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"Stay close to me."
—Michonne upon rescuing Otis[src]

Michonne's Group was a small group of survivors who had formed together closely after the apocalypse began, originating from the inner city of Atlanta.


Before the outbreak, Michonne was a profitable and successful lawyer. She lived with her husband and had two daughters together before having a divorce. After some time she began dating again and met Mike. The two began seeing each other and she soon met his best friend, Terry.


During the outbreak, Michonne, Terry, and Mike ran through the plagued streets of Atlanta to Michonne's home where she is almost bit. Mike saves her and bashes the walker in the head, but not before being bit. Michonne is briefly separated from the group and returns to find both her boyfriend and his friend turned. Armed with one of the neighbor's katanas, she hacked off both of their arms and lower jaws so as they can not attack her. Looking out into the silent streets, she noticed that none of the zombies seem to attack each other and that gave her the idea about using the decaying Mike and Terry's scent as camouflage over hers. She soon escaped Atlanta with the two chained to her and armed only with a katana. After many days of traveling she came across Otis as he rushed his wagon past the undead back to the prison. She would then follow and later rescue the man and become a member of the small group after decapitating and leaving the undead Mike and Terry outside of the gates.


Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Michonne's group have killed: