelly's slingshot. Magna, Carol, Rosita and Kelly run over to Connie, with the latter embracing her crying in happiness.

"For Blood"

Magna is present as Aaron holds a meeting in the kitchen of his house and reports that the storm blew a panel off the wall and that a fire in the windmill is drawing walkers. He proposes that they split up into teams to fix the wall and stop the fire. Magna and Aaron volunteer to put out the fire while Carol, Connie, and Kelly head out to fix the wall.

"No Other Way"

Magna, along with Connie, Carol, and Kelly, help clear the town of wandering undead after the walls are breached during the storm. After the storm subsides and the town is secured once more, Magna is among the Alexandrians present during the meeting with Eugene and the Commonwealth representative, Lance Hornsby. She stands in front of the meeting house alongside other residents and listens to the Deputy Governor’s offer of joining the Commonwealth.

"New Haunts"

Magna is among a group of servers working the Halloween masquerade ball in Union Station. As Magna and other servers fill glasses of wine and take the trays out to guests, Sally is cutting fruit and arranging them on a platter. She comments to Magna how she can almost taste the mango and how she wishes her kids can have some. A hopeful Magna tells Sally that maybe her kids will have some one day, to which Sally scoffs at that idea, saying her kids will never get to try mango, indirectly referring to the class divides in the Commonwealth. She then proceeds to bring the fruit platter out to the party while Magna follows behind holding a tray of wine. As she walks by Max, the woman retrieves a glass from the tray and hands it to Governor Milton. Magna continues before stopping at a table where Yumiko and Tomi are standing. She offers the sibling pair some wine, stating that "we hear it's really good", lightly making fun of the class divide in the Commonwealth. Later, after the commotion involving disgruntled former soldier Tyler Davis, she is standing at a table with Connie and Kelly when Sebastian returns to the party with Tyler in custody. In the kitchen at the conclusion of the party, Magna is interviewed by Rosita about what happened and if she heard of anything about a resistance group, to which Magna declines and states that this place is like before, once again referring to the class divide among the Commonwealth's citizens, before departing from the kitchen.

"Acts of God"

Magna will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Magna has killed:


Yumiko Okumura

Magna is in a relationship with Yumiko and is shown to be very protective of her. Magna showed to be worried about when Yumiko was taken to the infirmary alone. Later, Magna visits her in the infirmary to make sure she is doing alright, showing concern for her well being.

Over the course of the time they spent at the Hilltop, their relationship has done through it's ups and downs. Despite this, she tries to make things better between her and Yumiko.


Magna looks to Connie for advice and two seem to each other as family.


Kelly seems to know a lot about Magna's tricks but doesn't seem to approve. At the same time, Kelly respects Magna as a leader and sees her as a family.


Luke and Magna seem to have a brother and sister relationship. Luke did most of the talking during the interviewed as to take the responsibility out of Magna.

Judith Grimes

Magna seems to have been impressed by Judith's abilities after the girl saved her group from a herd of walkers. She was grateful for Judith trying to keep her and her group in Alexandria.

Michonne Hawthorne

Michonne and Magna have a poor relationship. Michonne distrusted Magna and her group due to the fact of Magna's prison tattoo and hiding a knife. Later on, the two come to an understanding and agree that they both did the worst type of things to stay alive. However, Michonne decides to give Magna and her group a chance and decides to take them to the Hilltop. However, Michonne still doesn't trust Magna or the group with weapons which further exacerbates their relationship.

Tara Chambler

Magna and her group initially had a slightly rocky relationship with Tara, due to her somewhat cold reception of them and Michonne, but having grown to trust Michonne and her friends, they were willing to follow Tara's rules - particularly Magna, as she remembered, and felt bad about how she had ruined their chances at Alexandria. As with most newcomers, Tara was slightly distrustful of them at first, but was willing to give them a chance, since Michonne vouched for them. As of the end of "Omega", Tara seems to have accepted Magna and her group into Hilltop.

Daryl Dixon

Magna and Daryl have not been seen interacting much. Daryl was initially puzzled to see her and her group with Michonne, but the latter vouched for them, and he trusted her judgement.


Magna and Jerry have a good relationship. Jerry is overjoyed and relieved to see that she survived and escaped the cave from "Squeeze". Magna is thankful for his concern.


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