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Mandy is the protagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead: Red Machete.


Mandy is a hardened and capable young woman.. She is initially reliant on her father for protection. However, overtime she becomes a skilled fighter, learning to wield a machete with ease, causing her to progressively a stronger and independent survivor. However, she becomes colder and more serious after the deaths of her younger sister and father. After this, she is left all alone to fend for herself. Eventually, Mandy's machete ends up being stolen. However, after a long period of time, Mandy is shown to have survived all on her own and eventually finds her machete once again. In the end, Mandy decides to leave her machete at her father and sister's grave and move on elsewhere.



Nothing is known about Mandy's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she had a father and a younger sister.


Red Machete

"Behind Us"

Mandy is with her family in a hardware store as they witness a walker attack a young man and devour him alive. David secures the man's machete and the group retreats back home.

As several weeks pass, Mandy practices with the machete gifted to her by her father. As the family's food supply begins to dwindle, they embark on another supply run.

As the group is overcome with by the undead, Alyssa is grabbed by her hair by a walker, causing her to be bitten. Following the tragedy, Mandy receives a haircut by her father with the machete to prevent a similar incident.


Mandy comforts David as he mourns over his daughter's grave. Later that day, they sit at an outdoor table as he teaches her how to properly cut a fish.

The next day, Mandy continues to practice using her machete, impressing her father. Afterwards, she rests inside until David gives her the machete with her name now carved in the handle.

Outdoors, Mandy secures the makeshift barrier around their home, until she's alerted by the sound of her father's scream. As she rushes over, she notices him covering his arm and realizes he's been bitten. After putting him down, she buries him next to Alyssa and uses a rock as a tombstone with the nickname "Papa" carved into it.

Weeks later, Mandy is inside of her house until she's spooked by the sound of a bell, indicating to her that someone is nearby. As she hears the front door open, she quickly hides from intruders in a closet. She watches an unknown man walk into the room, and grows fearful as he approaches the closet. After he unsuspectedly walks away, she watches as he takes her machete.


Over a year after the invasion, Mandy strolls through a field. Much to her surprise, she notices her former machete in the ground and happily retrieves it, now reunited with her weapon.

"We Find Ourselves"

Mandy camps alone, having left her home sometime before. She inspects the red tape wrapped around the handle of her machete and removes it. She stares at her name on the handle and kills several walkers.

The next day, Mandy returns home. She heads upstairs and reminisces about the bed where she, Alyssa, and her father had once slept. She goes downstairs and looks at herself in the mirror until a walker emerges. After a short struggle, Mandy kills it.

Mandy visits the graves of her father and sister and decides to leave her machete next to their tombstones in remembrance. She walks off, now being able to move on from their deaths and begin her journey elsewhere.

Following Mandy's departure from the area, her fate and location remain unknown.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mandy has killed:






Red Machete

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  • Mandy is the only protagonist out of all the TV universe to not have a single line of dialogue.
    • Mandy is also the only protagonist to have an unknown status.
  • Mandy and her red machete are referenced in the television adapted video game, The Walking Dead: Onslaught. Her machete is a playable weapon in the Deluxe Edition of the game and includes her name carved in the handle as seen in the webisode.