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"Katjaa says Maybelle could have her baby tonight!"
Clementine to Lee.[src]

Maybelle is an animal who first appeared in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. She is the last surviving cow on the St. John's Dairy Farm.


St. John's Dairy Farm

Before the outbreak, Maybelle was one of the St. Johns' many dairy cows. Some time before the apocalypse began, Maybelle mated with a bull, or possible insemination, and became pregnant. It is possible that she was a prize winning cow because of the medals located inside of the St. John's house and placed around the stall where Maybelle is held.


Season One

"Starved For Help"

Maybelle is first mentioned when Brenda tells the group that she is ill. Mark informs Brenda that Katjaa is a veterinarian and may be able to help. She is first encountered when Lee Everett goes into the St. John's barn. Inside, Duck, Clementine, Katjaa, and Andrew St. John are watching over her. Clementine told Lee that Katjaa said that Maybelle might have her baby that night, but the dairy was overrun by walkers that night, leaving Maybelle's fate a mystery. She was most likely killed by walkers, but it's possible she successfully delivered her calf and escaped, as the barn door was open.


Video Game

Season One


  • Maybelle is the first domestic animal to be seen in the Video Game.
  • Maybelle is the third alive animal to be seen during "Starved For Help", proceeding the first two crows seen earlier on in the episode.