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"It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Commonwealth. My name is Maxwell Hawkins. It's always great to learn of more communities out in the world. Brings us all hope."
—Maxwell welcoming the group to the Commonwealth.[src]

Maxwell Hawkins is a character first encountered in Issue 176 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Commonwealth.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Maxwell's life prior to or as the outbreak began. It is likely he had a job as an assistant or something similar in that field of work.



At some point after the outbreak, Maxwell joined a network of communities called the Commonwealth. He joined the community and was appointed the role as the personal assistant of Governor Pamela Milton.

New World Order

Maxwell formally greets the new arrivals from Alexandria to the Commonwealth, and proceeds by asking them a few questions about what they did before the apocalypse to get a read on them. When he hears that Michonne was lawyer, Maxwell takes her through two doors and introduces her to Pamela Milton, Governor of the Commonwealth. Maxwell then leaves Michonne and Pamela to talk.

Maxwell later accompanies Pamela on her trip to Alexandria. When they arrive, Rick takes Pamela on a tour of the community. Maxwell attempts to join them but is rejected. Maxwell stares at them unamused.

The Rotten Core

Maxwell accompanies Pamela on her trip to the next community; Oceanside. Pamela is extremely impressed by the sight of the ocean, but Maxwell corrects her stating that it is more of an inlet. He quickly praises the sight nonetheless when Pamela glares at him angrily.

Maxwell watches on as the Militia and the Commonwealth soldiers try and steer the herd away from Oceanside.

He later accompanies Pamela at the next community: the Sanctuary, followed by the Kingdom, and later Hilltop. When they arrive back at the Commonwealth, he is shocked to see that the community is in the midst of an intense riot. He watches as the soldiers take control of the situation.

Maxwell arrives at Pamela's office and informs her that Rick has come to speak with her. He then exits the office with Lance to let Rick and Pamela chat.

Rest In Peace

Maxwell is shocked to hear an explosion from the distance. He later guides Rick, Pamela and Sebastian out of town, helping the latter two escape to Greenville.

Maxwell isn't seen or mentioned after the 25 year time skip, leaving his fate unknown.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Maxwell has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


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