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  • Hi, sorry for the fuzz on their pages. I understand, its just that they clearly have a growing friendship but your're right, its better if we wait for the right moment. Also, Im a Caryl abd Donnie shipper lol.

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    • Hey! Was just about to leave you a message, too. :) Yeah, the point really is that Daryl and Connie haven't formed a close bond on the show, at least not yet, and therefore it shouldn't be on the wiki pages. Maybe they will in the future but at this time they are still getting to know each other. And to be fair Daryl is much closer to many other people (Michonne, for example) who aren't listed as him having a "close bond" with in the info. So yeah best at this time to leave it out so the wiki stays factual and not ship-based. :)

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