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Marisol Correa is an American actress who portrays an Oceanside resident in AMC's The Walking Dead.

She has appeared in the following episodes:

Season 7
  • "Swear" - Fires her gun at Tara Chambler as she runs behind a house, later corners her with the other women. On guard the next morning as Tara leaves Oceanside.
  • "Something They Need" - Flees from Oceanside after bombs detonate, helps defend group from horde.
Season 8
  • "How It's Gotta Be" - Ambushes Aaron and Enid and watches in horror as Natania is shot and killed.
  • "The Lost and the Plunderers" - Escorts Aaron and Enid to and from Oceanside alongside Cyndie, Kathy, Beatrice, and another sentry.
  • "Worth" - Among the Oceansiders to surround Aaron as he attempts to recruit them into the Militia.
  • "Wrath" - Participates in Oceanside's attack on the Saviors.
Season 9
  • "The Calm Before" - Listens to Ezekiel's speech declaring the fair open, enjoys the fair with other community members, listens to Siddiq's speech in sadness.

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