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  • Thoughts on calling Tom from 204 Tom (Flight 462) so the Tom from 514 can be Tom (Fear) instead of Tom (Season 5)?

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    • I feel ya, but with the 1+ year time jump and so many missing Kingdommers, I think its best to leave him as unknown.

      Brianna can probably be moved to dead in S11 as a result of 1012. Same with Barbara, Gage, or Nora if they don't appear in the first couple S11 episodes.

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    • Agreed, he could've left the communites, who knows.

      Sounds good! It'll be really strange if Gage doesn't appear in the finale, I really thought they were setting something up with him hesitating to punch Lydia at first.

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  • Thank you very much for fixing some pages including the tv series character page. And Daryl's page. I was trying to fix the tv series characters page. But couldn't figure out what the heck happened or how to fix it.

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