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"He's at the McCarroll Ranch, a few miles west of here."
—Dr. Lingard to Clementine about AJ's location.[src]

Fort McCarroll, also known as the McCarroll Ranch, is a location mentioned numerous times in Telltale GamesThe Walking Dead: Season Three and seen in Season Four. It is first mentioned by Paul Lingard to Clementine about AJ’s location, and is periodically mentioned throughout Seasons Three and Four. The location finally appears in the series finale, "Take Us Back".


Nothing is known about the McCarroll Ranch before the outbreak, other than it was a military fort. Considering it is located just a few miles west of Richmond, Virginia, it may be located around Chesterfield County.


Season 3

"Thicker Than Water"

If the player chooses Javier García to assist Paul Lingard in his suicide or to let Clementine do it, he says that he left AJ at the McCarroll Ranch before he dies. (Determinant)

"From The Gallows"

If the player chose to refuse the suicidal request of Dr. Lingard, he will tell Javier and Clementine after Richmond was returned to normalcy, that he left AJ at the McCarroll Ranch. (Determinant)

Season 4

"Done Running"

It's implied based on conversations between Clementine and AJ that there was a problem with the ranch that caused the two of them to leave.

"Suffer The Children"

Clementine has nightmares related to something that happened at the ranch, further implying that it was destroyed.

"Broken Toys"

The ranch is mentioned by Lee in a dream, where he talks about a "mess" that happened there.

"Take Us Back"

This ranch appears in a flashback that shows how AJ rescued by Clementine. The ranch was attacked by an unknown raiders group shortly before Clementine got there. The remaining guards are hostile to Clementine, due to them believing she is with the group.




  • Rodney - Shot in the neck, later in the head by Clementine. (Determinant)
  • Lloyd - Died due to serious burn scars, later shot in the head by Clementine to end his suffering. (Determinant)
  • Eddie - Shot in the head by Clementine.
  • Helen - Shot in the cheek by Clementine.
  • A horse - Shot by Rodney.
  • Possibly a few unnamed raiders


Season 3

Season 4


  • It is possible that the McCarroll Ranch was destroyed by the Delta, since both Helen and Eddie seem to think that Clementine (who they believe is part of the attacking group) wants to kidnap AJ. This would support the theory that the group the Delta are at war with is, in fact, the New Frontier. Abel also mentions that one of the communities the Delta was fighting is in Richmond.