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Meili is a main character in The Walking Dead: Typhoon.


Fongyuan, Hunan, China

Nothing is known about Meili's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she had two brothers and was a friend of Ahui and her brother, Zhu, in their childhood.


When the outbreak started, the elders in Fongyuan were prepared and ordered a fence to be built around the village, successfully protecting it's residents. When Changsha fell, the army arrived and drafted young people to help build the Beacon of Light, the Chen family helped hide Meili and Ahui. A few weeks later more soldiers showed up to take more people including Meili's uncle and cousins while her brothers hid in the forest. With no strong and able-bodied people, they could no longer protect Fongyuan and the village was overrun. Meili, Ahui and Mrs. Chen along with numerous others were able to flee the village in the boats by the river.


Meili is revealed to be alive and is a member of a village.

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