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McNeill's Bait and Beer, also known simply as Bill's, is a location in Season 4 and Season 6 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is a general store owned by Bill and his family and is located in Doss, Texas.


According to John Dorie, the general store was owned by Bill and his family going back generations. It was a popular place for John and his father to spend time at. It was also the last place that John Sr. had seen his son at from a distance before taking off for good.


Due to the road being closed for repairs shortly before the world ended, Bill and the other people in the area were gone when it happened. The store was frequented by John Dorie who would rent movies, leaving his name on a clipboard, and pick up supplies for his cabin. The store remained stocked for an extended period of time during the outbreak despite no one being around.

Season 4


John Dorie takes June to the store and they shop for supplies with June taking a backpack and rearranging the medical supplies to be more easily accessible. After choosing a movie, John and June head outside where John decides to use some of the metal shingles over the gas pump to repair the hole in the nearby bridge.

After the patch on the bridge fails, John and June hotwire a jeep parked outside of the store to block the hole.

"... I Lose Myself"

While shopping at The Flip-Flop Truck Stop, June comments that it reminds her of shopping at Bill's. John points out the lack of movie selection at the truck stop, but states that he doesn't think that they'll be able to get back to the general store or his cabin anytime soon, the damage from the hurricane having "made that a near certainty."

Season 6

"The Door"

After walkers start washing up at his cabin again, John Dorie travels upriver to find a herd barricaded on the bridge and several walkers trying to get into the store. John quickly puts them down and discovers Dakota and Morgan Jones taking refuge inside. As Morgan's old gunshot wound had reopened while escaping from the herd, Dakota used the medical supplies in the store to patch him up again.

Before the reunited friends can leave Marcus shows up, looking for Morgan and Dakota. Hiding, John chooses not to kill Marcus even when he has a clear shot and both Morgan and Dakota urge him to do it. Marcus begins to leave, but spots the video rental sheet with John's movie reviews on it and contacts Hill to report his discovery. Marcus leaves followed by John, Morgan and Dakota soon thereafter.

When contacting Virginia to direct her to John's cabin, Morgan tells her that it's near the old general store off of old Route 185.


After June offers to treat his injured gun hand, John Dorie Sr. states that there's an old bait shop nearby that they can stop at if it's still standing and June realizes that he means Bill's. John is surprised that June knows it and when they arrive, reminisces with her about his time spent in the store with his son as a young boy. June uses the medical supplies to treat John's injured gun hand while he reads his son's movie reviews on the clipboard and comments upon them. Before leaving for the cabin, John tricks June into the bathroom and locks her in in an effort to protect June.

As June attempts to get free, her yells draw the attention of Dwight and Sherry who are on the bridge. The two free June and race to the cabin in time to save John from Hill. While talking with June later on, John tells her that the last time he'd seen his son from a distance, he was filling up at Bill's and the younger John had looked happy, causing his father to run away in order to protect him.




Fear the Walking Dead

Season 4

Season 6


  • The store is usually just referred to as Bill's by John, his father and June Dorie. The store's actual name is only ever seen on the sign outside of the store and on the video rental sheet.