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"Look, if you care for this boy, you have to consider what he needs, what is truly best for him."
—Michael to Alex about Jake.[src]

Michael is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is one of the passengers that survives the plane crash of Flight 462.


Midwestern United States

Nothing is known about Michael's life prior to the outbreak began, except that he worked as a sales manager somewhere in the Midwest. He was a passenger on Flight 462 destined for Phoenix, Arizona.


Season 2


Michael is one of several passengers to have survived the plane crash in the ocean. He is able to make it onto a lifeboat with Alex, Jake, Ian, and Tom. That night, after Alex kills Tom for trying to murder Jake, Michael pleads Alex to end Jake's suffering and to prevent the possibility of Jake reanimating. Alex silenced Michael with a threatening stare.

After an unspecified time, Michael is killed by Alex and reanimates into a zombie in the ocean and ends up getting stuck in the filtration system of The Abigail. He is encountered by Travis as he attempts to investigate what is blocking the filtration system. For his second attempt to clear the filtration system, Travis stabs Michael in the head and cuts off his hand which remains stuck in the filtration system. Travis later manages to remove his severed hand from the pipes and get the boat going again.


Killed By
  • Alex (Alive, Off-Screen)

Alex kills Michael after he threatens to put Jake out of his misery. It is unknown how exactly Alex killed him, but due to the lack of weapons on the raft, it's possible she could've strangled him or thrown him in the ocean to drown.

A zombified Michael is caught in the filtration system of The Abigail, which makes Travis stab him in the eye.


Season 2


  • The casting call for this character used the name Oscar Fratto.[1]
    • Michael was described as "Middle-aged. He is a mid-level sales manager at a Midwest box store. He is single, thin, and meek. He is a good worker bee, but modern life is a little too much for him. He has reached that point in his life when he's realized he hasn't done much with it."


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