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Manny's Salvage Yard is a location in Season 7 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is the former home and base of operations for the Stalkers.


Nothing is known about the salvage yard's history before the outbreak.


At some point, the Stalkers set up base here which proves to be safe from the fallout as the weather luckily blew it away from the salvage yard. With the walls failing to keep the undead out, the Stalkers instead live on the boats and in structures with planks and gangways connecting them and keep the undead on the ground level.

Season 7


After being captured by the Stalkers, Daniel, Luciana, and Wes are brought to the boat yard where Arno attempts to torture the location of a weapon's cache out of the group. Arno threatens to lower Wes in a cage into the walkers surrounding the boat yard before Daniel, convinced that one of the boats is The Abigail and that Ofelia is onboard, offers to give up the location in exchange for being taken to his daughter. Seeing an opportunity to manipulate Daniel, Arno accepts the deal and sends half of his people to the coordinates that Daniel had given him. However, Daniel, Luciana and Wes manage to overpower Sage and break free, forcing Sage to take them to the boat where Daniel believes Ofelia to be. After learning that he has been manipulated, Daniel kills Sage and goes after Arno, getting rid of the bridge linking the boat to the others so as to stop Luciana and Wes from following him. Nevertheless, Luciana and Wes manage to find another way off of the boat to rejoin Daniel.

Elsewhere, Sabrina puts down a radioactive walker and reports that walkers are piling up at the boat yard's east gate. Arno orders her to draw them away and dispose of the body. Once Arno is alone, Daniel captures him, throws Arno into his own cage and lowers him into the pit of walkers in revenge for his lies and manipulation. Luciana and Wes intervene and rescue Arno, but he has already been fatally mauled by the walkers. Before dying, Arno reveals that someone is letting the radioactive walkers out of the Crater and that everyone's only chance is to take control of Strand's Tower.

With their leader dead, Luciana is able to convince the Stalkers to join Morgan's Group in their fight against Strand and his forces. As a result, the Stalkers abandon the salvage yard in favor of the sub, leaving it overrun with the undead.




  • Sage
  • Arnold
  • At least 3 unnamed Texas survivors (Zombified)
  • Many unnamed captives


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