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This article is about the Survival Instinct character. You may be looking for the Road to Survival character.

"Who ARE you, then?"
—Mia asking Daryl Dixon who he is[src]

Mia Park (née unknown) is an original character in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


Location Unknown

Not much is known about Mia's life prior to or as the outbreak began besides that she was born in 1985 and was a flight nurse. An experienced flight nurse, Mia and her husband Steve adopted their son Frank two years prior to the apocalypse. She doesn't know their current whereabouts. Despite her high-pressure career, Mia is not especially courageous, and can be neurotic. Scout's group rescued her from a bad situation at a rural airport.


Fontana, Georgia

Daryl Dixon runs into Mia when Anna Turner asks him to get her after they got split up from the sniper on the roof. Daryl finds her hiding out in a small room in the abandoned cinema. She almost shoots him as she believes he is the same sniper as before. She asks you to clear her a way so that she can go back to Anna. If completed, she joins your group.

Firesign Stadium

If Mia reaches Firesign Stadium, she along with another survivor will board the last evacuation helicopter. After Daryl's brother Merle, the sniper from the roof, informs Daryl that the pilot of the helicopter has been bitten, he tries to inform Mia but he is too late, as the helicopter takes off, leaving Mia's fate unknown.


Killed By
  • Zombies (Supply Run, Determinant)
  • Helicopter Crash (Assumed, Determinant)

Mia, along with any other survivor that may survive until the evacuation in Georgia, most likely died in a helicopter crash, as Merle notices that the "whirlybird" pilot had been bitten and said he was already looking like he was going to turn. The pilot might have turned mid-flight and caused a crash, possibly killing Mia and the other passengers.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mia has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


  • Prefers Shotguns
  • Reckless


  • Keeping Mia alive until the end of the game rewards the player with the "Bigger Clips" relic.
  • It seems that Mia and Gloria Garcia have the same face model.