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"I killed two of my men and I covered it up. I never thought I'd be that guy. That's not how I came up. That's not how my parents raised me. I had certain lines that I didn't let myself cross until now. You know the thing that's really messing with my head? The thing that keeps me up at night, the thing that I keep thinking? I'd do it again. I spent a long time, all my life trying to keep it together, safe, solid for everyone else, and it's the only thing I know, the only thing I'm good at, and it worked, it got us this far. Maybe this place needs something else. Maybe I'm part of the problem."
—Michael to Juanita Sanchez.[src]

Michael Mercer, also affectionately known as Mike, is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Commonwealth who serves as the General of the Commonwealth Army.


Michael is a stoic, stern, stalwart, and level-headed man, who takes his job seriously as the General of the Commonwealth Army. Though he is admired by the people of the Commonwealth, he is shown to be very humble. At the masquerade ball, he is very awkward, admitting it's not his thing. He has a soft side to him, shown with his interactions with Princess, with the two eventually hooking up.

Michael believes in strength in numbers, shown in the team building exercise when he berates Daryl for not working as a unit with Jake Daniels. He later tells Daryl that he wants him to succeed, and it's important for them to set each other up to win.

Michael is well-aware of the corruption within the Commonwealth. He kills Alves and Castle after confessing to sending 30-40 residents to their deaths for Sebastian's money. However, due to Sebastian's high status, he is unable to report him since he could get moved from subordination.


Strasburg, Pennsylvania

Nothing is known about Michael's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was from Strasburg, Pennsylvania and raised by his mother, Stephanie Mercer. Later, he had a younger sister named Max.

West Point, New York

As an adult, Michael attended and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and served in the Marines.



At some point during the outbreak, Michael joined a community in Ohio.

Season 11

"Acheron: Part I"

Michael is present at the detainment center and attends the interviews for Ezekiel, Yumiko, Eugene, and Juanita. Ezekiel lashes out at Michael, but the Commonwealth military officer remains calm and informs Ezekiel he graduated from West Point.

"Acheron: Part II"

Michael remains at the detainment center and once all four survivors in Eugene's group passed the assessment, they were gathered in a train car and officially welcomed to the Commonwealth by Michael. He then gave the survivors instructions on what to expect regarding orientation as the train eventually made its way to the capital city.

"Out of the Ashes"

Michael is seen suspiciously watching Eugene and Stephanie from afar. He approaches the train station and Princess flirts with him as a distraction. Michael briefly engages with her, but turns stoic the more she talks. Michael busts in on Eugene and Stephanie and arrests them for unauthorized use of government property.

"Promises Broken"

Michael is seen escorting Sebastian and Kayla through the area Eugene's group is clearing walkers. He comments on the 'putrid' smell of the area. Later, Michael, Lance Hornsby and a group of Commonwealth soldiers quickly arrive at the scene where Sebastian and Kayla were under attack by walkers and Eugene's group saved them. Sebastian berates Michael for being absent during the situation, and accuses Eugene of attacking him and Michael questions if Eugene hit him. He does not deny it and Lance scolds him for this and they take Eugene away.

"New Haunts"

Michael is seen heading a training exercise with new trainees, including Daryl and Rosita, who have signed up for the Commonwealth Army. He explains that they must work in teams of two to clear a walker-laden obstacle course. Despite Daryl's insistence that he and Rosita are a good team, Michael pairs him with fellow trainee Daniels and Rosita with fellow trainee Green. Whereas Rosita and her teammate are able to make it through the training course quickly and effectively while working together, Daryl prioritizes finishing the course swiftly over working in tandem with his partner, which results in Daniels nearly being bitten. As Daryl is about to come to his aid, Michael intervenes and shoots the walker attacking Daniels, saving his life. Daryl annoyedly protests that he was about to do so himself, to which Michael reminds him that the point of the exercise was to move fast and work as a unit. He asks Daryl to follow him for a special assignment.

Michael, Daryl, and Rosita head into the woods for a training session with Sebastian. Michael releases a group of walkers for Sebastian to kill. Sebastian struggles with a walker, prompting Daryl to kill it with his crossbow. Sebastian angrily tells Daryl that he could have handled it. Pamela passes by and looks at Sebastian with disappointment. Michael advises Daryl that it's sometimes important to set each other up to win.

A crowd mobs the red carpet outside the masquerade ball, including Princess and several Alexandrians and Hilltoppers, who watch as dressed up guests arrive for the ball, including Lance Hornsby and Sebastian Milton. Everyone claps and cheers as Mercer arrives. Michael chats with Princess in the crowd and invites her to join him as his party guest. Initially, the doorman refuses entry to Princess due to her name not being on the list, but Michael remains firm in his decision to bring her along.

As the festivities progress, the party is interrupted when Tyler Davis begins accosting Pamela's leadership, declaring that the Commonwealth elites do not actually care for the welfare of its citizens. Michael watches in silence as Tyler supports this claim by telling the room he tried endlessly to talk with Pamela one on one, only to be routinely ignored, and that he lost his job as a trooper and place of residence after making one "mistake": being overpowered and beaten by a prisoner. After Tyler manages to escape the party, Sebastian furiously orders Mercer to go after him.

Daryl corners Tyler inside the Haunted Maze and convinces him not to commit suicide. Sebastian follows them inside. Daryl instructs Sebastian to bring Tyler to Pamela, allowing him to take credit. Sebastian takes Tyler back to the masquerade and receives credit for Tyler's capture. "Resist the Commonwealth! Visibility for workers! Equality for all!" Tyler screams as he's escorted out of the room, adding that there are thousands more like him. Michael orders Rosita to interrogate Magna about Tyler.

"Rogue Element"

When Connie and Kelly visit the Commonwealth's hospital in an attempt to get an interview with Tyler, who is supposedly being treated for psychological issues, but are kept from entering his room by Commonwealth soldiers. Michael looks at them through the door before shutting it.

Michael catches up with Connie and Kelly, and asks if Connie got everything she needed for her ride along story. Connie goes off script and demands to know what Tyler has been charged with. She also asks if Tyler is being punished for the fact that his hostage at the masquerade, Max, was Michael's sister. Mercer refuses to answer her question, and warns her not to dig any further.

Later that day, when Michael returns to the hospital, he finds that Tyler is no longer in his room, his bed vacant. When he is informed by the nurse that Tyler was moved to an undisclosed location without his authorization, Michael angrily punches the wall and leaves.

"The Lucky Ones"

In a flashback, Michael discovers Max's radio while investigating a massive communications breach, the Commonwealth having learned that someone was talking to a rogue community outside of their walls and Lance Hornsby is all over it. Michael realizes that it was Max talking to Eugene and that she was planning to sneak out " to meet some stranger at a rail yard." Michael warns Max that it's dangerous for everyone at the Commonwealth, but especially for the two of them. Michael leaves, telling Max that she had better pray that Lance doesn't realize that it was her voice.

Michael joins Pamela's convoy as they arrive at Alexandria. Aaron gives Pamela a brief history of Alexandria. Michael asks how they keep Alexandria safe. Daryl says they fought many battles to protect it. Commonwealth troopers deliver supplies to the community. Michael notes that Daryl is starting to appreciate the Commonwealth but warns that it isn't perfect. Walkers breach the Hilltop perimeter. Maggie, Elijah, Lydia, and other Hilltop residents fight the walkers. Michael joins them with his troopers, who swiftly gun down all the walkers. Afterwards, Michael lines up his troopers. Michael reminds Daryl that he's always being watched. Daryl falls in line with the troopers.

"The Rotten Core"

Michael and Carol rescue Daryl, Rosita, and April from the overrun mansion. After losing April to the undead, he and the rest of his group make it out alive and regroup with Troopers Alves and Castle. After the men reveal that they've sent as many as 30 to 40 people to the house to retrieve the cash, Michael shoots both of them in the head without a word. He then orders Daryl and Rosita to deliver the cash to Sebastian as planned and that he will take the cash through security as he wouldn't be searched. At the police headquarters, the three soldiers sit around when Sebastian arrives and picks up the cash. When he asks what happened to Alves and Castle, Michael nonchalantly reveals that they didn't make it back alive.


Michael is shown laying in bed with Princess, who wakes up next to him and sees that he is already awake. She asks if he's okay. Michael insists he's fine.

Later, while he's working out, Max confronts Michael about Sebastian's heist and asks why he's letting Sebastian get away with it. Michael points out that he could get removed for subordination if he reports Sebastian, which would leave the Commonwealth citizens vulnerable. Max says Michael has the power to change the Commonwealth. Michael doesn't listen.

Outside Princess' apartment, Michael apologizes to Princess for stonewalling her. He reveals that he killed two of his men and covered it up. He says it keeps him up at night but that he would do it again. He wonders if he's part of the problem at the Commonwealth. Princess offers to figure it out together.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Michael has killed:

  • Alves
  • Castle
  • Numerous counts of enemy combatants (Pre-Apocalypse)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


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  • Showrunner Angela Kang said the following about Michael: "Mercer is a really great character from the books who is the head of the Commonwealth army. I'll say that Michael James Shaw is an absolute pleasure to have as part of the cast. I love the work he's doing. There's a real sense of toughness, but also a tenderness there too. He can play so many different colors, and it's a lot of fun to watch him do his work."[1]
  • Michael James Shaw refers to Michael's red armor as "Mr. Sherbet".[2]
  • In "Trust", it is revealed that Mercer's first name is Michael.

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