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"No! You're going to march in there and you're gonna put that bowl back where you found it. It doesn't belong to you... It belongs to Max. Go!"
—Andrew yelling at Billy.[src]

Max is the pet dog of Andrew's family, which he lives in the backyard at their house.


King County, Georgia

Almost nothing is known about Max's life prior to the outbreak, he lived in Andrew's backyard and likely lived the normal life of a dog, eating, sleeping, and taking walks. Billy showed much care for the dog during the Webisodes series.


Torn Apart

"Domestic Violence"

Max's whimpers are heard from the back yard before a gun shot is heard, he then falls silent. Andrew then enters his home, looking distressed with a shotgun in his arms.

Later when he shoots Judy in surprise after believing there was an intruder in his home a picture can be seen of Judy and Max. 

"Neighborly Advice"

As Andrew's rummaging through Mike Palmer's basement Max's wails can be heard. When Mike enters and asks what Andrew is doing in his basement he explains that he is looking for guns, during the short conversation in between Max's cries are still heard. Mike asks what he plans on shooting and he explains that it's his dog and that something had torn into him; Mike responds by saying "You've got bigger problems that a rabid dog" and shows Andrew a wound on his leg. After talking for a while and Mike explaining what is going on and his theory of what caused it he says Andrew can take his gun, shoot him, Mike's reanimated children and Max. Reluctantly Andrew does so, shooting Mike.


Killed By

Andrew mentions that a walker got to Max and bit him. Max is heard in the background, howling and whimpering in pain. Even though animals do not reanimate, Andrew says that he had to kill the dog after being attacked, likely as a mercy kill.



Throughout the webisodes, Billy shows concern in Max's welfare. After Max was bitten by walkers, Andrew keeps the truth away from Billy, telling him that Max is only sleeping. While Billy believes this for a short time, Jamie angrily tells Billy that Andrew had been lying to him and that Max was dead. Mid-argument over Max's whereabouts, the kids are attacked by Judy, ending the argument and leaving Billy's beliefs on Max's condition unknown.


After Max is bitten by walkers, Andrew sees that the dog is suffering and needs to be put down, leading him to venture into Mike Palmer's basement in search of a gun to perform the mercy kill. Throughout the webisodes, he keeps Max's true condition away from the kids, telling them that Max is only sleeping and cannot be disturbed.



Torn Apart

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