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"Frances. Her name was Frances. And he meant everything to her. (...) If I had to do it all over again... She should be the one sitting here holding him, not me."
—Mary about her sister while holding Adam.[src]

Mary, formerly known as "Gamma", is a former antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. She is the sister of Frances and the aunt of Adam Sutton. After saving Alpha's life to prove her loyalty, Mary becomes the third-in-command of the Whisperers.

When Mary discovers Alpha lied to the group about Lydia's death and guilty for having killed her own sister in Alpha's name, she becomes disillusioned and regretful of her devotion to the Whisperers and allies with the Coalition for a better life and to reunite with her nephew.


Mary is initially shown to be a selfish, cruel, and sociopathic young woman who was dedicated to the Whisperer way of life and was completely loyal to her leader, Alpha. She was shown to be very cunning and a valuable member of the group due to her ability to sniff out key locations for the walkers in order to accumulate large hordes. Her dedication to the Whisperers was so strong that she put the well-being of her own family aside in order to focus on increasing and maintaining her standing in the group. Her selfishness was evident as she showed absolutely no concern or remorse for her younger sister, Frances', suffering over having to abandon her son and Mary's nephew to the walkers on Alpha's orders and even claimed she should have left Frances for dead when her remorse threatened their place in the group, showing she was willing to do anything to maintain her position in the group.

She is shown to be very capable of cold-blooded murder as seen when she fed her own sister alive to a group of walkers in order to protect Alpha, showing Mary's decent into a primitive, hardened survivor completely loyalty to the animalistic way of life of the Whisperers. Her actions and cruelty earned her the praise of Alpha and as a reward is made the third-in-command of the Whisperers.

Despite her claimed lack of remorse for her sister's death, Mary appears to show some amount of guilt and anger for her actions. She also seems unnerved by the sight of all the savage murders carried out by the Whisperers and appears to be increasingly fearful of Alpha, as seen in "What It Always Is". After discovering that Lydia was alive, discovering Alpha's lie, Mary suffered a temporarily mental breakdown, and broke down crying, before ultimately betraying the Whisperers by giving Aaron information in exchange for details about her nephew, Adam, whom Mary gained a newfound affection for. Mary was later able to soothe Adam and displayed an obvious affection for him that caused the previously-hostile Alden to soften his attitude towards Mary.

Following her betrayal of the Whisperers she has displayed a kinder side, expressing genuine remorse for her actions and her killing of her sister and gradually shows that she is a deeply traumatized young woman as a result of Alpha's mental cruelty, but is truly not a heartless monster like a majority of the Whisperers. She has even shown herself to be brave and fearless as she refuses to go with Beta after he infiltrates Alexandria to retrieve her to be killed by Alpha for her betrayal and claims she is no longer afraid of him. She even willingly allows Beta to take her in order to save Rosita's life after Beta overpowers her, despite Rosita's initial cold treatment and distrust of her and the cruel fate that would await her at Alpha's hand had Beta succeeded in taking her.

At the end of her life, Mary displays a greatly different attitude, attempting to convince Lydia to run as Alpha wants her daughter and expressing great remorse for killing Frances. Kelly realizes that Frances had in fact meant everything to Mary who states that if she had the chance to do it all over again, she never would've killed her sister. When confronted by a herd, Mary chose to risk her own life to draw them away in order to protect Alden, Kelly and Adam. This selfless act cost Mary her life when Beta found and murdered her, leaving Alden and Kelly to mourn her loss. In her last moments, Mary was openly defiant towards Beta who intended to have a zombified Mary join the herd. With her last words, Mary told Beta that she would never walk with the Whisperers again.


Santa Monica, California

Nothing is known about Mary's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she had a younger sister named Frances and her parents' names were John and Alice. The family lived nearby a large lake in Santa Monica where the sisters as children would ride their bicycles around it together before sundown.


In the early days of the apocalypse, Mary and Frances were trying to survive together but kept making bad decisions by letting others misguide them. At some unknown point later, they found and joined a large group of primitive survivors known as the Whisperers. Mary and her sister became adept at sniffing out locations for the dead and assisted the group in accumulating their many herds. At least 8 years into the apocalypse, her sister gave birth to a baby boy though she would eventually be forced to abandon him on Alpha's orders.

Season 10

"We Are the End of the World"

Mary and Frances accompany Beta to collect more walkers for their herds under Alpha's orders. While luring the walkers, Mary notices Frances looking at the sun and acting odd. She tells her sister to focus and not jeopardize their place among the Whisperers. When they are corralling the herd on a field, Frances starts crying and causes some walkers to try to attack her. Beta kills them and says she will pay for this.

At their camp, Mary watches as Beta throws Frances to the ground and orders a Whisperer to kill her. As she starts screaming that her son is in a better place, Alpha demands they leave her alone. Later, Mary listens as her sister screams when she is forced to talk with Alpha. Then, as Frances goes back to her sister, a Whisperer questions whether they should go back to the other communities, but Mary pulls her sister away. At night, Frances tells her sister about Alpha showing mercy and how it felt to talk with her. Mary says she should forget about her son like how Alpha sacrificed her daughter for the pack. She also hopes Frances starts behaving better.

The next day, Mary follows Alpha as she leads a group of Whisperers to a field to gather more walkers. Suddenly, a satellite crashes through the sky and the herd starts to scatter. When Mary witnesses Frances attacking Alpha, she runs to save Alpha and pushes her sister to the ground to be devoured.

At their camp, Alpha questions Mary on whether or not she regrets letting her sister die. She confesses she will always be loyal to Alpha. She is then sent away. That night, Alpha anoints Mary as "Gamma" and the group praises her. The next day, Gamma questions Beta's feelings about her. They both claim to be empty as Alpha wants.


Gamma is sent on Alpha's orders to Alexandria to inform Daryl and Michonne to go to the north border, lay down their weapons, and wait for Alpha that night. Michonne asks her to call off her walkers but Gamma swears they're not theirs. She then instructs them again to go wait for Alpha at the border that night and leaves.

"What It Always Is"

Gamma is instructed by Alpha to take a walker and use its guts to contaminate the river where the communities take their water from. While doing her task, Gamma senses someone is watching her and then leaves.

Upon arriving back at their camp, Gamma tries to look at Beta but is ignored. She then asks Alpha for another guardian when suddenly a Whisperer defies Alpha on her strategies to confront the communities instead of using the herd. Gamma then watches as Alpha slashes the man with her knife and has Beta kill him.

Later that day, Gamma walks with the reanimated Whisperer. She starts having flashbacks to when she killed her sister and starts to stab repeatedly the Whisperer on its head. She ends up cutting herself and dropping her knife in the water. Aaron appears and throws some bandages. He introduces himself and tries to get her to do the same, but she picks up the bandage and runs back to the camp.

After returning, Gamma confesses to Alpha that Aaron gave her gauze for her wound. Alpha shushes her and instructs her to sit, before removing Gamma's mask. They discuss sacrifices and Gamma tells her that her sacrifice was much greater, in reference to Lydia. Alpha says Aaron might be useful for her plans and they might have to wear a new mask.

"Open Your Eyes"

Gamma and Aaron meet on a bridge at one of the borders. She questions how his community is full of supplies like bread. He offers her some but she turns him down. Gamma then notices a drawing in his bag and he reveals he has a daughter named Gracie. She is surprised to hear that they have children in the community and explains that children hold you back. When Aaron asks about siblings, Gamma lies and tells him she's an only child.

Later that day, Aaron tells Gamma she can keep the drawing and tries to ask about her past. When she doesn't answer, he calls her out for digging for intel and thinks he should be doing the same. He then opens up about his younger brother and tries for her to the same. Before she can give in, Gamma leaves while repeating the Whisperer motto to herself.

Gamma then weeps to herself in the woods. Suddenly, a walker attacks her and she manages to kill it. She is then shocked to see Alpha standing nearby waiting. Alpha questions her about Aaron and Gamma says she learned his name and that he has a daughter. Alpha wonders if she asked about her sister's child but Gamma swears she didn't. Alpha then tells her to remove her mask and proceeds to whip her arm so she can remain strong. She goes on to tell Gamma that Aaron is tempting her with lies and she shouldn't be seduced.

That night, Gamma meets with Aaron again. She hands him back Gracie's drawing and when he reaches for it, she grabs him from behind and puts a knife to his neck to question him. Suddenly, Carol emerges from the woods with her arrow pointed as Lydia also arrives. Gamma panics to see Lydia alive and runs off into the woods where she later breaks into tears due to having believed in a lost cause based on a lie.

"The World Before"

Gamma meets Aaron at the border on the bridge again and asks if the baby that was left to die outside Hilltop is still alive. When she reveals he is her nephew, Aaron says he was rescued by a family and is named Adam. She offers him information in exchange for seeing Adam. Before accepting any type of deal, Aaron makes her take off her mask and to tell the truth. Gamma says her name used to be Mary and reveals to him the location of Alpha's horde.


Gamma is informed by Alpha that their enemy has crossed the border and they were heading to the National Park where the horde was located. She remains nervous as her leader assumes the enemy has sent spies beyond the border and asks if she thinks they found the horde. Alpha then orders Gamma to carry a message to their spy in Alexandria to inform them they have failed their mission. However, Gamma heads to Alexandria with other intentions.


Mary arrives at Alexandria and immediately gets surrounded at spear-point by the guards. She removes her mask and explains that the Coalition group is in a cave surrounded by Alpha's horde and that they may be still alive and needing help. Gabriel questions her intentions, pointing out the horde wasn't where she told Aaron it would be. Mary argues that Alpha had moved it and insists that she wants to help. Rosita questions her motives and Mary explains that the baby left at Hilltop is her nephew and she is willing to show them the location of the cave to see him again. Before she can be allowed inside the community, Mary is knocked out unconscious by Rosita and is placed in the cell.

A while later, Mary wakes up in the cell and is confronted by Gabriel and Rosita about Dante's actions, but Mary claims she wasn't involved in that. They say she has to prove she's different from the other Whisperers or she'll get killed. When Gabriel insists she is hiding something and calls for a sincere confession, Mary tearfully reveals she killed her sister for Alpha, which makes Gabriel accept her help. She is then taken to the meeting hall and tells the group everything she knows about the cave and its entrances, explaining that most of Alpha's forces are situated around the cave, so the borders are defenseless. Gabriel looks at the map and orders her to be taken back to her cell.

Sometime later that day, Mary is asked by Judith about her name and time before meeting the Whisperers. She recalls that she was born in Santa Monica and that her parents' names were John and Alice, but fails to recover more memories, blaming Alpha for brainwashing her. Judith thinks that had Mary stumbled across her parents first, she would have turned out better, and claims that she doesn't look like a monster to her. When Beta attacks the community that night, he enters the basement and opens the cell as Mary claims that Alpha lied about Alexandria. He ignores her and tells her to go with him without hesitation, so her death will be painless. She moves forward and states she's not afraid of him as Laura appears from behind and threatens Beta with an axe, telling Mary to get help.

Mary runs outside and yells for help when Judith invites her inside her house for safety. They hide inside a room and she watches as Judith shoots through it, managing to hit Beta in the chest. Mary tells her and R.J. to run to another room as she checks on Beta. When she tries to follow them, Beta grabs her foot and knocks her down. She then wakes up and stops Beta from killing Rosita by threatening to kill herself, saying she knows Alpha wants her alive.

Having allowed herself to be captured, Mary is then escorted by Beta back to the camp when they are ambushed by the Alexandrians, forcing him to flee into the woods. She falls to her knees and eventually convinces Gabriel she hasn't betrayed them. The next day, Mary reunites with Aaron and is introduced to Gracie. Afterwards, she hops in one of the wagons towards Hilltop to see her nephew, and she and Rosita introduce themselves and shake hands.

"Morning Star"

Alden and Earl are constructing defenses on the Hilltop's walls, when they spot a group of Alexandrians approaching, although neither recognize Mary. When Earl asks Aaron about this, the latter reveals Mary to be a former Whisperer that has defected, and that she wishes to see her nephew, Adam. Earl promptly shoots down this notion, not trusting Mary. Alden agrees with Earl, and assures him that they will only allow the Alexandrians to see Alex.

Later, Mary spots Adam and attempts to talk to him, but is intercepted by Alden, who prevents her from doing so. Despite Mary's pleas and Aaron's attempts to reason with him, Alden remains adamant about keeping Adam separate from Mary.

With the Whisperers nearing with their horde everyone is gathered on the front lines including Mary. Kelly puts her palms on the ground and confirms that the horde is close. Indeed, the horde soon emerges from the bushes and approaches the Hilltop. While they are momentarily halted by the electric fence, the walkers soon break through it and approach the second line of defense. Aaron orders the survivors to split ranks. The shield-wielding survivors reinforce the makeshift barbed wire fence, while the melee weapon-wielding survivors start taking out the walkers. The archers, meanwhile, stay in the back and rain arrows on the herd. Behind the herd, Beta commands the Whisperers to launch the sap they collected earlier using makeshift catapults into the front lines, drenching most of the defenders as well as the Hilltop's walls. This is followed by the Whisperers launching fire-arrows into the front lines, setting one unfortunate Hilltop resident ablaze. With no choice, the defenders begin to retreat towards the Hilltop, but are trapped when the Whisperers launch another volley of fire-arrows into the Hilltop's walls, setting the community ablaze.

"Walk With Us"

Mary fights alongside the Coalition to defend the Hilltop, armed with a spear. Spotting Lydia fighting, Mary tries to get her to flee, knowing that Alpha wants Lydia. However, Lydia refuses to run and hide and continues on fighting.

Mary ultimately escapes the Hilltop's destruction with Alden, Kelly, and Adam. Alden, who only reluctantly allowed Mary to join them, refuses Mary's advice or help with Adam, still angry at her for her role in the Whisperers. However, Alden ultimately allows Mary to take her nephew when he can't soothe the baby. Witnessing Mary's obvious affection for Adam, Alden softens his attitude towards her and asks after Frances while the group is resting. Mary explains how Adam had meant everything to Frances while Kelly realizes that Frances meant everything to Mary. Mary expresses remorse for killing her sister, stating that if she had to do it again she wouldn't have made the same choices.

As the group relaxes, Mary realizes that a herd is approaching and leads the others in running away. As Alden, Kelly and a crying Adam hide in an abandoned van, Mary refuses to get in and instead draws the walkers towards her and away from the others with a scream. Mary is able to lead the walkers to a riverside where she kills them. However, while Mary is relaxing in the aftermath of her victory, Beta suddenly stabs her in the stomach. Mary coughs and pounds against Beta without success, refusing to join the Whisperers again as part of their horde. After Mary rips off half of his walker mask, Beta brutally drags his knife upwards, disemboweling Mary and killing her.

After Mary dies, Beta drags her corpse and lays her against a tree. Mary lays there dead with her eyes open while Beta waits for her to reanimate in order to lead her back to the Whisperers. After rising as a walker, Mary heads towards Beta, only to be put down by Alden with an arrow to the head. As Beta flees, Alden and Kelly are left mourning the loss of Mary.

"A Certain Doom"

After being mortally wounded by Daryl, Beta flashes back on his life as a Whisperer, including killing Mary.


Killed By

Beta finds a distracted Mary and stabs her in the stomach. As she struggles for her life and partially rips his mask, he guts her, resulting in her death. He then drags her dead body and props her up against a tree so that she can reanimate.

Shortly after Mary reanimates, she is shot in the head with an arrow by Alden.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mary has killed:

  • Frances (Caused)
  • Cheryl (Indirectly Caused)
  • 4 unnamed campers (Possibly, Caused or Direct)
  • At least 1 unnamed Whisperer (Zombified)
  • 1 unnamed Alexandria resident (Possibly, Directly or Indirectly Caused)
  • 2 horses (Possibly, Caused or Direct)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and unnamed people



Frances and Mary had a poor relationship. Following the outbreak and joining the Whisperers, Mary decided to put her loyalty fully towards Alpha and the group rather than her own sister and showed no remorse for her having to abandon her own child on Alpha's orders. She later expressed disgust and annoyance for Frances showing regret for abandoning her son and even claimed she should have left her for dead when she had the chance. Despite this she appeared pleased when Frances apparently renounced her feelings of regret though she did hesitate to feed her alive to the walkers after she attacked Alpha to kill her as revenge for making her leave her son for dead. Although Mary says that her death was necessary and she feels nothing for having done it, she still sheds a single tear. She appeared to completely get over her sister's death quickly, however in the episode "What It Always Is", Mary has flashbacks of her sister's death and appears upset showing that she is deeply traumatized by her actions.

Her remorse for her killing of her sister is exemplified in the episode "Stalker" in which she confesses her actions to Gabriel in order to earn his trust in fighting against the Whisperers. She even appears to be wanting to honor her late sister and atone for her actions by seeing her orphaned nephew, Adam and taking care of him herself.

Mary speaks fondly of her sister again in "Walk With Us" by saying how Adam had meant everything to Frances and Kelly realizes that Frances meant everything to Mary, which seems to move her. Mary once again expresses remorse for killing her sister, stating that if she had to do it again she wouldn't have made the same choices.

Adam Sutton

It was evident that Mary originally did not care at all for her infant nephew as she showed no apparent remorse for her sister having to abandon her child to be eaten alive by the Walkers and was angered that her remorse over the deed distracted her and posed a threat to their place in the group. Mary even killed her own sister following her attempt to kill Alpha for making her abandon Adam. However, after learning about Alpha's lie about Lydia's fate, Mary gained a newfound interest and affection for her nephew, willingly giving out information to Aaron in exchange for news about Adam, even going as far as wanting to see him and later willingly giving herself up to the Coalition to provide information about the location of the Whisperer's horde in order to be reunited with her nephew.

Mary attempts to interact with her nephew in "Morning Star" though she is blocked by Alden who does not trust her and despises her for her affiliation with the Whisperers which is shown to upset Mary greatly. However in "Walk With Us", Alden finally lets Mary hold Adam to calm him down and stop his crying and she is shown to be filled with joy. However with walkers approaching, Mary chose to lead them away from Kelly, Alden and Adam whilst they hid in a van to protect them, exemplifying her love for her nephew and desire to protect him and this act of bravery would ultimately cost Mary her life.


Mary was once fiercely loyal to Alpha and fully committed to the Whisperer way of life. Alpha likewise has respect for Gamma and her ability to sniff out key locations for walkers and views her as a valuable member of the group.

After saving Alpha's life in "We Are the End of the World" when her own sister attempts to kill Alpha as revenge for making her abandon her infant son, (to which Gamma pushes her to be devoured by walkers) Alpha is impressed at her dedication to the group and her desire to protect her leader and for her remorselessness over killing her own sister. As a reward for her actions, Alpha personally gives Mary her title and makes her the group's third-in-command and appears to trust her. Despite this it is evident that Mary greatly fears Alpha and obeys her orders without question and Alpha personally abuses her "Open Your Eyes" by whipping her while warning her not to be seduced by Aaron's lies.

However in "Open Your Eyes", Mary finds out Lydia is alive despite Alpha telling her she killed her, and Mary runs away crying. This event compounded by the fact that Mary killed her sister for Alpha turned Mary away from the Whisperers' values and she began to act as a double agent for Alexandria. Alpha learns of Mary's betrayal in "Squeeze" and sends Beta to retrieve her and to bring her back to be punished and then murdered, showing her hatred of Mary. Mary is also shown to hate Alpha and in "Stalker" calls her out for her lies to Beta and refuses to go with him and back to the Whisperers, showing her rejection of Alpha's leadership.


Beta does not appear to be very fond of Mary due to her sister Frances almost causing Whisperers to be killed and later appears disgusted that Alpha appoints her as the group's third-in-command, and sees it as her way of coping with her abandonment of Lydia. Despite this, Beta respects Alpha's decision nonetheless, though he claims to have no feelings, good or ill, towards Mary.

After learning that she is a traitor in "Squeeze", Beta is sent by Alpha to bring Mary to her to be slaughtered for her actions and Beta personally infiltrates Alexandria in "Stalker" and slaughters numerous survivors in order to get Mary. She attempts to convince him of Alpha's lies though he refuses to believe her and demands she comes with him. Mary is openly defiant towards him and claims she does not fear him anymore. However in order to save Rosita's life, Mary surrenders to Beta and allows him to take her however he is forced to flee when the Alexandrians ambush them.

In "Walk With Us", Beta encounters Mary who had used herself as bait to draw a small herd of walkers away from her nephew, Alden and Kelly. Beta brutally stabs Mary to death and sadistically tells her that she will walk with the Whisperers again after her death. Mary angrily fights back and she rips his mask in the process, and shouts she will never join them again, and Beta then kills her by disemboweling her, showing no remorse whatsover. After Mary reanimates, Beta attempts to take her back to be part of the horde, but she is put down with an arrow by Alden, forcing Beta to flee his attack.


Gamma was originally sent by Alpha to gather information from Aaron after Aaron offers her dressing for her wound. As she got to know Aaron, her guard begins to lower, though she quickly re-enforces her loyalty to Alpha. After she learns Lydia was not actually killed by Alpha in the Whisperer's name, she is distraught, and offers Aaron the location of Alpha's herd. When they went to investigate, the herd was not there and they are led into a trap, though this was not on purpose, and Mary had truly turned against the Whisperers as Aaron trusted she had. Mary and Aaron then reunite happily. Aaron even attempts to get Alden to allow Mary to interact with her nephew though he refuses.

Aaron's reaction to Mary's death is unknown.

Rosita Espinosa

Despite Rosita's great distrust of Mary when she arrived to summon help to save Aaron and the others, Mary proves her loyalty by saving Judith and R.J., and Rosita fights to save her. Mary in turn gives herself to Beta to save Rosita. Later, the two introduce each other properly.

Rosita's reaction to Mary's death is unknown.

Gabriel Stokes

Gabriel originally showed a willingness to kill Mary without even giving her a chance, but let her live and listened to her when she was honest about the events surrounding her sister’s death, and trusted her directions to the cave with Alpha’s horde when Rosita did not. Later, when Mary was being brought back to Alpha to be killed, Gabriel trusted her when she told him she was taken by force, and not leaving alongside him.

Gabriel's reaction to Mary's death is unknown.

Judith Grimes

Mary and Judith had a good relationship. While in the jail at Alexandria, Judith makes an effort to talk to her by asking her her name and where she is from and later helps her escape from Beta by barricading her in her room and shooting Beta.

Judith's reaction to Mary's death is unknown.


Alden initially blindly hated Mary due to her past affiliation with the Whisperers and refused to let her see her nephew, Adam. This would continue up until shortly before Mary's death, when the two bonded after she convinced Alden to let her take care of a crying Adam and risked her life to draw a small herd away from him, Kelly, and Adam, much to his dismay. When Beta kills and lets her turn, Alden shoots Mary in the head with an arrow and seems to be saddened by her death.


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  • The term "Gamma" denotes the third most dominant role or position in a particular sphere or group.
  • Mary is the first of the three dominant Whisperers to be named.
  • According to a deleted scene, Mary is from California as correctly guessed by Aaron due to her accent.
    • This is later revealed to be canon as a kept scene in "Stalker" confirms she is from Santa Monica, California.
  • Like Lydia, Mary suffers from gaslighting, and doesn't remember much of her former life as a result of Alpha's manipulation.
  • She is one of nine people known to have seen Beta's face.
  • Mary is mentioned by Lydia in "Out of the Ashes" when she reminds Aaron that he knew of at least one good Whisperer, referring to Mary.

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