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"Do you want all three of us in the service bays with you when you... you ... deal with the traitors?"
—Mark to Jeremiah.[src]

Mark Arbogast is an antagonist who appeared in The Walking Dead: Descent. He is described to be a lanky, young member of Pentecostal People of God.



Nothing is known about Mark's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he is 28 years old that lived in Tallahassee, was a Sunday school dropout, and was a bricklayer.


Mark is one of the members of Jeremiah's group that get trapped in his Church. After being rescued from the herd of walkers by Lilly and the Woodbury survivors, he becomes a member of Woodbury. Jeremiah listed Mark, as being best suited to be part of the wall construction crew in Woodbury, as he hands Lilly a chart of the members of his groups best attribute, age and occupation. During his time at Woodbury, he befriended the younger men, including Speed Wilkins and Matthew Hennessey, and they often broke out weed behind the courthouse.

After the church group finally decides to all be part of the mass suicide in Woodbury to join with God, Jeremiah takes the males of the church group out and inform them on the plan. In Woodbury, Jeremiah motions Mark, and tells him to make sure the people of Woodbury don't get close to the building that Lilly and Bob broke into. After capturing Lilly and Bob, Mark asks Jeremiah if he wants him around when he deals with the traitors, with Jeremiah correcting him that they're not traitors. Jeremiah continues on saying that they do not understand the gift that the are all about to receive, not seeing the wondrous glory, with Mark replying that he is so right. Having Lilly restrained on a chair, Mark, Jeremiah, Reese and Stephen all gather around her, and Mark, being the strongest out of the three goes behind her and holds her head back and opens her mouth, forcing Jeremiah to feed her the poisonous bread. Mark forces Lilly to chew and swallow the bread.

Later, Mark goes on an important mission with Wade Pilcher outside Woodbury, meanwhile the idea of taking their lives fails, as Bob switched out the poison with water. 


Killed By

As Mark arrives back to Woodbury along with Wade, Stephen blows the gates to Woodbury to let the undead in, which severely injures both Mark and Wade, leaving them sitting ducks to soon be devoured by walkers.