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"Didn't you hear them out there? Needlessly slaughtering each other when they should be unified. They have always been stupid and cruel, even before the world went to shit. Their fucked up philosophies. Their petty treachery. Even the innocent. Their pathetic desperation. They all twisted my priorities. Blinded me to the truth. I should have been looking after me and mine. All along. I allowed THEM to take her away from ME! They are the reason my daughter is dead."
—May to the Tourist while threatening to ring the church bells and get everyone outside killed. (Determinant)[src]

May Benoit (née unknown) is an original character in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. She is a former member of the Tower and was a trusted companion to "Mama", until her husband was framed by Georgia for cannibalism and was executed as a result. May and her daughter, Ambre fled the Tower afterwards, fearing the same fate.

Since her escape, May is infamously known as a traitor by both factions alike. Several posters of her face have been put up by members of the Tower per "Mama's" orders around New Orleans, warning survivors to avoid her at all costs due to her alleged "manipulative nature". The Tower threatens that anybody who decides to align themselves with her will also be considered an enemy of their community.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about May's life prior to or as the outbreak began, other than she was married to Gery and had a daughter with him, Ambre.


New Orleans, Louisiana

After May and her daughter fled the Tower, they were helped by Henri. They planned to get into the Reserve and take the supplies. After his death, May determinantly establishes an agreement with the Tourist: she leads them to Tower caches, where they can take whatever supplies they want, and in turn they provide her with intel stolen from the Tower.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims May has killed:


  • When you meet May in person at the church yard, she can be attacked by walkers in the area. However, it doesn't seem possible for them to kill her, as she will simply stab them in the head one after the other, even if multiple walkers attack her at once. This is likely due to her status as a character crucial to the story.
    • Despite this, the player can still kill May during their meeting, and loot the Reserve key off her body.
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