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"He asked if I can keep the track playing while we wait."
—Milton Mamet informing Andrea of Michael's final wish.[src]

Michael Coleman is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a resident of Woodbury, alongside his wife.


Woodbury, Georgia

Before the outbreak, Michael lived with his wife Betty, his son Michael Jr., and his daughter Emily. He was a member and resident of Woodbury. At some point, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.


Michael Jr. likely died after the outbreak based upon the way Milton talked about them, and Michael's reaction after seeing their pictures and hearing his name.

Season 3

"When the Dead Come Knocking"

Coleman is first seen bedridden in a room for Milton's experiment with Andrea. Milton proceeds to begin a process to instill a certain procedure into his subconscious. When the procedure ends, Milton explains to Andrea that he is dying of prostate cancer and that Woodbury doesn't have the supplies to treat him, and that they are waiting for him to pass away, so they can carry on the experiment to discover if walkers can still recognize things from the person they once were. This procedure Milton had repeated several times on Coleman in his last days. Once he begins to reanimate, Milton and Andrea restrain him. Milton begins the procedure with no results. Milton refuses to quit and wants to undo the latch on Michael's right arm to show that he can still do the procedure. Milton undoes the restraint, but Coleman attempts to bite him, and Andrea stabs Michael in the head.


Killed By
  • Prostate Cancer (Alive)

While being kept in the Woodbury lab for an experiment, Michael passes away from his prostate cancer.

After being unlatched from his restraints, a zombified Michael tries to attack Milton, but Andrea quickly stabs him in the head.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Michael has killed:


Milton Mamet

Michael and Milton became friends while Milton monitored Michael's condition in "When the Dead Come Knocking". They were very close; this is shown by Milton's reaction when Michael became a zombie, trying to unfasten Michael and risking his own life to see if a part of Michael still existed. After Andrea put him down, Milton was deeply saddened.


TV Series

Season 3