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Matias is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead.


Mid-Atlantic, United States

Nothing is known about Matias' life prior to or as the outbreak began. It's possible he lived in the Mid-Atlantic states within the United States.


Season 9

Baltimore, Maryland

Sometime in the early days of the outbreak, Matias took shelter in an abandoned warehouse within or near Baltimore.


Matias is among the survivors inside a shelter, alongside Alpha and her family. After 23 days of surviving the initial outbreak, Matias plans with other survivors about sending a group to leave the shelter to look for supplies. Alpha is eager to leave with the group, but her husband maintains that they stay put.

After 43 days, the undead begin to overrun the outside of the building. Matias starts to have a panic attack and wants to leave the basement. Alpha, knowing noise could draw them in, suffocates Matias to death by pressing down on his windpipe with her forearm, believing that he was too weak to survive this world.

Later that night, unknown to the group about the virus infecting the living, a reanimated Matias begins to attack Lydia and the sleeping survivors. A bearded man intervenes after waking up to Lydia's screams, but the undead Matias bites the man's neck. Another survivor tries to throw Matias off the bearded man but instead is struck in the back with an axe by a woman, believing he was a zombie. Amidst the chaos, Matias continues to attack the survivors until everyone is dead.

It is unknown if Matias was ever put down.


Killed By

In order to protect her group, Alpha suffocates Matias.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Matias has killed:

  • Rose (Infected, Caused or Direct)
  • At least 1 unnamed survivor (Infected)
  • Possibly a few zombies


TV Series

Season 9


  • When Matias is first seen in the opening of the episode (when he carries the camping lamp to a table), his hair is significantly shorter than his hair at the time of his death, showing how much time had passed in the warehouse, which was several weeks.

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