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"I'm with you. Things were better then... We were stronger."
—Mark to Negan after he asks if the Saviors would like to follow his lead once again.[src]

Mark is a character and a former antagonist first encountered in Issue 105 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Saviors and the former boyfriend of Amber.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Mark's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


What Comes After

Hardly anything is known about Mark, except at some point in the apocalypse, he came in contact with a group called "the Saviors" and joined their group. He had sex with one of Negan's wives, Amber, and was punished by Negan when he put a boiling hot iron against his face which horribly scarred him. He is then carried away by Carson and another Savior.

All Out War - Part Two

As Mark is walking with his girlfriend Amber, they both discover Carson leading Eugene and his crew out of the Sanctuary. They approach Carson and ask if they can go with them, she says to Carson "It's okay. We're not going to say anything." In Issue 124 Mark is in the back of the van, being driven to the Hilltop Colony. As the van is shot at by a Savior and the engine shuts down, Mark worried about their situation asks "Can you start it? Are we stuck?!". To escape the van he follows Eugene's plan and witnesses Donnie being pushed off the roof. Mark along with the crew rest upon the roof until sunrise.

Life And Death

At the fair, Sherry finds Mark huddled in a corner, when asked what's wrong, Mark believes that Amber left him for another man, and asks her why wouldn't she leave him. Unknown to him, Amber was killed by the Whisperers.

No Turning Back

After Rick reveals the names of the twelve deceased community members, Amber being among them, Mark is shocked to hear about her death.

A Certain Doom

Mark is in the revolt against Alexandria led by Sherry, who wants to try to take over the Alexandria Safe-Zone. After Sherry's death Negan puts into question about him being back in charge of the saviors. Mark admits that they were better off when he was in charge and in favor of Negan leading the Saviors once again, to which Negan reacts unfavorably. In the end Mark and the rest of the Saviors depart from Alexandria peacefully.

The Rotten Core

Mark is seen working in the Sanctuary gardens with the other Saviors. When John mentions that nobody wants to go back to Negan's way, he looks at Mark, who hangs his head in shame.

Rest In Peace

Mark is not seen or mentioned in the 25 year time-skip, leaving his fate unknown.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mark has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people



Mark was the boyfriend of Amber. The two were caught sleeping together behind Negan's back. Amber had promised to become Negan's wife though, and because of this act of adultery, Mark had his face burnt with an iron. This caused great sadness for Amber, as she views it partly as her fault. It's implied Mark was insecure about his relationship with Amber, as when she goes missing at the fair, he breaks down at the belief that she left him for someone else and attributes this to his deformed face.


"This matter is settled. All is forgiven. Mark will forever bear the shame of his actions on his face, all will know what he's done."
—Negan to the Saviors, about Mark's punishment.[src]

Negan and Mark have a bad relationship. It is assumed that Mark and Amber were in a relationship before she became one of Negan's "wives", but the two continued their relationship in secret. Negan found out and he punished Mark by scarring half of his face with a hot iron. Mark decided to flee the Sanctuary when the opportunity arose with Eugene Porter possibly due to wanting to continue his relationship with Amber without punishment.

Post-timeskip, Negan views Mark as a completely pitiful and pathetic figure. When Negan made a false offer to become leader of the saviors again, Mark was the only one to bow to Negan. Negan reacts with disgust that Mark would side with him after everything that happened, namely Negan burning his face and keeping Amber, Mark's girlfriend, for himself. Negan smacks him in the face for his stupidity and calls him a "special kind of sheep" while also fearing that he may commit suicide after the encounter.

Rick Grimes

The two haven't been interacting much, although Rick seems to trust Mark. After Rick realizes that the Saviors are against the other communities, Rick hesitates on telling Andrea to kill Mark on sight if he approaches Alexandria, not wanting to believe that he is dangerous.


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  • Mark is the second known person to have his face burned by Negan, the first being Dwight.
    • Curiously, Mark is still able to blink with his left eye, unlike Dwight. This is especially strange considering in Issue 105, when Mark passes out from having his face burned, his left eye is still open, implying the eyelid was burned off. However, in subsequent issues, he still has it. It's possible it could've healed, or this was merely an oversight.
  • Mark doesn't appear in Here's Negan but Amber does, showing that Mark and Amber's relationship probably started after the apocalypse.
  • Mark's rebellion against the Alexandria Safe-Zone is somewhat ironic; during All Out War, Mark helped Eugene escape, favoring the Alexandrians, which shows that Mark was against the Saviors. In Volume 28, he appears to be against Alexandria.
  • It's possible Mark and Amber are a reference to Mark Grayson and Amber Bennett from Robert Kirkman's other comic book series, Invincible.