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"There's an old dive bar three miles off Edgehill Parkway. Some of them took me there once. They wanted my expert opinion on what it'd take to turn the place into an outpost. It's between here and there."
—Alden tells Rick about the bar.[src]

The Mama's Country Show Club is a location in AMC's The Walking Dead. It is a former dive bar where Jared, Evan, Reilly, and 10 unnamed Savior escapees decide to hide in. According to Alden, this place was a potential Savior outpost between the Hilltop and the Sanctuary, but the idea was declined.



Little is known about this location it is in before the outbreak occurred. It was once an dive bar.


At some point after the outbreak, Alden scouted this place for the Saviors and wanted to make the place as a potential outpost between the Sanctuary and the Hilltop. However, Alden apparently determined that it was impossible to turn the bar into an outpost as it was left abandoned by the Saviors.

Season 8

"Still Gotta Mean Something"

Following the escape of the imprisoned Saviors from the Hilltop, Rick turns to Alden for information on where they might've gone. Alden suggests the abandoned dive bar as a likely place, but asks Rick to give the Saviors a chance to change sides to the Militia rather than just killing them all.

After being captured by the escaped Saviors, Rick and Morgan are taken to the bar where the escapees argue over what to do with their captives and some of their number who were bitten by walkers. Having spotted a herd approaching, Rick tries to convince the Saviors to let them go free so they can fight off the herd together, but Jared refuses. As the herd breaches the bar and begins devouring the residents, the Saviors release Rick and Morgan and return their weapons. Working together, the Saviors, Rick and Morgan kill most of the herd before Rick and Morgan turn on the Saviors and begin slaughtering them. With Jared trying to escape, Morgan chases him into a back area of the bar where they fight before Morgan kicks Jared into a hallway full of walkers. Closing the gate, Morgan holds Jared against it so that he can't escape, allowing the walkers to devour Jared in revenge for the murder of Benjamin. Finding Reilly alive but mortally wounded, Rick executes him.

The bar is abandoned shortly thereafter by Rick and Morgan though it is left unclear if any walkers are left inside as most if not all of the herd was eliminated or left by the time the Saviors were all killed.



TV Series

Season 8


  • When the bar was mentioned, it was said that it is 3 miles off of Edgehill Parkway. There is a parkway that has the same name in the state of North Carolina. This may make it possible that the bar may either be located in North Carolina or it is a fictional parkway.