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This article is about the Road to Survival character. You may be looking for his Video Game counterpart, the Social Game character, the Webisodes dog, the voice actor, or the stuntman.

"Stay on their trail. Keep 'em in sight. (...) That's it, let's get back to Richmond. It's not our day."
—Max to Badger.[src]

Max is a Telltale Games adapted character and an antagonist who appears in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Pre-Apocalypse & Post-Apocalypse

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Telltale Missions

Max first appears alongside Badger when the New Frontier is traveling to Prescott to raid the community. They stumble upon Lindsay and Matt on the road, Badger immediately launching into an attack on the siblings. Matt and Lindsay surprise them by killing several of their men before fleeing through a horde of walkers to a nearby swamp. Max and Badger lazily discuss following them before deciding that they had angered them too much to simply let them go. Matt and Lindsay ambush the New Frontier in a marshland as they give chase, killing more of them to Max's annoyance.