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Mert County Department of Public Works is a located approximately just over 18 miles away from Hershel Greene's farm and is seen in the episode "18 Miles Out" of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about this location prior to the apocalypse aside that it was in Mert County, Georgia.


Early Days

Sometime later, it seems that this building and yard were used as an evacuation shelter, as the buses provided many refugees with shelter and the law enforcement kept the walkers at bay. Using the fences as a barrier helped increase their security and similarly to Rick's group, they burned the corpses of any of the walkers they managed to capture or kill. It is unknown if FEMA assisted refugees in this area, however, as no command post or shelters are seen, and the supplies appeared to have been brought by refugees.

Season 2

"18 Miles Out"

Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh drove along the highway to search for an area to release Randall, as he was a threat to the group. Rick stumbled upon the Public Works building and yard, deciding that this would've been an ideal location as well as to search for additional supplies, such as fuel and food. Rick and Shane released Randall and were on their way back to the car when Randall mentioned that he attended school with Maggie Greene, which caused Rick to halt and think twice about abandoning Randall. Frustrated, Shane disagreed with Rick, attempting to shoot Randall. The two began to fight, Shane accusing Rick of being unable to protect the group. The scuffle grew intense, causing Shane to lash out and throw a pipe wrench towards Rick, but instead smashed a window, releasing a herd of walkers from inside the building.

Everyone, including Randall, fought off the walkers by either stabbing them with knives or shooting them with the few weapons they had. Eventually, Shane took cover inside of a school bus while Rick and Randall grouped together and retrieved the car. Randall drove the getaway car, while Rick shot the walkers, which allowed Shane to get back to the car. Once inside, the trio drove away, leaving the county and heading back to the farm.


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