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Mexico (Spanish: México), officially the United Mexican States, is a country in North America that appears in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It serves as the main location for the majority of Season 2 and Season 3.


Prior to the outbreak, Mexico boasted one of the world's largest economies, and was the 13th largest country by total area. It had a total population of around 110,000,000 people. The Mexico-US border served as the most controlled, crossed international border in the world, with nearly some 350 million (legal) crossing yearly.


As the outbreak became global, the Mexican government quickly sealed its shared border with the United States, in response to the many riots and outbreaks emerging in their major cities, as social order was beginning to collapse. This left some Americans stranded in the country, as the Mexican military locked down the border on the land, as well as setting up a flotilla on the water in Baja California, in order to prevent refugees from entering Mexico by sea. Mexico's border became a hotbed of activity, as many people from both sides of the border attempted to either flee or get into Mexico, which led to many infected gathering in the area as well. As seen in "Sivut Cervus", the Mexican Navy maintained an an active presence near Rosarito, so much so that Luis Flores had arranged for passage through the flotilla via a bribe (gold bars), but this deal eventually went awry, and Luis and multiple Mexican naval officers were killed in a short skirmish.

It is later revealed that Mexico is not the safe haven as is promised, as evidenced by the state of Tijuana. It is unknown if the Mexican government continues to operate in any form, as massive areas of the country are unpoliced, and civilians are left to fend for themselves. With Valery Vashchenko confirming that all the lights had gone out in the world, Mexico overall was eventually completely overrun with the undead at some point. Despite this however, compared to the United States, Mexico has seemingly fared much better, as many survivor networks continued to operate. This included various survival colonies located in or near Tijuana, including La Colonia, and number of drug cartel gangs, most notably Los Hermanos, which controlled much of the remaining supply trade within the city. A violent biker gang known as The Proctors took over a bullfighting ring near the Mexico-US border, and set up a large trading hub dubbed 'El Bazar' (translates to 'The Bazaar'), and it became a large network and gathering spot for many people around the area, ranging from active trade of supplies and services to other various leisure activities. Dante Esquivel, the former Municipal Governor of Tijuana, took control over the Gonzalez Dam with "unsavory forces", forcing surviving residents to trade goods in exchange for water, as Dante controlled the vast majority of the city's water supply. Secluded areas of the country also remain mostly free of infected, as seen in Valle de Guadalupe, where the Abigail Vineyard is located (and was home to a sizable amount of survivors before it was burned down by Daniel Salazar).

Notable Locations

Baja California, Mexico

Other Areas

  • Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
  • La Paz, Baja California Sur
  • Radio Station