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Michael Jaegers is an American actor who has portrayed many walkers from Season 2 through Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Some of the most memorable include the walker that falls on Andrea in "Beside the Dying Fire" at the farm, snarling walker in the woods in "When the Dead Come Knocking", Head Pop Walker in "This Sorrowful Life", and Big Spot Walker in "30 Days Without An Accident" to name a few.

Other Works

He has appeared as several minor or non-credited roles such as:

  • Andersonville
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Hall Pass
  • The Change Up
  • Coma
  • Scary Movie 5
  • The Candy Shop
  • What To Expect When You're Expecting
  • Franklin & Bash (pilot)
  • Hunger Games Catching Fire
  • A Madea Christmas
  • Anchorman 2
  • The Originals
  • Being Mary Jane
  • Flight
  • Prisoners
  • Resurrection


  • His favorite TV Series character is Andrea.
  • Michael was a part time tour guide for Atlanta Movie Tours for close to 4 years.
  • Michael has been happily married to his beautiful wife Stephanie for 17 years and has four children Jakob age 17, Dylan age 11, Sadie age 3 and their most recent miracle, Shaun age 4 months.
  • Michael's wife went viral with her miraculous story of baby Shaun's birth. Apparently she showed no signs of being pregnant and didn't find out until Michael took her to the hospital for abdominal pain she thought was associated with kidney stones. She was then told she was 38 weeks pregnant and having a baby within the hour.
  • Michael is now a member of Georgia's IATSE Local 479 Union working on various projects in the Props Departments.

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