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This article is about the World Beyond character. You may be looking for the Fear character.

Mason Beale is a survivor of the outbreak and later an antagonist in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is the son of Major General Beale.


Mason is initially a benevolent and sincere young man. He is quite intelligent, at one point debating Hope about a theory in class. He seems to be well-liked and is very friendly with Hope, with the two often flirting with each other. However due to being the son of Major General Beale, the Endlings decide to use him as a hostage against the CRM. He understandably feels angry and betrayed by this, especially Hope who was a close friend of his. Even after finding out the horrific acts of the CRM and his father, he still sides against the group. His disdain for the group becomes so great that when Percy dies, he shows no sympathy and states that he deserved it.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Mason's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 2


As Lyla gives Hope a tour of the facility, Hope tells Lyla she needs to use the bathroom, then secretly starts to open the door to a restricted area. Hope is about to open the door when Mason catches her and asks if she needs help. When Hope tells him she's looking for the bathroom, he is confused that she is looking for it in a room that says "Authorized Military Personnel Only." Mason opens the door and reveals that it's just a supply closet. The two proceed to flirt with each other. Hope asks Mason for a mop but reveals she is just joking.

"Exit Wounds"

Mason attends a class at the CRM facility, which Hope is also in. When Hope shares her thoughts about empty decomposition, Mason debates her theory that they use fermentation to accelerate decay. Later, Mason invites Hope to a party in honor of Omaha, but she turns down his invitation.

Hope ends up going to Mason's party anyway which is in a building basement. Mason makes a speech in honor of Omaha. He shows Hope around "the bunker." Mason tells Hope he's been at the facility for three years, and visits his family in Portland two weeks a year. He says they are building a better future at the facility. Hope proposes a game of giant Jenga. The two proceed to Jenga while everyone cheers. Eventually the tower topples.

"Blood and Lies"

Mason runs into Hope in the bunker and she claims she was looking for him to suggest they hang out. Mason says he'll be back later that night. Later, the two hang out and have a drink. Mason begins to talk about his father being disappointed that he is not interesting in the military. Hope asks if his father is in the military, to which Mason reveals that his father is Major General Beale.

"Returning Point"

Mason runs into Hope and tells him that he needs to come with her. Mason asks what's going on, to which Hope responds that it's life or death. Doors and bulkheads start slamming shut as part of the lockdown protocol. Mason and Hope manage to join Iris and Leo at the last minute. They slip into a biocontainment unit moments before the doors shut. Felix, Percy, and the researchers are already in the room. Mason is confused and Hope tells him she wishes there was another way. Felix and Percy tie Mason up so they can use him as a hostage. Hope tells Mason that they need him for their plan.

A tied up Mason asks Hope what is going on. Hope tells Mason that the CRM has done terrible things. Mason doesn't think it can be that bad since his father would know about it. Mason realizes they kidnapped him because his father is Major General Beale. Mason becomes scared they will feed him to the empties if their plan doesn't work. Hope assures Mason that they won't hurt him. Later Mason attacks Percy and demands to know where they are taking him. Percy subdues him but Hope points out that Mason didn't do anything.

"Death and the Dead"

Leopold radios Jadis and tells her they have Mason. Jadis believes they are lying at first. Leo tries to have Mason talk on the radio but he says nothing. After Hope asks Mason to do so, Mason answers the radio and asks Jadis to get him out of there. Leo threatens to harm Mason if Jadis doesn't supply them with two transport trucks. Felix announces that the trucks are ready for Leo and the researchers. He says the CRM won't try anything if they think everyone has left the facility with Mason as their captive. Iris and Percy stay behind with Mason. Later Iris and Percy guard Mason and dream about starting a new life together. Hope, Iris, Felix, and Percy debate their next move. Felix proposes they stick to the plan and drop Mason off once they're away from the facility. Iris confronts Mason and demands to know where the gas is, but Mason says he has no idea.

Felix's group arrives at the jeep only to find Jadis, Huck, and CRM soldiers waiting for them. Felix promises to set Mason free once they've escaped unharmed, but Jadis stands her ground. During the standoff, empties appear distracting the group. Mason headbutts Iris and gets free of Percy's grasp. Mason flees with Percy pursuing behind him. Mason drops to the floor and takes cover. However while Percy chases him, he is shot by a CRM soldier. Mason is visibly shocked by Percy's death. Hope points a gun at Mason, blaming him for causing his death but Mason tells her it was their own fault. Mason tells him Percy deserved it, along with their entire group seeing all the problems they have caused. Hope tells Mason he is exactly like the rest of the CRM. Iris warns Hope that killing Mason will only come back to haunt her. She decides to spare his life. Mason watches with Jadis as Huck escapes in a separate jeep.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mason has killed:


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